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Yes and if you are not ready to purchase a computer, then at the very least you should have access for personal use including email. One idea is to use your local library or recreation center. These places provide free computer access and some have training programs and/or computer training materials to learn on your own. Such training programs and tools will help you learn everything from how to used a computer and accessing the Internet including email; to popular computer programs like word processing for writing letters and creating other documents. You can even learn how to upload your favorite music and pictures onto your computer as well as play games.

When you are ready to buy a computer, the first step is to find out amongst your family and friends a person who's computer literate to help you with your new purchase. Then create a list of reasons for usage, computer programs needed and peripherals like a printer/fax machine, music player, camera and/or an external storage device. Remember to include how much can you afford and note that if you want Internet access you will have to pay for service from an Internet service provider. An Internet service provider provides access to the Internet and is considered a separate and on-going cost to continue accessing the Internet. You will also want to purchase an extended warranty incase you have problems with your computer. Make sure it includes technical support that covers "in-home" service unless you have someone that can take it in for service.

Additionally, you want to look around the house to find a place to put your new computer. Make sure you include in your budget money for a computer desk and chair too. When you are ready to buy, take a family member or friend with you since you will need someone to help carry and set up your new computer.

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Enjoy your New Computer!

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notebook computer rental 7 years ago

On the other hand, computer helps a lot when you have own business. Even if it small or big company, it will help increase your sales and lessen your work in no time. It can also be useful when your conducting a research paper for your school project.

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