Panasonic KX-TG9344T DECT 6.0 Digital Cordless Phone Review

I've had the chance to review another Panasonic phone. My inlaws wanted a new phone so I bought them the new Panasonic KX-TG9344T DECT 6.0 phone.

I still love these phones, The call quality is still superior. This phone still does not interfere with the wireless networking in the house since it is DECT and operates at the 1.9GHz frequency. The DECT technology still seems to provide nice range, and good batttery life (uses AAA batteries). You can use multiple handsets (up to 2 handsets ) and get a conference call established. This phone has a few improvements I like even more that the older phones.

Highlights from the manual:

Key Features :

  • DECT 6.0 Frequency 1.9 GHz
  • LCD Display
  • Talking caller ID
  • Talking alarm clock
  • Talking battery alert
  • All-digital answering machine
  • Night mode with light-up indicator
  • 50-station shared phonebook
  • Digital handset speakerphone
  • Expandable up to six handsets
  • AAA batteries per phone.

Some Key Items to note about this phone:

Things that are a Thumbs Up with Me:

  • They fixed the backlighting on the keys so night dialing is easier.. YEAH!!!
  • Still uses plain regular AAA NiMH batteries not special batteries they include the batteries.
  • The batteries seem to last forever, I've never had one run out.
  • Seperate Mute Button.
  • Speakerphone is on all handsets
  • Each phone can have a common phone number and once it is programed on on it can be transfered to all phones
  • NEW thing I like.. any updates are automatically synced up.. I like this.
  • 1 Phone outlet needed , only answering machine base needs a phone line connected
  • Configurable with Voice Mail Systems via (FSK & Stutter Compatible) and phone blinks to indicate message
  • Digital Answering Machine no tapes
  • Neat Intercom System lets you call another phone in the house. great for upstairs, downstairs, basements

Things that are a thumbs down with me:

  • Black is hard to keep clean..
  • Deleting CallerID calls delete on all phones not just he phojne you are using, I wish you could do this seperately. Maybe this is me not getting it.
  • There is no display to tell you the number messages on the answering machine. This is very annoying and I had hoped they woudl have fixed this.
  • Still has a "gotta know the number" problems To call the handsets via the intercom feature you need to know the handset number which is only available as a small number on the display of each phone. Would have been nice to be able to name these, but I can't find a way.
  • Maybe this is me not setting something right, but I can't get the answerign machine to stamp the time and date a caller has called. This leaves me wondering when they called. I have caller ID so I can check that. This is a bit annoying.

Things I am not sure what to think about:

  • This talking caller ID and stuff kind of annoys me bit I can see how if you have some eyesight issues this might be nice. For instance the inlaws I bought this for like it.
  • Personally I do not like machines talking to me.

My Conclusion:

They have fixed the backlighting and added automatic phonebook updating. I hope a newer version will have the number of messages on the answerign machine. I love Panasonic Phones, I'd recommend you try this.  I'd buy it again no problems for anyone I know

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howardyoung profile image

howardyoung 7 years ago from California

Thanks for the review. I just bought them and I'm happy to say that when phone rang, I didn't lose my wireless connection!

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