Profire 2626 Firewire

Here is a photo of the on-board mixer of the Profire 2626

My Personal Video Review of the Profire 2626

How Many Tracks Can It Actually Record?

By just looking at the name of the Profire 2626 you'd automatically think it can record 26 tracks... not really. It can record up to 12 tracks at the sampling rate of 88.2 or 96 kHz and up to 18 tracks at even lower sampling rates.

If you really needed all 26 tracks you could do so by using your own mixer in tandem with the Profire's DSP mixer. Great for things like recording a drum kit with lots of mics and a band live off the floor, or just to have in your control room for things like vocals and guitar, keys etc.

Weather you're on a Mac or PC the Profire 2626 will work for you. I've heard some bad reviews from users complaining about M-Audio drivers not getting along with certain computer systems… since 2010 most of the problems have been addressed by M-Audio and getting the updates from their site will ensure you get the most up to date drivers for your system.

The main features are:

Mic pre's on each channel

DSP mixer and router

Bottom line is the overall sound quality thanks to the digital converters. The key here being M-Audio's premium digital to audio converters.

As a stand alone 8 channel pre-amp it can be connected directly into your first 8 ADAT output channels. Use the instrument and mic lines with whatever other piece of gear you like.

The on board mixer and router was the best feature on the 2626. This basically lets you create as many as 8 stereo mixes, even pre-set them for later call up.

Fifty two audio streams can be routed to 26 hardware outs and select any of the 26 hardware inputs and 26 software returns as sources for any of it's 18 input channels.

Also love the microphone pre-amps on the 8 channels which will record at a resolution of 24-bit/192kHz.

Is this the best Firewire interface out there? No, but ss far as versatility, features, and price this thing scores big. After comparing all it has you'll have a hard time getting all this for the price.

Profire's On-Board Mixer


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