PC or Mac - Are Macs really that much better

A PC or a Mac?

A PC or a Mac? Those who use a computer seem to be divided into those two camps - oh, and there are people who use Unix, or one of its derivatives. But for your common or garden end user, it’s a PC or Mac. People who love Macs seem to really love Macs; they just don’t get how anybody could not love a Mac. Whereas I’m a PC person through and through, but don’t have anything against Macs.

The few conversations I’ve had with mac users, about Macs, seem to indicate that they like them “because they are faster”. But they tend to use them for “emails and stuff”, so I’m not sure if that’s true.

They look nice though

Macs do look nice, I’ll give them that. Steve Jobs certainly knew a thing or two about design; whereas pretty much all PCs look like a grey or black box. I look at PCs and Macs as a tool to get a job done. Would a mechanic choose a spanner because it looked good? Probably not.

The Encyclopedia of Modern Life

A book came out way back in 2005, called “The Encyclopedia of Modern Life” (by Steve Lowe and Alan MacArthur). They had a section on “Mac Junkies” on page 165 – which is very funny. If you haven’t read this book, it’s worth a delve into, it’s a funny read.


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