Organizing Hand-Held Gadgets

Cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players, and hand-held video games. Most people have at least one of these, and many have several of each. Too many gadgets to keep organized, but there is help.

I've found some neat ways to keep your various hand-held devices organized and safe. Most of these organizers are designed to help keep your charging areas neat and tidy, while keeping your cords and adapters out of the way.

Socket Pocket organizer
Socket Pocket organizer

The Socket Pocket

These neat little pockets are actually attached directly to your power outlet, and gives you a place to keep your device while it is charging, rather than have it sitting on the floor or counter-top where it could get damaged. They come in packs of 2 for $12.

Gadget Organizer Wallet
Gadget Organizer Wallet

Gadget Organizer Wallet

Keep your devices together and handy when you are on the go. This sophisticated and sturdy little travel wallet will hold up to 4 hand-held devices and has a separate bag for all the cords and adapters. Comes in different colours and patterns, for $75.

Multipot Charge Hub
Multipot Charge Hub

Multipot Charge Hub

This pot will let you charge many devices at once, and also acts as a small lamp in the process. Not the most attractive organizer I've ever seen, but it will appeal to those who like modern design. The pot plugs into the wall outlet, and you can then plug 5 devices at a time into the base of the pot. The cords are stored inside the pot, with the gadgets themselves sitting on top. Unfortunately, some models are clear or translucent, leaving you free to gaze at all the cords jumbled up inside. Costs around $280 (yes, that's right).

Power Station Organizer
Power Station Organizer

Power Station Cell Phone Organizer

A little desktop station for charging up to 3 devices, not just cell phones. All the adapters are stored within the station so you can just plug in your PDA, cell phone or whatever gadgets you have. Costs $23.



Now You Can Find It Locators
Now You Can Find It Locators

Now You Can Find It Locator

Not really an organizer, but I simply could not resist adding this gadget to the list. Designed to help you find your keys, you could easily attach each locator fob to your camera, PDA or phone. Just press the corresponding coloured button on the pager station, and you can hear a beeping to help you find your wayward device. Genius. Costs $50 and it comes with 8 locators

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Thanks for the information. Its getting pretty cluttered with all of these devices we have to support.

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