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Google Adwords

If you do a search at Google Adwords on "popular topics" you'll get 71 results for the way people search for popular topics on a wide range of subjects including: internet, books, forum, health, web, e-book, article, writing, bible, science and so on. All of the keyword phrases have the word popular in them.


At Technorati in BloggerCentral/What's popular, you can locate the 100 most popular blogs by fans, searches, and authority. The top videos, movies, and news of the members are presented too. The top five blogs are concerned with surprise "technology"--though the number one blog also illuminates the mind on odd things in the culture.

At number seven is Dosh Dosh with internet marketing, blogging, and social media tips. Creating Passionate Users number 26 is about technology, software, blogging and more. Shoe Diary is a blog explalning the experience of someone that makes money from the internet.


The top 200 blogs at Wikio cover these topics: politics,science, business, sports, film, celebrity and others. What does others include? The Wooster Collective presents unsual art. Neatorama is about--you guessed it--"neat stuff." For instance, a cake decorated to look like Claude Monet's painting Tulip Fields with the Rijnsburg Windmill and a popup garage that is placed under a flowerbed or the original garage.

Blogger Buster

Blogger buster lists the top 50 blogs at Blogger. Number 1 is Post Secret, which is an art blog that lets people mail in their secret...detailing them on a handmade postcard. The Sartorialist is number 4, which was picked by Time Magazine for their 100 design influencers. Dumb Little Man at 25 is about saving money. At number 32 is Orangette with stories of gastronomical interest. Brooklyn Tweed is 47 and concerns knitting.

Wide Range

Obviously, there is a wide range of popular topics for blogs. This is good news because your topic is going to be popular with its own cult following if you keep your readers enthralled with interesting and well written blog posts.

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