Organize Your Company Transactions


Optimize the Performance of Your Company Transactions

Ever wonder how the immense number of transactions your company processes each day actually get processed? Curious about how computer systems handle the complexity and such large volumes effectively and efficiently? Interested in improving your business’s transaction processing capabilities? Learn about the benefits of business transaction management

When someone makes a purchase online, we think of information going back and forth between the buyer and seller, but there are more parties involved. Data is sent between multiple parties across multiple computing locations. The customer sends data to the seller about which product they are buying along with credit card numbers and a shipping address. The seller sends a confirmation to the buyer’s e-mail, data to their shipping department to get the right product sent to the right person and payment information through their billing department, credit service or payment service like paypal. Paypal or their billing department will send information to the credit card service or company to validate the buyer’s purchasing power and credit risk.

Many people and companies are involved in one single, supposedly simple transaction – which in actuality can be hundreds of related yet distinct transactions crossing physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. Each environment adds complexity and multiple servers or tiers can be involved within each environment. Take hundreds of transactions and multiply by hundreds of environments and servers and you’ll have a good idea of how complicated a regular company’s transactions are. Businesses today rely on a multitude of interactions between customers, employees, partners and IT systems. It is a very complicated maze of data, so when there are problems with any given process or transaction, it can be very difficult to zero in on which part of the maze is causing the hold-up.

This problem has lead to the development of companies that specialize in application performance management. Using special software, they follow each business transaction and track its performance with easy to understand charts and tables. This way, when there is a back-up, it is easy to see exactly where the problem lies which makes it easy to clean up the mess and fix the problem. The software also finds inefficiencies within a business’ transaction systems and can reduce the time and cost required to support purchases. This type of software also enables each end-user’s experience to be managed and optimized so businesses can improve their customers’ experience doing business with them and the companies they work with.

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BusinessTime 5 years ago from Twin Cities

Very interesting look at a topic far more complex than I realized -- thanks for the great information!

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