Powercolor ATI 4850 512MB

This card belongs to the current generation of ATI GPU’s. It is based on the RV770 architecture. It has a huge increase in the number of shaders over the last generation. It has 800 Vs 320 which was found in the RV670. The rendering pipeline has also improved with better AA performance and texturing.

The card we will be reviewing today comes with reference design, cooling and clocks.

Details of the PowerColor HD4850 :

Shader Units : 800

Transistor count: 956 M

Memory size: 512MB

Memory bus width: 256bit

Core clock: 625MHz

Memory clock: 993 MHz

Memory Type: GDDR3

Price: Rs7000-8500

Package and Contents

The box is nothing great. Comes with all features on the front and some more information in multiple languages on the back.

The contents are pretty standard, you get the following:

· Graphics card

· Quick install guide

· Driver CD

· DVI adapter

· HDMI adapter

· Crossfire Bridge

The Test Setup:

Test Setup:

CPU: Intel E5200 @3.00GHz
Motherboard : Gigabyte G31 motherboard
Memory: 2x2 GB DDR2 800MHz Corsair RAM CL5
Software : Windows 7 x64
Driver: Catalyst 9.6 (for windows 7)

Synthetic Tests:

3Dmark Vantage

Real world tests:

Call of Duty 4
Crysis warhead
Left 4 dead
Assassin’s Creed

The frames per second were measured using fraps. This may cause minor reduction in performance.

Word On FPS:

Performance of a card is measured in terms of FPS. I have used FRAPS for measuring this.

When u get FPS below 20, it means that its unplayable gameplay.
Between 20-30, u can play, but its kinda irritating.
30-40 is playable with slight slowups at some places.
40-50 is very playable
60+ is best possible gamplay.

3Dmark Vantage

I used 3Dmark vantage Performance preset for this test. It included 2 GPU tests and a few feature tests. The score i got was was 6807 in the performance preset.

Call Of Duty 4

For this game i chose the mission “the Bog”. All settings in game were maxed out. Resolution was 1280x1024 and AA was set to 4x.
The following is what I got on fraps:

Avg: 99.900 - Min: 60 - Max: 220.
The game was very playable at these settings:

Left 4 Dead

Left for dead was never GPU intensive. It looks good and does not TAX the GPU much.
I played at 1280x1024 with all in game settings maxed and 8x AA.
Gameplay was smooth and ran without any problems.

Min-65 Max-260 Avg-110

Race Driver GRID

 Grid was another game that was playable at max settings. All in game settings were maxed out. Resolution was 1280x1024.

The game looks very good and is a must play for any racing lover.

Min- 34 Max 124 Avg-68

Assassin's Creed (DX10)

 This is another great game. Lots of fun. All in game settings were max and resolution was 1280x1024.

I had chosen a part where I had to fight about 7-8 people at the same time and many people running around. So, it got pretty intense.

The game was very playable at these settings.

Min : 33 Max :212 Avg:70

Click to view full sized
Click to view full sized

Crysis warhead

Probably one of the best looking game out there and also is one of the most demanding too.I played at a resolution of 1280x1024 with all settings set to Gamer.

The minimum frame was reported as 1 because of the auto save. The game felt very playable even though the numbers don't suggest so.

Min-1 Max-54 Avg-29

Click to view full sized
Click to view full sized
Click to view full sized
Click to view full sized
Click to view full sized
Click to view full sized

Overclocking and temperatures

 I had reached a maximum core clock of 680Mhz(from 625Mhz stock) and a memoery clock of 1025 Mhz (from stock 993Mhz).

Nothing great there. probably due to higher running temperatures.

The Idle Temperatures of the card when i set the fan speed to 40% were 61C and at full load the temperature was as high as 96C. The fan was a bit loud, but not too bad.

Final words

I have had this card for over an year now. I am very happy with it. Its really hard to find any cons. I have been playing almost all games at highest settings. The 512MB will be sufficient to resolutions up to 1680x1050. Above that, its better if u get the 1GB card. The card is very well priced at Rs7500 here in india and can be got for about $110 in the United States.

The cons are low overclocking potential and relatively high temperatures.

This card still a very good deal is great for gamers who are on a budget.

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my call of duty 4 gameplay video

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newprouser 7 years ago

Looks superb. Nice review too. My suggestions will be put up result with softwares like sandra and other 3D testing software, then it becomes easy to compare with other cards !

Keep writing more !


Sumit020 7 years ago

Nice review man.............

Keep it up.....!

| Fusion | profile image

| Fusion | 7 years ago

very nice review.

In your opinion, which is better: HD 4770 or HD 4850 512MB if they are priced the same?

rajan1311 profile image

rajan1311 7 years ago from bangalore, India Author

Thx buddy

Now thats a hard one ! Their performance is almost the same. ATI 4850 is about 5% faster, but the 4770 should consume a little less power. If priced the same, i will go for the ATI 4850. What do u say ?

| Fusion | profile image

| Fusion | 7 years ago

thanks for the reply,

I would go for the HD 4770 since it consumes much less power than the HD 4850 + by some overclocking, it outperforms the HD 4850 and GTS 250 in some cases !

But the HD 4850 could also be overclocked, and this makes the confusion to me!

satyanjoy 7 years ago

good review dude..Rs.7500 is steal for this card, the one thing missing here is the picture of card

Luke Skywalker 7 years ago

Good style of writing . Well researched also.

Mr. Belvedere 7 years ago

Nice work! You may want to put in your complete system specifications. Also, running at a lower resolution like 1280x1024, more of the workload will be put on the CPU. Overall though, great job.

Sumit 7 years ago

Hey buddy, nice review....:)

But next time include more game reviews.....

Don't waste your precious time on synthetic benchmark.....


Sumit 7 years ago

Hey buddy, nice review....:)

But next time include more game reviews.....

Don't waste your precious time on synthetic benchmark.....


Sumit 7 years ago

I have one question the windows 7 you are using is x86 or x64?

If it is x86 you wasting your ram on it.....

If it is x64 you are good to go......:)

007 7 years ago

Sumit, he is using

Software : Windows 7 x64


Could you please talk more about the Heat, seems like temprature goes very high on this card.

rajan1311 profile image

rajan1311 7 years ago from bangalore, India Author

Well the stock fan is good enough. It does collect some dust so you need to clean it every 4-6 months.

I got an HAF 922 cabinet and my card stays cool, idles at 60C and 80C at load at only 30% fan speed.

Durgesh 5 years ago

How to download such ati radeon pro plz plz plz plz sugesset .thz

rajan1311 profile image

rajan1311 5 years ago from bangalore, India Author

nothing to download.. u can buy it :P

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