PC or Mac? What's the difference?

It's What You Do With It

This has got to be the most tiring of all computer questions that exists out there. In my opinion, it no longer matters. The platform is irrelevant. What you do with a computer is what matters. They are basically the same machine now. They both use Intel processors and move 1's and 0's around at incredible speed.

The Internet doesn't care which one you use. It cares about how you apply it in practical use. There is no doubt that the Apple has some limitations because it doesn't have the broad support that the PC has enjoyed over the years. There are far more options in aftermarket software and hardware on the PC side.

I go back to the first Apple's and PC's that were brought out on the market in the 80's for me. I looked at both and ultimately ended up buying a Radio Shack Coco 16K computer that you hooked up to your TV set. You programmed everything. used cassette tapes to store data and all kinds of other incredibly limiting things. But I learned how to use the stupid thing so when I got my first PC in the business world I was better prepared, especially for memory chips at $1,000 a megabyte. I have since used both Apple and PC computers.

So I still stand on the concept that it doesn't make a bit of difference which one you buy unless you take the time to learn how to use it effectively. You can be as creative as you like with either as long as you are willing to devote the time and effort to learn how to manipulate data.

Typing skills help too. That to me is the biggest limitation of the computer—either one. We are still saddled with this dumb way of inputting data and that would be the QWERTY keyboard. It's basically the same dumb method I used to learn how to type in high school on an IBM Selectric with the ball that always seem to stick and other regular keys that used to jamb together.

I still end up making all kinds of errors entering stuff. It wouldn't make a bit of difference whether the keyboard is from Apple or a PC supplier. The keys are still too small for anybody to use properly. I won't even begin to comment on the Blackberry size keyboards.

When we get to the no keyboard stage, the Apple and PC controversy will finally die unless Apple makes you say isomething before every sentence.

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