OC1 Bandwidth, Its Function And Attributes

Optical Carrier Services

The OC in OC1 is an abbreviation for Optical Carrier rates. They are a set of customary requirements of transmitting digital signals that are carried on a Synchronous Optical Networking system or SONET. This involves the use of optical networks for ATM banking, telephone companies and the Internet.

The rate of the bitstream is determined by a number value added to the acronym. An Optical Carrier one is a base unit of up to fifty-one point eighty-four Megabit or 51.84 Mbit/s. If the term OC-3 is used it means the speed is up to three times this number.

SONET enables the user to apply advanced network management on an optical interface. Broadband or ISDN are one of the applications that can be run on a SONET system. This system is also used to accommodate T1 and T3 connections.

SONET can heal itself since it uses two or more paths to send information between nodes. If one path fails to carry the information the data can be rerouted to use the other. This system can also send multiple streams at the same time.

When used with ATM machines it becomes a switching system that uses the full bandwidth without waste. Over the Internet either ATM as management, or through the SONET system uses this system directly. This system is only applicable over optical fiber and is a consistent global transportation for many applications.

SONET can transmit many frames at the same time depending on the clarifying number. Each frame may be as large as nine rows high and ninety columns deep. So it is easy to see how these fiber optic lines can transmit an amazing amount of data.

The software required to run such a system has been used on SGI, DEC, UNIX and other environments. The Optical Carrier one software is open source or free and unrestricted for use by anyone. There used to be a license requirement but was dropped in two thousand and one.

There are OC connections available of up to ten gigabit and are used for Ethernet applications. This connection is called OC-192. Since 2005 this connection is the most common used for gigantic ISPs and other companies requiring the transfer of large amounts of data between their customers or affiliates.

The OC1 system is used for many functions. It is just not for the Internet or the telephone. It is used for astronomy, and gene research. It is used in medical data transfer as well as searching the Internet. Without the invention of fiber optics none of this information exchange could be possible.


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