Stop Wasting Time on Internet Explorer - Other Browsers You Should Try

Are you still wasting time on Internet Explorer? Whether at oyur home or at the office, there are other internet browsers you could be using to surf and work faster. It is difficult to comprehend why just under half of all internet users utilize Internet Explorer despite its slow performance. Find out about other internet browsers that will increase your surfing speed and improve your office efficiency.


Firefox is the primary alternative to Internet Explorer and is used by only slightly fewer people than IE. Firefox is so popular because it is very easy to use, fast and exceptionally customizable. Firefox’s best features are:

  • Single-click bookmarking
  • Surf faster with less memory
  • Easy zoom
  • Password manager
  • Pop-up blocker
  • Browsing history library

Google Chrome

If you just do not like Firefox, you can give Google Chrome a try. Google Chrome looks a little blank and boring the first time you use it. Google wanted its browser to be a simple way to browse the internet. Crash control is Google Chrome’s best feature. Each browser tab runs independently of others. If a site crashes on you, the other tabs are not affected.


You do not need a Mac or Apple to run Safari on your PC. This browser is a lot faster than Internet Explorer, but it is not as speedy as the other browser choices available. The best feature for Safari is its look. The browser fits the signature Apple design with plain, simple, easy to read text. Because Safari does not always work well with Windows, its popularity has sufferred. However, Safari is ad very slick and fun browser.


It’s not over until the fat lady sings. With Opera you get lightning fast browsing. The down side of Opera is that it has fewer plug-ins available than Firefox. This is a strong limitation, affecting how easily (or not) you can bookmark your favorite sites. While Opera’s speed makes it perfect for updating your blog or website, Firefox is much better for promoting sites and links because of the various plug-ins.

Try Them All

Be sure to try all of the browsers yourself. You are sure to find one that works more efficiently and easily for you. You may learn that you like to use different browsers for different web applications. In any case, stop wasting time on IE.

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