Nikon D3200 DSLR Camera Review

The difference between the professional and consumer DSLR cameras is that it is increasingly becoming blurred. Having the digital camera is very important for some people today and this is because they can now capture the special moments in their lives through it. But not all the digital cameras have the same resolution and features that you can enjoy. There are other DSLRs that are not the same as other digital cameras. The Nikon D300 DSLR camera is a top quality camera. When it comes to the resolution and specs of this camera, it has an impressive and the biggest stat that will surely catch your eye. It has a 24.2 mega pixel camera that beats a lot of pro cameras these days such as Canon EOS 5D and other camera rivals.

The Guide Mode

Thanks to Nikon D3200 Guide mode, it is now more convenient to create a quality photo. You can learn the key controls and features while you are shooting and you can also get samples and advice during those difficult situations. The Guide Mode is very easy to understand and is also easy to access. With this Nikon D3200, you will never shoot alone. The professional photographers optimize the camera setting in every scene that they are shooting. But with the help of D3200, setting up your camera is as convenient as dialing. You can choose from the 6 usual Scene Modes such as Night Portrait, Portrait, Close Up, Landscape and more.

Movie Recording & Sound

This Nikon D3200 has a one-touch complete high definition movie recording and stereo sound. It is committed to make HD-SLRs which are not only excellent still image cameras, but are also excellent video cameras. Just press the button and the D3200 will start to record the full high definition 1080p video w/manual exposure, full time auto focus and stereo sounds. The amazing extremely high resolution display and 921,000-dot make it easier to frame, review and monitor your footage. You can even record the slow motion for up to sixty fps.

WU-1a mobile adapter

Another great feature that you can have from this Nikon D3200 is the WU-1a mobile adapter that is wireless (optional), where you can automatically send the images straight from to smartphone and also use your phone to capture images on your D3200. Through the wireless mobile, you can immediately post your pictures on your smartphones and share it with your friends and family. This DSLR from Nikon is really designed to give you comfort, durability and intuitive use. It has a rugged, lightweight and compact body that puts the key control at your fingertips. You will never hesitate in bringing along with you the Nikon D3200 DSLR camera.



With all the great features that you can have from this DSLR camera, you can be sure to have a quality photo every time you take a shot. This Nikon D3200 digital camera is one of the best cameras that you will find in the market today. Everyone will surely enjoy and be satisfied with the quality and performance of this digital camera from Nikon.

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