Ban On Facebook A Disaster for Businessmen

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After the Ban of facebook in Pakistan the effects on businesses have not been highlighted,How society have been negatively effected by the ban
there have been around 1000 of freelance`s from Pakistan who used to do facebook based work such as page creating and management
Apart from this there are many well known social media companies such as homexpress social Media others were at the initial stage like PSM ,360 and lastely OnLion Which was just launched a day before facebook got banned ,It have been reported in express news that many of the leading Business have been badly affected among them are

  • Business Pages (Commercial pages. Includes services.)
  • uFone --99,416 members -- Wireless / Cellular Provider
  • RealityPod --69,868 members -- Technology, Robotics and Gadgets Portal
  • Mobilink -- 28,448 members -- Wireless / Cellular Service Provider
  • Zong -- 20,882 members -- Wireless/Cellular Provider
  • DELL Pakistan -- 26,294 members -- equipment provider
  • DAWN.COM -- 16,000 members -- provides news
  • PEPSI Pakistan -- 13,271 members -- beverage manufacturer
  • Google Pakistan --4,206 members -- Facebook presence
  • Newsweek Pakistan -- 7,802 members -- news provider
  • Cinnabon Pakistan -- 4,465 members
  • Wi-Tribe 5,272 members -- Wireless Broadband Provider
  • Levi's Pakistan -- 18,902 members
  • ETail.Pk -- 3,821 members -- Online Store
  • Standard Charter Pakistan -- 1,333 members -- Bank
  • CIO Pakistan -- 863 members -- provides news
  • Inspurate Design -- Graphic & Web Design Service provider
  • Karachi Snob -- Online Fine Business Directory of Karachi
  • Daaman -- 47,101 members -- Fashion label
  • iinix -- Systems services
  • Telenor Easy Paisa -- 24,000 members -- micro-payments and mobile banking service. Everyday citizen is direct beneficiary of this product and its page
  • WordPL (the voice of the small biz owner) - 112 members -- Helping Pakistanis Make an Online Living
  • PakInfo (Be Informed Always - Its all about Pakistan) - 183 members -- Total Pakistan based online news page. Get all the latest news related to different fields of Pakistan on your Profile.
  • list have been obtained from

No doubt there are many other social networks namely hi5,tweeter,skyrock,orkut,So the users of facbook can move to them in the long run it wont make
any difference to them as they will be still able to communicate with there friends share photos,

But can the social media companies move to other networks ?

The answer is a big No!! Because facebook have the feature of displaying ads which no other social network does
others do but they are adsense based and are not that cheap facebook used to offer cpc (cost per click) and cpm (Cost per million) advertising with as low as 0.01 cent per view.
Reports have been confirmed that almost 47% of facebook earning was from Pakistan with more than 3.8 million users,Thus facebook is facing a great loss in its earning.
Lahore High Court have banned facebook till 31 of May after which it will decide to lift the ban or not.But expectations are that it wont lift the ban.
Protests still continues in major parts of country people demand the government that banning facebook is not enough but it should take legal actions aginst it too on international level.

In a Interview King Qzer Pakistan`s Youngest Rapper
When asked to give his views about the ban
He replied "No doubt facebook have helped me alot in bringing my talent up to the market and by the ban i am badly affected ,Not even able to communicate with my
fans But being a Muslim I completely support the ban infect I will have no issue if it gets ban forever I have moved to twitter and my fans are increasing there".

When interviewing Chaudary Hashmat Ali the director of P.S.M
Well we are finding ways to diversify our business because its no longer a business!
We started it 3 months back and were still at an initial stage when fb got ban
We used to offer Facebook Advertising,Facebook Page Creating,Page management
Reaching almost 20 clients in a short time but no one knew what will happen in future.
I Support the Ban although it have affected my Business to a great extent but obviously I am a Muslim and Religion comes first

Lets see what happen in the future.
Will the Ban be lifted or not?
will people switch to some other social network?
As i have been getting lots of new network requests on my inbox every day I Just dont understand is there really a need for a social network?
People sitting on net for hours looking at friends pictures giving useless comments wasting time.

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GodsLoVE 6 years ago

well business is a small thing as compared to religion so one shldnt think tht he cannot run a business without such pages its good tht we`ve take a stand n we`re united.


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