Nvidia GTX 600 Series Release Date

Update 1st February 2012: It appears that Nvidia might be skipping over Nvidia GTX 600 series for the moment because they are planning to release GTX 700 series. It is like the history is repeating itself again.

Nvidia did not release GTX 300 series in the market but they were still there. Call it a test or something else, but Fermi architecture worked wonders for Nvidia and consumers.

This time, we are going to see GTX 780 and GTX 790 graphics cards with mind boggling performance. As a matter of fact, if you do believe what see on the internet/web/blog/etc... you will be thrilled to know that in front of Nvidia GTX 780 and 790, GTX 590 looks like a baby card.

So... I guess that you may want to hold off your purchase till GTX 700 series hit the selves.

As you already know that in September 2010, Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduced us to a CUDA GPU Roadmap that laid out his future plans. As of this moment, they (whole team) are working very hard to process Nvidia GTX 600 Series for the big mass.

So, here are some key features of Kepler (code name for rumoured GTX 600 series) cards:

  • TSMC 28 nm fabrication technology
  • It is theoretically 2 to 3 times faster than current graphics cards based on Fermi architecture (codename) by Nvidia.
  • 512-bit bus processing.
  • DirectX 11.1
  • Open GL 5.0 or may be upgraded to this version later.
  • 1024 CUDA cores
  • Release date – 1st quarter of 2012
  • The features listed above are very close to the real deal and most of them are already officially announced by Nvidia. Now, to sum up this conversation, I would like add few points.

· GTX 600 series cards are supposed to run cooler than Fermi because of smaller die.

· Double CUDA cores will make processes faster than ever that use CUDA cores for calculations. Most common applications include video transcoding and image rendering.

· Open GL is now supported by most image and video rendering softwares, like Photoshop, an enhanced version of OpenGL will make working with high definition images faster and more precise.

· Although, DirectX 11.1 is basically Microsoft Windows feature, but we can not exclude the possibility of a GTX 600 card supporting it already.

· I have witnessed enhanced graphics when I moved from Windows Vista Direct X 10 to Windows 7 DirectX 11 and I am sure others have experienced the same.

· However, moving from DX 11.0 to DX 11.1 may not be that exciting. Even then, it will clear the way for the most awaited release of DirectX 12.0.

· Nvidia GTX 600 cards will be facing a direct competition with AMD’s Southern Islands (codename) graphics card which are also based on 28nm architecture and supposed to be released earlier than GTX 600.

· The release date Nvidia GTX 600 series is not that much clear but if you surf online and gather some information, you will come to know that it might be released in the fourth quarter of 2011 or by first quarter of 2012.

Future Plans of Nvidia for Maxwell Graphics card

· There is no information about Maxwell cards on the web right now that could add some value to this discussion and since Maxwell graphics cards are being developed by the green graphics card giant within its deep layers (Crysis 2 metaphor), we may not see it for an entire year or two.

· As for this moment, I can safely tell you that Maxwell graphics card are supposed to be 8 times better than Tesla, 7.5 times better than Fermi and 2.6 times better than Kepler (as a quick math would suggest).

This article would be insufficient without Nvidia's September 2010 Keynote Image

Nvidia GTX 600 Series Cuda Roadmap - Kepler and Maxwell
Nvidia GTX 600 Series Cuda Roadmap - Kepler and Maxwell

Rest assured that once I get my hands on other information, I will update this article for you to read. Till then, have fun with Fermi.

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kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Sure thing Zac. :)

Zac 5 years ago

Okay, send me a link to it at zspainhour@gmail.com! Would be interested. Thanks!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

I agree with you Zac. The information that I gathered like few months ago is getting a bit rusty. But there is no point in updating this hub.

Instead of that, I am going to publish a new hub with more concrete information on what Nvidia is planning to unleashing to compete with AMD 7000 series.

Thanks for keeping up friend. :)

Zac 5 years ago

Hm, this information needs to be updated. We won't be seeing the 700 (600 is more than likely just going to be mobile and the specs have already been leaked just to be a rebrand of the 500m series) series until Q2 or Q3. Definitely not Q1. And with the 7970 being one hell of a performer, Nvidia's going to have to bring a lot to the table. Just thought I'd say.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

That is a lot of great information put together. Thanks for it Andrew CEET. :)

Andrew CEET 5 years ago

Two 580's, not to mention the 3GB versions is MORE than ample to run 3 1920x1080, 1920x1200 and even 2560x1600 monitors. I am using two 3GB GTX 580's and a 460 for PhysX; even without the 460, I have three 2560x1600 monitors and gaming, at highest settings in crysis 2, battlefield 3, etc. NO PROBLEM whatsoever. You are good to go and as for at least 12GB ram. Not needed unless you are doing some crazy CPU intensive stuff but drop a little cash on an i7 2600K and if you can grab even a self-contained water cooling (highly recommend a Corsair H80 as it's more than suffiecient) you can easily hit 5.3Ghz which is what I'm sitting at this very moment and have been for a few months now. I would also recommend hitting up newegg's site (newegg.com) and they have a nice 16gb Dual channel Kingston HyperX (Blu) kit for $109.99. It's nice to have more ram (over 4-6GB) because then you can take the Cache for your OS off of your HDD (especially mechanical drives) and let your RAM take care of it to gain performance. Also, a large part of performance (not too much in games other than loading times) is an SSD. I tell my clients, as it's generally the same price or cheaper and much faster, is to grab two 60 or 64GB SSD's with a sanforce 1222 or higher controller, and slap them in RAID and you will really get the performance you desire and not end up settling and self-convincing you got what you wanted/paid for. Over all, two 580's or a 590 (or 6990/2x6970's) will more than suffice. I built a rig for a customer with two 2GB GTX 570's and a GTX 460 for PhysX and he is still running all games at max DX11/DX10 on three 1920x1080 monitors and has since never dipped below 34FPS. And that is on a worst case scenario. He does not use Vertical Sync(V-Sync) and generally sees about 80FPS on average. Crysis 2 has been no problem either for him having reported and seeing myself on his build at minFPS being 49 and MaxFPS being 133. Up to you but with the 570's and a 460, you stay under budget and can easily sell those to upgrade and even possibly keep a 570 or the 460 for PhysX. Hope that helped! Just thought I'd drop a bot o' experience after all that's just what i do for a living running my business. After over 1600 builds, I get customers ALL THE TIME thinking that they need 4x580's or 2x6990's to even have a chance at running a game at max settings and it's simply not true. The two 570's and a 460 or 9800GT even, for PhysX is more than plenty. Peace! Good luck! If you're in the Dallas, TX area just hit me up! I can always help!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Alright friend. Wait and see what works best for you. but Q3 2012 would be a long wait Zac. Is it really worth the wait?

Well, it would be better to wait actually. Intel's 8 core processors are in the line and AMD's 8 core processor are also scheduled for q2 or q3 2012.

Microsoft is working with AMD to fix some issues with Windows 7 and AMD's Bulldozer series. So, in short, may be waiting could get you the best value gaming machine.

PS - 35% faster graphics card isn't what you should be looking for Zac. Unless a card is 50% faster and comes for a respective price, you should stick with the old ones.

Zac 5 years ago

Thanks for the advice. Honestly I think I'm going to wait. While staying in my budget, all I could afford is 2 3 GB 580s and well as you said, even those monsters aren't going to meet my demands. Honestly, now I'm hearing the 700 series probably won't be with us until Q3 2012. That's a long time having to settle for my PS3... :( I'll also see how the 7970s are and may crossfire them if I'm feeling antsy, as they're going to be packed with 3 GB of vram and are (supposedly) about 35% faster than the 6970. Who knows; I'm so lost. :/

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi Zac,

Yeah, could be true. We never actually saw 300 series acting like 400 and 500 series in the market,but it was still there. It was meant to test the new architecture and it did the job.

Based on those results Nvidia launched Fermi with 400 and 500 series.

So yeah, 700 could be the way to go. :)

Also, you can actually put a great gaming machine in that budget. Unfortunately, I think that you would not be able to run games like Crysis 2, Deus X HR, Skyrim, etc. at their highest level on 3 different monitors (stereoscopic) at 1920X1080 (1200).

But if you can increase your budget and opt for AMD Bulldozer series (6 core) or any of the Intel 2nd generation Core i7 3000 series processors, at least 12 GB of 1600 MHz of DDR 3 RAM, a superb graphics card like (6970 or 590 or wait for AMD 7000 or Nvidia 700 series), then you will be able to play all games in ultra settings.

Of course it is obvious, isn't it?

Also, when Nvidia launches 700 series, it will be cooler and better than 500 series cards and that's why your rig will be future safe for at least 3 years or so (that's a lot, trust me).

It is totally your call, but the configurations I mentioned are at least over than $1600, so you should decide whether or not to have them.

Zac 5 years ago

Actually, word is now that the 600 series (like the 100 and 300 series) will be OEM. God I can't wait!

Also- I'm building a new PC and I have three monitors and want to run the latest and greatest in ultra and I have a budget of $1300 for graphics. Should I wait for the next generation?

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

@Lemon, Hi Lemon, DX 12 isn't going to be released with Windows 8. The direct x version that is going to be shipped with Windows 8 is 11.1 (confirmed - more details on Wikipedia).

@Zac. That may be right Zac. But Nvidia is not skipping over 600 series. Thanks for posting the link btw.

700 series is definitely the most anticipated Kepler series.

600 series is just a stability and performance check of 28nm fabrication chip. Also, it is quite certain as of now that AMD's 7000 series will completely blow away current 500 series of Nvidia.

But we'll wait for Kepler series and then, we will draw conclusions between Southern Island (AMD) and Kepler.

Zac 5 years ago

Zac 5 years ago

Guys, check out the first page of this forum post- it shows that the GTX 780 will be 2.2 times faster than the GTX 580! Now this could of course be fake, but a lot of people in the response think otherwise. Perhaps Nvidia is skipping the 600 series and going straight to the 700 series with Kepler.... God I can't wait until Q2 2012!

*Changes pants*

Lemon 5 years ago

I did some research in 7000 series,its just a die shrink,trying improve the performance per watt, i think they arent making kepler till 700 because with windows 8 around the corner dx12 will be released, so might as well wait till then because current games run fine with current gpus, no need to create more powerfull cards... yet.

Zac 5 years ago

So, you also think that Kepler won't be here until the 700 series? :/ See, I'm in a pickle here. I'm in the process of a new build, but have no clue what to do graphics card wise. I need a lot of horsepower as I want to run games on 3 HD monitors in ultra/high settings. Should I wait to get three 670s (as they'll probably be a overclocked 580 just like the 400 - 500 series moved up performance-wise) get SLI 3 GB 580s now, 3 6970s, I don't know. Please let me know what you think.


P.S - There isn't going to be any high-end cards in the 7000 series? Link please. :(

lemon 5 years ago

yeah this is quite saddening :( i guess il just grab to 550tis and throw it in sli till dx12 comes out :D

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi there Zac, that's very dissapointing.

The source had a link to another website in Simplied-Chinese language and I had to translate it.

The actual source link is this: http://vga.zol.com.cn/256/2564989.html

The information seems authentic because senior vice president of Engineering Brian Kelleher wrote about it himself.

It says that Kepler is being processed for tablets and laptops mainly.

It will rival with iPad 2's graphics chip and will take Tegra 2 to a whole new level.

After going through the site, I dug some other sources as well. I found that Nvidia is trying to match Intel's 28nm die.

My two bits:

I think that after hearing that AMD woudn't be launching any performance type 7000 series gpu, they decided to work on Kepler series a bit more.

Also, they had to bring at least something new in the market, that's why 600 series is still in development. 600 series would run cooler with 28 nm die (agreed). However, it would also be a test for a 28nm fabrication process before launching actual Kepler series graphics card.

Of course, that is just what I think. I'd like to hear more about it from you guys/gals!

Zac 5 years ago

Hm, I heard from a viable source that the 600 series was going to be Fermi with shrunken dyes and higher performance per watt. If the 600 series is Fermi, I will pretty pissed off. Here's where I heard in case you want to look into it.



kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hi there Lemon. Thanks for letting me know that my work has been plagiarized. I published this article on 07/07/2011 and since then, I have seen many forums and blogs using this article to increase the rumours and anticipation for the release of Nvidia gtx 600.

I am not going to spoil the fun by marking that video as spam but thanks for taking your time and telling me about it.

Also, I am glad that you liked this article. :)

lemon 5 years ago

Some of the stuff here has been plagiarised http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nDJd_ljuTs , im sure you probably don't care, but I thought you should now :).

Btw I like the article.

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

@Rustam Hi there Rustam, Sorry for the late reply.

yeah, Nvidia GTX 600 graphics card are going to be PCI Express 3.0 compatible and it appears that they will be backwards compatible too with PCI-E X16

@Andy Hi there Andy. Apologies for late reply.

You are right, I myself have a good old GTX+ 9800 and can play all games (even released in 2011) at high settings (if not ultra high for some games like DeusX Human Revolution or Crysis 2) only because of my 17-inch monitor that I still don't want to change.

I play at only 1280X1024 resolution and that's why gamers like me don't need top of the line cards.

However, playing at 1920X1200 (or 1080) is absolutely great!

Andy 5 years ago

If you don't have an AMD 6-series or Nvidia 5-series GPU by this point, it'd be an ill advised move to purchase one with the next generation right around the corner.

Also, not sure why anyone would recommend top-of-the-line cards for someone who isn't likely gaming at higher than 1920x1200. GPU price/performance drops off sharply well before that point.

rustam 5 years ago

When are the pci express 3,0 motherboards coming out or are thes graphics cards not going to use the pci gen3,0?

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Hold your hopes Mike. The source is just a blogger with great instincts. However, his insticts may fail him this time. But you must note that GTX 600 may get released in the first quarter of 2012.

I can't say anything else, but to wait. However, if you are desperate, then you can go for any of the high-end graphics card from AMD and Nvidia and you'll be fine.

GTX 600 is going to be state of the art, that's for sure, so if you think that they are worth your wait then do so, else, you should buy AMD 6970 or Nvidia 590!

Mike 5 years ago

When was this article written? And how reliable is the source which rumored the release in December like ONE DAY AWAY December or Mid month? I am about to get a new card and if they are about to drop this bomb then I will not purchase yet. It would be yet again I would buy and miss out on the launch. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

kksonakiya profile image

kksonakiya 5 years ago from Gwalior Author

Point taken Jonathan. Thanks for pointing that out friend. Guess I missed that one! But it was disappointing friend.

If what you are saying is true then Kepler cards will be just a simple step forward by Nvidia. We'll have to see how AMD's 7XXX cards perform when they are out and then we'll face the same dilemma once again, to buy or not to buy!

Jonathan 5 years ago

The graph shows gflops/Watt, so it isnt that "Maxwell graphics card are supposed to be 8 times better than Tesla, 7.5 times better than Fermi and 2.6 times better than Kepler (as a quick math would suggest)."

it is that they are 2.6 times more energy efficient per GFLOP. This means great news for people using gpu's for computations. As for gamers, im sure it will be good, but won't see magical numbers like above.

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