Pros and Cons of Technology

Technology at work is both a blessing and a curse - so to speak. Technology has improved performance at work with faster communication via email, video conferencing, the telephone etc. As a teacher, I can post grades that are available immediately for parents to view, track student performance on State testing and look up ideas for lesson plans using technology. The flip side of this issue are people who abuse their access to the technology on their job, such as constant instant messaging, emailing friends, and then the individuals who view inappropriate information on the web.

Transactions for trillions of dollars can be made with the stroke of a key using technology. Just about every job requires some form of technology to function - the supermarket, the movies, ordering job related items, etc. Our lives have been made easier due to technology.

Employees sometimes have no privacy, for example, when we provide information about ourselves on the web then it's public knowledge. The information shared can be detrimental to a person's career if it's information of a personal nature.

Again, the flip side is that I can access information about situations and people at any time. The property appraiser's office is one site that is useful if one is buying or selling property. This is one way of assisting the public, and of course this data is useful for realtors to use.

Not sure where we're all headed with this but it's going to be vastly different than we can expect.

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Smireles profile image

Smireles 7 years ago from Texas

Totally in favor of technology. The world moves fast and a business without the latest technology will fall behind. Good hub.

fastfreta profile image

fastfreta 7 years ago from Southern California

Good hub BJC. I wish some of this had been around when my children were school age, for instance, seeing their grades instantly. I agree, technology has it's pluses and minuses.

BJC profile image

BJC 7 years ago from Florida Author

I hear you. I remember reading sometime about one year ago where a school district in Georgia lost all of the final grades due to a malfuntion in the system............ Can you imagine??

 6 years ago

emily  6 years ago

i agree with u:) it can be a curse but it

is aslso very helpful and we use technology in our every

day life


Melanie 6 years ago

fasho mannn

ameliavillafana 6 years ago

as a student of Northeastern college of Trinidad i think that technology is important in this present time, but there is always a wrong think to every think. i think with proper use and security technology is very beneficial

Deathdimony 6 years ago

love and hate technology at the same time every day of my life:)

Mr. Green 6 years ago

But we should be careful with games, kids sometimes kill their parents, cuz they don't let them play =(

wishyouwerehere 5 years ago

Its all has to do with how you use it. It can be BAd at some time and others( well most) its the best thing ever.

Vanessa mundell 5 years ago

This is all sooo stupid!

JJ 5 years ago

technology is sooo helpful, but people are becoming more and more lazy because of it, which is leading to obesity. :C

lila 5 years ago


Millie 5 years ago

While all this is true, my only argument is that it has outsourced many jobs, as humans are no longer needed.(example being automated machines, ezpass toll booths, do it yourself cash registers, the list goes on and on). Great invention and very much needed, but less jobs.

techguru 5 years ago

it's safe to say that in order to be productive in America alongside other more developed and developing countries, there is no way one can avoid technology

techguru 5 years ago

technology is not making people lazy and isn't the cause of obesity. the Japanese are a lot more tech savvy then most in the US, they aren't obese. if a person wants to be lazy or not, it is their complete choice. technology cannot be blamed for that, that is just ridiculous

Shawn 4 years ago

I think though we are getting in way over our head.I do believe that technology will be our demise.Wisdom is a strong gift and if it's not used the right way it can hurt us badly.Very good example is when the tsunami hit Japan in March of 2011 and the reactors of the nuclear plant could have killed many people not only in Japan but other places. I embrace new things as we move forward but i also believe you can go to far.

Katherine 4 years ago

I think technology is great and not so great at the same time because people do take advantage of it. Quite often.

ash 4 years ago


Tiffany 4 years ago

as a student i think technology is great, but technology is not the cause of obesity. sometimes its not even people being lazy they could have a health problem that causes them to be overweight.

BJC profile image

BJC 4 years ago from Florida Author

True, technology is not the cause of obesity, but it does contribute as people are less physically active.

Thanks for responding.

Folasade Araoye 4 years ago

Technology help us in so many ways, most especially it invent us cars,television airconditional and in a medical ways which heilp us to diagonis ailments or sickness that may occur.

Spitfire07 profile image

Spitfire07 4 years ago from Calgary

Great hubs! I look forward to reading more. Cheers!

BJC profile image

BJC 4 years ago from Florida Author

Cheers - that brings back memories :) thanks for the kind words!

Siqalo Makhoba 4 years ago

Technology is always aimed to improve our lives and it has done so well for the past decades. All it's flaws are brought forth by ignorance and improper usage!

ash 4 years ago

wow that is cool

liz 4 years ago

but what about in the future? further technology development can have many consequences such as a grater possibility of obesity... plus radiation that increases our chances of cancer, sure technology is a good thing, when used right but when completely abused it can be life threatening to your health

coltonb 3 years ago

this hub is the weidest

dude 2 years ago

I'm very sorry you site got such negative comments. It sucked, though. Sorry, dude.

Johna68 2 years ago

Hi there. Simply just planned to request a simple dilemma. kedkddegekfe

Joey 12 months ago

I think that technology is very useful sometimes but is also very bad sometimes.

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    james 5 years ago


    techguru 5 years ago

    1 more thing, automating something does not just mean someone has lost a job, their job role has changed. the machines have to be maintained, the data has to be entered in the machine. so automating something increases productivity and also opens up other roles, thus providing more jobs.

    yofgskh 4 years ago

    i love tech

    Bob 3 years ago

    i enjoy the use of tech

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