Nintendo DSi Accessories

Nintendo DSi Accessories

Nintendo DSi Accessories
Nintendo DSi Accessories

The Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi is the latest in the DS handheld series to come from Nintendo. The Nintendo DSi is faster, lighter and more feature packed than it's predecessors and it's available with an amazing range of Nintendo DSi Accessories!

The Nintendo DSi has several accessories you will definitely want to look into getting, the first is the DSi Accessory pack, this comes with an in car charger, headphones, a spare touch screen pan and a case to protect your Nintendo DSi from damage!

You can also get a huge range of extras for the Nintendo DSi, many are not even completed yet, but within weeks we expect to see hundreds of additions to the Nintendo DSi, including battery packs, custom increased storage and more!

If you are looking to improve your Nintendo DSi with accessories however i would strongly suggest you buy some Nintendo DSi screen protectors and invest in the Nintendo DSi Accessories pack to make the most of your Nintendo DSi!

Nintendo DSi Accessories

You can get a huge range of Nintendo DSi Accessories, whether you want screen protectors, Nintendo DSi SD Card readers, a spare stylus or a desk charger/docking station you can get these amazing accessories at dirt cheap prices from amazon or e-bay.

The Nintendo DSi is still pretty new, but in the near future we expect to see someĀ  amazing accessories appear for the DSi, including rumble packs, light guns and even mimics of WII accessories, such as nun chucks and Fit Boards!

Don't worry though, these light weight accessories will not weigh down the portability of the Nintendo DSi!

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Nintendo DSi 7 years ago

Well the DSi is definitly a seller. 92'000 have been sold in the UK alone within the first 2 days. Thats incredible

Nintendo DSi 7 years ago

I think there is alot planned for the new Nintendo handheld. Alot of people of syaing that its a pointless upgrade from the DS Lite just to make money for Nintendo but I think we will see the use of it's full potential in the coming months. Personally I like it.

caz 7 years ago

can you use the DS Lite Accessory Pack (17 piece) with the DSi unit?

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