Orkut Mobile

Introduction of Orkut Mobile

Orkut is a popular social network in India and Brazil. If you have a web enabled phone and a data plane, you can use Orkut on your mobile phone. You can use your Orkut account and stay connected with your friends on the go by using Orkut for mobile. You can stay connected with your friends anywhere, anytime with the use of Mobile Orkut. Mobile Orkut has a very simple, user friendly Interface. With the use of Mobile Orkut, it's very simple to reply to the scrap from your friend. You can read your Orkut Scrapbook and send Orkut Scraps from your mobile phone. Accept or Send Orkut friend requests via mobile phone. Now, you may have a question in your mind, how to surf Orkut via mobile phone? This is very simple!

Mobile Orkut

In the address bar of your mobile web browser, type http://m.orkut.com. Orkut have a well adapted mobile site for a small screen of your mobile phone. Mobile Internet data plan is expensive and it has a slow speed. These things are considered by designers while designing the Mobile Orkut. The more official information about mobile Orkut is given at this place.

Orkut Mobile Application

There is also the mobile application of Orkut is available. You can do the following things by using mobile application of Orkut.

  • Upload photos from your mobile phone.
  • View scraps, friend updates.
  • Share your Orkut albums with friends.
  • Easily call or sms your friends.
  • Get automatic updates, when your friends change their contact information.

The more information about Orkut Mobile application is available at this place.

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Mobile Orkut

Mobile Orkut
Mobile Orkut

Orkut Mobile Application

Orkut Mobile Application
Orkut Mobile Application

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