Searching For the Most Popular and Searched for Keywords

The internet is the new library and guru for a lot of people today. Millions, if not billions, use it to search for something. So what are they looking for? Here is the compilation of some major search engines to help you recognize the most searched-for keywords in the web.

  • Google Trends – It pays to take a look at the trending topics on Google. This site contains Google’s database of popular keywords and searches. This will also give you an indication of website usage patterns and be able to track them.
  • Yahoo Buzz Log – Yahoo is on league with Google and it is also imperative to check this site out. The site contains top overall searches, new keywords that have worked their way to the top and organized these searches into specific classes (movies, actors, music, sports, TV, buzz log, overall, video games, so on).
  • AOL Search Trends(link may not be working) A straightforward site for those wanting to know the hourly and daily AOL most searched keywords.
  • MSN Search Insider Provides a list of Top 200 searches. However, this along with other search keyword sites have not been updated for quite some time and doubtful it would be up and running ever again.
  • Ask IQ (Interesting Queries) – This includes the most popular search terms in the past week but similar to MSN Search Insider, its status is not clear.
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Does not work like the other search keyword sites. This one needs you to enter keyword (s) to see the popularity and the monthly global searches.
  • Search – This contains daily listings of popular keywords up to the 250th.
  • ZDNet Top Search – For those who would like to know the top search terms over the last 30 days related to hardware, downloads, software, mobile, and anything under technology, here’s the site.

There are still some sites that are very popular but have ceased to exist. If you have any more listings of search keyword sites that are functional, do write it in the comment box below.

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Drenguin profile image

Drenguin 5 years ago from Somewhere

Interesting, I'll have to use some of these. Also, I like the pic

xiao yun 5 years ago

hi some links aren't working

stanley p. 5 years ago

yes the aol link not working

Max 4 years ago

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