OilField Buffoonery

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Tragic Comedy of Crime and Corruption

The Oil Industry Buffoonery that has occurred over the years and particularly, in this present day and age is pathetic. In fact all of Industry has had its stage time behaving like the social buffoon, because their obnoxious and inappropriate behavior is allowed by the convoluted legal justice system that sets the stage for the fiasco to transpire.

Lets just list a few of the buffoons: How about the banking industry, the housing industry, the stock market, clothing industry, health care industry, construction industry, all government industries, the power industry, "oh, yes", the food industry. "Did I leave anyone out?" These are some of the biggest buffoons. "Why?" They play the game of life as if they are to win a prize for being the biggest idiot. "How can I say this?"

Well, look at it this way, if energy has an agenda it is not to earn a buck or take advantage or control anything; its attraction, attention and intention is agreement, balance and equilibrium. Ponder this for a minute, to realize that we are energy and we must adhere to the natural law that gives us our being-life thought-existence and spirit-universe. Focus on these words they are the mantra of soul and self. It will help recover your will to act in behalf of your civilization as a humanity of energy trying to survive its own negative potential.

Let me tell this story of my knowledge of the oil industry. I have worked in the oil industry as an exploration and completion geologist and have personally witnessed foolish behavior and lack of ethical integrity in most of the practices that have been let to be practiced. "Why is this let to happen?" Well, when you have greedy legislators and a chain of command that is more interested in their own bottom line (pandering to their election constituency (their backers specifically)) than the interest of social need, then you run in to all the idiots that will do anything to turn a buck. They get the labor to do their dirty work; but the decisions to do the stupidity they do comes from way above the worker mentality comprehension. From the White House to the boardroom, its these people that have screwed up the works of the peoples governance and created the turmoil that exist.

The reason for the turmoil, the governance mechanism is out of control; because the people have lost sight of their power, responsibility and will to voice their inclusive, selfless and civil voice. This means people are so consumed with their own greed that they feel they have no right to demand a better behavior of their industries and its government... Notice how I stated this, its not your government its theirs, they bought and paid for it to be how it is. It is time to recoup the public loss and reinvent how the public will run the government for their governance. It is time to stand up and take back the power and control of the decision process.

Back to the story of the oilfield debacle, well, here is one specific story of many; but this one should shed some light on the gulf cost screw-up and clown show. Some years ago, I was working on some production wells while developing others and one day a driller on one of the production wells lost a string of production pipe deep in the hole. This is somewhat an allegory to the condition that exist in the gulf. You see, the string was some distance from the surface and it had to be snatched and reattached to develop the well. Simply put, we used a spear (a piece of tapered weighted pipe to enter the lost pipe) to snag the pipe down hole. It took awhile but a talented rig operator can accomplish the task in a couple of days a week on the outside. This is like an old technical skill that dates back to the beginning of the oil industry.

My point in telling the story is to familiarize you with some of the possibilities available. Now with current GPS location technology to find the pipe opening it is a breeze to enter the orifice, it is a minor detail. Given this information and that there are many devices that can be placed in the pipe through the orifice and pushed way down into the casing and set with rubber bushings and metal clamps that dog ear into the casing that completely cut off the flow by terminating the drill stem that places the packer in place; then you run the production casing with a blowout-preventer that goes over this down to the casing below and weld it to the casing where it was cut off. Voila, your back on line this should have taken what ever man hour it should take to follow the Spill Contingency Plan; that's if you have this regulatory compliance requirement stated in the Code of Federal Regulation CFR. "Oh, yea" the letter of the law might say, "the oil industry is not obligated to do what is in the CFR, because they bought off the legislators to get them a carte blanche," where they are above the rules and regulations.

"Food for thought", I hope you have a better understanding on how this oil industry is using the hell out of people by disguising the fact that hydrogen is the best, most efficient fuel; but it is also the least expensive to develop and distribute. You have to ask why is it such an obscure subject and why is it not being used. It is simple, there is less money and to make the change some new industry has to be developed to compete with the oil, nuclear, hydro, photo voltaic and other power companies vying for government grants and attention... They all stand to lose to some degree when this transition takes place so they are staving it off as long as they can at consumer and the environments expense.

There is no good reason for this error and there is no good reason why there is no response from the rest of the oil industry to provide the best available technical and skill expertise to resolve this issue. "Do you think this is a method of takeover?", Looks fishy smells fishy, it must be a fish. Reuters Breakingviews » See all analysis and opinion BP’s Gulf fiasco makes it vulnerable to a takeover May 27, 2010 18:47 EDT BP | Exxon Mobil | Gulf of Mexico | oil spill | Royal Dutch Shell... Sound like a plan? Hummm...

Do you remember the Bush administration selling the idea of developing the Alaskan wilderness? Tongue in cheek, he lied through his teeth. It should be evident if not a factual recognition; but the public is so busy playing the fools themselves that they have overlooked this and all the other mismanagement that they have witnessed. When will the public realize their responsibility to voice their opinion and demand expert witness to all the decisions the puppets in Washington are making. To pay for individual expert witness would be more efficient and effective than letting the fox manage the hen house.

The counsel of legislators is no where near as efficient and productive as hearing the solution from the source that designs it. Think about this one its the answer to all the corruption. Expert witness against expert witness to develop consensus; then when they lie they can be punished by ostracizing from their field of interest. Actually this is what should be happening with politicians, they should be losing any and all benefits when caught in a lie of mismanagement.

Speak load and often for the right to expert witness, this is what government needs to meet the requirements for governance of the people. Why have we not heard of all the ways that the gulf incident ca be resolved; where are the other culprits of the oil industry, "hiding in the bushes to scarf up BP when it falls on its ass", that's where.

wildlife advocates in the news

Everyday Wildlife Champions A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, here's nine of them documenting the rescue of one oiled Brown Pelican in the Barataria Bay off the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil Spill Photo Gallery: Louisiana Biologists Rescue an Oiled Pelican | Audubon Magazine Blogmagblog.audubon.orgYesterday we rode along with the Lousiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries in their search for oiled birds. They discovered and rescued a Brown Pelican on a small, unnamed island in the Barataria Bay.

Let the Party of Civil Citizen Participation Begin

Look here: email these people

http://mediamatters.org/columns/ media mattes

and; http://www.coffeepartyusa.com/content/cutting-through-noise coffee party

Talk to your Senators:

and tell them this ~

Why are the parties not made responsible for clarifying the noise their party create by letting industry operate out of control without expert witness to guide their path? No industry is immune to stupidity brought on by the greed of the market place. We need experts to warn of this danger and to chart the course that industry must follow to avoid these stupid mistakes. The journey of life is full of obstacles, we need avoid as many as possible especially the stupid errors brought on by boardroom ignorance.

The format of disclosure should be consistent so it can be put in a data base and searched for its consistency and reliability of facts and evidence supporting their claims... The rhetoric is without dialectic distinction, so it is therefore objectively false by default from some perspective of perception...

All expert witness need to provide the following on each matter and issue before the legislative body:
To State ~ Solution, problem and answer ~
1) premise, proposition and argument

2) purpose, motive and intent

3) impact, cause and effect

You see the problem is, the people's will, it is being manipulated by the discretion of a very few fallible people that lack the integrity to admit they are incompetent and cannot make any kind of worth while decision; because its not for them to do, its the people's responsibility to be their own decision-maker... The people must make the tough choices as sovereign owners of these institutions; for the emotional outcomes, the desired aspects and the intended condition of human will depends on the inclusive humble quality, the meek selfless attribute and modest civil nature of these decisions... It's the people's responsibility to make the decisions not groups or institutions, its each individual's duty to demand the right of decision on every issue, for they all culminate into the expression of the human condition (will) expressing purpose, motive and intent. of their life experience.

Upon this notion of rightful decision the Constitution is based; rule by the people for the people, a sovereignty of citizen ownership. In the churches the congregation, the membership is the church. The people make the church not vice versa. Now you have it people are the answer, the problem and the solution... Alone they will be the ones that must resolve determine and persist to become singular, balanced and united as a humanity in search of its purpose, motive and intent....


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

TH, Yes I have seen what you speak of; the mismanagement of the conscience, the morals and ethics of the people by executing boardroom decisions that only have the operations bottom line in mind... This is why there should be a panel of expert witnesses for every field of endeavor that can set the parameters for operation of all industry as a regulatory body that guides the public in the correct choices industry should make for the benefit of all the people.

You are so right in that government has no clue of its governance responsibility; it should be the one that sets up the oversight of industry, instead its in bed with it, such a whore ~ the only metaphor that actually describes its two faced relationship with the people and its john's in each industry.

TH, as always thank you for your insight and reflection. May we all see a better future my friend...

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 6 years ago from home


I too have worked for companies thatwere tasked with environmental clean -up I also worked for a contractor that had the state environmental cleanup contract In working for both sides of the regulatory coin I have ALWAYS noticed the higher it goes up the Government chain the worse the execution, decision speed and sometimes remedy suffer often as well. I have also seen a decrease in action by private and government the bigger the issue often times. The "boots on the ground" people unfortunately suffer often times a severe communication problem. Where reality in the field is separated from those in the "boardroom" often who have only dro;pped by an active site. in other words often time the higher ups have been so removed from practicality and any cLUE of what it takes to actually "do what they do".I don't expect OBama to know what to do.... I expect the oil-pros to have their act together. WHICH APPARANTLY THEY DID NOT. I know this Had a different oil company had been the drillers there would have not been an issue beyond a tripped sensor and offgassing of the explosive gasses. I fault the company BP and the government agencies that oversee them. I do not blame OBama or Bush personally or in part for the tragedy ... thats BP and the regulators fault on this. Those tragic deaths are on their hands not the presidents . HOWEVER , once the tragedy occured the US Government headed by a seemingly detatched aloof president "above the fray" governing style as if he did not want to get it clean, based soley on his mannerism and lack of attention. But I have taken that road on another hub, as such I have given this point again and will say well done as always IOUA I bid thee well and fair thee better as the days go on in such times


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Humma Ofi, After the past several weeks Carol Browner the Environmental Affairs Advisor for the President is slowly gaining oversight of this fiasco. It does not mean its going to get any better soon but at least its being addressed as well as it can be with a corrupt bureaucracy that governs this country... This is why their should be expert witness that directs all that goes on in all the industries so they do not have the opportunity to make stupid mistake... Thanks for the comment..

Humma Ofi profile image

Humma Ofi 6 years ago from Detroit, MI

Thank you for bringing to light what is truly going on in the gulf with the oil industry and it's lackies. As long as we allow this three stooges attitude to continue within all the industries within this country, we will be witness to far greater disasters. You may say that this is pretty bad (even more so if you reside in the gulf region), but the worst is always yet to come. I have roots in Louisiana and find the current goings on, as well as the goings on of the past several years, a disgrace, to say the least. I am shocked to see that it has taken this long before Obama even attempts to make this problem disappear. They have killed the fishing industry in a once proud state. I am reminded of Katrina and the unbelievably shocking and preventable events that followed. Louisiana has not yet recovered from that. My question is, why was this rig in service when, in the past, it had been shut down because of fear stemming from previous operational mishaps and safety concerns? Again I am reminded that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome.

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