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The plam Pre is my newest addiction. When I first got my new phone I didn't know how to do the simplest of thing but now that I have had it a few months I simply love it. I decided to write this hub to help other palm owners better use their Palm Pre to share things with their friends. To me my friends and my music are two very important aspects of my life.

Much to my dismay I thought I would not be able to share music with my text however; that is just at first glance. It seemed I could not add music to my MSM or text messages when I wanted to send a new text to my friends. I noticed I could receive music in their text messages but not add music to a message from my Palm Pre. I don't have to tell you how disappointed I was when I found this out. I almost took my phone back because of this problem.

If you are about to take your Palm Pre back because you can't add music to your text messages hold on! Stop, don't take your phone back! There is a way to work around this. I noticed my friends were sending me text messages or MSM with music in them so I thought there has to be a way. Well there is.

Palm Pre Apps
Palm Pre Apps

Email Music to Your Phone Via Text

How to send an email to your phone.

First & foremost you need to understand how to send an email.

1. Go to your email

2. Go to new email message

3. In the address field put your phones email address example: (your cell you found in the list at the bottom of this hub or by searching your carrier email address online.

4. Add your short song/photo/picture to the email by browsing on your computer until you locate the file.

5. Now send your email with or with out a subject in the subject field & with or with out a message in the message body field. Either way it should send and work on your cell phone.

6. Wait until your receive a text on your phone & then send it on to all your friends & family.

There you go you can add music to your text.

How to SMS Ringtones to Text to Your Friends

Here is a way you can add your favorite music to your text messages or MSM:

1. Set up your pre with your email address or better know as email addy.

2. Go to your pc and send a ring tone through your email to your phone #.

3. If you do not know how to send an email to your phone:

4. Find your phones email address or addy by scrolling down and finding your carrier or going to google and searching for the name of your carrier and typing in send a message from email to my phone.

5. Send what ever music you want to your phone via your email messages then you can send it on to all your friends.

Carrier or Gateway Email to SMS or text

3 River Wireless

Advantage Communications


Airtouch Pagers

Airtouch Pagers

Airtouch Pagers

Airtouch Pagers


Alltel PCS


Ameritech Paging

Arch Pagers (PageNet)

Arch Pagers (PageNet)

AT&T (formerly Cingular)


Bell South (Blackberry)

Bell South Mobility

Bell South

0123456789@blsdcs.netBell South

Bell South

Bluegrass Cellular

Boost Mobile

Cricket Wireless


Nextel (now Sprint Nextel)

Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel)




US Cellular




Virgin Mobile USA

Other Canadian & US carriers:

Bell Canada:

Centennial Wireless:

Cellular South:

Cincinnati Bell:

Metro PCS:





U.S. Cellular:

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billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Nice Hub - I have a Palm Treo - have for a while - seems there aren't many of us left with iphones and Androids everywhere.

Envoy profile image

Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

I love my Pre.:)

Thanks for your comment & have a great day.

tracykarl99 profile image

tracykarl99 6 years ago from San Francisco

Thanks for this informative hub. Will check out your website too!

Envoy profile image

Envoy 6 years ago from USA Author

you are very welcome have a great day :)

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