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Open Office is a great software package, and if you looking for a fee alternative to any of the office packages by Microsoft, then open office is the only real contender.

It is compatible with every document you will ever need, including MS word, and more importantly webpages.

The formula function is like most others in calc, which is the opn office spreadshet program.

If you want to combine cell texts in a certain organised way inside a cell, then use the

=concatenate Function.

concatenate allows you to then include for example 3 cells (a1;a2;a3)


=concatenate(a1;a3;a2) This will create Mary Chocolate Eats in the cell that you put this formula into.

If your creating lists of titles, then this will work great, and if your a power seller with you inventory on spreadsheet, then this allows you to add extra text to a title for example.

I have used this method to also organize multiple email address.

If you customers are all Hotmail customers, and you have their name in a cell you can then just in a new cell use the concatenate funtion to call both the name, and the, and join them up like

You had in cell a1 = clive_coverson

you had in cell a2 =

You know hav in cell 3 the combined two together, with the help of concatenate.

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RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

Thanks for the info...I'm learning a little along thanks to good explanations.

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