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N9 Application Screen

App Screen On N9
App Screen On N9

So I have recently purchased the Nokia 808 PureView, which is the best CameraPhone in the world, with a 41 megapixel sensor and PureView technology, along with a little help from Carl Zeiss, and have been experimenting with it to try and get the full benefit of it's photographic abilities, which far exceed my own ! As it was raining when I got home from work today and I couldn't really think of much to do, I thought I'd attempt to take some macro shots with the 808, and as I'd used my Nokia N9 to do almost all the photos of the 808 in my review of it, I thought I'd return the compement and see if I could do some close ups of the N9 using the 808 even though getting good shots of detail on a black subject doesn't seem to be the easiest thing in the world to do, I was hoping the 808 would be up to it.

Info under the flap

I actually find macro photography easier with the N9 than the 808,maybe because of familiarity or maybe the way my brain works, but I find taking close ups with the N9 more 'natural' ? As a photographic novice (well trainee novice is probably more accurate) my instinct for taking a macro is to get as close to the subject as possible, which works on the N9 great, along with using the touch to focus before taking the photograph. The 808 on the other hand works differently, you can't really get too close to the subject, or the touch to focus won't work, you basically have to be a foot or so away before the focus square goes green and then zoom in to get closer, I don't know the technical reason for this, but that's what you do ! You can get great results with the 808 which are all over the www. But I just find it a little harder to do, all part of the learning curve I guess ?

So this post is basically just a few macro photographs taken of the Nokia N9, which I think is quite an attractive subject to be honest, despite it maybe being photographed by a few other people before, this is just my effort and I hope some of them look ok to people .

Finally, my excuse for some of the photos :) and thanks for taking a look,

Stephen Quin


My Excuse :)

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drspaniel profile image

drspaniel 4 years ago from Somewhere, where the sun shines once a year...

Great pictures! Really helped me get a better idea of what to expect if I order this phone!

carman58 profile image

carman58 4 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

Thank you, the 808 is a great phone with a camera with lots of options and takes a little getting used to, but well worth the effort I think :-D

carman58 profile image

carman58 4 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

Would also recommend people look here, for 'real' PureView photography

AndyHagon 4 years ago

Great piece, SQ! Saw the scratches on the back and thought, "Get that man a case!" ;)

carman58 profile image

carman58 4 years ago from Leeds, Uk Author

LMAO Andy, it's been in a case since I got it and metal still got scratched , only took it off to take the photos :-) Thanks by the way mate !

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