Problems, limitations, and disadvantages of the Cherry Mobile Superion Navigator

A brief introduction of Cherry Mobile

Have you tried a generic or lesser known electronics product? If yes, what is your experience on said devices?

Cherry Mobile is a local mobile device brand here in the Philippines. Some say that they produce and manufacture their own products, while there are those that claims they simply choose and re-brand international lesser known portable gadgets / devices.

Whichever it may be, Cherry Mobile gained traction and captured a decent customer base when they released the Cherry Mobile Titan and Flare.

I actually own a CM Titan and initially thought that it would only last a few months as a budget phone. However, it has been two years already and never experienced any major issues with the device.

Technical Specifications of the CM Navigator Superion

The introductory photo is the actual box of the Cherry Mobile Superion Navigator. I bought one since it is relatively cheap.

Since it is cheap, I wouldn't be too conscious on handling and using it - compared to when I'm using the more expensive iPad mini.

Anyway, the right side photo are the technical specifications of the CM Superion as can be seen on the box.

Problems, limitations, and disadvantages

Now let's go to the juicy part - the problems, limitations, and disadvantages

First of is the battery as it is quite puzzling and can be perceived as a limitation

Personally, I can watch two full 2-hour movies with the Superion Navigator on a fully charged battery. However, the battery seemingly discharges even though when it is not in use.

For instance, I don't bring the unit when I go to work. But still, after 3-days of non-usage, the unit will run out of battery (something that I don’t encounter with my other mobile phones)

Additional information about the battery of the Cherry Mobile Superion Navigator:

  • FYI please that the charging time of the device from a fully drain state to full batt is more than two hours.
  • Just like most other tablets, the battery of the Cherry Mobile Superion Navigator is non removable (Yours truly think that this can be a disadvantage and even a problem in the next few years when the battery becomes bloated or reached its limit)

Update to KitKat is NOT Good!

I have recently upgraded my Superion Navigator from JellyBean to Navigator and I tell you, I experienced numerous issues which are listed below:

  • Apps stored on SD card is not retained on homepage during restart. I have to manually place a shortcut every time I reboot or after turning ON
  • Icons (and just about everything else) looks bigger even display settings is configured to smallest setting
  • Color is totally whack
  • Charging indicator no longer moves. It only shows a lightning icon
  • Some apps are no longer working properly after upgrading to KitKat
  • After upgrading to KitKat using OTA, all apps were not transitioned properly. Have tried re-downloading the apps but it's a no-go! Was actually forced to factory reset the unit
  • USB connectivity now became MTP or PTP mode
  • 3G (H or H+) is really slow except for Globe
  • Signal lost occurs more frequently than before

No proximity sensor

Am not really sure if the unit comes with a proximity sensor. Here’s thinking that all modern tablets are equipped with one. But for some strange reason, proximity apps does not seem to work with my CM Superion device.

If the unit indeed does not have a proximity sensor, this is an obvious limitation and disadvantage.

Additionally, the unit does not apparently have a compass functionality. Not really that big of a concern but some might be discourage by it.

Unresponsive portion of the screens

Another problem about my CM Navigator unit is that there seems to be one or two spots where the touchscreen is not as responsive.

Maybe it is just my unit my overly cautious way of handling new things, but I have to press relatively harder on said portions for the function to register.

This can be a disadvantage for OCD people or might be a sign that these areas of the screen is where problem might arise.

Lack of appropriate accessories

And the last disadvantage of having a lesser known brand / unit like the Cherry Mobile Navigator is the lack of appropriate accessories.

Even though it has the 8-inch screen display and the rear camera is on the upper right corner, looking for a fitted carrying case or cover is quite difficult. I have visited numerous mobile shops and stores but unable to find a suitable one.

Advantages and Benefits of the Cherry Mobile Superion Navigator

Needless to say, where there are disadvantages and limitations, the unit also has its redeeming points which are discussed below.

Excellent price

For a tablet pegged at such a low price, it is totally worth it.

Powerful Specifications

I also own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and I tell you, the difference in speed and performance is easily noticeable. The Cherry Mobile Superion Navigator handles processes better and lags that I experienced using on some apps at the Galaxy Tab 3 is non-existent on the CM Navigator.

Physical Advantages

The physical characteristics of this Cherry Mobile tablet is also a plus. It is thinner, lighter, and the back portion has somewhat of a rugged, anti-slip, and scratch-proof feel.

Plus, it also comes with its own screen protector – just how cool is that.

Connectivity Options

Another advantage of the CM Superion Navigator is its connectivity options. Aside from the universal USB connector, it has a mini-HDMI port.

It also has dual SIM functionality which is perfect for people who uses two separate mobile devices.

The dual SIM is also GSM capable which means that it can be used for voice calls, text messages, and data services (for areas that does not offer free or shady wifi access).

Superion Navigator is OTG Capable

My rating based on personal usage

4 stars for CM Navigator Superion

Side to side picture with iPad mini and Samsung Tab 3

head's up: On the second photo, don't mind the Apple sticker at the back of the CM Superion unit.

It is supposed to be a joke pertaining to the ultimate tablet since it sports two fruits - Apple and Cherry

Front View
Front View
Rear View
Rear View

Out of the three tablets above, the Cherry Mobile Superion Navigator is apparently the thinnest.

Approximately $160

I got my brand new unit for 6,500 Philippine pesos. This is roughly equal to $160 based on currency conversion as of posting time.

Below are online prices of the iPad Mini and Samsung Tab 3 for price reference / comparison with Cherry Mobile Navigator Superion.

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lexi 2 years ago

May unresponsive part din ako sa navigator.. Kala ko dahil sa kitkat update dun pa naman sya sa home button.. Format ko ganun pa din.. Dinala ko sa service center touch screen daw ang sira palitan nila kaso 1 month wait time hayz..overall para sa akin ok naman sya malas lang siguro sa unit...

writerjj profile image

writerjj 2 years ago Author

Hi Lexi,

Oh noes! :O one month waiting time for a brand new unit? :O

Anyway, I hope you'll its a whole lot better when it comes back :)

densyo 22 months ago

d ba talaga advisable iupgrade sa kitkat? mejo off kasi ako sa JB. planning to buy one at napakahelpful ng review na to. ung OS lng talaga concern ko

writerjj profile image

writerjj 22 months ago Author

Hi Densyo,

I guess I have gotten used to it so I its ok. But if there's a way to go back to JB, I'll definitely downgrade.

Hope this helps.


densyo10 22 months ago

Thank you for the response. I got my navi last saturday, but for some reason OTA app shows "system software is up to date". How did you upgraded yours to kitkat?

writerjj profile image

writerjj 22 months ago Author

Hi densyo10,

My Navi came with JB. When I used the OTA app, it upgraded the unit to Kitkat. Since then, every time I open the particular app, it would mention the same message (systerm software is up to date) :)

Hope this helps.


Yoj 21 months ago

Same here, Superion Navigator ko, JB lang, Using OTA app, hindi na uupgrade to KitKat saying up to date yung system. Paturo po pano nyo na upgrade to kitkat?

writerjj profile image

writerjj 21 months ago Author

Hi Yoj,

That's quite strange. My navi is originally JB but the OTA upgraded it to Kitkat.

densyo10 21 months ago

Ano kayang OEM ng navi, d talaga maupdate to kitkat eh

disappointed with its Battery 18 months ago

The claim of Cherry mobile that the navigator has 4000 mAh battery is a fraud! The navigator only has a 2000+ battery capacity that's why it drains within a day's normal use. Quite dissapointing! The rear Cam reads 8MP according to antutu though.

writerjj profile image

writerjj 17 months ago Author

Hi densyo10,

Have also seen a number of users who have similar concerns about updating. There are a few possible reasons but am not sure which is the root cause. Am also not sure about the unit's OEM.

Hi disappointed with its Battery,

I somewhat understand how you feel. We have to charge ours daily as battery drains fast from watching streaming vids.

Am not sure what is the unit's OEM or why it is not updateable to kitkat. There's plenty of possible reasons

moknin 17 months ago

Is there any posible way how to upgrade the software of this unit????? Pls..

errol 17 months ago

Sir can u backup your system and post it so we can used it to update our tab... Tnx...

Jaesun 17 months ago

San po kaya makakabili ng flip cover ng navi

writerjj profile image

writerjj 17 months ago Author

Hi Moknin,

I updated mine using the bundled OTA application.

Hi errol,

Backing up the system? Did you mean simple copy-and-paste to PC or backing-up for rooting, upgrading, modding, etc... If it it's the latter, you will need special applicaitons/software for that.

Hi Jaesun,

Divisoria usually Navi flip covers for sale.

Kitoy 17 months ago

Have my Navi now, d q na xa inuprade to kitkat since dami aq naba2sa na bad feedback regarding sa sa pag upgrade, problem q lng is hindi tlga xa ganun ka smooth kc kinumpare q xa sa tablet ng anak q (Lifeware Fabtab 8inch) na KitKat ung OS tlgang mas smooth ung sa anak q same lng nman cla na quadcore. any possible way kea na pwede maging smooth ung Navi nten..

writerjj profile image

writerjj 16 months ago Author

Hi Kitoy,

Kitkat is ok but if there's a chance to go back to JB, I would definitely.

As for the "smooth" function/performance, based on personal usage and experience, I can say that Superion Navi is one of the best around. It is at par when compared with our Ipad Mini and far superior compared to our Samsung Tab 7.0

garryb 16 months ago

comparing it to CM FuBo, this Navi is very smooth in terms of video resolution.... most of the time un Fubo naglalag... kaya lang parang napaka basic ng OS nitong Navi... My Fubo and Navi having the same OS JB 4.2.2 kaya lang may mga settings na wala sa Navi compare to Fubo.... I usually connect my FuBo on External TV via HDMI to watch movie on bigger screen and sometimes on presentation.... medyo naglalag nga lang sa Fubo but it is performing its purpose..... with the Navi pag connect ko siya on external TV via HDMI.... nawawala na ang video sa tablet.... dun lang sa TV meron hirap tuloy controlin.... HDMI settings sa Navi is on and off lang..... in terms of other purpose like browsing, watching movie on tablet.... mas ok sa Navi.... walang screen capture button sa tablet.... dun pa din sa old school Power+Down Volume kung gusto mo screen cap..... buti sa FuBo meron nun.....kung sana in terms on OS related lalo na sa settings nakopya ng Navi sa Fubo.... oks na oks na sana 'tong Navi kahit di na mag upgrade sa kitkat.... di tuloy ako maka goodbye sa Fubo..... kasi may mga kulang sa Navi na nagagawa ng Fubo.... maganda lang sa Navi.... may SIM at 3G... may Bluetooth and GPS kaya tinawag na Navigator..... pero ok na din sana lang magkaron ng stable na upgrade ito..... paging CHERRY MOBILE!!!!

writerjj profile image

writerjj 16 months ago Author

Hi garryb,

Thanks for your inputs and user experience with the Navi. With its price tag, it is indeed a great buy. Btw, there is a dedicated screen shot button with the kitkat OS :)

Tnx again for sharing your first-hand experience / review

kitoy 16 months ago

Hi writerjj, about po sa Kitkat OS neo po anu po ung pag ka2iba nila sa JB my konting lag kc ung sken, at pag nanu2od aq ng video using youtube app medyo lag xa, any solution po about d2, pero nagustuhan q tlga sa NAVI nten eh ung design nea, tlgang manipis xa, tska hindi xa nag iinit mxdo kahit high def na games, tska ung Camera nea as in na pa Wow aq kc ang linaw nea kahit 5mp lng xa, hindi q na nga nagamit digi cam q kc parang mas malinaw pa xa kesa sa cam q na (Canon 16mp)

writerjj profile image

writerjj 16 months ago Author

Hi Kitoy,

Yup, I can say that CM Navi is one of the best low-cost tablets around. Best bang for the buck (camera, batt life, performance, usability, etc...)

As for the question, it is possible that JB is no longer "that" compatible with the most recent updates/versions of apps. This might explain why JB has performance issues with apps. Anyway, as far as I can remember, I am not ecstatic when I updated to Kitkat from JB. However, I have been used to it already (anyone does if they have been using it for months hehe) :)

bhal088 16 months ago

ask ko lang d same lang kaya ang kitkat update sa sc at sa ota ng navi natin? sabi kc nung binilan ko sa sc ako magpaupdate ng os. sino po nakapagpaupdate sa sc? share nyo naman po experience nyo? kc plan ko magpaupdate to kitkat sa sc. tia sa mga sasagot. btw may group b ng cmsn sa fb? pasali naman po. God bless!

Liquicalpse 16 months ago

Help dead boot po yung tablet ko po san po makakakuha nang stock rom po nito...

writerjj profile image

writerjj 16 months ago Author

Hi bhal088,

What do you mean by sc update? Is that using a desktop/laptop?

Hi Liquicalpse,

Yikes. That would be quite hard. There are not that many devs for CM - particularly for navi :(

bhal088 16 months ago

sir writerjj , sc means service center. sabi kc nung saleslady sa cm kiosk sacsm north sa sc ko raw ipaupdate to kitkat cmsnko. kaya lang nagdadalawng isip ako sa mga nabasa ko na negative feedbacks after updating their cmsn to kitkat via ota. tsaka yung update app sa cmsn ko pag nagupdate ang lumalabas na message system upto date raw kaya sa sc ko sana papaupdate to kitkat. kaya nga po ask ko kung sino nakapagpaupdate sa sc kung ano ang observation nila after the update. kc sa mag nabasa ko di sila nagpaupdate sa sc kundi sa built in update ng cmsn sila nagupdate.

bhal088 16 months ago

sc means service center sir writerjj

bhal088 16 months ago

sc means service center sir writerjj.

bha088 16 months ago

sc means service center sir writerjj.

bhal088 16 months ago

sc means service center sir writerjj...

IMGamer 16 months ago

pwede mo po ba ma backup yung system nang tablet nyo po

using mtk droid tools and spf flash tool

bhal088 16 months ago

dead thread

Mitch 15 months ago

Any recomendation on how tobackup CMSN stock rom, kahit link lng :) thanks ng advance

writerjj profile image

writerjj 15 months ago Author

Hi Bhal088,

Sorry for the late response and thanks for the info about SC. Updating through a service center seems feasible. But before doing so, you may ask some important details like how long it will take, what is the version that will be installed, is there any possible risks, etc...

Hi IMGamer,

Unfortunately, there are not that much devs (and tools) for the device.

Hi Mitch,

I am also looking for the such info/tools/applications :)

errol 14 months ago

Sir writerjj can you plss back up your device to sp flash tools.. And upload it here..plss or if you have any custom recovery like cmw recovery pls just back up the system only and post it in here..plzzz

writerjj profile image

writerjj 14 months ago Author

Hi errol.

I am not familiar with sp flash tools and is also on the look-out for custom ROMs.

david 14 months ago

sir ask ko lng kung puede gamitan ang cm navigator ng cover n png tab n my ksama keypad? thanks

mike 14 months ago

Hi, I just bought mine last Saturday. Normal lang po ba yung hindi smooth na frameskip sa games like Subway Surfers?

dave 14 months ago

sir puede b s navigator un casing n my ksama keypad n kino-connect s gilid ng tab? tnxs

profile image

Air Magic 14 months ago

My new SN charges for 2 hrs & 30 mins only. Should I be worried and have it replaced?

writerjj profile image

writerjj 14 months ago Author

Hi David,

Our Navi is OTG and should be compatible with most USB-connected accessories. However, it would be best to bring your Navi on the store and try it out if it would work. I had some experience with keyboard not working. Also, some covers does not fit with the device. A member of an FB group mentioned there is a well-matched casing that can be bought in divisoria

Hi Mike,

The device is actually quite powerful. There should be no issues during gameplay

Hi AirMagic,

My device's charging time from low to full is approximately 3 hours

Karlo 14 months ago

Bought mine like a week ago, laggy sya nang konti even scrolling the app drawer. Tas pag nanonood ako ng videos from FB, ang lag na. May tweak ba para maging smooth si Navi? Thanks

mike 13 months ago

sir, nag install kasi ako ng skyforce, playable po sya pero di smooth. Any apps po for boosting graphic/fps performance? tnx.

writerjj profile image

writerjj 13 months ago Author

Hi Karlo,

What is the OS of your navi?

Hi Mike,

Haven't installed that game. Are all apps laggy or just skyforce?

enzen 13 months ago

hi sir

kakabili q lang po ng superion navigator q last week same as my frend plano po sana nmin magupdate ng kitkat version pero pag napunta kami sa ota app lagi nalang nya sinasabi na up to date na daw po anu po ba gagawin q

mike 13 months ago

Here are the list of games i've tried so far:

Dead Trigger 1 - smooth

Blood & Glory - smooth

NBA 2K13 - playable, medyo jittery yung graphics

Skyforce - playable but slightly laggy

Had 3d test on quadrant, okay naman fps (49-52) pero parang di talaga ganun ka smooth.

mike 13 months ago

Sir, medyo laggish nga rin po app drawer running on 4.2.2 jellybean. I've already rooted my Navi and installed seeder app, set animations off and restricted auto start apps pero di pa rin talaga ganun ka-smooth compared

sa phone ko na kitkat 4.4.2.

writerjj profile image

writerjj 13 months ago Author

Hi enzen,

If it is a new unit, it should still be covered by warranty. Afaik, software update should be covered by this. Suggest go to your nearest CM center and have them updated it. But be warned that once updated, there's no going back to JB

Hi mike,

That is strange. My Navi is at par with my Samsung Note 2. Although mine is running on Kitkat

mike 13 months ago

Planning to just unroot my Navi and have it updated to Kitkat via SC. Sana lang mas stable at walang bugs.

John Love 8 months ago

I bought this a years ago because you can't make gsm call & text on nexus 9 and nexus 10.

This unit is not durable, so always protect it with a hard case.

I use it mainly for gsm call & text, browsing the internet & watching (porn) movies.

Don't upgrade the OS and you will be fine.

writerjj profile image

writerjj 4 months ago Author

Hi Mike,

Hopefully. I am now ok with Kitkat since I have already accustomed using it.

Hi John Love,


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