Port address, logical and physical address

Port, Physical and Logical Address

 Port Address:

Ø      Port address is a feature of a network device that translates TCP or UDP communications made between a host and port on an outside network

Ø      It allows a single IP address to be used for many internal hosts.

Ø      Port address can automatically modify the IP packets' destination or source host IP and port fields belonging to its internal hosts.


Physical Address:

Ø      Frames need to be transmitted to different systems on a network.

Ø      Data link layer adds a HEADER to frame.

Ø      Header defines the physical address of sender (Source address) and receiver address (Destination address).

Ø      Frame is intended for a device outside the network.


Logical Address:

Ø      If a packet is going from one network to another, need another addressing system to help distinguish source and destination systems

Ø Network layer adds Header to the data coming from upper layers that among other things include LOGICAL ADDRESS of the sender and receiver.

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