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How to make a Slideshow

In this hub I decided it was time to discuss a piece of software called OneTrueMedia that I also mentioned in another hub about webcam software. This is one of many photo video montage programs that allow you to upload your clips and albums and then arrange them into your own DVD quality video to be shared on any social networking site.

This kind of free video montage software is in high demand amongst businesses looking to market their services as I found out when I was on a trial with a property solutions agency, I currently use WebcamMax for my BlogTV shows and OneTrueMedia for Youtube videos.

Free Photo Slideshow

OneTrueMedia allows you to add graphics such as explosions and cartoon characters but it will not allow you to add text when using the free photo slideshow, it also includes a introduction before your video with a OneTrueMedia logo animation.

WebcamMax allows you to use all of the functions but you have a visor at the top which can really intrude on the exposure of your face when making tutorials.

How to Make Slideshow

If you want to know how to make a slideshow you will probably want to include music, maybe webcam footage of you and a friend like I have in the picture above and text. If you use BlogTV you can record chats of you and your cohost and then download them to include in your video montages. The difference between using these software and regular WIndows Movie Maker is that you are'nt limited to age old special effects, some other free photo slideshow websites you can checkout are Stupeflix, Clip Generator, Toufee, and ProShow.

OneTrueMedia Download

The best feature I found that you can get with the OneTrueMedia download is that you can have particular themes to begin your video montages with, you can see these above and an example that I used was the horror theme. The horror theme began with flickery old film footage and blood drops landing on the camera lens, this would be ideal if you wanted to record your Halloween party or maybe you and friends on a theme park Ghost Train.

Once again I hope you have found this hub useful and if you are having problems using this software then I recommend checking out the video below for further instructions.

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Ign Andy profile image

Ign Andy 5 years ago from Green Home Office

It looks so simple using this tools, previously I only use MS power point to create slide show of images. I will try OneTrueMedia for my next project. Thanks Richieb

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