Redgage is scam

I joined regage about 2 weeks ago inorder to promote mt blogs and content on other websites.

Since the day i joined i have been receiving messages on my redgae inbox by many people that redgae is a scam and they have been cheated  a look at this message

Am Here to Alert & caution Everyone About "RedGage",,,

This Site is A SPAM, & Fooling all people with their hard earned Money & Efforts....I had Created a account here in Redgage and had loaded many,useful Blogs,Videos,Photos,& had made more than 100 friends in just a week's Time...
To my surprise More than 30 my useful tips (BLOGS) 8 videos & 57 photos had loaded on this my surprise and lack of information this site has blocked me or suspended me after collecting my all relevant information.
I worked hard day & Night put my efforts to reach more and more people thru links and my social sites Ihad joined.
Now,I am Going to take Strict Action against REDGAGE for its Cheating & Fooling Attitude, by using members Information's & Blogs for its own purpose and blocking them for not any reason.
Now,I am Going to spread REDGAGE as spam in all the sites and Caution & Alert people from Joining REDGAGE....
RedGage is a Spam & FRAUD site,Dont Join and Waste Your Time & Efforts. I didn't took it seriously but today i got a message from redgage that they will soon delete my account with the reason that i have uploaded stolen images.It does not make difference for me as i didn't joined iot for monetary benefits.but those how have joined it for money be careful.

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maggotsic 5 years ago

I'm on RedGage 7 months and they never didn't blocked me or suspended, because I uploaded only MY content like photos, videos and blogs. I received card with 45 $ after waiting more than a month (I'm from Poland). One problems on this site is with long time waiting for earned money.

THIRDSTONE 5 years ago

I make good money on redgage, and it's no scam. They are, however, slow to pay. You can only upload photos or blogs which you yourself have created, or they will block and ban you, they make that very clear.

I do have problems with the site however, as I do not like to work my ass off and not get paid for it. On February of 2011, I and about two dozen other members had no earnings showing for that month. Six months later, we still hyave not been paid for the money we earned. Now most members are showing zero earnings for the month of July. For most members, that is their first month with no payment on the site. For me and a couple dozen others, this is now our second month with zero earnings. And soon, we will be missing a third month of earnings, so this is not a good trend redgage has begun. It is my hope they get their act together and start paying people again for the work they do.

scammedagain 5 years ago

I am growing more and more convinced the site is indeed a scam. I also have missing funds, three months worth, and counting. Redgage support would not respond, and when they finally did, said it was caused by a software problem, and I would be paid all my missing earnings. That was months ago, and still they have not paid me, and I am not the only member with missing funds. To me, this site is clearly a scam.

April Hughes 5 years ago

I joined redgage over two years ago and so far I have made $416. 86 and up until a month ago I have received all of the money due me but when I cashed out on June 28 of this year I have not been paid for that cash out. and redgage is now not responding to my emails; and I am aware that there are many members who like me have been there for years got our money loved the site but are now not geting paid.

pennyless 5 years ago

I feel April's pain, I too have been a member of redgage, over a year and a half, and loved every moment of it - up until recently. Cashed out, got my card, it drew a blank. And countless emails to support have all gone unanswered, why? My guess is they have simply run short of funds. Many are complaining on a daily basis of not getting paid, it seems to have become the new trend there.

What alarms me most is that the money I earned will now get returned back to redgage, since they pay with gift cards. Once it expires, they get the money I worked so hard for. Clearly all is not right in the land of Oz.

RND 4 years ago

I have been one of the RedGage members for more than 2 years.I had such RedGage card.Till today I have been waiting to get some money for more than 2300 contents(my own photos and article links).Everybody can take his or her own decisions. Nobody is responsible for my naive behaviour. There is no answer from the RedGage Team to all my e-mails to them.If I had read more about this site I would not have spent so much time on it.

Darlene Sabella profile image

Darlene Sabella 4 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

Thank you very much for the message to come here and read your article, to be honest with you I do agree, however I have been on Hub-pages for two years and have never made one penny, now I move to Redgage and I made more money on my first day, I have never received a redgage card or any money. I am so tired of these scams, I am going to investigate....

leni sands profile image

leni sands 4 years ago from UK

Very disappointed in Redgage. I have made very little on Redgage as it happens, so I was beginning to lose the faith any way. Thanks for the message.

Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 4 years ago from USA

It must have to do with the country you live in. I won their contest after just 2 weeks, received my card and had no problems with it. I am not earning much, but the links their are well worthwhile. They have a high ranking in Google. The links alone are worth the time and I get a lot of traffic from them.

nicregi profile image

nicregi 4 years ago from Malaysia

I got to agree with what leni said. I earn quite 'okay' at RedGage but didn't receive the credit card as promised. However, what can I say? Just ignore it and bye bye redgage. My account is still active and earning money as we speak. Haha!

It could not be a scam but have you try contacting the team there? maybe they can help.

Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 4 years ago from USA

I don't get it since I didn't have any problems. Of course that has been at least a year ago that I received it, so things may have changed.

nicregi profile image

nicregi 4 years ago from Malaysia

Hi Barbara, I got to agree that could be country. I live in Asian country and could be a reason I am not receiving it. However, it said that it has been posted. No big deal for me but it was $25! :) Once bygone, bygone it will be...

THIRD STONE profile image

THIRD STONE 4 years ago from On an island in Maine, Acadia National Park is my back yard

rather they are a scam or not is no longer the issue, will they survive the latest crisis to rock the site is another question. All redgage links are now being blocked by Twitter, marked as spam. Gremln is also not accepting any new redgage links, and now Hootsuite has joined in the redgage blockade, not allowing any redgage links. Three sites in a couple of days, how many more will follow, and will this cause adsense to take action? Too many unanswered questions, but it promises to be very interesting times ahead.

shannisparty profile image

shannisparty 4 years ago from West Valley

I've been on redgage for about a month now. I've uploaded 35 pieces and earned 93 cents. I referred someone to redgage who is at $25 - WHAT?!!! Yeah - that seriously pissed me off. I'm online to earn an honest income, and I just found out tonight when my husband googled redgage all this stuff and more stuff that others don't want to know about redgage. I'm about to go delete my account because I've heard that once you verify your paypal and try to cash out, they siphen your paypal balance. One couple we read about lost $3,000 in one shot and can't even sue redgage over it because no real person can be found or gotten ahold of. Many of you are complaining about not being able to get ahold of customer service. There is none. Twitter has banned them. BBB has banned them. I heard its great for advertising - no its not, at all. The person who wrote that has NEVER seen great advertising. I've even heard that once they have your social links and websites - they cause you problems on social networks, and hack your hosting. I pay honestly for my monthly hosting, and have a reputation to defend, as we all do who are striving to earn an honest income online. WHO NEEDS THIS SH&*&?! Thanks for all those who have posted. Well I can't even find where to delete my account. So, I guess that's my own intuition saying stay on there, watch the site, and report back to those of you with these concerns. I know I'm certainly concerned now. I work my butt off honestly and don't need any more grief. So, here's what I'm going to do - I'm keeping my account until I can figure out how to delete it. I might add a few fluff items here and there. I'll post to my certified sites on MY hosting that I PAY FOR, where I KNOW I'm safe.... I'm going to write a review on this and other online biz info at my blog at I'm so sorry that everyone is having these troubles even though I was just as suckered as everyone else is. I wish companies knew the meaning of honest hard working business.... Is there such thing anymore?

THIRDSTONE 4 years ago

Update - my account problems at redgage were addressed, and to date I have been paid every cent I have earned on the site, which now totals over $1000.00 - so clearly the site pays. If you are having payment issues, you MUST go through redgage support, posting on Liz's wall or going through rghelp is not the route to take. And if you are one who loaded photos which you yourself did not take, or if you posted a blog or article you did not write yourself, they will not pay you, period. The rules for getting paid are very simple, any content you upload onto the site must be content you yourself created. The rules are simple, but many people just don't get it.

The simple trick to making good money on rg - post about 100 of your own photos, and tweet them at least once a day. By tweeting 100 photos a day, you will earn about $1 a day. Tweet those twice a day and you earn about $2 a day. There is no secret to earning money on redgage, it just takes a little work.

And if support has told you that you violated copyright laws, and they are not going to pay you - complain until hell freezes over, you still won't get paid. They take copyright violations very seriously. Even posting a single photo you don't own onto a blog will get you in hot water.

Redgage won't pay 4 years ago

It sickens me when some idiots who did get paid by redgage, try to silence those who didn't. Asif just because they did get paid, they want to maintain that redgage is not a scam.

Yes, there are about three people who are the favorites of redgage, who have always been paid. Their earnings may be even over a thousand dollars. Then, there's the rest, usually all international members.

Redgage indeed IS a scam to many people, and will simply ignore any messages you send to support. The support "team" seems to be the worst, laziest scum who take literally forever, and with forever I mean they may simply decide not to respond at all.

In my experience, even when your content is not violating copyright, you may find that redgage simply ignores withdrawal requests indefinitely, and then will not respond to any feedback.

So yes, redgage is a scam, let it be known clearly.

Redgage: Scam confirmed 3 years ago

I would also like to confirm that redgage is a scam. They "flag" for ANY suspicion that your blog may contain a photo you did not take yourself, whether they are correct or not. Trouble is they don't tell you, they just make you wait for your payments like a fool, when they had no intention of paying out your earnings or to confirm the matter with you.

Basically you have no idea whether they are going to pay out or not, but personally I can vouch that there's a 99.9% chance your months of accumulating "earnings" is all in vain. It's safest to NOT join in the first place.

Another issue is that I have seen MANY users write about how they simply never receive the "earnings" card they are supposed to, and support never responds.

I'm one of those who just never received my earnings, even though my content is as legit as can be.

So let me just confirm it clearly and without any hesitation: REDGAGE IS A SCAM. Period.

Alma 2 years ago

RedGage is indeed a scam. Not only have they not paid me since Dec. 2013 (don't even know what I earned), but they are holding my account hostage. I've repeatedly asked support/Liz to delete my account however, they keep responding that they do not have the capability to delete accounts at this time. Presumably, RedGage is still making money from my content. I am now seeking legal advice to have my account deleted.

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