Tips to Reduce Screen Glare

Eye Strain Headaches

If you your are constantly experiencing headaches while you are at the office working at your computer all day there is a good chance that it could be the computer screen. Here are some tips that may help cut back on the chance of getting those headaches by reducing the screen glare from your monitor.

Some time ago most people didn’t consider the computer screen. A bright screen is easier to see when the lights are dimmed. Similarly, sitting in dark room watching television is the same thing. Except in the case of sitting at the computer you are much closer to the screen. How can we stop the eyestrain?

  1. Try unplugging your laptop. While your laptop is plugged in the screen is brighter. Most good laptop batteries can run up eight hours on a single charge. By unplugging the laptop it forces the computer to go into a low power management mode therefore dimming the screen. Simply, work a few hours with it unplugged and then recharge the battery when you are away from your desk or while working on something else.
  2. Reduce your monitor’s brightness settings. Desk lamps are great for compensating for the low light and can help reduce eyestrain.
  3. Install a glare filter. If you spend long hours on computer then investing in a glare filter can greatly reduce screen glare. It will help keep your eyes from being strained and reduce headaches.

Laptop glare filters fit around the edges of the screen or right on the screen. Also, most glare filters will serve a duel purpose by incorporating privacy so that nosey people can’t spy on your work while sitting next to you.

So now wearing your sunglasses indoors shouldn’t have to be an option while in front of your computer screen. Hopefully, if you follow these tips you should have the tools to stop all of those headaches and get your work done comfortably.


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