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Optus has a great range of prepaid mobile plans and with over 3 million customers using the prepaid mobile plans you have to think that they are the market leader today.

What is actually so interesting however is that their rates are quite high compared to the market and they have managed to balance this with Optus Talk time, free text, free talk to any network, bonus data and free social media access to sites such as Twitter. facebook, foursquare and ebay.

The formula has worked and when you consider the retail presence they have today coupled with the channel support they get from smaller mobile retailers around the country you have a very successful prepaid mobile phone service.

Optus offers nine prepaid mobile offers. I will give you a quick summary of each and the what I think is the target market.

Optus Bigger & Better - gives you loads of talk time with your recharge. The amount of talk time increases with the recharge offer you select. Talk time covers both Optus mobiles and other networks. Great if you use your phone a lot. The talk time is in minutes not $ value.

Optus Now & Then - as the name states its about irregular usage. Your get free talk minutes to Optus mobiles and you also get 186 days to use your credit. The longest Optus offers.

Optus Data Blaster - this is an old plan and the first of offer data options for prepaid customers. It also offers broad combination of offers covering Optus talk time, mycredit, data, free text and unlimited youtube and myspace access. Popular for its data access however Turbo Cap actually gives you more on data.

Optus Turbo Cap - combination of data and talk time with data being slightly higher then than what is offered by the Data Blaster. Plus you get unlimited social media access. Great if you like using the net on your phone.

Optus International Calls for Less - a relatively new offer targetted primarily at Australia's international student population and new migrant workers. Competitie call rates to many popular destinations around the world.

Optus Talk Text 4 Less - This is the budget offer, 10c calls, 10c text and 10c flagfall. Credits last 30 days but the rates are so competitive this is one of the cheapest plans on the market today.

Optus Turbo Max and Optus Turbo Text offers data and text and lots of it. Turbo Text gives you 3000 sms to use in a month that is 100 each day. Turbo Max combines 2GB of data with 3000 free talk minutes and 3000 text. This is aimed at the youth market.

And finally we have Optus Dollar Days the latest in their prepaid range which offers $1, $2 and $3 a day plan. You begin with unlimited local calls and Optus only mobile calls with the $1 plan, $2 gives you unlimited calls to any mobile network and $3 gives you unlimited data for the day.

So with these 9 plans, Optus is the market leader today and will likely stay this way for some time, unless Telstra can begin to get creative with its offers.

The challenge for the other players is really branding and accessibility. Although people complain about Optus they still flock to them even though there are several cheaper options out their from smaller players.

www,prepaidplans.com.au tries to break this branding barrier by exposing the market to all plans that are out there.

Prepaid Mobile Plans
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