How to Protect Your Password - Mozilla Firefox Users

Did you Already Set up a Master Password(A Father of All your Passwords) In Firefox?

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Mozilla Firefox stores your password for forever until you manually remove or uninstall Firefox Just after clicking on 'Remember' button when submitting a 'login form' on any website, Means whenever you do submit a login form on any site such as Gmail, Hubpages etc. Firefox pop up a bar at the top of webpage to ask whether it should,

  • Remember your password - to fill form entries in future automatically,
  • Not Now - Mozilla Will show that bar again in future on opening that page another time,
  • Never for this site - Mozilla will never show again that bar in future on that webpage.

Today, Most of the peoples have their own personal computer and do click on 'Remember' button without any knowledge that their password can be viewed by others with these simple steps as mentioned below.

  1. Open your browser,
  2. Click on Tools in Menu at Top of browser,
  3. Click on Options, A new window will open,
  4. Click on Security,
  5. Click on Saved password (A list of sites will appear with username),
  6. Click on Show Passwords and your passwords were now cracked.

Any person that uses your PC or Laptop can easily see your passwords without your knowledge And if you're using Public computers like in cyber cafe's and mistakenly clicked on 'remember' button then persons like me were always ready to crack it (I rarely go to cyber cafe's). So, here are the steps you can follow to secure yourself even after clicking on 'remember' button on your own PC or Laptop.

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  • Do not allow peoples (Exceptions are family Members) to use your PC, Tell them to go cyber cafe as they are for those purposes only,
  • Set a Master password for Mozilla Firefox itself, Here are steps you need to follow,
  1. Go to Tools in Menu Bar,
  2. Select Options from the list,
  3. Click on Security Button,
  4. Click on Checkbox followed by this statement "Use a Master Password".
  5. A new window will prompt on screen to enter your password,
  6. Click on submit or Okay button,
  7. Now, you can go for a walk outside without worrying a little except about those who already knows that you use a same password in most places... Ha Ha.
  • Try to avoid habit of clicking 'Remember' button each time as because While writing these article, I seen a list of 40 sites whose password were remembered by my browser... Cool Huh,
  • Drop your trust on Family in these case, They will kill you for all the activities that you do on Internet.

Enjoy the browsing, Have fun after protecting your Keys.

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DianaETX 6 years ago

Thanks for a great Hub. I never thought about a password for FireFox and went right to Security and set my password.

Sonja 6 years ago

yep, useful one. I'm already using Rohos Mini Drive to password protect access to my Firefox profile. In case I do not like anything I'll use this way of protection. thanks!

Shashikumar 5 years ago

Thanks my friend its a great job.

RK Sangha profile image

RK Sangha 5 years ago from USA

Thanks. Great help.

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