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Recently, my laptop computer had started to overheat and shut down several days in a row. Not only was this alarming because it would not save all of my work and I would have to wait for the computer to cool down before I could proceed, but I was afraid it would cause my computer to crash. Needless to say, I was looking for a solution -- a laptop cooler. However, I didn't know which one to pick. Christmas intervened when my Mom, gave me a laptop cooler as a present, the Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler ZM-NC1500 from Zalman in the color, black.

My first impression of the Zalman Notebook Cooler was how sleek and simple it looked. There were only two things that came write out of the box, the cooler and the USB cord and that was it. No powercord, no big instruction booklet, no extra accessories -- I was actually at a loss for words.

Before, I go into the review, let me say why it's important that your laptop has a notebook cooler to extend its life. Unlike a regular desktop computer, a laptop doesn't have a built-in fan to keep it cool when it is used extensively.  If you work a laptop hard like a regular desktop you're going to need a notebook cooler to keep it operating at optimal efficiency and to prevent it from overheating and crashing.

Ultra Quiet Notebook Computer from Zalman
Ultra Quiet Notebook Computer from Zalman

My 17-inch Dell laptop fits squarely over the cooler with the sides sticking out just a little bit, not a major hassle. According to the box, the notebook cooler has an 8-degree incline causing my arm to bend at an appropriate 135-degree angle, which is determined to be the most ergonomically comfortable and healthy way for me to work at my laptop. The USB cord ends easily attach to my laptop port and to the notebook cooler. The bottom has rubber "feet" to prevent the cooler from sliding around the surface. When I turn on and turn off my laptop, the cooler automatically does the same. The notebook cooler has two centrifugal fans that cause the cool air to go through a mesh surface and evenly distribute the cool air under my laptop. The notebook cooler is quiet. I didn't even notice it after a very short while. In fact, I would lift my laptop bottom just to make sure that the notebook cooler was still working. Even more important, my laptop didn't overheat and turn itself off, after I've opened a youtube page, had music playing, downloading a photo and using a word processor all at the same time. Needless to say I'm very pleased with this model.

Having said this, my laptop computer is stationery, it doesn't travel a lot so it pretty much is parked on top of the notebook cooler. If you want a portable model that sits on your lap, then you would need something else. The Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler from Zalman does the job and is very elegant and simple in design, I would recommend it to everyone who uses a laptop computer on a desk for a long period of time. If you live in a hot climate, then this notebook cooler will save your laptop from the warm temperatures. At a suggested retail price of $60, it's a great value.

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