Portable GPS Navigators - How To Choose The Best GPS

Magellan Roadmate 1470 Portable GPS Navigator
Magellan Roadmate 1470 Portable GPS Navigator

Portable GPS Navigators - Feature packed and user friendly?

There are so many portable GPS navigators on the market today that it can be a bit overwhelming when searching for how to choose the best GPS. In order to cut through the mass of information available and zero in on a particular type of GPS; you should think about what you will be using your GPS for, on the road or cross country etc., and then think about what would be handy to know while you are using your GPS.

GPS Tracking Device
GPS Tracking Device

There are Four Basic Types of GPS Activities

There are four main types of GPS systems, each designed around a specific activity. The military was the driving force behind development of the Global Positioning System but other organizations and businesses quickly saw the potential of the technology and developed applications to fit their particular needs. All the portable GPS navigator systems available today are the result of these early applications. The four basic uses of GPS are:

  • Navigation - Being able to move from point A to point B accurately and easily in all kinds of weather was a real issue for the military. Now your able to benefit from their research and development. Today's portable GPS navigation systems help you move easily through unfamiliar country while providing up to date information about the area around you. Need gas? find the nearest station by just touching the screen. Food , fuel , points of interest are all instantly available on this type of device.
  • Tracking - This device is focused on keeping track of things that are important to you. With this GPS device I can; Track my kids, Track my car, or pretty much anything that moves or can be moved. This device can come in many forms such as a small device ment only for tracking to a cell phone that can be used to communicate.
  • Mapping - There are a lot of businesses and people who are interested in accurately mapping and so there are a lot of GPS devices that have been developed to assist in mapping. Mapping devices are handy for farmers, timber companies, and conservation activities just to name a few. Anyone who need to know accurate and reliable information about the terrain that they work with can benefit from this type of system.
  • Surveying - many of the same features and uses as mapping systems but with the intended purpose of creating legal descriptions of land and developed structures on it. This is a professional activity and so finds few uses for the average person.

Many of the best portable GPS navigators include features of each of these activities to make the device more versatile.

Companies that Make Portable GPS Navigators

Let's take a look at some of the different brands of portable GPS navigators and see how they compare to each other.

  • Garmin - Garmin has the a well deserved reputation for selling the best GPS systems. They offer sleek, good looks and reliability along with a variety of handy features. Garmin offers map based navigators and have devices that not only track you but also other members of your group. Their devices will talk to you and tell you were you are how far to your destination how long to get there, distances to route features such as intersections and exit ramps. They can display your favorite pictures, play music, read you a book, and many other things. All of this quality demands a higher price and Garmin is usually more expensive.
  • Magellan - Another top notch company. Magellan offers many of the same devices and features as Garmin with comparable or better quality for a slightly lower price.
  • TomTom - This company offers good quality devices comparable to the other top brands but most notably they offer a map sharing feature that allows for more up to date information.

How To Choose The Best GPS Navigator For You

New GPS Features To Make Your Life Easier

Now that you have an idea of which type of GPS is for you, lets look at some New Features Available on Portable GPS Navigators today that can make your life far easier.

The Cobra NAV one 5000 offers a "Favorite Brands" feature. Let's say that you only want to buy a certain brand of fuel for your car. You can enter this as a preference and when you ask for locations of gas stations the Cobra NAV One 5000 will only show those stations that sell your brand. Neat huh?The Cobra NAV one 5000 will also warn you when you are approaching an intersection that is equipped with red light cameras and speed sensors allowing you the opportunity to avoid a ticket.

The Garmin nuvi 750 offers the "Where's my car" feature. This is really sweet. Who hasn't gone on a shopping trip and spent hours shopping only to end finished shopping and trying to figure out "Where's my car parked". The Garmin nuvi 750 will automatically mark the last place it was unplugged from it's dock (your car). So, if you unplug it and stick it in your pocket you will always be able to locate your car. Even in that sea of steel outside the mall. Plus you can use the nuvi 750 as an mp3 player and display your digital photo's.


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