Reverse Cell Phone Searches: Are There Any Free Directories on the Web


Not long ago I tried to do a reverse cell phone search. A reverse cell phone search is a search where you use the number that you have to find out whom that number belongs too. Traditionally, this service is reversed for land telephone lines and there are many resources for landlines. The cell phone search can be a little trickier and can be costly at the same time.

It is common knowledge that you can put the phone number you have in a Google search engine and not only will you find who the person is but you will also find out where the person live using Google earth. This is unnerving for some people who have a more private nature. I tried the same system with my own cell phone to see if it would work and all I got back was some internet articles I had written with my phone number on it.

After a long search I found a reverse cell phone search site that was free or at least I thought it was free.  The free turned to a price once I had entered all the information and the site asked for a fee for the service. The free site actually redirected me from the site I was on to one that was asking for money.

After a couple of hour’s worth of research, I resigned myself to use one of the pay services. I compared about four sites until I found one that was satisfactory. Though I cannot list the service here in this forum, the site I found to have up to date information and they even listed a sixty day money back guarantee. With the service you can find names, addresses, and also their previous addresses and number. The cost is minimal if you have a lot of reverse cell phone numbers to look up. So don’t give up the search. There are sites out there that cost, but are worth the money after a little research.


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