Nikon D5100 Digital Camera Review

When it comes to budget digital camera, many people focus only on the price tag, but not the quality of the camera. If you are looking for an affordable digital SLR Nikon camera, the Nikon D5100 will do you justice. Suitable for beginners to mid-level photographers, the Nikon D5100 digital SLR camera comes with many features which will not only make things easy and fun, but also great for entry-level photographers you had only started learning to use different photography settings.

One of the obvious features of this Nikon camera is its mounted LCD screen which is able to be positioned in all sorts of angles. This is absolutely great for videographers who wants to shoot in weird positions. For entry-level users, most will enjoy the effects mode which comes with seven presets which will enhance the looks of the images that you capture. It is also able to record high definition videos on an adjustable frame-rate of either 30, 25 or 24. Comes with a 16.2 MP sensor, the quality of the images are absolutely stunning.

The design of this Nikon camera looks slightly like its predecessor, the D5000 Nikon digital camera. However, it does not comes with a top LCD panel . Most of the function and set up buttons are at its usual place. The layout and button placement of the Nikon D5100 digital SLR Nikon camera is efficient, which makes it easy to switch between modes and settings. One of the major difference is obviously the 360 degree LCD screen panel which can be positioned to your liking during shots.

The Nikon D5100 is a great digital SLR Nikon camera. This Nikon digital camera has amazing performance when it comes to seamless photography experience. The Effects mode is really fun to experiment with, giving you seven different settings for seven different results such as Color Sketch, Selective Color, Miniature, Night Vision, and so much more. Mid-level photographers will be pleased with this Nikon digital camera as they are still able to play with numerous settings for the best images.

The movie mode is impressive, the images captured are amazing, and not to mention the prize is affordable. With all of its array of features, the Nikon D5100 digital camera will definitely do justice for entry-level and mid-level photographers who needs an affordable Nikon digital camera. This digital camera is definitely one of the best among the other entry-level digital SLRT Nikon cameras.

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