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If you're unfamiliar with technology or the latest trends, you may not have heard of netbook computers. Netbooks (also referred to as web laptops and mini laptops) are one of the hottest technology items right now. They're great for students and businessmen and other people who need a laptop on the go. They're also great for people who like the surf the internet on the couch but don't want to be squashed by a heavy laptop. Netbooks are essentially tiny laptops (usually with a screen size from 8" to 11") that feature a very budget friendly price tag (as low as $300).

There are some disadvantages with choosing a netbook computer however. One thing is they're much less powerful than standard sized laptops. If you want to play 3D games or watch high-definition movies/videos, you may be a little depressed with the performance level of netbooks. Also, netbooks don't come with a CD/DVD reader or writer. So if you need to install software or watch DVDs, you wont' be able to with a netbook.

But besides these limitations, netbooks are a great choice for people on-the-go. Whether you're needing a laptop for the airport or bus, you'll love a netbook computer.

No Credit Check Netbook Financing

There are many reasons why you may want to finance a netbook.  Even with their relatively low price tag, certain events or times of year may require financing.  Many people choose laptop financing because they don't have the initial cash or would rather save their cash for something else.  Instead, they choose to make payments over a period of a few months which enables more flexibility for their budget.

The best place to go if you're interested in no credit check financing is a rental center.  Businesses that offer rent-to-own options for netbooks are great for this.  All you need to do is simply choose the netbook that you want that they carry and then agree to weekly or monthly payment agreement.  You're then able to take the netbook home and then make payments over time.  If you're someone that needs the laptop now and want to pay later, choosing a rental outlet is a great choice.

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OregonWino 7 years ago

Nice article! I had no idea about the financing option! I actually just spent a bunch of time comparing netbooks and ended up writing a hub about it. Check it out if you are interested!

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