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This has been available for just over a week now and has already created a few headlines. A very interesting way to package up prepaid mobile plans with $1, $2 or $3 offers.

Personally I think the concept is great and different, but I think the average mobile phone user will probably find it a little confusing. Traditional mobile phone plans comprise of a fee for every type of service (calls, text, MMS, internet etc), whereas Dollar Days offers the following: For $1 per day, you can make unlimited calls to anyone with an Optus mobile and anyone with a fixed phone line.

For $2 per day, you can do everything that the $1 plan does, plus make unlimited calls to any mobile network. So you can call Optus, Vodafone, Telstra plus any of the smaller mobile providers, as many times as you like all day for just $2. So for $60 per month you can basically make unlimited mobile phone calls.

The final plan is the $3 plan. For $3 per day, you can do everything that the $1 and $2 plans do, plus unlimited mobile internet access. Pretty simple right? Well kind of. If you are on the $1 plan and want to call a Telstra mobile or accidentally browse the net (services not included in the $1 plan), the cost for that day will be charged at $2 or $3 respectively. This is where people who aren't very technical might get a little confused.

Credit expiry varies by the amount you recharge. $10 - $20 lasts for 14 days, between $30 - $50 for 30 days and $70 - $100 is 60 days. However if you don't use your phone on any given day, you don't get charged for the day.


  • $1, $2 or $3 per day sounds simple
  • Unlimited calls for a flat amount is great value
  • The $3 unlimited mobile internet plans is unique probably the best value out there
  • Not having to worry about call rates is always good


  • The movement between $1, $2 or $3 per day depending on what you do on a given day will confuse people
  • Credit value doesn't last very long - max 60 days
  • $60 per month for unlimited mobile calls might not be the cheapest option out there if you compare it to contract plans

We would love to hear what you think of the new Dollar Days plan.Send us an email. They are certainly novel and I think will provide a great option for heavy mobile internet users. More choice is great for everyone.



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