Primary Personal Computer Components

Avoiding mistakes by knowing this

When receiving a computer, most people will not read the manual. They will not understand the code names for devices that are apart of their computer device. They will not know what the primary personal computer components are and this could lead to trial and error. Users who don't understand the difference between the personal computer components could make fatal installation mistakes that can't be reversed.

There are four primary personal computer components categories to any computer. These personal computer components are display devices, input devices, external devices, and the system unit. Knowing what these are and what part they play in your computing experience could make for a much healthier lifespan of your computer.

Touchscreen monitor. Display device personal computer components
Touchscreen monitor. Display device personal computer components

Display Device

The display device is the part of the computer that lets you see the text data and graphical output of the machine. Typically known as a computer monitor, display devices can come in many other forms, as long as they have some sort of connection the the computer device. These personal computer components allow you to see what you are doing and are very important to the computer. Display devices allow you to adjust the visual settings of the system.

A display device commonly connects to the system unit using cable(s) and vary in size and shape. Display devices come in different types of technology (such as CRT and LCD) (LCD being a better choice).

Input Devices Video Description

External hard drive. External device personal computer components
External hard drive. External device personal computer components

External devices enhance functionability of the computer. External devices usually plug into the system unit using cable(s) and/or wireless connections. Some have their own power source while others draw power from the system.

These devices are often called "peripheral devices". They provide alternative input/output functions and allow additional data storage.

The System Unit

The system unit is the main personal computer component. It comes complete with other devices necessary for the computer to function. It is complete with the chassis and internal components, sich as the system board, the microprocessor, memory modules, disk drives, adapter cards, the power supply, fans and other cooling systems, and ports for connecting external components such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and other devices.

The system unit. Personal computer components
The system unit. Personal computer components

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