Next Generation iPod Touch 4.0 Comes With Camera

Next Generation iPod Touch 4.0 Comes With Camera

Apple has recently announced iPod OS 4.0, the next generation operating system for its line of mobile devices. Scheduled to ship this summer, with a developer preview available today, OS 4.0 adds 1,500 new developer APIs and 100 new user features to the existing iPhone OS platform. But the most attractive part of it is, the phone will have the camera applications too so you can click and shoot too. The Camera application now has digital zoom capability. You can pinch or tap-and-hold to activate the digital zoom feature and a slider appears on screen to let you set the zoom level. Tap to Focus has been added to video recordings. Support for a hardware-based flash has been discovered by developers probing the iPhone OS 4 code. And guess what more! You can easily edit the snaps you’ve clicked. Photos also adds “rotate” as an option so you can get the orientation of a picture correct before e-mailing or uploading it.

With cost of camera sensors having come down in the past few months, Apple now decided to add a 2 mega pixel camera to the iPod touch. The camera on the iPod Touch is at the top center location on the backside of the device. It is said that the ipod touch with camera with OS 4.0 is hitting the market in the month of June. Let’s wish Apple good luck!

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