Repairing Corrupt Access Database

Compact and Repair tool to repair corrupt Access database

Just like any other application or software platform, MS Access database files too are prone to corruption, damage or inaccessibility. During MS Access database corruption issue, the important data in your MDB databases seems to disappear, get deleted and becomes inaccessible. Let’s see some of the reasons that result in MDB corruption:

  • Interrupted (broken) write operation
  • Faulty hardware parts
  • Trying to access or save MDB file in another format
  • Abrupt application failure or shutdown

Microsoft Corporation offers its users a free utility- Compact and Repair tool, which repairs and restores MDB database back to its healthy state. This utility is pretty handy and efficient.

Some important facts about use of Compact and Repair Utility

Before you actually try your hands on using this Compact and Repair utility, here are some facts:

  1. There should be enough free memory (at-least twice the size of your MDB database) on your computer’s hard drive so that you can save the original as well as the compacted database file of your Access database.
  2. Ensure that you have Open/Run and Open Exclusive permission for the Access database. If you are the author of the file, then ensure you set these permissions
  3. No other user should open the MDB database file while you are using the Compact and Repair tool
  4. Your Access database should not be saved or shared on Network Share, and should not be attributed to Read-only mode

Compact and Repair Utility

The Compact and Repair utility is devised to compact the unused space in the database, created as a result of deletion of objects or records in database. It creates a new database at a different location on your hard disk and copies all the objects from the old database to the new compact MDB database. In case of MDB database repair, the tool repairs the tables, queries and indexes in the database, but excludes repairing damaged forms, reports, macros or modules.

So, ultimately you have to rely on impeccable Access database repair tools to repair access database and retrieve data for future utilization. These repair Access database tools efficiently restore key data structures such as autonumber, primary key, field size etc and recover table structure, memo data, OLE data and original date format and table relationships. Avail the free to evaluate repair access database software and retrieve your data back after severe Access corruption.

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Recovery for Access  5 years ago

For like situation I would advise many other determinations. But one of the best suitable is a program. For example the next utility has all necessary capabilities for solution.

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