Nikon D90 for professionals

Nikon D90 for professional uses


If you love photography then you should have a nice camera which you afford to buy and it meets your basic demand of photography as well. Few days ago we used film cameras but now there are no film cameras. There are digital cameras everyone uses now and if one moderate user decides to use a modern digital camera then first he/she have to choose the brand for it. To my opinion, Nikon is the best in the camera world and although those are somewhat costly yet its quality is quite price worthy. Nikon has the rich manufactured cameras to buy for all level of buyers. I’ll discuss now on a moderate full featured Nikon camera for a spend less and enjoy high buyer with that camera that is Nikon d90. It has the extra features like dust control which is absent its previous model Nikon d80 model. With this extra featured Nikon camera one can use it as professional uses and as well as family uses. You can shoot your kids’ portrait and moving gestures as well. Its video mode allows you to capture motion clips.

Key features

Its image stabilization helps you capture a dim lighted subject without using flash. Don’t forget that the default kit lens for the Nikon D90 is an 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 VR-Vibration Reduction. Vibration Reduction is necessary for the image stabilization feature. Surely it has a built in flash system even you don’t need an external flash except for some rare cases. It has the HDMI port allowing you connect with a high definition television to enjoy the slideshows of family occasions. You can use its auto mode feature if you are a quite newbie and if you are an experienced in using digital SLR cameras then you can use the manual mode when it is necessary. It has an in camera photo editing feature too. If it is an emergency you can do editing without using a computer. In camera photo editing covers trimming, red eye corrections, color balance, grayscale and so on. 3 inches LCD will help you giving you standard view. With using wide angle lenses you can capture vast landscape views distinctly. Its 12 mega pixel capacity will give you the freedom to print a large picture. If you want to be a semi-professional or professional photographer day by day, start using this camera and take some beautiful pictures and let them expose. It’s a full featured Nikon camera. Travelers with long vacations will need 8 Gigabytes SD memory card to capture still and video shots. It uses lithium ion rechargeable battery. Battery life is quite good. It can be locked on a tripod for long exposure shots. This comfortable digital SLR camera has easy grip to hold it tightly. Sony DSLR-A350, Canon Rebel XSi, Olympus E-520, and the Pentax K20D are competing with this Nikon D 90 SLR camera. Each has some advantages and disadvantages competing to each other.

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agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 5 years ago from Australia

This is a nice review and I have always held Nikon cameras in high esteem. I feel that with only 12mega pixel capacity it may be falling behind some of the other brands such as Canon?

upal19 profile image

upal19 5 years ago from Dhaka Author

Canons are nice but the quality of nikon is the best to me. Thanks for reviewing.

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