Pallet Jacks. Moving Materials Efficiently

Pallet Jack is often a motorized lifts which allow for the movement and loading of stacked pallets as well as heavy loads of materials. Pallet jack comes with a platform on which the driver of the pallet stands while operating. It comprises of front wheels which are mounted at the end of the forks and these forks are separated vertically when the hydraulic jack is raised. The lifted Pallet jack forks will force the load to be moved upward and neatly stacked to the jack.

Pallet jacks can be divided into manually operated and electrically operated jacks. A manual pallet jack is operated manually with the hand while the electric pallet jack is operated electrically and it can be moved by a throttle on the handle to move forward or in reverse and steered by swinging the handle in the intended direction. Powered pallet jack has several limitations which include; Inability to use reversible pallets, Enables only two-way entry into a four-way notched-stringer pallet, because the forks cannot be inserted into the notches; and absence of deck-boards where the front wheels extend to the floor in a double faced irreversible pallets.

Crown pallet jack is a perfectly and ruggedly constructed pallet jack which often comes with dimensions of 27"W x 48"L forks, and it features entry rollers and tapered design for easy pallet entry and are reinforced for heavy-duty loads. Crown pallet jack has a 3 –function hand-control which are ; raise, lower , and neutral for easy manipulation. Yale pallet jack collections comprises of pallet jacks of the best quality.

Pallet Jacks

You can find pallet jacks of both electrically powered and manually powered jacks in Yale. Yale pallet jack collections also comprises of jacks which make use of spring-loaded self-righting safety loop handle for enhance comfort and ease of operation. Such jacks also come with Hardened chrome piston with protective dust cover for dependable performance.

Multiton pallet jack are ideal in leveling and positioning heavy-duty materials. It also comes with leveling, positioning and supporting structure to lift various sizes of loads. Multiton pallet jack is designed to handle several loads of different weights. You can get a Multiton jack pallet for loads less than 2,000 lbs and you can get some that can handle loads weighing more than 44,000 lbs.

Narrow pallet jack is designed to maneuver and carry loads through incredible small spaces. Narrow pallet jack comes with an overall fork size of 27" wide x 48" long and weighs 311 lbs. It has the ability to lift and transfer loads weighing up to 3,000 lbs over a narrow path. Pallet jack parts comprises of different spare parts for the different components of pallet jack. They also contain repair kits for wheels and some other movable parts of the pallet jack. A pallet jack part is made of high quality material and should be able to replace perfectly any damaged or worn-out pallet jack part.

Pallet Jack requires constant and periodic cleaning and maintenance strategies to make them perform better in lifting heavy loads.

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Greg Palmer 5 years ago

Good Hub on pallet jacks and material handling. Jacks work great in an environment where a forklift would be overkill, but materials are too heavy or bulky to move by hand.

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