Reasons to make the transition to high definition

Reason #1 to transition to high definition

The first reason to make the transition to high definition is pretty straight forward - cable companies no longer support regular televisions! Up until Christmas I hadn't yet made the transition. I was using a very old television, so old in fact that I had to run a box into the back of the TV just to allow myself the option to plug in a DVD player through AV. That's right my old TV didn't even have audio video cables. I was running the cable through the back of the television. When they announced the HD transition and the free boxes I didn't bite because I thought I would be unaffected by the transition.

Let's do a quick run through of the television channels I had prior to the "Get the converter box or else" promotion. I had channels 2-35 then channels 52-78. That was roughly a total of 51 channels. I'm not going to name each and every one of them but yeah I had about 50 channels.

After the cable companies switched to HD I had channels 2-33 and channels 75-78, dropping me down to a total of 34 channels. I'm sure not every single one of the channels in 2-33 worked, but for sake of argument we'll just say they did.

Now I've made the HD transition. Using the same cable wire I was using for the previous channel I now have 95 saved channels, after deleting several. In total it's somewhere around 110-120. Many of the channels I thought I never had with the old television even before the transition now appear on my new HD TV.

Reason #2 - Connecting your computer to your TV

For less than $40 in cables I now have my television connected to my laptop computer. Now I can work on my computer on one side of the screen and watch Hulu or Netflix on my television at the same time! That's right, instead of suffering with my 15" monitor and weak laptop speaker sound, I now have a great television picture and sound coming from my television when I simply plug in a few wires to my laptop.

This is also great for reading e-mails, browsing the web or watching YouTube videos. Being able to simply attach a wire to watch Netflix on my television is great. Before I'd have to adjust the laptop monitor to a certain angle to make sure that my screen was viewable. Now I can both work and watch at the exact same time, in fact I'm watching Hulu on my television while writing this.

Reason #3 - The newest video game systems

Right before Christmas my brother asked me why I hadn't purchased a Playstation 3 yet. I told him "because I don't have a high definition television yet." Now that I have my HD TV it's time for me to go and purchase the PS 3 to go with it. The PS 3 will allow me to play blu-ray videos as well, in full high definition. While I've yet to see how great of a difference Blu-Ray provides, aside from the Dark Knight screening I saw at Blockbuster, I'm looking forward to the experience. Blu-ray is cutting edge technology and without a high definition TV, you'll be left in the cold very shortly.

As with the cable transition, DVD's will soon be going the way of the dinosaur as VHS has. Do you even know anyone who still owns a VCR? Well maybe not owns, but still uses? Soon that'll be DVD as more and more people are forced to upgrade their televisions simply to watch their favorite television programs. As more and more people upgrade, DVD players will be phased out.

High Definition versus regular definition

High definition is on the left, regular is on the right. Image from
High definition is on the left, regular is on the right. Image from

The final reason

Picture quality alone is reason enough for you to make the upgrade. The great thing about high def is you can see the difference immediately. For example, I have Fox and then I have Fox HD. Simply by switching back and forth between the channels you can see an immediate difference. Faces become clearer, pictures become sharper.

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