• The computer mouse which our right hand is so familiar with is invented by Dr. Douglas C Engelbart of USA, state of Oregon, born on January 30, 1925. He invented the X-Y position indicator for a display system, later on also known as mouse in computers! Apart from this invention, he also developed the Hypertext and Graphical-User Interface system in computers [GUIs], networked computers.
  • Born on 26th December 1928, in Chicago, USA, Dr. Martin C Cooper was the father of the device without which life would have been different. It is the ‘Cell phone'. This electrical engineer worked for then unknown company Motorola. Dr. Cooper was the first caller from a cell phone from a New York street, to his rival working on the same technology from the Bell Labs! Wow!!
  • Social networking site, Orkut was programmed and developed by Orkut Buyukkokten, born on 6th February 1976, in Konya, Turkey. The concept of the site is to keep in touch with friends. Do you know Orkut gets a small loyalty every time you use the site? By 2010 he will be the richest man in the world!!
  • John Stith Pemberton, a serious looking old man gave birth to a beverage, which became the largest selling cold drink of all times, now famous as ‘Coco Cola'. Stith, who was born on 18th July 1831 from Georgia was a druggist and pharmacist was working on a beverage that supposedly cured headaches. Thanks to John for the cold drink that we enjoy very much!!
  • Let us not forget the man who gave a boost to the comic book worldwide. He is Stanley Martin Lieber or known better known as Stan Lee. Lee with some help from others created superheroes like Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, The Daredevil and so on and so forth. Currently, living in California has the habit of appearing in all the movies based on his characters!
  • How comfortable we feel wearing Denim Jeans! These Jeans were invented by Loeb Strauss Aka Levi Strauss. This young entrepreneur started making overalls canvas cloth for the gold miners in California. The demand for the overalls increased, because they were rugged and sturdy and soon the material was switched to Denim.
  • Vinod Khosla, the only Indian computer expert is highly successful venture capitalist, is best known for Sun Microsystems. Currently residing in California has supported companies that make internet faster, cheaper and safer.

Above contributions have no doubt changed the business methods and communications of present generation.


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ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

How nice for "business".

Interesting history lesson.

sunitha and family 8 years ago

Vey interesting !!!!!

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