Outlook error code 0x8004010F

What is Outlook error code 0x8004010F and how to fix it?

There are different error messages that you face while working with MS Outlook in collaboration with MS Exchange Server. Among them Outlook error code 0x8004010F is a very common error message in MS Outlook. In a practical scenario, you face this errors message as described below:

Error Code: 0x8004010F Message1: “Outlook data file cannot be accessed”


Error Code: 0x8004010F Message2: “The operation failed error”

Cause of Error code 0x8004010F

The root cause of this Outlook error 0x8004010F is improper synchronization or synchronization interruption of Outlook database. There are several reasons that cause synchronization interruption which further leads to generate error message 0x8004010F. Some of the most common causes are mentioned below:

  • Offline address book list objects have a missing or incorrect address list.
  • Offline address book list objects include missing address list.
  • Send/As permission changes in the store affect user’s accounts with no mailbox full rights to another mailbox.
  • Multiple OAB Version folders exist of the same type.
  • Clients are attempting to download the OAB files from a public folder store that have not received the replicated updates.
  • The OST file is either corrupt or unusable.

Solution of Outlook error 0x8004010F:

While trying to troubleshoot this Outlook error, you must be very careful. Before applying troubleshooting operation, first of all you should check the location of default Outlook data file (PST). After checking the default location of Outlook PST file, you should create a new Outlook profile.

Steps to locate the default Outlook data file:

  1. Open Control Panel & click on Mail
  2. A dialogue box of Mail Setup option appears entitle as Outlook dialog box
  3. Click on “Show Profiles”
  4. Choose your current Outlook profile & click on Properties
  5. Open the Data Files tab using Account Settings dialog box
  6. Note default location of your profile
  7. Close it

Steps to create an IMAP or POP3 email account manually:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. A dialogue box of Outlook profile appears
  3. Click on “Show Profiles”
  4. Click on General tab and then click on Add
  5. Add Enter text in the “new profile name”, click on OK
  6. Now, select server settings
  7. Click on Configure settings manually & click on Next
  8. Select Internet E-mail in the “Choose Service dialog box”
  9. Click on Next
  10. Type account details in the Internet E-mail Settings dialog box
  11. Test your account by clicking on “Test Account Settings”
  12. Browse and select Existing Outlook Data File
  13. Open Outlook Data File dialog box
  14. Browse & select the Outlook data file
  15. Click on OK & move to Next
  16. Click on Close in the “Test Account Settings dialog box”
  17. Click Finish

By following these given steps, you may get rid of Outlook error 0x8004010F. But, there is no guarantee that you will get your desired resolution. Unfortunately, if Outlook error 0x8004010F is still persisting and MS Outlook is not working then you should think about a third party tool. Kernel for Outlook PST repair is a professional tool in this field which is much powerful to provide you the best possible result successfully. It is empowered by advanced algorithms which help in performing a thorough scanning of corrupted Outlook PST and repairing all existing errors. Finally, it recovers all email items from infected PST.

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