Panasonic DECT 6.0 Phone Review

Panasonic DECT 6.0 Phone Review KX-TG1034 and Family

Panasonic has released another great phone to the market. The KX-TG1034 is 4 handset variety of Panasonics DECT 6.0 line.

I love this phone, it seems as though I have tried virtually every manufaturer out there and I always migrate back to Panasonic. I recently used this unit to consolidate a number of phones and I love it. The call quality is great . This phone does not interfer with my wireless networkign in the house since it is DECT and operates at the 1.9GHz frequency. The DECT technology seems to provide decent range, and good batttery life. You can use multiple handsets (up to 2 handsets ) and get a conference call going. Great for the calls to grandma with the kids.

Highlights from the manual:

Shipment Battery Ni-MH (2cel) -> Comes With The Phones 2 AAA batteries per phone.
Battery Life(Talk) 17 hours
Battery Life(Standby) 7.5 days
Charge Time 7 hours

Key Features:

Type Cordless Phone, Digital
Digital Technology DECT
Frequency 1.9 GHz
System DECT
Expandability Up to 6 cordless handsets (4 included)
Multi-Line Operation Single Line Operation
Features Answering System
3 Line LCD Display
All Digital Answering Machine with Recording Capacity up to 16 Min.
Conference Call Capability 3-Way
2 Handsets can be in use at the same time

Some Key Items to note about this phone:

Things that are a Thumbs Up with Me:

  • Uses plain regular AAA NiMH batteries not special batteries they include the batteries.

  • The batteries seem to last forever, the manual says up to 17hours, I hope I never test that.

  • Separate Mute Button.

  • Speakerphone is on all handsets

  • Each phone can have a common phone number and once it is programed on on it can be transferred to all phones

  • Expandable up to 6 handsets.

  • 1 Phone outlet needed , only answering machine base needs a phone line connected

  • Configurable with Voice Mail Systems via (FSK & Stutter Compatible) and phone blinks to indicate message

  • Digital Answering Machine no tapes.

  • Neat Intercom System lets you call another phone in the house. great for upstairs, downstairs, basements

Things that are a thumbs down with me:

  • Deleting CallerID calls delete on all phones not just he phojne you are using, I wish you could do this separately.

  • There is no display to tell you the number messages on the answering machine.

  • To call the handsets via the intercom feature you need to know the handset number which is only available as a small number on the display of each phone.

  • Would have been nice to be able to name these, but I can't find a way.

  • The yellow lights on each phone are noticeable at night, it's kind of annoying to me , I have not researched to see if you can shut this off.

  • The number keys are not backlit so dialing in the dark is difficult. This is not a biggie with me.

My Conclusion:

I love Panasonic Phones, I'd recommend you try this I'd buy it again no problems.

Update: I still love this phone. I use it everyday and it's still going after all this time.
I have bought an updated model and will review that one soon


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