Smart Bro Wireless Broadband is a Big Disappointment

Very Bad Signal and Service In the Province

This is a rant against Smart Bro Wireless Broadband, however, the spirit of fair-play I would like to make it clear that I have no problem with their services in my Manila office. I’ve been using this ISP in my Manila office for two years now and despite some minor problems, it has been generally good.

In my residence however, it is a totally different story. I am not exaggerating but to me it is like a total disaster and this is the reason for this rant. It was a big mistake when I thought they could give the same good service outside of Manila. I live in San Pedro Laguna and sad to say Smart Bro has totally disappointed me as far as their Wireless Broadband services in my place is concerned.

Very Slow Connection

I decided to subscribe to Smart Bro Wireless Broadband because I have no patience with slow dial up connection. But alas, the high speed connection that I was expecting was never delivered to my home by Smart Bro. We’ve been suffering from Smart Bro’s extremely slow connection for 10 months now. It has never compensated the money.

I’ve been paying them. We can only get faster internet speed during midnight. Does it mean we have to stay awake till past midnight all the time so that we could get faster internet connection? What kind of Broadband service is this? Indeed Smart Bro Plan 999 wireless broadband has disappointed me to the hilt. I made a very big mistake in getting their services.

Smart Just as Bad as PLDT

I should say this is the worst experience I have ever had as far as internet wireless connection is concerned. It takes forever before a web page is loaded and worse, reporting this problem to their Customer Service Hotline is just as big an ordeal. If they are very poor in internet connection speed they are just as poor in attending to the customers’ phone calls! It also takes forever before they answer the telephone.

Smart Bro is just as bad as their sister company, PLDT in terms of attending to their customers. There were times; I had to just put down the phone for I could no longer bear the wasted time. Imagine the 40 to 50 minutes of continuous ringing but nobody was attending! this is an extreme test of patience and a great ordeal.

Very Bad Customer Service

One time I was able to successfully get through their customer service hotline after about 45 minutes of waiting. When I was finally able to talk to a customer service representative he has nothing to say but sorry. Sorry is all that he could say and was trying to console me by saying that they are already doing something to solve this long time issue. Well, I was not at all consoled.

Pre-Termination Means Paying The Entire Contract No Matter How Bad Their Services Are

At any rate, after my complaint they sent people to fix my antenna. For two days, the connection got better but on day three the same problem re-occurred and up to this writing it has not been fixed yet. Out of exasperation, I thought it would be better to terminate their services. So, I dialed their customer service line 672-7277 and patiently waited for 40 minutes before my call was attended by a CSR.

I told him about the same problem and my intention to terminate the services. But my temperature rose to the highest degree when I was told by that CSR that if I opt to pre-terminate the contract, I have to pay the remaining two months to complete the whole year of subscription because my contract with them is for a year.


The CSR was for a while dumfounded and all he could utter was “Ma’am please don’t call me stupid!” My words were indeed too harsh and I felt quite sorry. The man on the other line is only a CSR and he was only repeating what was being fed to him by the Smart Bro Management. But in a way, I thought it was good that I said those strong words so that it could reach the Smart Bro Management in one way or another.

They Will Not Cut Services Even If you Don't Pay

Well after that conversation with the poor CSR I decided not to waste time calling them again. I knew I have all the rights to dispute this matter but I found it such a waste of time to talk to them again. The best thing is not to pay the monthly bill so that they will cut the services themselves.

But the worse part is they will not cut even if you don't pay your bill. They will keep the connection even if they know you are not paying anymore because they want you to be indebted to them. They will also keep sending you bills. If you keep not paying, they will send you demand letter and if still you ignore wait for a letter from their Lawyer.

Don't Be Afraid, Don't Pay For Services Not Delivered

Receiving demand letters and then finally letters of warning from their Lawyer does not mean you should pay. Why would I pay for services not delivered? I have repeatedly complained but no improvement ever happened. They should admit they have no sufficient facilities to improve their services and they should rather just close their business rather than let the customers suffer. It would be so stupid to pay for on and off, and very slow connection. No way! If they would sue me then I would sue them back.

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rmykelz 6 years ago

YOU ARE absolutely right!!!! I cut off my plan in DIGITEL Dsl, and switch to SMARTBRO and hell, there we go again slowest slow connection... Well said madame...

Another thing digitel is threatening me that if I don't pay for remaining balance they would sue me....

I guess we have no option for a good ISP in this country unless off course if you are near to their tower...

I guess the payment should depend on your location...

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

How could they even threaten to sue us when we are the ones who have all the reasons to sue them. We are paying them every month for a very unsatisfactory service. It is better to just switch back to dial up for anyway, there is no difference with the speed.

Chris 6 years ago

I have a terrible experience with Smart Bro. It crawls so slowly, it almost seems like I'm not connected at all. I've tried different times of the day and different days. Awful. It's basically useless. I need a refund for this one.

Read about my Smart Bro horror stories before you even think about buying a kit! I might just save you money.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you Chris for backing up my experience. We the victims of Smart Bro must speak out so that the others will be saved from experiencing the same trouble. You just as I do, deserve refunds for this.

Chris 6 years ago

It's terrible. The customer care representative didn't seem too keen on the refund. I'll give them a call again in a few days. Honestly, it's like Smart is stealing from us if they don't give us the refund.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Yes, they don't care about giving refund. Calling them would mean sacrificing an or more hour before being attended too. Smart Bro is indeed a big disappointment Chris!

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Two months and your freebies are still nowhere??? Smart Bro you are really notorious!

rmykelz 6 years ago

Di lang pala talaga iilan ang biktima ng SMARTbro[KEN] anu? I guess somebody or some company have to do something with this shit... Geez!!

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Tama ka dyan dapat talaga SMART BRO-KEN ang itawag sa kanila, Nakakainis, sobrang bagal tapos tayo pa sisingilin pag nag pre-terminate ng contract, sila naman itong may problema at di makapagservice ng maayos.

smartbbhater 6 years ago

i myself didn't pay my connection for the poor service.. i am really decided not to pay for a service that didn't serve me well. my mom said that smart office sent me a letter for legal action.. i was just wondering if this will block me in immigration if i leave country..anyone has an idea?


Hi All! We understand you have concerns regarding Smart Bro. Please allow us to assist you. You may reach us through the following channels:

1. Facebook - Smart Communications Inc.

2. Twitter - @Smartcares

3. Customer Care Hotline - 02-6727277 or *1888(Smart mobile phone)

Rest assured, immediate assistance will be provided. Thank you.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Smart Communications, Inc. I don't think you can ever be able to assist us if even your Customer Care Hotline can't even deliver the services. Do you know that we have to wait at least an hour before you pick up the phone and answer our concerns and even your CSR's can't even give solutions to our problem? Do you know how precious time is? But why can't you pick up the phone immediately to assure every caller can be promptly attended to? Do you know that more often than not, I had to just hang up instead of waiting over the phone? It is either you don't have enough people to assist your clients or your people are too lazy to do the job. You must admit your service is at its worst. Don't promise assistance because even your assistance is as slow as your broadband and can't solve the problem. Improve your service otherwise you will lose all your subscribers!

imthorn06 6 years ago

im a subcriber of smart bro for more than 2 contract in smartbro is 1 year and i already finish it..and now i switch to globe broadband because of slow connection but i have remaining balance in them..the smartbro sue me if i don't want to pay the remaining balance and the pre-termination think they will file case against me?!....

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

The best that you should do is to file a formal complaint in their customer service which explains why you stopped paying the remaining balance. Obviously it is because of slow connection and in reality it was you and not them who was short-changed. It is them that owed you some money in my own opinion because they were not able to deliver the services. Tell them every problem you encountered with their services and why they don't deserve to get paid in full. I have no idea whether they will sue you or not but the fact is this SmartBro should open its eyes to the complaints of its customers for obviously they are already losing many of them.

Papa Sez profile image

Papa Sez 6 years ago from The Philippines to Canada

Hi Greenlily, I guess Mama Sez and I have to be thankful that we hit a snag during the installation of our Smart Bro connection, or else we could be ranting like you now. I recently posted a hub about our experiences in the installation of Smart Bro, Globe WiMax and PLDT myDSL. I linked this hub of yours as an example of poor service experienced by subscribers.

Regards, Papa Sez

AC/DC 6 years ago

i'm living here in a remote barangay in nueva ecija and we're a subscriber to Smartbro for 4 years,and the only problem we had is sometimes the signal is down for a day every year and that's very minimal.Internet speed is not a problem because i always clean my system and it's maintaining a 140-160kbps speed.always scan your system and remove unwanted softwares to get a good speed like me.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

AC/DC my computer has no problem it is the SmartBro that has the problem. I know how to maintain my computer. It is very new and I've not even downloaded any additional softwares apart from the basic ones. If you are not having problem with Smartbro then good for you but that does not apply to me.

ELSA 6 years ago

im using also smartbro and im so dissapointed...smartbro wireless are very slow and sometime the wholeday doesn't have connection, there is an error like "The device has been disconnected or is unavailable"... and im trying so many times to call the customer service but no one can answer... that is so unfair!

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Elsa your problem is common among many Smartbro Users. You better give up your subscription. You are wasting your money with Smartbro.

momofdiego 6 years ago

yes, i am also DISAPPOINTED on this smartbro. i bought the kit 2days ago and here i am, haven't enjoyed the said services. the signal in the local cellphone could reach high as the mountain but this usb doesn't work.grrrrr!!!

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Even their USB can't deliver? This SmartBro is a big headache!

betsyrus 6 years ago

whew! i thought i'm the only one having problems with smartbro! ang dami pala haha! smartbro sucks! i hate their service! it's just sad that my contract is for two years, i still have like over a year to endure smartbro's f*cking service! but hell, i will pre-terminate the contract! i don't want to put to waste the money that i'm paying them every month. and i'm also advertising to my friends how bad the smartbro service is so that they won't make the mistake of subscribing to this so called "smartbro-ken". as in, my connection is always broken.

man intent  6 years ago

it is true that there service is very slow and often the connection is broken and they would expect you to call just to inform them of them

maria fe brock 6 years ago

I have experienced the same problem of what all you guys were telling here , and I almost given up, but I still never left subscribing smartbro, and now I have the fastest speed I guess this time, when infact my location is very remote, and presently here in Bukidnon, far from with satellite. It's a matter of talking and telling them what is really your problem, and I can assure you they fixed your line n the best they can do.. Until now I am still a smartbro subscriber...I remain my trust to my server until this time..

smartbrohater 6 years ago

im smartbro user since nov 2009 and i sign 2 years contract then last april 2010 i often experience loose of connection and very slow so i always call costumer service to fix it and they always said i need to wait 24 hours before they do action,after a week they still dint fix the problem so i decided to change my house and location and i tell to them to cut my connection then iwould pay the 1 month which i been use but they ddint allowed me to cut my connection they say i must finish my 2 years contract,so i left my previous house wihtout any disconnecting my net and until my friend tell to me that i still receiving my bill, now im worried if i dint pay them does smart can sue me and black listed me in the nbi or other government list until i dint pay them plz answer me wat should i better do

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Many users I know did not finish subscription with them due to poor service and yes just like you they still receive bills. I know one neighbor who stopped paying and Smart just kept sending bill to him but he just kept ignoring. He did not get sued for that.

smartbrohater 6 years ago

thanks alot for the advise, a while ago smart call me again and ask me to pay my bill, and i tell to them my situition why dint use that connection,coz of the very poor connection they provide they said i must report that to there costumer service so many time so they can send contractor who can fix the problem,naku problemado na talaga ako panay ang tawag sakin ng smart para bayaran ung bill im afraid what if someday they file me a case or black listed me in the nbi

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Even if you have contract with them if they are not delivering the service properly, it is but fair not to pay them at all. In fact it is the customer who should rather sue them.

ana 6 years ago

hi anyone can help me grabe apektado talaga ako sa smartbro ko kasi last aug.nagpakabit ako ng smartbro then last nov lumipat kami ng house nagbayad ako ng relocation fee at inilipat naman nila ang connection ko.ang bagal ng signal at wala akong natatanggap na bill kada buwan at after two months pinutulan nila ako. kahit wala naman silang binibigay na ive decided na di ko nalang bayaran since wala naman ako bill at alam naman nila ang adress ko. but now my letter ako from their lawyer kakasuhan daw nila ako. dahil di ako nag bayad at babayaran ko daw ung termination fee na ang laki laki..palagay nyo makakasuhan ba nila ako eh sila tong nagpabaya sa trabaho nila.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Sulatan mo din sila at sabihin mo lahat ang kapalpakan nila. Sabihin mo lahat ang dahilan bakit di ka nakabayad. Obviously it was their fault so why will be afraid. Labanan mo sila.

Drue 6 years ago

You are right! Sadly we renewed again for 2 years. Because we have no choice, but before that I've been trying to switch on Glode Broadband but they didn't had an 10 to 30 day Trial basis anymore, that's why. This 999 Broadband should be only 300 pesos a month because of its Dial-Up unlimited speed, you've read that? Its Dial-up unlimited speed. And yes its only midnight when it has good connection, that's totally unfair its almost you are not using it because you can't stay up late at midnight. Smatbro is one of the Philippines Worst Company, damn in other countries they're regular broadband is 3x faster.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author This is another article against Smart Bro. I think we should rally against Smart Bro Wireless Broadband. Calling all victims of Smart Bro.

English Rose 6 years ago

This is also the problem with a corporate account, these guys are a joke.We are supposed to have 2mbps but when we do a speed test it never reaches o.80kbps but when you call THE HOTLINE the agents are scripted as what to say.We ping the ip we ping the gateway and the problems are there, but Smart never accept any accountability.Check you cables "checked and replaced" check your computers "checked all OK" check you router "checked even replaced with a new one" check for obstructions from the antenna to the base station "checked and trees cut down" and so on, these people have no idea they come up with many excuses but never is the problem with any of their equipment.How much longer can this company get away with this, in any other country smart would be brought to justice and fined millions of $ for a very poor service. Complain to anyone and smart will pay them off to hide the complaints.It's time filipino's stood together and make the rich fat cats understand they can't treat customers like this..Look out for the smart bro facebook and log in and hopefully someone somewhere will start to take notice if we can get enough people complaining.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Well to me the best way is to boycott SmartBro.

gper 6 years ago

smartbro?just a hell!!

they are ningas kugon!!

at my first exp with smartbro,i really like the service(no problems)

but now after they upgraded it to 1mbps, im very disappointed with the services they give to me..!!

6am-9am 600+kbps( based) but 12pm onwards hell!! 60kbps,100kbps no touching of 200kbps...they are always telling me sorry sir for that..we will do an adjustment...but now?where is the adjustment?no changes made!!!still having the problem till for now while my mom is not yet departing,we are planning to switch to pldt bundle plans 1299 per month including the telephone...hope to have their good service..:)

alexis 6 years ago

hi! can somebody help me with my problem? my problem is

that my smartbro always says "no device" how can i solve this??

tweekya 6 years ago

Hey guys, i know how you feel, i'm having hard time too with my connection kasi it is as slow as a dial-up connection to think that what they offer is Smart Wimax. I've also gone to a lot of stages from calling every now and then with their hotlines, during the same procedure as they told you and wait for 24hours for any changes, i also requested for disconnected and they wont, they'll say that you have to pay the lock in perion. With regards to this, i went directly to NTC to look over my - our situation since we only want fair and quality service sa binabayad natin. Di naman tayo papadisconnect kung maganda yung connection right?

I have talk to the NTC and they told me that they will look into it. So i suggest, be also fair sa mga call center agents kasi taga sagot lang sila ng mga tawag at referral lang to technical support ang ginagawa nila.

Today i'm going to wireless center again to check kung they will still insist the unjust lock in period fee.

I'll update you with the NTC's reply. Bye!

tweekya 6 years ago

As i posted before, the NTC well responded to my request. I went to Smart Wireless Center and brought the wimax equipment with me, i listed and printed all the reports i've made in their smart hotlines and submitted to them (smart wireless), of couse i didn't told the customer service in smart that before i came there i already sent a letter to the ntc regarding my status. I was calm and explained to them the real problem, they took the equipment and check all the listed reports i submitted from their database and then they told me that they will inform me within the week if the disconnection will be approved from the main office of smart.

After two days i received a call from smart customer center and told me that they received a letter from NTC telling them to approve my disconnection request and i confirm to smart that yes i made a letter to the ntc regarding to my complain on their service. Smart customer service then told me that YES they will approved the disconnection immediately. After the call, about few seconds i received text messages from smart customer service - a confirmation that they finally approved the discnnection of my account plus i will have a rebate.

It was such a big relief! so guys, i guess before we throw ugly curses and explosive tantrums mas maganda kung tayo mismo gumawa rin ng tamang paraan. I suggest, na lista nyo lahat nun mga reports na ginawa nyong tawag with it report account number, print screen the speedtest na ginawa nyo as a proof that di talaga na-aabot ng smart ang pinangako nilang speed service. As much as possible kahit mahirap, still be nice to the customer care- tao din mga yan. If your request for disconnection is denied for 3rd time, then write to the NTC, submit the reports you've done and explain to them your smart heartaches.

It works for me... goodluck!

Chris 6 years ago

Hi guys. I'm a Bayantel subscriber. Let me tell you that I'm very happy with my Internet connection. AND, when I do have to call their customer support, I usually wait less than five minutes. This is so different from PLDT / Smart support which takes about an hour per call. You think being the biggest telecom company, they can hire more CSRs.

dismas 6 years ago

Moved here to lucena city several months ago and I've been using smart bro back in manila(w/c is not that good either)and i just read the reason for the slow connection is that broadbands share IP addresses(or wot i thought i read!?) And just found out that my IP add here in Lucena City,Quezon Prov. is in Cavite city(w/c is like several miles away! F'saterisk'CK! god help us!) can't switch to globe tatoo 'coz i don't have the money(just a student minus the 'ENT'! get it!?) been saving enough(and planned to sell my laptop! really!? for a dongle!? w/c is sooooo pointless! I KNOoooW! hehe!) and already tried tatoo on my laptop w/c is eF'fing A-HELL-LOT-FASTER-LIKE-OVER-A-HUNDRED-TIMES-AND-MORE than Smart bro(ken)! I just want to say to SMART BRO(BOoHoo) FEW MORE GEES AND ITS BUHBYE TO YOU SMART BROKEN AND HELLO TATTOO(FASTER INERNET here i come woohoo!)....

and to other smart bro(booHoo) users don't eF'fing waste your time BCOZ Smart Bro WONT BE FIXED ANYTIME SOON(OR EVER!) IT'LL LIVE UP TO IT'S NICKNAME SMART BROKEN, AND BROKEN IT SHALL FOREVER BE...




F'asterisk'CK YOU ?1515


Dr. Phil 6 years ago

dismas, you're F'asterisk'CKin' crazy ..

issay 6 years ago

...yeah smart-broken tlga..ka bagal at mawala2 un net connection..unlimited raw pero limited pla kc pag saturday and sunday wlang net connection d2...hay sana matapos na ang contract para palitan n2.....grrrrr

ashly 6 years ago

nakakainis talaga ang smart bro

Aya 6 years ago

Wow! What an inconvenience Smart Bro is! false advertising that it would be 1-2mbps?? umm, when did that happen? For always it was the other way around... -1 to -2mbps! Now that's a hell of a connection! Sue their faces!

Joseph 6 years ago

so why is this all talk? are there no lawyers to sue? we pay for a service and they do NOT provide it. why don't the ppl here force them to fix it. I wish a lawyer would contact me to sue them as a victim.

SMARTHATER 6 years ago


SmartbroStaffFucker 6 years ago

FUCK SMART BRO napakabagal tlga grabe lalo na pag bayaran na kadabuwan pag d na nag bayad papabagalin pa nila net nyo PUTANG INA NYO SMART BRO

James 6 years ago

Is it true? that smart bro will sue me if i don't pay the pre termination fee?

mrsnz 6 years ago

I have no problem in wireless connection when I was in Cubao QC however since I need to leave the country back then, I need to terminate my service in w/c I know I have signed only a 1 yr contract. As I got the 1st CSR over the phone (that's after waiting almost 2hrs sa phone.. so terrible service whew!! SMART tama na ang pagtitipid ng CSR at sobrang pagpapayaman!), he told me i just need to pay this last month Nov 2010 to end the contract. Then i went to cubao wireless center to pay and was surprisingly informed that their computer record was showing that i have 2 yrs contract. Ofcourse all they can say is sorry for the misinformation. Ive asked them to retrieve my hardcopy contract to prove that i signed only a yr subscription yet they said they couldn't find my papers! Hence to terminate the service is to pay the remaining days of 2 yr contract or pass the service to people who can pay it as they offered. Nawalan na ako ng gana sa SMART.. I stop being a good payer for I don't care anymore anyways im out of the country nah..all I can say please improve your..

-poor records system

-poor customer service

-poor connection sa ibang subscribers!! for people deserves to get what they pay for!

ana 6 years ago

I’ve been a subscriber for more than a year now, paying my bills monthly. But I have not been satisfied with their service.


There are no connections for certain days. Having inconsistent connections. Customer Support always says there is an antenna problem. Contractors will come to fix connection. Connection will be fine for certain period then go back to old ugly state. Support Group is not giving feedbacks also while I’m always waiting in wonder, customer service representatives keeps on saying to wait for support group feedbacks but no text or call received.

The several months of subscription with them is an ugly experience. These latest months were really terrible.

December 2010

Many times I’ve been disconnected and don’t have connections for consistent days. When contractors came, they’re asking for Php600 for the tube to be added. Contractor gave contact number whenever I decided to add the tube. I noticed that they didn’t use any tube yet for my broadband and I am aware that one customer is entitled to one free tube. I called technical support, indeed I am entitled to one free tube. They requested for new schedule for me. Yet, no contractors showing on the right schedules. The latter of the month period, I got no connections for more than a week. The good thing they gave me rebate but that is too small to what I have lost during those days that I don’t have connections.

January 2011

First week of the month, no connection. Last week of the month, no connection. I requested for relocation. Got relocation hassles. Upon applying, smart center representative said that the complete process will only take 3 days “Today or Tomorrow I will receive a schedule feedback.” First day, I got no feedback. Second day, I called, smart wireless center number, the number will first ring then give me busy notice. I called technical support, first reason. Waiting for Support Group feedback since there’s still unclosed technical issue (December issue when it’s end of January already). I called the next morning, second reason: call back again since no support group yet, call during office hours. I called again, third reason: go back to Smart Wireless Center and ask for schedule. Contractors reported that account relocation is activated when they did not relocate the broadband connection yet. No schedule stated yet. Go back to Smart Wireless Center. No connections for a week before I requested relocation, until now no connection and they have so many reasons. I’m on my way to smart wireless now. See the hassles.

Manny 6 years ago

Im Paying 1500PHP for this weroam. i never satisfied with the service. cant even load, it keeps the page loading, when you refresh, it takes again another 5 minutes to wait until the page hang. upon checking the transport rate from the weroam app it says 0.07kbps and the receive rate is sometimes 0.00kbps considering there were page that is still loading.

how come that the activity stops if the page is still not completely loaded.

that makes me HB all Times i'm browsing LOL!

Manny 6 years ago

Im Paying 1500PHP for this weroam. i never satisfied with the service. cant even load, it keeps the page loading, when you refresh, it takes again another 5 minutes to wait until the page hang. upon checking the transport rate from the weroam app it says 0.07kbps and the receive rate is sometimes 0.00kbps considering there were page that is still loading.

how come that the activity stops if the page is still not completely loaded.

that makes me HB all Times i'm browsing LOL!

Jouie 6 years ago

Ni Hndi nga ako makapaglaro ng Poker sa Smartbro E!

Disappointed 6 years ago

How bad is this stup*d Weroam? i cant even play youtube videos? when i click the video link it freeze there! my god! and look at the page, it has no indication of improvement even when you refresh and refresh! when you just leave it there and wait to buffer, not at all.. this is!! get looooooooost huh!!

Broadband Bangalore 6 years ago

We are facing the same issue with Reliance in India, Bangalore.

charol 6 years ago

i really hate this smartbro plan 990 if i knew it is worse than other network provider i should've settle with my plug-it wireless but none the less i wish they could updgrade the system coz its unuseful if they continue this kind of service..i'm honestly using smart since its started and this internet thing should've been given much priority since its now fast growing networking world today...

frost 6 years ago

..hey do i get sued or worst, imprisoned for not paying my bill because the last 2 months of the bill that was sent to us, that's when the time our computer is broken. Then i went to a smart wireless center, and they told me that i still have to pay that remaining balances, plus a termination fee. Then we just ignored that bec that time we really have no computer and that temporary termination fee,is really a burden. So,just the other day i receive a letter from their legal team asking me to pay 3k+(2 mos balance+ another fee). Does anyone here have the same experience? any advice? thanks

profile image

disappointed 6 years ago

will someone please answer my question...thx

galit!! 6 years ago

comment ko lang sa mga gusto magpakabit ng smart bro.. bukod sa paputol putol na connection, mabagal din madalas yang ang na experince ko at meron pang pinaka malala.. nung nawalang ako ng connection sabi nung mga pumuntang gagawa taasan daw yung antena dapat daw bumili kami ng tubo sa kanila, eh sa buong lugar namin samin na yung pinakamataas.. yung mga katabi namin almost 3rd floor lang ng bahay ok na. eh yung sakin 6 floor na kulang pa daw?!! nag offer pa pag sa smart ako bibili 700 daw pero pag sa kanila 500.. naghinala na ako na piniperahan kami baka hinde nmn need yung extension nasa 4th flor na ng bahay kulang pa din.. ginawako bumili ako ng sarili.. sabi kulang pa daw.. bumili ako ng mas mataas at malaki ayun sobra nmn daw!! ano ba talga!! tapos ok na may connection na.. kinabukasan nawala nanaman, tumawag ako ulet inaayos naman daw yung base station wait daw ako 24 hours.. take note January 21 pa ako walang connection anong petsa na ngayon feb 17.. more than 15 calls na nagawa ko.. paulit ulit ang sagot nakakapagod na.. tapos request ako ng disconnection sabi 2000 daw babayaran ko.. eh wala nga akong connection tapos magbabayad ako?? pag hinde ko binayaran tuloy tuloy pa daw.. tama ba yun?? badtrip dba.. ayun share lang.. naglabas lang ng sama ng loob!!

frost 6 years ago

@galit! tapos mo na ba ung lock-in period mo?

unsmart-it 6 years ago

lalong makulit sila ngayon.. tatawag sa phone mo pag may overdue ka na bill, then pag sagot mo machine kakausap sayo.. what on earth is that! para kang tanga na sasagot.. tapos pakikingan mo machine!

richard 5 years ago

I live in a dorm in De La Salle...When I first bought it, ok nmn sya kaso these past few months, wla na ang bagal na tlga....gamer ako so nakakabad3p tlga pag gnun kase kailangan ko pang pumunta ng mineski para maglaro kahit na may internet un lng :P

richard 5 years ago

I live in a dorm in De La Salle...When I first bought it, ok nmn sya kaso these past few months, wla na ang bagal na tlga....gamer ako so nakakabad3p tlga pag gnun kase kailangan ko pang pumunta ng mineski para maglaro kahit na may internet un lng :P

vodafone902t 5 years ago

hi to all. ask ko lang po meron na bang nakasuhan talaga galing sa SMARTBRO? kasi sabi ng lawfirm nila obligasyon ko raw na magbayad sa SMARTBRO, eh wla nmn magandang connection naibigay ng SMARTBRO dito sa area ko. tapos ang tinig pa ng taga lawfirm parang astig parang nangtakot ng tao. indi ko makasagot. wla nlng akong imik. wala tayong hustisya dito sa SMARTBRO!!! please reply naman jan kung sino may alam kung meron ba talagang nakakasuhan sa SMARTBRO. tanxss :)

dondon 5 years ago


anonimus 5 years ago

just use this DTI complaint form...i think this company should learn something from their consumer

qwerty 5 years ago

Is it true na pag hindi ko na settle yung account eh, magkaka problema ko sa NBI ko? nasira kc ang pc ko, so hindi ko na nabayaran yung bills ko. kahit na hindi ko nagagmit nagpapadala parin sila skin ng bills.. ang laki laki ng sinisgil nila skin. 2yrs ang contract ko.. 4months ko lng nagamit yun.. what to do? please help

tenshi_02 5 years ago

hi.. i did not pay my smartbro plug in kit for almost 6months already and they on calling and texting me that i should pay my bill.. and there's an atty. involve already.. is it possible that they will file a case in me? i don't want to waste my money paying it cause it's just a waste.. and bagal2x na kasi and i decided to switch in globelines//

angry 5 years ago


hardestadt 5 years ago

Having problems with my connection for 3 days already. At around 12MN, my internet connection goes down. It comes back at around 9AM in the morning.... No announcements or any "technical upgrades"/"technical problems" were made known to me. Tsk. Tsk. This is what we get for being good customers... Been thinking about changing providers....

goodcustomer 5 years ago

after experiencing the odd downtimes, now the connection altogether is frustratingly slow

smartbro.user 5 years ago

after not paying my account in smartbro for 3mos, the customer service was continuously reminding me of my bills..letters were also delivered. and just yesterday i was advised by their lawyer to settle my account to avoid further inconveniences..until just this morning he called and sent me a msg. para sa akin bat ako matatakot eh may depensa naman ako? lalo di ako nag iisa? dapat ireport to sa tv eh para lahat maalarma sa pinagagawa nila..dati na ako buwisit na buwisit sa kanila matapos kong nagbyad ng isang taon mahigit ay wala man lang sila naiibibigay na magandang serbisyo sa akin..tapos nong di na ako nagbayad nambubuwisit na naman sila..dati 1yr lg contract nila tas 2yrs na ngyn.. Nong una palang nagreklamo na ako sa kanila, di nila pinakinggan side ko..ngyn MANIGAS KAYO DI KO NA KAYA PINAGAGAWA NYO PANLOLOKO>TOTAL KAPALAN LG NAMAN TO>>MAS MATINDI AKO SA INYO>>BUWISIT!

smartbro.user 5 years ago

Try to sue me and I will sue you back smartbro.. BUWISIT!

Carolina  5 years ago

Smartbro wireless sucks! I reported to them my concern about the connection Sept. last year and I don’t have connection for the past 7 months and now they are giving me 24 hours to pay it! I don’t mind paying but for this garbage I feel really bad! They said I signed up for 24 months wow I have to pay P15,000 for this rubbish service!!! The line is always long to their service center!!!

smartbro.shit 5 years ago

ireport na 2 s BMPM o kay tulfo...hindi nman ntin napapakinabangan ung internet tas pagbabayarin pa tau...........

arnel2385 5 years ago



Bill of Rights

SEC. 20.

No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax.

Kahit ilan pang sulat ng pagbabanta galing sa ISP's natin, walang makukulong! maaari lng taung mblacklist sa CMAP or Credit Management Association of the Philippines!Ibig sabihin di na tayo pauutangin ng mga negosyong member ng CMAP.

smart defender 5 years ago

hi all .

check nyo sana muna ung location nyo at kung ano ang maaapekto nito sa inyo . dahil nag aask po ung facilitator kung sure ba kau sa location nyo at nandun po un sa contract and mga kasunduan

smart defender 5 years ago

gamit mo kau reflector ...

tsk3x !!

red 5 years ago

mahigit na 2 months na wala kaming connection beetween 7am to 9:30pm kumausap na ako ng supervisor nila kala ko mag kakaroon na pag asa na maayos pero nagkamali ako paasahin kang mag return call wlang naman tawag nadarating... inakyat ko na ang reklamo sa manager ang sabi ng agent wait lang daw nirereview nila ung history ng complaints ko after 1 hour nag pagaantay ibaba ko daw ang phone at tatawgan ako ng manager within 10min... dumaan na ang 30min walang tawag mula sa manager, then tumawag uli ako at I demand makausap ang manager at ang sabi ng agent di raw possible makusp ngaun kc nasa meeting si manager.... what kind of service ang aasahan mo sa smart kung mismong manager walang concern sa customer. napaka incompetent mula manager hanggan agent walang kang aasahan... manager na wlang isang salita. magresign na kayo kung ganyang ang serbisyo nyo...

smartbrosucks 5 years ago

sang ayun ako napaka walang kwenta ng sebisyo ng smart bro very poor services indeed on top of that laging delay magpadala ng billing statements!!

Smartbro Plugin user 5 years ago

Hello guys, bakit ganito ang service ng Smart Bro?

Well originally I had 4 choices to pick from - WiTribe 4G, Smart, Globe and Sun Cellular.

I didn't pick WiTribe because of lack of testimonials from my friends and other people, Smart is what they recommended to me next to Sun, Globe is what they really hate and Sun Cellular, they told me was the best USB connection - but I chose not to pick Sun Cellular since we all know that Smart's sister company PLDT bought Sun Cellular already which was sealed in a deal with JG's Digitel Co. Exactly two days ago I bought my Smart Bro Kit for P1245 - the kit says "Accessible" "Fast" "Reliable" but now I look really crazy because I only use my laptop near my window. Why? I live in a small townhouse and there is no signal except near the window or MALAPIT SA LABAS.

After reading your comments I might just as well quit using Smart Bro and look for better USB sticks.

Thank you.

kreeenzki 5 years ago

i had to have our smartbro cut kc it almost cost me my job.i was under the impression n more than 1mb yung internet plan ko, and when i visited their local office in batangas , they even brag n up to 2mb actually yung plan but sad to say, im not even reachin 320kb usually asa 220 or lower yung speed doing homebased job so i rly need a fast net.after a week, my boss demanded for me to change internet provider coz if not he will be forced to terminate me.i tried getting help from them, and what did i get? first i was hopeful coz the customer care in their office offered a tech visit. i was advsed n within 24-48hours, but after 3 days wala p rin, and kung d p ko tumawag s useless nlang hotline, d ko malaman n , they dnt even have a plan to do a tech visit kc wala nmn dw problema s signal nla , i have spoke to several of their reps, each of them told me what i already know, mam mabagal nga po ang net nyo.everytime tatawag ako il be ask to do the same thing and wwe were able to establish 2 facts, walang problem ang pc and mabagal tlg ang net.since we have already done the same thing everytime tatawag ako, and plus the fact n im losing money everyday n hnd ako nkkreport s work, i told them i rly need a technician and right now that's the only option il accept.i told them if they cant give me that, don't bother calling kc nkk fed up n tlg.they didn't gve me a callback so clearly, they rly don't care.simple lng nmn yung request and reasonable finally i gave up and opt for globe wimax.1mb lng yung plan ko but so far this is rly way better than smart.yung speed ko is within what im paying for.

rs 5 years ago

pwede ba tlga taung ipakulong ng smart bro? ive tried to cancel my contract with them pero patuloy pa rin ang text nila na they will take legal action. nakakainis na tlga. may nakulong na ba dahil dito??

Dennis 5 years ago

Kung pupunta po ba ako sa smartbro para magreklamo eh dun din sa lugar kung saan ako nag apply ng connection? which is SM.

honie 5 years ago

Wala lang yan sa prob ko sa smartbro... January and feb 2011 twice every week walang net.. from that time ok pa sa akin..pasensya lang muna kme coz atleast minsan me net pa nmn.... not until pagdating ng march the whole month of march wala kmeng net then pasensya muna kme then tumawag kme sa hotline number nila and sinabi nmin prob nmin about sa connection nmin. So sinabi nila na sorry and they will try to fix it. ok lang sa amin as long maayos nila.. sabi nila wala daw mkaka-ayos sa net nmin or walang makakapunta sa bahay nmin pra umayos daw kasi full daw ung schedule nila that week so sinabi nila wait daw kami for 1week pupunta daw sa bahay nmin ung mag-aayos ng signal.after 1 week ne anino ng mg-aayos walang dumating sa bahay.. we waited 1 1/2 week sa tawag nila or ano pa.. ni anino ng mag-aayos wala! after that weeks nasira ung motherboard ng computer nmin.that time i was thinking na ipaputol nlng ung net kasi anong gagawin nmin sa net kung wala nmn kmeng computer. last april 21 tumawag ang smart saying about our bills na babayaran na puputolan n daw kme so sinabe ko ung concerns ko about sa sitwasyon ko and i want my connection be cut off kasi nga after 1 month pa ma aayos ung computer nmin sayang nmn kung babayaran nmin and month na un.and i told them na wala kmeng net noong march kya i want muna e cut off ung connection. last last week panay tawag nila and text saying about my bill and etc. that time medyo nagalit na tlga ako kasi ngpapadaramdam na sila pag-di tayo ngbabayad,, pero nong nghintay kame sa serbisyo nila di sila dumating! na ung prob lang nmn ng connection nmin ay ayosin lang ung signal sa bobong nmin.. mahirap ba un gawin.. kung pwede lang sana akong nlng aakyan doon hay!! yoko nmn e risks ung buhay ko sa pag-akyan doon. hay... un! ngaun binayaran ko nlng un 2 months na bill.. hihintayin ko nlng matapos ung contract nmin sa kanila.. till now wala parin kmeng internet...

Nuna 5 years ago

hi all,

at first i was okay with smartbro. mabilis yung internet connection. madalas din may palpak sila like mali2 yung bills ko pero ok lang at naayos naman. basta ok connection ko ok sakin. but after ng 1 year contract ko, inalok nila sakin yung promo na bill rebate. 2 years contract uli kapag inavail ko. kinuha ko sya kase wala naman ako gano choice sa lugar namin. either globe wimax or smartbro. kinuha ko un promo dahil nga ok naman connection ko dati. (WALA AKONG HARDCOPY NA CONTRACT, i didn't sign anything. sa phone lang kami nagu-sap na kukuhain ko yun bill rebate promo. SAME PLAN, lower bill lang) ngayon, pagkastart nung bill rebate, bumagal din connection ko. as in un speedtest result ko: PING = 312ms DOWNLOAD=0.05mbps UPLOAD=0.16 mbps

i called them many times and sabi may problem sa base station. for many weeks ganun ng ganun. sa kakatawag ko din, at sa lahat ng tests na ginawa, malinaw na wala problem sa PC. All they could say was "ay oo nga po ang bagal" and iffoforwars sa support group, sa supervisor at kung kanino pa mas mataas na ipapasa. home based ang trabaho ko, wala ko magawa dahil sa bagal ng net ko. i am from batangas, stay at home mom and more than 1 hour ang byahe ko sa pinakamalapit na wireless center.

gusto ko sana icancel na yun subscrition but syempre pinipilit nila bayaran ko yung 2 years. what can i do? galit na talaga ako. :(

Nuna 5 years ago

hi all,

at first i was okay with smartbro. mabilis yung internet connection. madalas din may palpak sila like mali2 yung bills ko pero ok lang at naayos naman. basta ok connection ko ok sakin. but after ng 1 year contract ko, inalok nila sakin yung promo na bill rebate. 2 years contract uli kapag inavail ko. kinuha ko sya kase wala naman ako gano choice sa lugar namin. either globe wimax or smartbro. kinuha ko un promo dahil nga ok naman connection ko dati. (WALA AKONG HARDCOPY NA CONTRACT, i didn't sign anything. sa phone lang kami nagu-sap na kukuhain ko yun bill rebate promo. SAME PLAN, lower bill lang) ngayon, pagkastart nung bill rebate, bumagal din connection ko. as in un speedtest result ko: PING = 312ms DOWNLOAD=0.05mbps UPLOAD=0.16 mbps

i called them many times and sabi may problem sa base station. for many weeks ganun ng ganun. sa kakatawag ko din, at sa lahat ng tests na ginawa, malinaw na wala problem sa PC. All they could say was "ay oo nga po ang bagal" and iffoforwars sa support group, sa supervisor at kung kanino pa mas mataas na ipapasa. home based ang trabaho ko, wala ko magawa dahil sa bagal ng net ko. i am from batangas, stay at home mom and more than 1 hour ang byahe ko sa pinakamalapit na wireless center.

gusto ko sana icancel na yun subscrition but syempre pinipilit nila bayaran ko yung 2 years. what can i do? galit na talaga ako. :(

aly 5 years ago

disappointed na rin ako sa service ng smartbro. ok yung connection ko noon pero tila yata bumagal na ngayon. lumalakas lng ang connection tuwing midnight hanggang umaga. kailangan ko pa bang gumising ng madaling araw para mag OL?? sayang lng pera ko sa kakabayad wala namang napapala. Smart should take actions about these problems.

aly 5 years ago

What is this?!! even it's midnight, my connection is still slow? the problem's getting worse. KAINIS!!

dennis 5 years ago

kahit nga gabi 2am na paputol-putol parin ang net, lokohan nato

danmarc 5 years ago

im using smartbro dati for one year,,,after that i have no choice but to get another 2 years contract para tuloy tuloy mahirap kasi magpalit ng connection and mostly kulang time,,,na experience ko rin yung mga sometimes wala talaga or mahina connection..,3 months pa lang ako dito sa 2 years contract,,we decided na ipaputol yung smartbro kasi lilipat kami ng bahay and ayoko na rin ng services nila kasi im not satisfied,,tumawag ako sa kanila para ipaputol yung smartbro ko,,then sabi kelangan ko raw bayaran yung buong contract???anu sila sinuswerte?so pinabayaan ko na lang at lumipat kami ng bahay..then after 3 months sinisingil kami ng bills 3k,,bakit naman ako magbabayad e tumawag na nga ako sa kanila na papaputol ko kasi lilipat kami haus..,ngayun nagtex sila me kasama pang law firm daw i settle daw yung accounts,,15k yung god!why would i pay for something na di ko naman pinakinabangan at all!they will take legal action for this daw..asan ang justice dun,,nananakot pa sila!!!

mutant 5 years ago

putragisss! yang smartbro plug it na yan! mahina na nga yung connection at putol2x pa! eh pababayarin ka pa! peste na man to oh!

mutant 5 years ago

after a few minutes putol na namn ang connection tapoz advice ng kanilang techincal support irestart lng daw ang computer..tang ina nman o! evry few minutes na madisconnect restart ka ng restart ng computer..nasira na tuloy computer ko! ggrrrrrrrrrr! tapos pababyarin ka eh pagkabili ko nga ng kit nila ganon na ang nangyari, pagkatapos ng isang lingo di ko na ginamit yung kit nila..

danmarc 5 years ago

now that i know na di lang pala ako ang biktima ng pananakot ng smartbro na yan,,,theres no reason for me to be bothered..,if they sue me ill sue them back for causing my mom a panic paying them monthly they gave me poor connection..,now that i wanna get out of their services they'll sue me..,wheres the justice there?

beststar 5 years ago

I pay my monthly bills faithfully every month eventhough i'm not satisfied w/ the services given by smartbro. But same w/ u guys, i could no longer remain faithful w/ their unfaithfulness so i decide to stop paying. Did u get the point? Now i'm receiving.. . SHLD I CALL IT "THREATS?" from their lawyers. At first i was confused or maybe afraid but now that I know that i am not alone in this. MARAMI NA PALA TAYONG "VICTIMS" ni bro. . SO LET'S UNITE BY NOT PAYING SMARTBRO FOR UNRENDERED SERVICES. . RODEO!!!

newsmartbrosubscriber 5 years ago

Hi all!

I am just a new subscriber of smartbro for four months now. And really I am disappointed with the connection. For the first 1-2 months, the connection was fast and good. However, lately, nagslow na siya and lagi kaming walang net. Either morning lang kami may connection, or gabi lang. And madalas walang connection at all. If meron naman connection, sobrang unstable and sobrang bagal. Haven't called and filed a formal complaint with SmartBro. I was thinking to cut my subscription with them. Siguro if they want us to pay for their services, maybe they should first provide the services that they promised to provide. I don't think they will really sue us, kasi mas mahal pa ung ibabayad nila sa lawyer and other fees sa balances natin sa kanila. The costs would just outweigh the benefits.

Marco 5 years ago

mga taga globe mga to sigurado

julito andamon 5 years ago

hay naku! lahat ng sinabi nila totoo last feb,2011 kami nagpakabit ng smartbro 1st 1 month walang problem ung net namin malakas ciya kaya ng 15 units of pc after 1 month nagkaroon na ng problema mabagal na ung net namin hangang ngaun mabagal parin.....hay naku smartbro kilan kaya lalakas ung net nyo.....magawan nyo ba ng paraan para bumalik naman ang tiwala sa mga costumers nyo....

profile image

mia charlize 5 years ago

yeah i have the same problem. i got a 2-year lock-in period with smart, and today is my 1st-year anniversary with the smart fucking broadband. I still have 1 more year to go.

Customer agents are so useless. Why SBI hired them anyway? they cant even lift the fucking phone to answer it when i call! it takes forever! and the connection??? it's hell. So i decided to stopped paying bills (since february). I still receive monthly bills (which i regularly ignore) and just today i got another one that says "NOTICE OF DISCONNECTION" F.Y.

i have no plans of paying this crap anymore. SBI is a big fool, a cheater and a scammer.

give me a good service first before i pay these bills.

shim 5 years ago

Putang inang SMART BRO yan,whoooo,,, grabing palpak ang bagal na ng net nawawalan pako ng net.tumawag ako gamit ang service reference ng account ng mother ko hindi maka connect ang sabi ng operator have some technical enhancement kaya di ako maka contact ,ginamit ko account ko paramakausap sila,tapos nagpa speed test ang sabi nila ok naman daw bilis,tang ina may ok ba na pag nag open ka ng mozzila 10 sec,bago mag open,,chrome 7 to 10 ang 4 minutes na u tube 20 to 30 minutes bago matapos.

ito pa bumili ako ng wifi usb nakaconect ako sa kapit bahay ko using wifi,biruin u nagtest ako ng u tube, sakanila tapos na loading sakin wala pa 1/4.katwiran nila smart bro share it kasi gamit nila kaya daw nito mag accommodate ng hangang 5 pc oo cge pero gindi lang 5 yng nasa kanila 6pc plus yng akin,all in all is 7.samatalang yng net ko isa lang ako gumagamit pero usad pagong parin.tapos paulit ulit ako tumatawag almost 3 days na inaadjust na raw o kinakaibrate o iwan.mag4 days na hindi parin tapos mag adjust.

tang ina talaga walang kwenta papautol knalang to pati account ko kasi may wifi na ako nasagap i don't need this fucking smart bro.



marish 5 years ago

hoy pakitinan naman ng aming internet magaling lang kayong maningil pero bulok ang service ninyo sa may tapat lang kami ng sm malapit sa office ninyo..ialng beses na pumunta sa office ninyo ang anak ko sinabi pang nasasayang ang byad namin monthly di namin napapkinabangan kasi wala namang internet hoy gising pakibilisan naman ninyo ang service ninyo sayang ang ibinabayad namin...napakabulok ng service ninyo sabihin ninyo sa technician ninyo gumising at mag trabaho maraming pagod na ang mga anak ko sa ka pupunta sa office ninyo para igihin ninyo ang internet..

maria 5 years ago

ilang buwan na kong nagtitiis sa bagal ng net kong di mabagal walang net...pero regular naman ang singil ng bill ngayon 15 days na kong walang internet pagod na ang anak k osa ka tatawag par igihin ang net namin at pagod na siya sa kapupunta sa sm para mag report na wala kaming net bao ang computer namin para malaman ng anak ko kong sira ang computer dinala niya ito sa loob ng sm ang may sira ang connection sa net..laging ang sabi magpapadala ng technician magkakatapusan na naman pero wala paring nadating na technician bayaran na naman ng bill on time maningil pero bulok ang service nila...pakinggan naman ninyo kaming mga costumer para maibalik naman ang tiwala namoin sa inyo kasi napapagod na rin ako sa kahihintay kong kailan magkakaroon ng net ang anak k onandito pa naman ko sa ibang sa net ko lang makikita ang mga anak ko pero dahil sa bulok na service ninyo..isa ako sa nadidismaya sa bulok na service ninyo pakinggan naman ninyo kami...

Smart BRO[KEN] 5 years ago

I agree with this rant

Credilife 5 years ago

Get your printer asshole Smart bro.. I will not pay your bill, damned you. Sue me up, if you can find me.

aprilove28 5 years ago

same problem pla tau lahat i didn't pay my bills for 3 mos now i received a disconnection notice telling me to pay pre terminating contracts and my previous bills..i was told that if i never pays this i am liable for a lawsuit ano p bang pde nilang ikaso sau pag ganun?

diamond 5 years ago

i had ths 6mos contract with smartbro last year in tuguegarao. i have paid my monthly bill until the last month.after that i came to day i received a call saying i have to pay 3k plus balance. how could that be?when i ask the csr to explain,he barely says anything. and now i got a message from their collection office whatever saying i have to pay for it to avoid further legal actions. my problem is, i already threw my copy of the contract and my receipts of monthly bills. anyone could help me for ths?

angel anne profile image

angel anne 5 years ago from Pasig City

OMG! dapat pala i should read this blog before ako mag subscribe sa smart bro wimax na to! OMG talaga this is the first day na na install ang wimax na to.. fuck them up napakabagal talaga.. im leaving in Pasig City ah the fact the stable lahat ng network dito. pero putragis na yan ang hina ng signal grabe.. This is the worst thing ive ever made with regards to internet connection.. hindi kame makapagchat ng maayos ng asawa ko dahil s kapalpakan ng smartbroken na to! leche talaga!!!

Kurt Holloway 5 years ago

Thanks for your thoughts.

RIKI 5 years ago


JAck 5 years ago

what we should all do is to subscribe to globe tatoo and maybe smartbro will upgrade its equipment if not then were going globe tatoo! whoo (im a smartbro subscriber and it sucks)

hello 5 years ago

i don't think anyone should worry about the lawsuit. you all have your defenses with you - that you were having pretty slow connection. i for one know the reason why. and yeah the CSR agent is just abiding by what he was told to do so it can't be his fault. though i know a lot of the customers do take it out on them. will be writing more about this very soon. switch to a more stable network instead this time. God bless.

iAye 5 years ago

try start>run>ping www. -t

and see the smartbro ping!

2789 is my highest record LOL

fuck them up smartbro !


amabelle  5 years ago

s lahat ng nag babalak mag smart broadband magsasayang lan kyo ng pera. 1 mabagal ang serbsyo 2pwede k nila idemada pag d mo natapaos ung 1 year n contract nila 3 pag kailangan mo ng technician n aayos ng atena aabutin k ng lingo 4 s sobrang bagal maiinis k lang dahil syang lang ang ibabayad mo . pldt or sun is the gud choice s mga nagbabalak magiisip isip kyo

amabelle  5 years ago

s lahat ng nag babalak mag smart broadband magsasayang lan kyo ng pera. 1 mabagal ang serbsyo 2pwede k nila idemada pag d mo natapaos ung 1 year n contract nila 3 pag kailangan mo ng technician n aayos ng atena aabutin k ng lingo 4 s sobrang bagal maiinis k lang dahil syang lang ang ibabayad mo . pldt or sun is the gud choice s mga nagbabalak magiisip isip kyo

goose 5 years ago

Basta corrupt, mahirap !!!

rosine 5 years ago

tama !!! palage nlng wala connection ..d naq mkpag Online games palage nlng DC sayang lng binabayad ko !!!

rosine 5 years ago

sinu me idea qng panu maaus to?? sa cannopy settings ba ang babaguhin??

landshark 5 years ago

Same here! i live @ san pedro laguna in brgy. langgam. Man! i tried different broadband and sad to say its a huge disaster! PLDT, Smart, Globe. Wi tribe has set their telecom antenna and sun. I haven't tried it yet because i'm moving out and gonna live in Paranaque City. So i hope these 3 major telecoms can come up with something to boost their "broadbandest" network here in san pedro laguna.

kevinsnife 5 years ago

shit tlaga ang smartbroken...they do nothing but a big problem...slowest connection ever...better to terminate the connection!than to carry these all disgusting!..

insaneking 5 years ago

Kahit ako d2 sa gensan.. mga pre grabeng hina ng smartbro ko dito.. FUCK!!! ang pangt ng service nila! pati hotline nila d pa mtwgan.. bgal2x pa ng connction!! makonsnsya sana sila!!! kadiri n smartbro to!

insaneking 5 years ago

Kahit ako d2 sa gensan.. mga pre grabeng hina ng smartbro ko dito.. FUCK!!! ang pangt ng service nila! pati hotline nila d pa mtwgan.. bgal2x pa ng connction!! makonsnsya sana sila!!! kadiri n smartbro to!

Amino 5 years ago

broken po ang smart for short :>

puto 5 years ago

nakakabwisit talaga yang smart, kakabili ko lang ng smartbro Php 1,245 kasi kala ko bibilis yung koneksyon ko dahil katabi lang ng bahay namin yung cell site dito (Bo. roxas) pero ang bagal pa rin. hindi makadownload dahil sa sobrang taas ping (low quality connection dahil andming ngsshared). dapat qualified opinion sa audited fs ninyo you should not be doing business anymore!!!

puto 5 years ago

Marco 3 months ago

mga taga globe mga to sigurado >>> fuck you marco, we're not here for the sake of trashtalking. we're here because we want our payment be justified by (at least) acceptable service which they failed to provide!

belldandy 5 years ago

ako rin isang buong lingo akong nabubuwisit, im using a wifi router kasi sira ang lan port ko, what smart did was, the enabled this security called smartbro portal, ni lolock ang service reference number mo for 3 restarts, parati nalang kelangan e register mo, parati din ako tumatawag sa agent, tapos mga useless pa. now, how am i going to use this internet kung nilolock nila ang router. magbabayad ako ng hindi ginagamit? almost 2 years of my subscription saka pa nila gagawin to??? plano ko po hindi na bayaran ang 3months remaining locked in period ko, kasi unfair naman ok yong connection pero di mo magamit dahil sa letseng portal na yan na nanglolock. makukulong pa ako pag di ko na bayaran yon?

lheng 5 years ago

hi good day! talagang magkakaroon ba ng record sa nbi clearance ang di pagbayad sa smartbro bills?

JT 5 years ago

Hi all!

I had smartbro for 2yrs and I renewed my contract for another 2yrs which is the biggest mistake ever because my sister needs it and they offered me a 100+php rebate on my monthly bill. Then 1day my cousin decided to subscribe to smartbro and the tech guy assured us that there will be no signal disruption on our part. Now, after 2days we totally lost our connection and my younger sister called them for a week and there were no actions regarding the complaints. Then I decided to call them and I requested for a tech dispatch. When tech guys went to our place the next day, they said that all they can do is to EXTEND the antenna and we have to PAY additional 600+php for it. My first reaction was "what the crap?!" we're the one who lost the service and now we have to pay an additional cost for it to be restored?!! Then i decided not to do so and just went to their smart wireless branch in megamall and file a verbal complaint. The cust. rep that i've talked to said that it may take 1-3months before I'll have the results if my request for account cancellation will be approved or not. I filed the verbal complaint i think last June 9 and it's now almost October and haven't heard from them. And yesterday i received a letter from LDRP ( a law firm) saying that if i will not pay the specific amount that smartbro indicates on the letter..smartbro will sue me in the makati city now they advised me to write a letter of complaint and submit it to one of smartbro's branch.I'm just totally mad of the situation!!!! they're all bunch of liars and they're all full of CRAP!!!

Smartbrouser3 5 years ago

I thought Smartbro does not have so many issues like these.My internet access was cut since last Fri. ( Sept. 23). I called up customer support many times ( 5 or more) but all I got Sat and Sun, that I had to wait 24hrs, blah...blah... Last Sunday , I went to Smart Wireless Outlet Office and complained nothing happened. I told them I wanted to cut my subcription but I was told I had to pay double for the unused months of the 2-year contract. This is how they make money plus the bad service.

marlo 5 years ago

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hindi lang pla ako. kainis talaga. khit ung contact No. ng smart wala din .nice service.

joan cabras 5 years ago

we all have the same problems with smart bro..

Smartbrouser4 5 years ago


merli 5 years ago

smartbro really sucks! i experienced the same thing guys. smartbro used to be ok but after i signed up for another two-year contract in exchange of a rebate, my internet became slow. I am having intermittent connection or no connection at all for almost a week now. I have called the hotline so many times already and those stupid agents kept telling me the same thing... the unplugging routines and all the crap that they know. one even told me to manually change the IP... i thought it worked ok already but after talking to the CSR, i lost internet. everytime i call, they tell me that they need to monitor my line for 24hours and i should not unplug the internet connection. nothing happened. i told them that their advice is not working and i asked for a tech visit, another CSR said that a report was already forwarded and the tech support will call me for schedule. i waited for another day but no one called. i called again to ask for the schedule of tech visit but the CSR said that there is problem with base station and they cannot schedule a tech visit. all the people are liars! most of the times i have to wait for more than 10minutes to get thru the hotline. we are just wasting our money with smartbro. i am currently in the process of collecting proofs that smartbro has a very poor service. when everything is ready, i will ask for the cancellation of my newly-signed contract. i read it somewhere that i can ask help from NTC... im really hoping that they can help me. SMARTBRO-KEN is a scam. They are fed on our hard-earned money.

Joseph 5 years ago

October 22nd, 2011 at 10:10 am 77

Let me tell my story here. I signed for wimax smart at SM baguio, cs told me they will install and do speed test and if I’m not satisfied they will not resume the installation. So the next day techs came and installed. Speed test failed bec. it’s too slow then they said it’s ok and they left. The next day I went back to sm to complain all they can offer is resolution but not to cancel. They next few days cs has been calling me but no solution is evident. I kept yelling at every cs that calls me for their stupid service. I get an average of 30-50 KBPS everyday here in Baguio. I plan not to pay them on next bill, they can sue until they fucking die. To all Baguio users, DO NOT AVAIL OF WIMAX FROM SMART!! YOU WILL GET 30-50 KBPS EVERYDAY!!!! If you are content with that spped ok go ahead and sign for 2 years of slow speed internet while they promise you 1 MB. For those who are planning to cancel, JUST STOP PAYING THEM AND LET THEM HAVE THE HEADACHE OF ASKING YOUR PAYMENT!!! DON’T BE AFRAID OF BEING SUED THEY DO NOT HAVE A GOOD STAND IN COURT IF IT WILL EVER GET THERE ( I COMPLETELY DOUBT THAT) WALA PANG NAKULONG NG DAHIL SA DI NAGBAYAD NG BILL DAHIL SA PANGIT NA SERBISYO!!! PAG KONORTE KAYO WAG KAYONG MAGDALA NG LAWYER NIYO, MEDIA AND IDALA NIYO PARA MALAMAN NG MADLA ANG PANDARAYA NG SMART!!!!

Joseph 5 years ago

October 22nd, 2011 at 10:10 am 77

Let me tell my story here. I signed for wimax smart at SM baguio, cs told me they will install and do speed test and if I’m not satisfied they will not resume the installation. So the next day techs came and installed. Speed test failed bec. it’s too slow then they said it’s ok and they left. The next day I went back to sm to complain all they can offer is resolution but not to cancel. They next few days cs has been calling me but no solution is evident. I kept yelling at every cs that calls me for their stupid service. I get an average of 30-50 KBPS everyday here in Baguio. I plan not to pay them on next bill, they can sue until they fucking die. To all Baguio users, DO NOT AVAIL OF WIMAX FROM SMART!! YOU WILL GET 30-50 KBPS EVERYDAY!!!! If you are content with that spped ok go ahead and sign for 2 years of slow speed internet while they promise you 1 MB. For those who are planning to cancel, JUST STOP PAYING THEM AND LET THEM HAVE THE HEADACHE OF ASKING YOUR PAYMENT!!! DON’T BE AFRAID OF BEING SUED THEY DO NOT HAVE A GOOD STAND IN COURT IF IT WILL EVER GET THERE ( I COMPLETELY DOUBT THAT) WALA PANG NAKULONG NG DAHIL SA DI NAGBAYAD NG BILL DAHIL SA PANGIT NA SERBISYO!!! PAG KONORTE KAYO WAG KAYONG MAGDALA NG LAWYER NIYO, MEDIA AND IDALA NIYO PARA MALAMAN NG MADLA ANG PANDARAYA NG SMART!!!!

kuls 5 years ago

i have this problem regarding of getting out from this contract because they already disconnet my net... now, they want me to pay the remaining balance of 3k plus interenst of 200 and pre-termination fee of 12k, all in all 17k... if not, they'll proceed to the court to take legal action.... makukulong ba ako because of this?

bg 5 years ago

bakit ka lag ng smart bro na ubusan na ako ng customer dahil low connection ..andito me sa cebu..potang smart bro wimax at antena cant handle 6 or 9 pc shit

eve 5 years ago

ang bagal na talaga ng smartbro very poor connection and pati service tinatawagan nako ng csr para magbayad ng bill ko eh wala nman akong narereceive na bill kahit isa!! panu ako magababyad kung wala nman bill dba?? ang tanga talaga nila. sabi pa gamitin ko old bills ko as if naman tinatago ko every bill. ang galing galing maningil hinde nalang muna ayusin service nila bago maningil.. tinatapos ko lang nman contract ko then lipat naku... kasawa na magreklamo sa support paulit ulit..

sweety 5 years ago

ako i start using smart bro for a year,loading lang, kasi laptop gamit ko, usb din ung smart bro ko, then nung february nag contract me ng 6 months, i pay good everymonth in not good services,even my yahoo didn't work. then i decide not pay them last august until now, yesterday i receive a letter from a lawfirm in makati, they said they sue me for not paying,, to hell with them, they want me to pay 3k,, kinakabahan ako, makukulong ba ako or kakasuhan ba talaga nila ako?? bka hnd ako makaalis ng pinas baka block nila ako,,, please.. help.. maynakulong na ba??

lee th 5 years ago

i currently use smartbro USB modem and have been for about 10 months i now use sun mobile broadband at night times for downloading..

above i said u used smartbro for 10 months the first 2 months i was getting speeds that i was happy with for a usb mobile broadband but after that 2 months the speeds is a total waste of time i also had connection problems also load being stolen.

to this day i still use my smartbro usb modem but i also use a sun broadband usb modem

with the sun bradband modem i can download high speeds between 1m to 6am and i am happy with that but during the day sun is no good for downloading it has a rough download speed of between 10 to 20kb/s and mostly hangs at around 10kb/s so i use smartbro to give me tht little extra speed...

so i have sent an email to smart asking them why they can't give me the speeds i paid for they sent me a reply saying check my settings and that my modem is near a windoow

my reply was don't give me bullshit and then i explain i am about a 2 minute walk to the nearest mobile phone mast and i always have a full signal.

the very same mast i connect to i checked it out see the systems inside that's beside the mast i was lucky one day passing the mast wile riding my motorbike the guys was installing generators i asked them if i could see inside

when looking at the hardware you can see the servers that transmit the data between the tower to the companies computers i see atleast 3 different service providers within the towers systems i see globes units i see smarts units and i see other units that handle the pldt mobile and suns mobile

do you know the only service provider that claims to be the best has the worst setup

i see smarts systems and they had control boards not fully connected and some ports missing its control boards the very same boards that helps to provide the data needed to handle the 3g service or the phone service in fact i have pictures i taken to prove that fact.

the pictures i taken of the systems and the pictures that shows smart is not doing its job smart refuse to accept them under my complaint and in fact tried to do me for tresspassing when in reality i had permission by the operator to show me around the towers systems.

but smart all together is a complete joke and i always laugh at the addverts saying they are the best wireless provider all i can do is piss my se;f laughing concidering i am using sun that's not been around as long as smart and sun is better...

so all power to the people i hope everyone who uses smart if its smartbro or smarts mobile phone service that they complain to smart and every place they possibly van complain to

bottom line SMART SUCKS


smartbrosucks! 5 years ago

huh!! same case as mine... telling me that will sue me for not paying... why should i pay them?..

in the first place the unit (plug-it) was with them..

why pay for the services im not using... kainis talaga!!!! tsk..

lee th 5 years ago

i have contacted smartbro a number of times via email and phone they always give me the same old crap we are sorry for any issues bla bla bla then they do a settings check while on the phone with them and yes you guessed it the settings are correct.

they also make sure i got nothing blocking the line of sight to the mobile phone mast i live a few minutes walk or a quick ride on the motorbike and in fact i can see the mast from my bedroom window and i have told them that.

the latest reply from my complaint is the same damn thing check settings don't they keep records of customer complaints anymore

i have also threatened to quit using the service and in so many words what they can do with the USB modem but they never respond with a comment about someone leaving the service as if they don't care.

i have just finished another reply to smartbro with 2 screen shots 1 screen shot is of the settings and second screen shot to show how pathetic the speed really is

i have also told them that they need to look at their own systems and maybe stop using speed throttling or speed capping because i believe that could be part of the problem is capping the speeds and they don't even release the caps at night times like sun do.

yes i am now using sun broadband at nights and wow the speeds are darn good

but correct me if i am wrong but is it true sun broadband has only been running for a year or 2 now and that sun don't have the amount of systems as smartbro so how the hell is sun running so much faster than a company that's been running for many years longer

angry mielle 5 years ago

december 01,2011

09:04 pm


guys who online there,,just asking..

putaness my dumating n notice from CMMS Account services inc..

grabe,,pag dko da nbayran ung prinsipal balance ko,aside from the pre-termination fee is kakasuhan nila ako ng ESTAFA..byaran ko n daw at mkipag scheadule daw ako for the full out of CPE..or antena,,etc..

grabe huh..?babayaran ko n sana ka lng ngayon lng ako nkapunta dito sa mga comment nyo at nagkaroon ako ng lakas ng loob n labanan sila..gosh!!an daming pagod ko sa pag punta sa wireless center at bibig ko npagao sa kakapaliwanag how bullshit their connection..then ito bayaran ko daw?ows!!kapal ng mga mukha nyo,,tapos pag nasa wireless center ako ang gaganda ng mga ngiti nyo at offer skin..asus!!

and can i published here a name of attorney,,just incase kung may kapareho sa mga letter n pinpadala sa inyo..


then hinalungkat ko ung mga email ads nila dito wala nman ako makita,,no result daw?kumustah nman un?

tas knina nung inabot ung letter ang mata nung nagdala parang an laki ng kasalan ko,,well di ako natatakot sa knila,,bkit?sila may kasalanan,,updated ako magbayad a week before the duedate tapos ung connection sarap tampalin..

kung dko lang naiisp n mababasag at masisira tong desktop ko matagal ko n tong inupakan sa inis ko sa network n yan..bwist..

kya ngayon nag sun broadband ako,,3mos lng ang contract at nasa sayo kung itutuloy mo or hnd..oh db?

kung magnda service magiging kontento tayo..

bullshit smart bro!!

sana may makasagot skin regarding sa name of attorney..

leeth 5 years ago

hi all

a little update from my past posting about smartbro

i have been in contact with smartbro a number of times they still never give me a strate answer to what the hell is wrong with its service but i am sure my emails have got to them as i have noticed since their last reply that my speed suddenly shot right up

about 1am or so my downloading speed shot up to and was hanging around speeds of 160kbps upto a wopping 200kbps that is the speeds showing in Utorrent i had forgotten what the total down speed that was showing in the smartbro software maybe i forgot was too excited of finaly downloading at a good speed for a change and surprise it was still downloading at a good enough rate when i woke up at 7am

but later in the morning the download speed had dropped to a max of 50kbps in utorrent but that's to be expected at this time of day i guess

so maybe the 20+ so email i sent to smartbro paid off but for how long i wonder

so i think its time for people who use smartbro to keep on at them like i did maybe it will only work for a day or 2 who knows but its worth a shot before telling smartbro where to stick their service

oh yeah lastly one thing i said to smartbro that maybe they are placing caps on how much bandwidth a customer can use or better known as throttling or shaping smartbro's reply to that was they don't do that at all but i am sure they are full of $hit because they will never admit to a customer they are killing a customers speed

anyway good luck to everyone who has internet problems and hope we can all get something done about this and make more people aware before signing up for a contract with any provider

i will be trying wi-tribe if its in Cebu yet and i will sure be more than happy to give a review on that if they can install it in my area

helloangel99 5 years ago


Arci 5 years ago

I'm experiencing the same issues with the internet connection. Wimax subscriber ako for almost 3 months pa lang. Di ko magamit internet pagkadating ko sa bahay, mga 6pm yun, hanggang makatulog na ako. Na-try ko maghintay 1am na mabagal pa rin. Ni hindi ako makapagspeedtest. Taas ng latency (ping). Nag-iipon ako ngayon ng speedtest screenshots para i-email sa NTC.

Arci 5 years ago

Btw i'm using my cellphone to surf right now. Di ko magamit wimax.

who u 5 years ago

who u December 15th, 2011 at 1:48 pm 71

gusto nyo ba ng libring internet! just replace your smartbro sim with smart buddy prepaid sim with 2pesos load, all you have to do is, download (ultrasurf 11.02) copy paste into desktop, (1).open smartbro with smartbuddy sim, wait until have signal (2) open ultra surf then then click option,click proxy seeting,click manual then type=(proxy host ) then (proxy port 8080 )then click ok and ok.wait until successfully connected to the server.( click control panel,click network and internet option,click connection,click lan setting,click auto detect setting then go/////in mozilla fire fox! click tools, then click option then click advance then click network then click settings the click (use system proxy setting then go ready for surfing with 2 pesos load with in 15 days or 3months…beleive it..

Bodie 5 years ago

Alam ko kahit may contrata ka basta di mo narereceive yung services pede mo pa terminate yung contract at pede mo pa sila idemanda for the loss ^_^

eureka 5 years ago

Calling Smart Bro higher officials, wala ba kayo magagawa sa mga kapalpakan ng mga tao nyo sa iba't ibang lugar? Dito sa pampanga palpak ang Smart Bro sa may Angeles... naglabas kayo ng promo na ang kasama eh hp printer at sim card, pinabalik-balik nila ang mga kumuha ng account para i follow-up kelan makuha ang nasabing promo, nakailang balik din ako pero walang nangyari... pina sign pa ako sa isang papel ng mga kukuha ng nasabing promo after three times akong bumalik within two months, tatawag na lang daw sila...pero hanggang ngayon 9 months na wala pa ang nasabing promo, nung minsan nagpunta ako uli ganun pa rin dialogue nila tatawag na lang daw... pinag-iisipan pa raw ng management kasi ng clark smart bro kung anong gagawin sa mga hindi nabigyan, at mula sa bibig ng tao nila, marami pa kami pala na di nakaka receive ng promo... puro lang pera ang habol nila sa tao... gumagawa pa sila ng pang come on na promo pero di naman nila gawin ang tamang serbisyo... sobrang yaman nyo na kaya pwede kapakanan naman ng customer nyo ayusin nyo? Wag yung puro kabig lang nalalaman nyo... may pagka bastos pa ang nasa reception ng smart bro angeles di man lang makipag-usap ng ayos sa mga nagpupuntang customer na tulad namin na para bang utang na loob pa namin ang pagtangkilik namin sa communication business nila na kami ang dapat maghintay o dapat pumunta ng maaga kung meron kaming ipa follow-up... aba eh meron din kaming mga ibang inaasikaso sa buhay namin at ang oras ay mahalaga tulad ng sabi ng ilan rito na may masama na ring karanasan sa kumpanya nyo... kaya CALLING DIN SA MGA IBANG COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY, MAGPALAKAS PA KAYO AT MAGPALAWAK NG COVERAGE NINYO PARA ANG MGA KATULAD NG SMART NA WALA NAMANG GINAGAWA PARA I IMPROVE ANG SERVICES NG KANILANG MGA TAO SA IBA'T IBANG LUGAR EH EVENTUALLY BUMAGSAK NA AT MAWALAN NA NG CUSTOMER...

Joey 5 years ago

We should file a class action lawsuit. Any lawyers around here?

oell2011 5 years ago

siguro kailangan ng ipamedia itong kalokohan ng smartbro....kailangan pa bang may isang senador na magreklamo dito bago maaksyunan ang ganitong problema.

VynzC 5 years ago

Parang wala nang consumer rights. Mas mainan na magsimula tayo sa pag-petition sa DTI & DOTC. Heto yung email ad:, sana ay mapagtulungan natin na ayusin ng gobyerno yung pagbibgay proteksiyon sa consumers. Kung meron pong lawyer dito, pahingi na po ng tulong sa paggawa ng petition.

yes1988 5 years ago

yeah! kung pwede ng ireport sa police, sa senate. at sa lahat na pwedeng makatulung saten pleASE LANG let me know! i am a professional customer na sana lang! humihingi man lang! ng mgndang services at explanation about sa gngwa nilang kapalpakan! sa sobrang dame ng customer nila! nde na cla nakakaprovide ng mgndang services sa bawat customer! grabe experienced q sa knila,, and now.. still facing the same problem with them! i hate it... grabeh tlga!!

Robert Lee-SYe 5 years ago


ROBERT Lee-SYe 5 years ago


biancao8 5 years ago

ei..gud day 2 ol,nkkainis i2ng smart wimax n 2,ngaplly aq nung jan.5,2012..jan.15 nkka xperience nq ng no internet connection and access until now,twag aq ng twag s hotline nla puro imonitor ung cnsb nla nkkainis n cla?

Robert Lee-Sye 5 years ago


18 January 2012

Robert Lee-Sye 5 years ago

i have also posted a complaint on TWITTER & i expect this Problem followed up,these people from "" SMARTBRO WIRELESS BROADBAND Plan 999 UNLIMITED "" cannot Charge these people for this service as long as it is delivered in this fashion..."" it is unreliable & constantly causing its members anxiety & pain & i am shocked @ the EXTRA COSTS these people are trying to charge the Members for FAULTY WORMANSHIP & CONTINUOUS MISTAKES MADE BY the INSTALLERS...NO NO NO IT is a CRIME

SMARTbro is really smart 5 years ago

i Agree !! this smartBro Suks a lot.. We PAY THEM RIGHT THEY SHOULD SERVE US RIGHT !

Joanna 5 years ago

Hi, this is such a good post nakakarelate ako sa mga nabiktima ng smartbro-ken! Salamat di ako nagiisa! Sana maaksyonan na ito parang nananadya pa lalo yang smartbro company na yan e! nakakagigil!!!

Kosin 5 years ago

I do agree with the topic. I'm a Thailander who're now spending my life here in The Philippines. I'd always thought that my is not better than The Philippines. Right now my idea has changed.

I'm a Smart simcard subscriber and Smartbroken also after I felt disgusted with the Wi-tribe. In my opinion, the speed connection is enough acceptable for me because I just read and send e-mail (I do not expect much for this undeveloped country) I'm going to talk about my iphone4s first.

I'm using the iphone4s with the smart simcard which is I've BB package social month. After I changed to iphones4s I could not activate the internet connection after I loaded 1200 for unlimited internet package. So I called to CS over 60 times (Call logged displayed on my screen) I got reached 3 times. Each time I spent my time keep waiting for CS to attend around 50 minutes. Sound seems to be lucky that you can talk with CS, after 3 minute in the mid of our conversation. The line was suspended even there was full signal. All three reaches to CS were suspended after talking 3 - 5 minutes. Oh!! my God. I must call again again and again and never known what my concern is. Every time when the line were transferred, I had to tell my concern from the beginning again and again. There were no log or conversation among them. I don't know why they're so unprofessional.

Come back to my iphones4s. I made many calls to tell about my concern regarding to the internet connection 3G. because I've not been able to access to my iphones. I got the answer after trying to reach them. "Sir, as checked, you still have the BB social month package. Please wait until it expires so your connection will be resumed." Today is 21st that my BB package is expired. I cant contact them at all and my internet is still frozen. At the first time I thought that it is because my iphone for sure. I went to the Smart shop with the long line wait wait wait and wait until my time. The CS still could not fix me problem. I forgot to tell something. I thought that It is because of my device not sim card. Ohmygod. I'd just bought from Greenhils 44000 peso. After the CS at Smart shop told me it's either because of sim or my phone. I decided to go to the Globe shop located opposite. I bought a globe micro simcard. Godddd!!!!!!!!! It works with Globe simcard but not for Smart's. That's why I know the problem and I informed to Smart that I can use with Globe sim and again that's why the CS knew my problem. If I didn't switch to Globe Sim. How can I know that I've BB package and Smart could not deactivate for me. At the first, I thought that it's not related to the BB pack because I loaed 1200. It should be seperated. In my country, thailand. The customer service can do your favour in 2 minutes. It's so easy. Right now after my BB expired. I still cant reach the internet. I don't want to change my no. anymore. I've a lot of messages to send text to somebody because I loaded a lot due to many time I've to call my family in Thailand. Ok. I'll end my topic with this my iphones. I'm going to change my topic.

The next topic is calling to Thailand.

- If you're in Thailand. You can call from many country all around the world with very cheap rate. 5 baht (7.0 peso) but here in the Philippines, Calling internationally charges you a lot except America, Hongkong, Canada (The first world countries that Pinoys want to be refugees to work) I make a call from in Philippines to Thailand costs me 15 peso / minute. That's why I must load a lot in week or a month because I've some concern to my country such as; credit card loan, my car, my house.etc.

Again, calling from the Philippines, you speak 100% the other will understand only 20% why? It's because the signal is unstable even I'm outdoor. The signal is either suspended or missing. Sometime no signal from other side even you speak the one who is in the same country. It's real. I guarantee.

That's also why the Philippines is no.1 in texting. Pinoys are proud to be the no.1 million of texts a day in the world. They think they're better than their neighboring country but they don't know that their telecommunication is away almost 15 years in Thailand. We, my country and I believe many countries. They don't text like poor pinoys but call instead. This is the bad situation I face even now. You'll never see international call card, good service package. This country is monopolized by some people that why the service never get better. "You just use what I provide, enough and shut-up" in my country all mobile operators need more customer and royalty to their customers that why they always provide the best service to customer.

Come back to my Iphone again. I'd 50000 peso on the day to get one iphones4s. I want white color but the staff who in charge for Iphones denied me to buy one because I don't have a credit card. If I don't have one. I could only get black instead. It's so funny. I give you money not beg from you. Poor Philippines.

Come back for internet. In my country, 1000 baht (1500 peso) you will get 10 mbps but here 1000 peso (700 Baht) you got 1 - 2 mbps and claw never get reach the near. Only 0.1 0.5. I'll tell you something. I'm working with the international organization in the Philippines but internet at my workplace is slower than at my house in Thailand. This is just example your telecommunication in the Philippines.

Don't want to say anymore. I'll never expect much for the internet or call. Just text. That's it.

annachx 5 years ago

Agree. I think you are right. They wouldn't stop sending us any notification about our unpaid bill, or something, but when we are calling them for a simple malfunction, we have to wait for 15 minutes to forever before their CSR would respond.

I do think they should know everything about these.

smartbrosucks 5 years ago

I also had a very terrible experience with smartbro! I bought the power plug-it, thinking that it would be better than globe tattoo since it promises 5mbps internet connection speed! But I was just disappointed. I was never able to use it.. I just wasted my money on buying it. To those who plan to buy smartbro kits, better try other broadbands. It was really disappointing. I think they really have a very bad signal at Laguna.. It takes almost 15minutes for me to load a webpage. sucks!

potasismart 5 years ago

wag na wag kaung kumuha ng smart broadband!! it sucks!! lalo na ung wireless broadband nila pota ang bagal kht full signal HSDPA ap they give me 10-50kbps!! ung mga makukulit na lawfirm na todo txt at tawag hoy! manigas kau hnding hindi ko kau babayaran!!!

S-Mart Bro....KEN 5 years ago

Yes we need to Boycott this fu*k notorious scam bag Smart Broken, Not only in Laguna! even in Cavite it's getting worst! Believe me I've been a Smart bro subscriber since 2007 and last year I began experiencing series of nightmares. They are good in telling lies & alibis, on many occasion, I lose internet connection for 3 - 5 days, sometimes a week, If I complaint to their office at SM, They just keep promising that they will report immediately to technical dept,they would even asked my contact number and advise me to wait for their call but as soon as I get home!...I'll check the internet and waaalllaaahh!! it's there! we have a connection already! I even complaint the number of days I wasn't able to use the internet, yes Sir we will adjust your bill accordingly, and what bill do I get the following month? The same charge of course!!! I use it or not! I'll get the same charged! This really PISS me off!!!! because this happened not only twice...many times!!! You FU*k Notorious scam bags...Anyway I have already contacted Globe Lines and by Monday I'll be having my new ISP....and I'n not paying my outstanding bill with Smart Broken! It's Pay-back time! hehehe Pinahirapan nila ako noon!!! Sila nman ngayon ang mahihirapan maningil!!! Wag kayo matakot sa mga law firm na yan! mga corrupt din ang mga yan!!! hehehee!!

christel 5 years ago

i had a bad experience too on SmartBRO.. last October 11, 2009 i applied for their Share It router.. then nabigay naman sa akin on the following day ung kit but to my surprise, ayaw gumana.. so bumalik ako sa smart wireless center nila kinabukasan.. then they just keep on saying na "aayusin po namin maam don't worry."

araw-araw kong pinupuntahan yon at yon at yon lang ang sinasabi sa akin.. then finally, sa sobrang asar na asar na ako, nasigawan ko yung agent dahil sa sobrang bagal ng services nila. kung hindi ko pa sinabi na "pag hindi pa umayos ito, i'll apply for termination of subscription na since never ko pa naman nagamit." imagine??? nagawa nila yung router nung february 2, 2010 lang? ilang months ako pabalik balik sa kanila damn!

and now, malapit na matapos yung lock in period, naghahanap ako ng magandang ipapalit sa smartbro. and i have no intention to continue their bulok na service.. :D

Rocel 5 years ago

Ask q lang meron b talagang case n napupursue ang smart broadband, kasi I also receive messages from the atty's office samantalang 2010 q p pinacut ung service q kasi nga aalis aq ng bansa.

Battlefield 3 Fanboy 5 years ago

Down with SMART BROken! Since July 2011 I can't play PC games or do simple web browsing in peace. I love playing online games after school, but since this shit started lagi na lang ako nakikick from servers because of high ping! Minsan na nga lang makapasok sa server tapos puro HANG at LAG pa, hindi tumatama yung mga bala ko! asar!!! It's either sobrang bagal ng connection (far worse than dial-up) or simply "down" lang tlga! Kbwiset! I'm paying P999 not for a ping of 999!

sweety 5 years ago

regarding sa smartbroke,, tawag pa rin ng tawag yung attry. paa daw bayaran ko yung 3 months na hnd ko nman ginamit na.... kung sino sa inyo dto na naksuhan na ng smartbroken.. pls.. let me know.. ayoko po makulong.. :(

ngen 5 years ago


ayoko 5 years ago

magaling lang sila sa singilan pero ang serbisyo naman nila palpak. don't worry nanakot lang yan sila.....

Lolo Klaus 5 years ago

Of course you can pre-terminate the contract. I did so with Globe Broadband. But it's better to take a lawyer. In my case a letter of termination written by the lawyer was enough. I paid 200 PHP for the lawyer. I didn't ask a compensation. Now we are with Smart and after a nice beginning, it's just the same s... The promised up to 2 mb and deliver sometimes only 0,0something. This is not low it's an insult against the customer. I will use my lawyer to get a compensation for all the past months.

Arhem 5 years ago

Hi Guys,

Medyo nabawasan ang nararamdaman kong kaba dahil sa mga nabasa ko dito. Im afraid na makakasuhan ako ng smartbro for not paying my bill. I also received a letter from attorney ETC. sinasabing gagawa sila ng appropriate action kung di ko masesettle ang utang ko sa kanila within the days nabinigay nilang palugit. pls help me. im not also satisfied with the connection. kaya di na ko nagbayan. Meron bang chance talaga na titigil sila sa pangungulit? Talaga bang madedemanda ako?

thanks in advance...

makiemba 5 years ago

isa ako sa biktima ng SmartBro...Im from Lipa City, Batangas...Tama ba naman na palitan ang ISP ng SmartBro ko sa Mindanao, Davao City?...isipin nyo nga ang layo nun sa Luzon, Lipa City, Philippines...Result: ping=432ms Down=.20Mbps Up=.10Mbps...dati kasi Pasay City ISP ko na 97 km away from Lipa City na ang speed pa dati ng SmartBro internet ko ay umaabot ng Down=2.7Mbps Up=.35Mbps tapos bigla hihina at magddown ang connection...SMARTBRO! AYUSIN NYO SERBISYO NYO PARA MAAYOS DIN KAMING MGA SUBSCRIBER MAGBAYAD!

makiemba 5 years ago

recommend na lang na gumamit ng DSL Internet Connection Lines

raynette 5 years ago

yeah,since there is no pldt yet here in our province,im using smart bro too,one time i even hit my monitor with my keyboard because of my connection,it start's to slow us down on 3pm to 9pm,and i cant even get close to the 400kbps, on the plan said up to 512kbps,LOL,

Jake Nave 5 years ago

tomo!!! that atty stuff sucks. i hate how t pisses my mom. nahahighblood na parents ko dahil sa kanila.

at least alam ko na san kukuha ng witness hehehe :D

profile image

Mavis08 5 years ago

I've been experiencing the same problem since the day they installed it. When I called the customer service they told me that the reason why I'm having problem was because I have a lot of cookies. My husband was really steaming because he said the connection got nothing to do with the cookies but the customer insisted. So, I endure this problem til now. It's already 4 months had passed and the connection is really getting bad. I can't work well. I'm trying to call *888 but I ended up hanging up because it's really hard to connect to their CSR. So I went to the business office and told them the problem and they only answered me "SORRY, we'll fix it." But what I want is to disconnect my connection permanently. And they said " You have to pay the remaining months". Goodness, that will cost me a lot. It's a 2 years contract so it means I have to pay P17,000. Oh my... Where will I get such amount of money. They are so stupid. They are pain in the ass.

Mang Danny 5 years ago

Putangina lang ang Smartbro. Walang kwentang internet. Mga basag ang ulo.

mang jose 5 years ago

e putang ina ang bagal nga ng connection eh.. taas pa ng PING di ka makapag game ng ayos

mang kandong 5 years ago

tanong lang tapos na contract ko sa smart bro (2 fucking years). wala pang tumatawag o nagpupunta para baklasin yung antenna nila. is there a possibility of a contract extension without me knowing it?

animas 5 years ago

my geeed.... i was so fool to buy this kit.... even comics in mangga, it didn't load even a bit... what a hell is this....

i should surf about the smart bro before i use this... my geed.... after a week i experience all you've sad guys.... this is bullshit.... i should buy globe tatoo than this...

Mics 5 years ago

Tama lahat sinabi nyo BIG DISAPPOINTMENT TLAGA ANG SMART BRO slow ever. Were just paying for nothing...

Mae 5 years ago

I also received letter from ATTY. EDUARDO DELA CRUZ. And natakot Talaga ako, kaya nag search ako, and just got here.

We've been faithfull subscriber of smart bro. We experience slow Internet connection but pinapabayaan na Lang namin, we're busy persons din kasi , we pay them every month even though we're not receiving our monthly bill ( from dec 2009- oct 2011) . November 2011 we decided to terminate since we're planning to moved. Ang sister ko ang nagpunta sa sm to disconnect at ang sbi ng agent I have until August 2012 contract that after 1 year lock in period , nag extent dawsa 2 years. And if gusto daw namin pa disconnect we need to pay until aug 2012 . Ang Kinagulat ko,how come I have a 2 years contract ,for the first placed di ako nagpunta o napunta sa smart for the last two years ( I'm paying our bills thru bdo) except kumiss ako ng claiming stub for my freebies na esprit watch,, so walaakong pinipirmahang contract.

Nagpunta ako para makpagusap ng Maayus sa agent nila, Sinabi ko na how come I have a contract, yun pla after 1 year lock in, nag bigay sila ng FREEBIES ESPRIT WATCH worth 3000php. And that would serve as the 2 years extending contract. Biruin nyo kelan pa nagging contrata ang watch. And they don't explain that to us. Sabi namin babalik namin ang esprit ka hit bayadan pa namin, just I terminate na ang smart bro namin. Ayaw naman pumayag, mas mainit pa ang ulo ng agent kesasa akin proven labas na litid kaka explain. Hehe.

Btw, I'm asking makausap ko ang manager nila, but they told me wala daw,so sa outbound supervisor ako pinakiusap, pinag aantay ako ng 3 hours sa center, di Ako pumayag so sa bahay na namin nagpunta ang supervisor na itatago ko sa name na ERIC HIPOLITo, nagkausap Kami ng almost 2 hrs, na halos wala din kwenta! Kasi wala din Siya masagot na matino kasi sila naman ang Mali, I demand kasi na Ilabas ang pinirmahan kong contrata. So, natapos ang usapan na in inform namin Siya na di na namin gagamitin ang smart bro and magwawait na lang ka,ing I disconnect.

Then this February 2012 , I received text from 09165460447 saying I'm seriously over due , that they will take legal actions and so on from atty. dela Cruz.

Nakakatanggap din ako ng calls, masagot ko once but the next calls unintentionally di ko nasasagot.

Now,as in today feb 23 I received letter from ATTY. DELA CRUZ with signature, kaya na threatened ako, buti na Lang I'm not alone.

Im planning to ignore it, but if may kakortehan man, mag cocounter charge din ako , gumastos man ako ng malaki sa court I don't care as long as di ko sila babayadan.

I'm from LIPA :) blessed day everyone.

kyla 5 years ago

same problems encountered..internet suck so much that's why i don't wanna pay it no more..if they will be sueing me..i will also sue them..

Jass 5 years ago

Grabe tlga ang smart bro super!

GLOBE NA AQ 5 years ago

sir/mam isa rin po aq katulad sa inyo, ayaw ko bayaran kc sobrang nakakainis ang sytema ng Smart,, panu naman sa katulad kung hndi naman mayaman, babayaran ko ung remaining months, porket nasa kontrata hndi ka happy sa service nila, anung klaseng systema... eh kung palit kaya ng sitwasyon at sila nasa sitwasyon natin.. bugok mga taga smart..PAGHNDI BINAGO ANG SYTEMA NILA MARAMING MAWAWALA SA KANILANG CUSTOMER, PARA SA SMART MNGMT.. SANA MABASA NYO PO TOH.. HUWAG NYO PO PIGILAN PAGAYAW NA NG CUSTOMER NYO, ISA LNG IBIG SABIHIN PO NUN, HDNI HAPPY SA SERVICE NYO ANG CUSTOMER..

smartbrosucks 5 years ago

Dialing *1888 is the most painful experiences ever. Their customer support hotline has the longest winding options. It doesn't help that the automated voice messaging system tried unsuccessfully to be cheerful but just end up being the most annoying sound in the world. Needless, whoever trained those nincompoops answering the calls are clueless as well.

Budoy 5 years ago

May nkksuhan po b tlga sa hndi pgbyad ng unpaid bills ng smart bro? Last yr ng pakabit kme ng net na smart bro tpos nung sept na d na kme ng byad dhil nwalan aq ng trbho. Ngaungjanuary lng naputol ang net q.. Nkranas na dn aq ng pg twag at pg tx ng mga collection agency na nani2gil sa akin khit gus2hin q man byadan d q mgwa dhil jobless aq la arep pa dn.. And nung feb.24 my ngtx nnman skin saying na pg d ko dw nbyadan ang unpaid q w/in 24hrs.upon receipt ng tx nila ay mpplitan clang na ipunta na aq sa legal department ng summit office whis is sillano law firm,hay my nkkaranas na b sa nyo n2 guys?my nkkulong nb sa gni2?mggng blcklisted kb sa nbi at dfa?

Bka 2morrow mg tx nnman un kc ngaung feb nkka ilng tx na cla skin.. Nid q ng advise!:(

sna sa pmmraan n2 ay mbwasan ang kaba ko..

Oo nga pla nsa lock in period ako na mttapos sana sa 2013..

God bless 2 all

vhortex 5 years ago


learn to complain, tell them that you will only pay if they will deliver the promise speed.

1mbps of STABLE connection is enough para kasuhan ka ng lawyers nila. so better have a way to prove na talagang panget ang service nila (which is hindi naman mahirap mapatunayan). and be sure na me mga previous complains ka na. Those are enough grounds to file at DTI and NTC for counter complains.

The contract says that both party should agree to the terms including a part where smart have in the fine print that they can terminate your account for any valid reasons that their legal department thinks as a violation. but from that same clause, they also must deliver a stable or reliable connection 24/7 which is hindi nila magawa giving you the advantage.

Smart have a terrible record system and a terrible data plan measuring softwares. They wont admit any errors they have done. Heck they even tried to charge me P2,500 because they encoded a wrong installation address 6 years ago. (TAKE NOTE THAT IS 6YEARS AGO).

Jass 5 years ago


nu na po nanyri sa cases nyo?

P2loy pa dn po b kau pinapdlhan ng letter?

Sa akin po kc gnito ang nanyri last yr ng pkabit po kme ng net and suddenly d na po nmen na tpos ang 2yrs.lock in period nmin. At knina po my letter na dmting from legal department na ng summit collections which is sillano law office na ngssbing byadan dw po nmen ang aming utang na 22k ksma na ang pre termination fee.. Nka signature po dun c atty.luis sillano.. Hay knkbhan ako!biruin nyo b nman pbyadan skin nung 22k kung utang ng 24hrs upon rceipt ng letter nila sus sn nman ako kukuha ng gnun klki 2k nga d q na kya byadan eh..

Tpos knina pa my ngtx skin about dun sa letter eh 24 pa ngawa ung letter knina q lng na receive la dw cla nttangap na sgot skin.. Hay d q na lm ggwin ko. Mbbliw na ata ako hehhe!

Totohanin b nila tlaga ung cnsv nila na criminal and civil liabilty skin?

Hope my mka2long skin at sa pmmraan e2 d aq mbliw hehehe!

Jass 5 years ago


nu na po nanyri sa cases nyo?

P2loy pa dn po b kau pinapdlhan ng letter?

Sa akin po kc gnito ang nanyri last yr ng pkabit po kme ng net and suddenly d na po nmen na tpos ang 2yrs.lock in period nmin. At knina po my letter na dmting from legal department na ng summit collections which is sillano law office na ngssbing byadan dw po nmen ang aming utang na 22k ksma na ang pre termination fee.. Nka signature po dun c atty.luis sillano.. Hay knkbhan ako!biruin nyo b nman pbyadan skin nung 22k kung utang ng 24hrs upon rceipt ng letter nila sus sn nman ako kukuha ng gnun klki 2k nga d q na kya byadan eh..

Tpos knina pa my ngtx skin about dun sa letter eh 24 pa ngawa ung letter knina q lng na receive la dw cla nttangap na sgot skin.. Hay d q na lm ggwin ko. Mbbliw na ata ako hehhe!

Totohanin b nila tlaga ung cnsv nila na criminal and civil liabilty skin?

Hope my mka2long skin at sa pmmraan e2 d aq mbliw hehehe!

GLOBE NA AQ 4 years ago







Jass 4 years ago

@globe na aq

gnun b? Khapon lng aq pndlhan ng letter glng nga sa sillano law firm..pnptwag aq pero dedma ko lng up to now d ako tmtwag sknila khit nga mga tx nila d ko nrreplyan pti twag.. Kmusta nman un db? Iniignore q na lng lhat kc sv dn skin wag q na lng dw pansinin dhil nnanakot lng dw cla at kung mddla ka sa sindak nila mppilitan ka mgbayad db?

Bka ung letter m pdting na blitaan m na lng aq kung manyri un?hehehe!

Smart broken tlga db?

At nka search na dn aq na wlang nkkulong sa utang kya mejo plgay na dn ang loob ko.. Nbbwasan ng kunting kaba.. Sna wg na cla mangulit noh! Kelan kb dapat mttpos ang lock in period m aq 2013 pa mg 1yr pa lng xa ngaun march..

GLOBE NA AQ 4 years ago


hmmm nung aug. 2011 lng din, hmm gud luck hehe.. may ibang paraan naman daw ung pumunta sa houz namin ung contractor nabanggit ko rin na gsto ko na rin sana ipaputol kaya lng may hinihingi ehh nataon wala akung pera, un sayang.. gagawan lng daw nila ng report..

geh ym? penge nga aq hehe balitaan na lng tau... hehe

nga pala ilang months ka ba hndi nagbayad?

Jam Rhy 4 years ago

belong ako sa inyo and i agree sa mga comment ninyo..I'm vey DISAPPOINTED on smart bro...i have 4 accounts the two accounts was under my name and the other two was under the name of my friend...for the the first two months that were using smart bro was so good but what the hell three months later the connection was to bad..we can even browse or open some work and business was shotdown..very annoying and stressful...wala na ngang income na pumapasok malaki pa binabayaran na bills..hay naku kahit na magalit ka sa costumer service nila nothing happen pa rin same lang ang mga sinasabi...hay naku SMART BRO --- ayusin nyu mga problem nyu sa system nyu...nagbabayad kami sa tamang araw at oras...we want a good service from you smart bro...pare pareho kau mga hinayupak kaung PLDT, DIGITEL at SMART...

Jam Rhy 4 years ago

hay naku ipapadisconect ko na rin tlaga mga 4 accounts ko...di ko na rin babayaran mga bills ko...taz isa pa nag palit ako address pero what the fuck sa old address pa rin pinapadala ung bills ko kaya yun tambak mga bills ko...what the hell...

jano 4 years ago

mag GLOBE nalang po kayo..Libre pa.

profile image

johnjano99 4 years ago

hindi na po ba babawiin ng taga smart yung mga equipment nila na inistall ? balak ko nang tanggalin sa bubong namin e..

sweety 4 years ago

hello,, 3months ago i receive a letter form lauron law firm,, tapos nakareceive n naman ako ngayon... please... can any one tell me kung ma kakaso ba talaga yung smart brooken,,, worried na kc ako,, 2995.35 peso yung pinababayaran saken kahit hnd ko naman nagamit yung connection...

mareeyaah 4 years ago

hayz nakakainis talaga ang smartbroken 999p recently lagi na lang silang my technical enhancement,lecheng technical enhancement yan di na, natapos tapos! what Im really mad about is bka mawalan ako ng trabaho, cause I work online, napaka unstable ng connection,on and off. Suki na ako ng mga CSR! and they kept telling that f***k spiel all over and over again! napakabulok ng technical support team nyo! sobrang madaya kayo! never akong nag delay ng payment for your good for nothing! service!

GLOBE NA AQ 4 years ago




Jass 4 years ago

@globe na aq

hi! Im bck nu nanyri sa cases m? Skin la na ngttx at la na 2mtwag.. Un pla ung sulat na nttangap q gling ky atty.luis sillano..

Sna nga 2luyan na clang 2mgil.. Hehehe! Mgkno b balances m skinla?


nu nka details dun sa letter m?

Akin kc my dmting dn na letter gling sa sillano which is cncingil aq ng 22k plus..w/signature pa dn un ng atty nila lst feb 29 lng un..


tinggal m nb ung canopy m sa roof nyo?

Thnx 2 ol!

GLOBE NA AQ 4 years ago

sa ngaun wala pa naman akung narereceive, hndi ba kinuha sau ung cannopy?

hmmm nga pala pagdinisconnect ka kinukuha pa ba talaga ung cannopy?

sweety 4 years ago

@ jass

twice na qng nakatanggap ng letter mula kay LAURON...

pinupunit q lang,, kc nman pinapabayad yung 3months na hnd q naman nagamit,, nung dati ang kulit.kulit nila.. txt ng txt,, tawag ng tawag,, ngayon nman letter nlang,, ayoko bayaran yun kahit may pera pa q,, kc parang nag tapon klang ng pera kahi hnd mo nman nagamit.. kakainis talaga,,pero as in natatakot ao sa sinasabi nila sa sulat,, kakasuhan daw ako,, kahit hnd ako sumipot sa korte kaya bayaran q daw,, kaso napaisip ako ehh.. yung tubig at kuryente ngang hnd nababayaran ng ilang months pinuputol lang nila pero hnd sila nagrereklamo at nagagalit. dba?? baket uung smart broken mag sasampa ng kaso,,??

profile image

johnjano99 4 years ago


.di ko pa tinatanggal.pero binabalak na.hhehe. balak ko kasing i network yung kapitbahay ko through cable ng smart broken,ang haba e,,sayang naman.ang iniisip ko naman,baka biglang kunin ng taga smart e baka pagbayarin pa ko,,kaya ok lang kaya yun? saka sabi ng prof ko pwede rin daw sa antena ng tv yung canopy..mas malakas ang signal kaya gusto ko din i try..

tnx tnxz..

Jass 4 years ago


mgkno unpaid bills m sa knila? Nka lock in period ka ba sa knila? Tama ka jn!

Wag m na lng byadan yng smart bro na yn aq d q na tlga yn bbyadan coz la nman tlga aq pam byad khit bliktarin pa nila aq!

@globe na aq

d q alam eh kc 6mos aq d ngbyad sknila d nman nila kinuha ung canopy q.. Take note inalis q na ung canopy q sa roof nman lhat ng kinabit nila tinggal q na hahhaa!

Gudluck na lng stin lhat!

profile image

johnjano99 4 years ago

ahahaha...sige tanggalin ko narin tong sakin..hahaha

bahala na sila.

Jass 4 years ago

Omg! My ngtx nnman skin ngaun hapon at 2mwag askingfor my bills kelangan q na dw byadan with in 24hrs,gnun nman lgi 24hrs buhay nnman ang mga ca my commission kc cla pagnka cngil cla stin,tma ba aq?

Hay la tlga aq pambayad sknila nu b mgndang irason sknila? Gus2 q na nga svhin dead na aq eh hahaha!


hahaha! Tanggalin m na dn yng canopy m pra d aq ngiisa hahaha! My ngsv na nga dn skin na mganda dw yng mging antenna ng cable kso d q na ntry tkot aq eh.. Hay gudluck na mlking check! Hahaha! Blitaan na lng tau guys and gels!

Jass 4 years ago

Omg! My ngtx nnman skin ngaun hapon at 2mwag askingfor my bills kelangan q na dw byadan with in 24hrs,gnun nman lgi 24hrs buhay nnman ang mga ca my commission kc cla pagnka cngil cla stin,tma ba aq?

Hay la tlga aq pambayad sknila nu b mgndang irason sknila? Gus2 q na nga svhin dead na aq eh hahaha!


hahaha! Tanggalin m na dn yng canopy m pra d aq ngiisa hahaha! My ngsv na nga dn skin na mganda dw yng mging antenna ng cable kso d q na ntry tkot aq eh.. Hay gudluck na mlking check! Hahaha! Blitaan na lng tau guys and gels!

GLOBE NA AQ 4 years ago

thanks po jass.. don't worry kung kakasuhan tau kita kita na lng tau sa kulungan.. hahaha jowk

tama kung meralco at tubig hndi nga sila nagsasampa ng kaso ang ginagawa lng nila pinuputol lng ung connection, na pangunahing kelangan ng physical.. samantalang ang smartbro magkakaso samantalang connection naman nila ang may problem, good payer ako kaya lng nung tym na pumangit na net ko halos 3weeks hndi ko na talaga ginamit, at hndi ko na talaga babayaran, ayaw nila idisconnect ng maayus, gsto ipabayad ung remaining months, nawa yumaman pa lalo si sir manny panguilinan good luck... mabait sana sa programang tv5 kc maraming natutulungang tao,

sana mabasa ng MNGMNT ng smartbro baguhin ang systema, magkaroon kau ng tinatawag na Customer Service, respeto na lng paggusto ipaputol payagan nyo pabayarin lng ng tama ang consumer nyo.. wag naman ung sobra sobra, kc kami hndi naman pantay pantay ang antas, isa lng din aq sa isang kahig isang tuka.. sapat lng sa pangaraw araw ang sweldo..

hope mabago din ang systema palitan na ung nakaisip ng ipayad ang remaining months sa consumer na hndi naman nagamit, kaya nga ipapaputol kc hndi happy sa servcice or pede rin na hndi na kaya ng bulsa magbayad sa hndi magandang service ng smartbro, or kahit anu man ang dahilan eh sana baguhin.. unang una hndi naman inexplain ng maayus nung nagpakabit bsta nagpapirma lng yun na yun, hndi pinaliwanag, na pagnapadisconnect ehh babayaran mo pa rin yung 2 years kahit ayaw, ehh kung ganun atleast malinaw,. ang sinav lng sakin pwede naman daw, kaya lng hndi pinaliwanag tsaka ko lng nalaman nung gsto ko na magpadisconnect.. kamusta naman yun dba.. kung cnav agad ng maaga malamang kahit sino cguro hndi matutuwa sa SYSTEMA NG SMARTBRO... SANA MABASA NYO TOH MGA TAGA SMARTBRO..

.. wow naman.. smart talaga.. hehe

profile image

johnjano99 4 years ago


may libre nga pala akong net sa globe tattoo.. baka di nyo pa na try.para sa mga kuripot jan..hehe

art1972 4 years ago

smart talaga kayo pero ang serbisyo nyo walang kakwen takwenta di maayos ang serbisyo puro tamad ang mga tao nyo pati mga kontractor nyo mga tamad din panay ang report namin walang napuntaanong klaseng serbisyo nyan ayusin nyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sweety 4 years ago


6months lang yun,, kc plug-it.. pero ok na,, medyo nawala ng konti ang kaba q jan sa legal action ng lauron daw!!!! weeew..

SMARTBROKEN..... god bless para sa inyo... sa madaming babaliktad sa inyo.. weheheehhe.. matatakot pa siguro ako kung kuryente at tubig kau.. wooohooo... wag nyo na q storbohin,, mangingitim lang mga mata nyo..

Jass 4 years ago


ung akin kc 2yrs contact dpat end q pa nxt yer..

Hay hope so tantanan na nila aq. Ung bngay b sau letter ng atty ay my nka signature?

You know guys nwwla na rn aq ng kaba coz ung account name q sa smart bro ay wrong spelling hahhaha! Kya kung ksuhan man nila aq la un d nman un ang name q eh hihihi!

NOSMARTBRO 4 years ago


I guess there are so many of us like victims. Actually I've been using smartbro for 7 months and I experienced the same problem. I want to terminate the contract but the customer service told me that I have to pay the remaining balance. When I computed it, it's almost 15k...what a heck....So I'm thanks for your suggestion, I won't call the CSR again, I wll just go directly to their office...At first i was afraid that they might sue me but I think they must be afraid of us customers for our rights.

Mariusz 4 years ago

Wow I'm not a member of smart bro and don't want to be, I came here because of my poor connection I get with my broadband but from what I hear, it would be heaven for you guys! O.O,

Sorry to hear all of this information, good luck to everyone who has had problems!.

sweety 4 years ago


oo, may atty. signature but not a hand made,, parang computerize lang,,siguro kc sa dami ng pinapadalhan.. ehhehe,, bahala sila.. pero so far,, wala pa nman nakukulong dba?? ehhh kung kasuhan tau,, ehhh wanted na.. bahala na.. atleast.. sikat.. ehehehh..

Jass 4 years ago

Here i go again.. Nktanggap na nman aq ng txt knina lng e2 ang txt skin


name q

litigation file no

a-27-01(anu kya ibig svhin n2)

this is mr.sicat of sillano law officelegal counsel of summit office.

It appears that your outstanding account from smart bro remains and unpaid despite several and repeated demads made on ure account.

In our desire to spare u in the embarassment(putol tlga ung txt) smart wireless center wthin 24hrs.if we do not hear frm within said period we will interpret ur silence as an express admission of civil and criminal liabilty. We will hold u liable for damages and attormeys fee.we trust that u will give this matter the preferential attention.

Disregard this message if payment has been made and accept our thanks.

Hay! My gn2 nb dn situatio na nanyri sa inyo? Help nman guys! Tru kya itch? Thx!

JOJO 4 years ago

Guys, meron ba kayong copy ng contract na pinirmahan natin sa SmartBro? kasi nag-end na contract ko nung Oct 2011. Since then, I switched to myDSL at never ko na ginamit yung SMartBro. Pero may bills pa rin na dumadating at may mga tawag pa ng mga CSRs saying na I need to personally terminate the account in their office kung gusto ko na talaga ipadisconnect, but then still have to pay for the months simula nung di ko pinaterminate ---nung Oct pa nga. Bakit ganun? Eh end of contract na nga. At alam kong end na ng contract kaya nag-connect na ako sa iba at di na ginamit ever yung smart bro na yun. Pinagtiisan na nga namin ng 2 years yun para lang di kami magbayad ng pre-termination fee dahil sa lock-in period na yan. Tapos ngayon ang kulit kulit nila. What should I do???? Ayoko naman umabot sa demandahan...

Lhennie 4 years ago

I can't believe that there are lots of people out there who also have the same concern. I just had my Smartbro installed 3 weeks ago, during the first week the connection was really fast, then second week it started to crawl down, then this week I can't even load a page, it DOESN't connect at all... I haven't consume 1 month in using it and they already sent me a bill, how can that be possible? Well I'm planning to have it cut, cos why the hell am I gonna pay a USELESS SERVICE?!!

floy 4 years ago

i have problem about smart as far as i remember i only used their internet connection for 2 weeks.

tapos hindi na nga sya umabot nang one month kasi dami daw technical something blah blah so na dodoble ung gastos ko, even my husband complain about my internet nag stop ako, actually ung kit nila ung niloload lang nag wowork talaga sya nang ok lang not as in very ok. tapos un so napag isipan ko na, mag pa connect nga dun sa 999 nila ay sus...its driving my crazy...nwalan ako nang gana sa smart..then now meron ako natatangap pag di ko daw un nabayaran ung 4000, mag babayad ako nang 30 thousand plus sa kanila...

well all i can say is i am being honest, their connection sucks maybe not to other place pero sakin sobra sobra its driving me crazy and i really need my internet connection, kasi nga asawa ko nasa ibang bansa...

maybe one day i will receive a notice from that atty. thing. but do not be afraid guys just be honest to ur self, we didn't pay because their connection is not working well...when i receive their bills na ganun nga... i read my bible and i asked God what to do, then He said, do not be afraid. and also it says the truth will set you free..we customers need our internet connection, and beside ung pera hindi naman inuupuan lang pinag papaguran.

if you are in the truth do not be afraid yet ask God...

He will help us in this situation...

Lhennie 4 years ago

I went to Smart Center at SM Pampanga yesterday, for the THIRD TIME. While I was waiting for their slow customer service, I heard a woman loudly complaining to their customer service regarding the same problem with their internet, well I actually joined her in complaining and we've been exchanging about our experiences with the internet problems at home and so their customer service rep talking to us didn't know what to do, i told her "why will i let myself suffer in 2 years paying a POOR QUALITY and USELESS INTERNET SERVICE from SMART", then I told her I've been using it for only 3 weeks and it really shows how poor the connections is so I said I'd rather have it cut that waste my money paying bills, and then she so she asked for my contact no. and said that their technical department will call me after 24 hours and they have to visit my house and see if there's connection if they see that there is really poor connection they can declare it as connection area failed and so I can freed from paying the termination fee...

Everyday I would always check if there is internet connection but for 2 weeks we never had internet connection which actually pushed me to complain, today when I checked I was shocked that there was a FAST CONNECTION... but it made me more SUSPICIOUS, cos I'm thinking the time when their technical department visits my house they will see that there is good connection so they can't actually declare that it's area connection failed and I think they manipulated my connection so they could show in their report that we have connection meaning I can't quit the contract unless I pay the termination fee... ggggrrrrrhhhh! this internet service and their employees really sucks

what shall i do if their technical dept. visited me and saw good connection? i really want to have it cut, cos i feel that after the visit of their technical dept. our internet connection will be back to the same old USELESS INTERNET. I don't really want to continue the contract with them....

GLOBE NA AQ 4 years ago

guyzz sabay sabay tau wag magbayad.. hehe

sa mga nagcocomplain jan..

aq two months na hndi nagbabayad.. naghihintay aq ng sulat... mas maganda mas maraming magreklamo.. para malaman nila hndi maganda service nila....

hndi ko nilalahat depende sa location pero ang pangit lng sa smartbro.. paggsto muna ipadisconnect, ipapabayad sau ung remaining months mo dahil nakasign ka sa 2yrs contract, sa ayaw't gsto mo you need to pay... pero sana magkaisa tau, bakit tau magbabayad sa poor service nila, dapat nga sila ang ireklamo natin, dahil may commitment ang smartbro na up to 2mbps, sakin swerte na kung aabot ng 500kbps, actually hndi aq beleive sa speedtest kc nararamdaman mo ung speed ng net mo.. kung sa specs lng ng pc,, semi-hign end naman pc ko... so hndi nila pwedeng ireason ang pc ko..

kaya para sa lahat... wag natin bayaran ang ganung patakaran ng smart.. sila ang may problema hndi consumer nila..

may paraan jan.. tsaka ko na isheshare pagnadisconnect na aq..

smart pangettlaga 4 years ago

wala namang magandang isp dito sa pinas wag na kayo mag reklamo pag nag switch pa kayo sa globe baka makapatay na kayo. hayaan nyo guys malaki investment dito para patayo ng bagong isp dito pinas subscribe nalang kayo at iwanan na ang mga lumang isp.

sweety 4 years ago


ganyan dn yung natanggap qng letter.. ehehhe.. siguro wanted na q. kc 2weeks ago pa yun ehh..

chillax lang

Lhennie 4 years ago

Dahil sa kakareklamo ko at pagpapaulan ng text dun sa customer service rep nila my disconnection was approved and I don't have to pay for termination fee...

I felt relieved. I actually told her that according to DTI customers like us have the right to REDRESS, meaning we have the right to be compensated for UNSATISFACTORY SERVICES.

Thank you LOrd...!

Jass 4 years ago


pnu po nging process nyo? Pa share nman po?

myles 4 years ago


jpats 4 years ago

@ globe na AQ

i think smart is already aware na madamai silang unsatisfied customer, Scammer lang talaga sila.

slabsp1017 4 years ago

I agree with you all. I have been going back to the Smart field office here in Dasma, Cavite complaining about my bad connection, but all I got was nothing. They keep on taking my complaints but nobody called me or visited my place to check my canopy until now. It's really frustrating. I lost a month's income because of this because I have an online job.

Shaco Demon Jester 4 years ago

Smart Bro's connection so slow, i cant play an online game without lagging, example when i play League of Legends it always lags like hell, and when i go to websites it loads too slow, and then if you call their fcking customer care it takes like 30mins to 1 hour before they even answer, and all they say is to observe for 24 hours, but my internet was already slow for a week and cant use the internet well, the worst part is that they have a 2 year contract, so i have to wait for it to expire before i can switch...

Fck You Smart Bro, Fck You, shove your stupid internet connection up your asses....

To all who are planning to subscribe to smart bro, cancel it, and subscribe to other broadbands instead, this will only make you frustrated and mad

GLOBE NA AQ 4 years ago

kaya satin, taung mga nagrereklamo.. wag na natin bayaran.. wag tau matakot.. sama sama tau, hehe...

i mean wag natin bayaran... ehh anu kung mablock ung nym natin sa smart.. who cares... lahat ng bagay, may paraan..

ung bill ko ngaun 3k na hndi ko pa rin binabayaran, at wala akung balak bayaran... sana sabayan nyo aq pakita natin sa smartbro na hndi lng nag iisa ang nagrereklamo sa kanila..

sama sama tau...

GLOBE NA AQ 4 years ago

kaya satin, taung mga nagrereklamo.. wag na natin bayaran.. wag tau matakot.. sama sama tau, hehe...

i mean wag natin bayaran... ehh anu kung mablock ung nym natin sa smart.. who cares... lahat ng bagay, may paraan..

ung bill ko ngaun 3k na hndi ko pa rin binabayaran, at wala akung balak bayaran... sana sabayan nyo aq pakita natin sa smartbro na hndi lng nag iisa ang nagrereklamo sa kanila..

sama sama tau...

galit dn ako! 4 years ago

HAHA sali ako!, galit dn ako smart bro. On and off kc ang connection, and im a gamer kaya nakakadismaya. Everytime na madidisconnect ako, i want to yell "BULLSHIT" in front of a smart bro employee, ung tipong tatalsik sya sa lakas ng boses ko! Tanong ko lng sa mga nag palit na ng ISP, anong ISP ang maganda? I already used 1 and a half year of my service, gusto ko na nga magpalit kaso i need to pay just to terminate my contract, di ko alam kung magkano... So guys, anong ISP maganda ipalit d2 sa SMART BROKEN?

smart hater 4 years ago


Can you please share the details of your case? How did you make them agree to terminate your contract without fees?

please email at

profile image

johnjano99 4 years ago

try nyo guys gumamit ng vpn..naka globe ako ngayon at swabe to the max ako..up to 3mbps. pero di ko pa natry sa smart e.

Unsatisfiedcustomer 4 years ago

I agree. We just had our internet connection connected last 24 of March and sad to say, I became totally disappointed with the service as quickly on the 2nd day. There are times wherein you get no internet connection at al! I give you an example, and it is my today's situation wherein I am here (currently) in an internet shop. We don't have internet connection for almost a day now. So dear Smart, we are going to pay 999 for this month, where's the UNLIMITED you promised???? -.-

PLDT&GLOBE User 4 years ago

unfortunately, there's no real alternative here in the Philippines. The two biggest operators are themselves "PALPAK". Globe o PLDT parehas lang.

I've been a PLDT-DSL/SmartBro subscriber for years. Fed up with their (dis)service and unresponsive service desk, I moved to GLOBE about a month ago. Guess what? a day after I had my connection installed nagkaroon ang GLOBE ng system-wide problem and it took them weeks to restore my connection. Medyo mas oks lang call center ng GLOBE.

Maganda sanang proposal yung di magbayad, but think about it, how far can you go along this route. Sooner ot later you'll cross path with either globe or pldt, and mind you pldt is also into MAYNILAD and MERALCO while Globe is into Manila Water.....scary thought, isnt it?

suggestion ko, before committing into a particualr provider, asked around. there are instances na maganda ang globe in a particular area, while pldt is better in some. try also other providers, dinig ko maganda raw yung internet service ng SkyCable - pero limited pa ang coverage area.

Lastly, mas maganda siguro kung tayong lahat e mag-reklamo sa NTC o DTI.

PLDT&GLOBE User 4 years ago

BTW, have you ever noticed how these providers advertise their services, how they play around with our expectations by using the phrases "UP TO" or "MAX SPEED" when what we should be asking for is the "minimum speed".

put it this way, sa NLEX o sa SLEX the maximum speed is 100 KPH, pero makaka-100kph ka ba kung maraming sasakyan? same thing with our internet connection, kung maraming users, heavy traffic di ka makaka-15MBPS kahit na yun a binayaran mo. safe dito ang ISPs kasi they can always claim na attainable yung 15MBPS, yun nga lang sa madaling araw - kun kelan tulog ka.

Whereas kung minimum speed ng internet, that's what you should get kahit gaano ka-bigat ang internet traffic - in other words that's the guaranteed speed. dito me tulog ang isp kasi kung di nila ma-attain ang minimum speed legally liable sila.

I'm not so sure, pero parang PLDT at SkyCable lang ang naringgan ko ng CIR (committed internet rate). Pareho nga lang business connection yata, at dun pa sa high-end.

GLOBE NA AQ 4 years ago


kc ako hndi pa nagbabayad, kc sobrang badtrip aq sa smartbroken.. ngaun hndi ko na binayaran cmula po nung january.. anu pwedeng mangyari sakin..

kc gsto ko na rin ipaputol, kaso ang gsto mangyari ehh... bayaran ang remaining months.. hndi naman pede cguro un kung ganun ang policy nila samantalang sa kanila ung may problem..

advice naman po plzz..;-(

kram 4 years ago


jolenz 4 years ago

hindi lang pla ako nag iisa, not paying that stupid smartbro........

robin 4 years ago

it means the quality service of this provider is very poor, kaya sana naman mag upgrade n sila ng system at kahit nasa bundok ang lugar ko eh makakagamit din ng internet n. naturingan SMART pa naman ang name nitong provider na to.

end of contract 4 years ago

damn sobrang bagal ng smart almost 2 years na ko nag sasuffer ng mabagal na connection minsan na din nila ko se that they will do legal actions against me kea ngayon tinatapos ko nalang kontrata q sa sindikato ng smart looser sa service pero grabe manigil takutan!!!!!!!!! shett kau SMART

Unknown 4 years ago

Yep TAMA. ganyan ganyan ang ngyayare sa connection ko ngayon. i called their CRS many times na din at paulit ulit na lang .. kla ko smart bro mabilis nateteng mabilis pa pagong! Leshe kau SmartBro ha. hmmp

hmmm 4 years ago

To GLOBE NA AQ .. wala namang mangyayare sayo .. kahit hindi ka na magbyad sknila ..:)

Hay mabilis ang globe problem nman sknila is delayed ang dating ng bill as in disconnected ka na wala pa ang bill. mgugulat ka na lang 7k n ang bbyaran mo. thats why i switched to SMartBro. updated nga ang dating ng bill ang pucha naman ang internet sa umaga hanggang gabi prang nagsasayang ka lng ng Kuryente at pera kakahintay sa ng connection.

mel 4 years ago

tama kayo sobrang bagal talaga ng wireless nilang connection.can u nt do anything about that smart ha?

Carl Genetiano 4 years ago

para sa smartbro bakit may sira ata ang cellsite ninyo???

ayos naman ang payment namin , sa totoo lang advance lagi kami magbayad , then pati ang amin masisiraan ng connection??? , bakit for more info ~ Carl Genetiano ~ 09278072259 ~ 09192976355 ~ service reference ko pinapaayos may binigay pa kayong SR # samin dalawa , sabi nyo ibigay namin sa *1888 tumawag ako , then sa huli wala pang ginagawa , thanks for calling smart ? wow imba?

Christian 4 years ago

I tried to call smart hotline - 6727277 I brought my smartbro postpaid sim on the 14th of april...earlier morning i called them again regarding with the same issue....i called them 6 times....still there is no improvement...their solution cost me to wait this far

(24 hours then another 24 hours)so on so forth....without any improvements....I cant connect with their sim plus i cant it too much to ask? they told me i can do text and surf the net with this postpaid...I still cannot use the service they promised me...

Christian 4 years ago

I tried to call smart hotline - 6727277 I brought my smartbro postpaid sim on the 14th of april...earlier morning i called them again regarding with the same issue....i called them 6 times....still there are no improvement...their solution cost me to wait this far

(24 hours then another 24 hours)so on so forth....without any improvements....I cant connect with their sim plus i cant it too much to ask? they told me i can do text and surf the net with this postpaid...I still cannot use the service they promised me...I waste some of my time talking and waiting for the smart operator when I should be spending my time on my room studying for my finals....this is stupid

lou 4 years ago

all what you said is true. We experienced it . in my case my computer is damaged i can't use it anymore so i report to the office but they said you have to pay your remaining balance even though if you are not using it because that is the contract. since May i did not use it .so they send me letter that if we can not pay they will file a case against me.

Roy 4 years ago

mag sun nalang kayo.

sa gumagamt ng globe . pwde nyo yan e hack. napakadali lang.. search nyo sa google. kun pnu.. enjoy! hack kudn ang globe. sa phone ko.almost a year and a half na..

sexy me 4 years ago

oh my .. Parepareho pala tayo ng problem.. may tumatawag pa xaken from Sillano law firm pero i ignored her call, why should i believe her? .. to think that, why should a lawyer call u and tell you that if you did not settle your account you will be sued in a civil case... That's a form of harassment .. A lawyer should observe their legal ethics...

And I'm very very very very very very disappointed to SMART Company in engaging to this unlawful act..

chrisflo 4 years ago

im not the only one having a problem pala ! this shiiitt smartbro connection puro nalang yata complaints ang mga na rerecieve nila sa hot line nila sawang sawa na ako sa pagtatawag wala naman silang action ....sobra ung company na yan

Shaco Demon Jester 4 years ago

1 month na, ang bagal pa rin ng internet.. Cant do my works/projects and since im a gamer i always disconnect/ lag in games because of this shitty connection.. so i tried the SUN BROADBAND internet stick thingy, and it was fast! ALOT BETTER THAN THIS SHITTY SMARTBROKEN CONNECTION!. and again when you call them they dont answer all the time, mostly it will take you 30 mins for them to answer but still they cant solve your problem :(

happy? 4 years ago

zzz...DC olweiz..can't even watch a 3min youtube video..:(

eumhin 4 years ago

masadong mabagal ang smartbro

rip off 4 years ago

I am so frustrated with smart bro. i availed of their wifi package, the one where i have to pay 150 for unlimited surfing for 7 days then they took my 150 load but they still deduct my load every thirty minutes. my unli status wil end by may 14 so it should be in effect but why are they still taking my load? i've wasted 100 load as it is. i called their customer service hotline but i have waited for like an hour and i called three times but they didn't pick up even once. i live in manila so this is infuriating!

Arturo Bonakid 4 years ago

pare-pareho at isa lang ang problema nating lahat... ang kabagalan ng connection, pare-parehas lang yang mga network na yan, lahat mabagal.

artbonak 4 years ago

totoo ba 'tong mga pinagsasabi nyo? e bkit ung Smart Bro Company sa SM DASMA matitino naman...,, ewan ko sa inyO!!

pero kadalasan mabagal talaga, mabilis lang kapag madaling araw..

potasismart 4 years ago

guys..wag kaung matakot kng kinukulit kau ng smart or legal legal actions nila..almost 1 year na din akung kinukulit pero wala namang nanyayare saken.. hahaahah..asa pa bayaran ko bulok na sistema nila! GUYS WAG NA WAG TALAGA KAYUNG MAGBABAYAD.KAU PA LUGE KAU PA TALUNAN

FGM 4 years ago

This is a speedtest result of my 4G ROCKET WIFI PLUS ng Smartbro 0.58Mbps out of the publicly promised 20.0 Mbps!!! It's been more than 1 month now since April 4 that Smartbro received by complaint on slow connection. But that F_____G company is not doing anything!!! Can anyone from the National Telecommunications Commission (c/o Secretary Mar Roxas) be sensitive enough to check the Smartbro's HONESTY in terms of advertising 20.0Mbps but delivering to its customer a turtle-speed of 0.58Mbps or 2.9% ONLY of what this F_____G Smartbro advertises?

anne jay 4 years ago

bkt super bagal..delay pa dumating ung load for smart bro.. Tapos ung sobra kinakain ng smart.. Scammer tlga!! Dapat umakyson na NTC jan.

TOto 4 years ago

Ang smartbro ay may promo sila ngayon ang tawag ay UNLIBAGAL 50pesos good for 1 day at the speed of 0.00002Mbps. Ito ang na avail ko ngayon. Unli na!!! Mabagal Pa!!! San ka pa? Kundi mag SmartBro-Bagal Kana!!!

josast2 4 years ago

pareparehopag nag problema natin , dapat na ngang aksyonan ng smart ito .kung ayaw nilang tuluyan mawalan ng cliente .wag na nlang antayin png tawagin sila, na, SMART na BOBO

KQ 4 years ago

this is the most unreliable company i ever experienced!not fair at all!never trust this company ever!

rj 4 years ago

super bagal

chen 4 years ago

i want to terminate my connection though my net connection wit them is good. (e kasi naman pinalagay ko talaga yun antenna nila sa 3rd floor! kumusta naman pag wla pang signal na nasagap yon ewan ko na lang!!) our contract with them is locked for 2 years, sad to say i have 1 year left to complete that contract.. should i pay for the remaining 1 year or just pay the termination fee? need help... no one answers me in their hotline. oh btw, super bagal ng operator nila magsalita it takes forever! duh!

Max Cavalera 4 years ago

I have been a customer for more than 2 years already. Mbagal talaga connection. The service a few years ago was fine pero ngayon ay sobrang bagal. I was complaining for my broken connection for almost a month now at wala pa silang pinapadala na technician. I keep calling them and promises me na may dadting within 24 hours, pero wala ni anino. I went to the smart center and the person in the customer service said that its because of my unsettled account. I was just late for 1 month in my bills. So ang logic doon eh bumabagal ang connection kung di nakakabayad? Since when was this policy implemented? That guy did not even ask me the details about why my connection was having problems. That was just plain bullcrap.Now I am still calling the CCS for a follow up. But with all the things that happened, I WILL NOT RENEW MY CONTRACT WITH THIS MONEY GRABBING COMPANY. I WILL WILL NOT EVEN RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE EVEN IF THEY ARE THE LAST ISP IN THE COUNTRY! SMARTBRO SUCKS!!!

Max Cavalera 4 years ago

I have been a customer for more than 2 years already. Mbagal talaga connection. The service a few years ago was fine pero ngayon ay sobrang bagal. I was complaining for my broken connection for almost a month now at wala pa silang pinapadala na technician. I keep calling them and promises me na may dadting within 24 hours, pero wala ni anino. I went to the smart center and the person in the customer service said that its because of my unsettled account. I was just late for 1 month in my bills. So ang logic doon eh bumabagal ang connection kung di nakakabayad? Since when was this policy implemented? That guy did not even ask me the details about why my connection was having problems. That was just plain bullcrap.Now I am still calling the CCS for a follow up. But with all the things that happened, I WILL NOT RENEW MY CONTRACT WITH THIS MONEY GRABBING COMPANY. I WILL WILL NOT EVEN RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE EVEN IF THEY ARE THE LAST ISP IN THE COUNTRY! SMARTBRO SUCKS!!!

Manny Pangilinan 4 years ago

We have been smart bro users for 4 yrs., and the servicing has really been the issue with us. We moved from 1 apartment to the other and paid the fee, but now we switched to skycable. Problem is, we got a stupid printer and was never told that it served as an additional 2 yr lock-in contract. STUPID talaga SMART. and aside from that, their contractors are also corrupt, they sell you low grade cable extensions which are i think overpriced (we paid 3k for an additional 10 meters). I can't believe smart hires or associates themselves with such hustlers. Just to avoid additional hastle, we are paying the remaining 6 months, but after this, FUCK SMART BRO, we are getting out of their grasp and we are HAPPY we are getting out of this stupid shithole that is full of lies and unjust contracts. MANNY PANGILINAN, maybe your SMART people are corrupting your precious millions or billions, please do something about it.

To all other SMART BRO haters, let's send a message to those fuckers. BOYCOTT SMART. STOP USING SMART. THIS IS SUCH AN INJUSTICE FROM SMART.

chen 4 years ago

oh.. we also paid for additional 10meter cable, but we only pay 1k. yikes!

fck_u_smartbro 4 years ago

pak u tlga tong smart p0ta!!!!!!!! ang bagal ng net bwesit!

loversmartbro 4 years ago

well bro, we have different experience on that matter, maybe its because your area is congested, lots of vampires sucking the bandwidth... or your contractor did not align your antenna correctly... sometimes they have also flows in my connection but generally.. smartbro is doing well... i have 19 pcs and 6 households on wifi.. never heard of a complaint.. thanks...

Alchemist 4 years ago

Bobo talaga smart broadband sinisira laro palaging DC bibitinin ka ng bibitinin 20mb received tpos mawawala ng 20mins tpos babalik na naman..HOW COOL IS THAT!

Mark 4 years ago

pati ang SMART GOld Plan ko nakakabuwisit at nakakashock ang billing!

Floy 4 years ago

hey guys nakatangap naba kau nang letter galing sa summit collection @allied services??? well nakatangap ako today nang mail galing sa kanila.... so yeah dont know really what to do bout this smart bro thing....

Minty 4 years ago

I'm having issues with Smartbro as well. I requested for a reloc of connection which is just 2 buildings away, the problem is contractors said that there is no connection on the new add since another building was blocking the site tower. Different device was tried however failed. So I requested for a termination of account asking to waive all the remaining months -- and what do i expect. The request was denied and asking me to try it on a different location. We still have remaining balance from the failed re-installation and bill still keep on coming in even if the contractors already pulled out the device. Been to their smart wireless center few times and kept calling their hotline which all of it doesn't offer good service. they should have complaints dept or csat dept where customers can grade their quality of service.

Minty 4 years ago

I've tried researching about Smartbro and they where to complained before:

FROM NTC website:

For comments and suggestions, please email us at or to the following persons:

Engr. Jesus Laureno at:

For Consumer Complaints and Inqueries please write to:


Atty. Alan Macaraya at

You can also write us at NTC, Wireless, Mandaue City or call us at these tel nos:

Telefax: 63-32-4226822 loc. 108

Telephone Number : 63+32-3450823/63-32-3460179/ 63+32-4226822 loc. 106

Dylan 4 years ago

This blog is absolutely right. Yeah network is really stupid that they are not fixing whatever the problem is and still insisting for there contract. That you have to pay the monthly Bill because i am on a Lock In Period. for 3 weeks until now i don't have Internet connection using Smartbro Canopy but i have a 1 1/2 year with SmarthBro. They are not considering that I am a old customer since 2007.

Kerwin 4 years ago

Is there any way to sue them. Ang kapal ng mukah nila na maningil pre-termination charge! Sila kaya ang iterminate ko sa earth? How is that? Biro lang, seriously, is there any way para mademanda sila? ano pede ikaso sa kanila. Their customer doesn't get the satisfaction from the services they provide despite from the fact that we are paying regularly the monthly service fee.

ofw 4 years ago


Hello po I'm a smartbro plug it subscriber, isa po akong OFW galing ng kuwait at sa kagustuhan kong madalas maka usap ang pamilya ko nag subscribe po ako sa smart bro yung 999 plan nila. Taga Tagaytay Cavite po ako ... plug it po ang kinuha ko kc laptop ang gamit ko at dinadala ko po ito anywhere san man ako pumunta sa pinas.... ang kaso di ko naman sya magamit ng maayos kc laging na di-disconnect at sobrang bagal..... Naka alis na po ulit ako ng bansa iniwan ko po ang smartbro ko sa family ko , yung month na umalis ako bayad na po yung bill ko pero 3x lng nagamit ng family ko yung smartbro kc di sila maka connect ng maayos... ang YM or skype laging hang-up , so di na sila nag bayad ng sumunod na buwan ... and now hina harass sila ng collector ng smart .. idedemanda daw sila pag di sila nag bayad ...ano po bang maganda gawin don..

Hard earned money po ang gusto nilang kunin sa mga subscriber nila pero di naman maganda service na ibinibigay nila.... Willing naman akong mag bayad monthly kaya nga po yun ang kinuha ko para 24/7 pwede kong maka usap ang family ko sa oras na gustuhin ko...kaso naninigil sila ng bayad sa serbisyong hindi naman maayos.. Now pumupunta na lng sa internet shop ang family ko kapag gusto naming mag usap... nakaka lungkot kc limited na ang oras at by schedule na din ang pag uusap namin.

Ezra 4 years ago

Hello po sa inyu. I've been a smart bro subscriber for almost 10 months now and I choose Wimax Plan 999 kasi hindi makakuha ng signal sa location namin ang Canopy Antenna nila!! OK pa yung connection for 2 months na ginamit ko yung Wimax Modem but after 3 months hindi na makakuha ng signal yung Modem and it keeps on blinking at ayaw na mag initialize para makakuha ng signal. Then I called Customer Service and they advice me to present the modem sa wireless center for checking so nag punta ako agad for modem check at sabi nila need na ma replace yung item but i need to wait for few weeks bago magkaron ng stock. It was totally a disaster in my part. Believe it or not, 4 times nako nagpa replace kasi madaling masira yung Black Motorola Wimax Modem nila.. And as usual sira na naman yung replacement modem nila so nag punta na naman ako sa wireless center para mag replace kaso wala pa silang stock ngayun. They ask for my contact details para ma update ako if my available stock na but the thing is when I ask for there contact details ayaw nila mag bigay kasi wala din daw sasagot sa phone nila the best way to do is to wait for a call or text from them if my available unit nah. Imagine since May 7, 2012 pa ako walang connection almost 1 Month nako nag hihintay pako sa new replacement unit. Tumawag ako sa bwisit na hotline nila (*1888) baka my update dun sa report na ginawa sakin kaso walang pang update at need talaga ako maghintay and call or text from there Smart Store. Home Based po job ko so I'm depending on there internet connection. I'm very disappointed with this company and now I have to pay another 999pesos for the Month of May at wala pa akong connection hanggang ngayun. I will never recommend this company to my friends who are planning to apply for an internet connection. Very stressful tong ginawa nila sakin marami akong trabahong hindi natapos dahil sa bulok na service nila. Think twice or read reviews before you decide kung saan kayu dapat mag subscribe.

ofw 4 years ago

Hello to everyone.... ask ko lng po kung meron na talagang nakasuhan dahil sa di pag babayad sa smart bro?

Halooooo 4 years ago

oo nga eee nakak disappoint ang services nang smart bro, inaadvertise nga nila sa tv na up to 3mbps ehh ni minsan nga d pa umabot nang 1mbps eee, noong una kala q pc q lang ang may problema pero nag try aq nang prepaid na ibang broadband mabilis naman cya so tlagang ang smart bro ang may problema :D

TINATAMAD ang SMART 4 years ago


ainthard 4 years ago

same experience here! i only using their services for almost a year, yet i think they can already fill a whole folder of files about my complaints alone. we decided to terminate their service because our modem broke two times and it takes at least two weeks to replace each, yet no refund was given to me whatsoever. i call their customer support a dozen times but i think the CSR doesn't know much about what the problem and how can he address it, its totally useless, they just keep on asking the same question everytime i call, we also receive those letter from attorney and my wife got nervous so she decide to pay it, but we hardly using it again for a month yet they send me a bill worth 1800 which is good for 2mnths service! very dissapointed customer here, never will i use smart as internet provider again, learn from us :X

Shaco Demon Jester 4 years ago

Mga gago ang smart bro, If our internet is broken and we complain it to them and they send someone to fix it THEY CHARGE US, It should be free because they are responsible for their internet and its damages, ang mahal mahal pa, wala naman kwenta, Di na maka internet maayos, lagi nalang offline games nalalaro ko hahaha

And dami nag complain sa kanila, and still they wont improve their service, why? Because they dont care about us, they just care about the money, If they did care they should have took control of fixed the problems of everyone who is having the same problem.

They keep on saying UP TO 2-3 MB/PS, EH HINDI NGA MAKAABOT NG 1 EH

Shaco Demon Jester 4 years ago

May maayos na yata DIAL UP NGAYON! hahahahha


kenjie9909@y.c 4 years ago

Ako lang ba ang nagbasa ng sangkatutak na comments? haha, pero masaya. nakakadalawa na rin kaming disconnection bill, ung latest nung MARCH 28, take note MARCH 28 [MAY 30 ngaun, tapusan hahaha] yung total amount na babayaran namin, 20k+ LOLOLOL, first 3 weeks namin ok, siguro nung january 2011 p un, tapos super faithful kaming magbayad, walang sablay, pero nung nagkalokoloko na yung connection, tinamad na rin kaming magbayad, tapos eto, dumating yung mga sulat na galing sa law firms na nagsasabing "Uy! Idedemanda ka na namin, magbayad ka para hindi ka namin idemanda" (yup! I translated it) so sa mga hindi pa nagbabayad jan,


KEEP IT UP! Ichi-cheer ko pa kayo! Don't pay ALL the bills! hurray! pag may nakulong na umm, balitaan nyo ko kung malakas ang signal ng smart sa kulungan. LOL just joking.

my fb:

and God Bless everyone

(except smart, tupang ina sheepness yang smart broken na yan)

ordinarypinoy 4 years ago

Eksakto rin sa aming karanasan ang isinulat ni greenlily. Sana ay kumalat pa ang katotohang ito upang TUNAY naman nang pag-igihin ng smartbro ang serbisyo, o TULUYAN na lamang na ito'y tanggalin na upang di na makapamiktima pa

grace 4 years ago

Smart Bro = very POOR connection , it makes me so stressed . grr i hate so smart bro so much , they are just getting our money with poor service . very poor , they are like Gma and corona . only knows how to corrupt . Pity smartbro

frustratedCustomer 4 years ago

walang kwenta tlga services.. may net kmi ngayon, pero expected ko na na mwwlan n nman ng connection any minute now.. kaasar.. if they can't improve their services, cguro nman i-reduce n lng nila yung price.. sinong magbabayad ng 999 para uminit ang ulo mo/ntin?

nogmog 4 years ago

Isa po akong college student at binibigyan ng allowance na P100 araw-araw. Last semester nag-ipon ako kasi gusto ko magkaroon ng internet sa bahay. So I decided to buy SmartBro Power Plug it costs P1,245.

Sa situation ko, P100 allowance araw araw. Mahirap mag-ipon ng P1,245. Minsan hindi ako nakain ng lunch para makapag-ipon lang. Nung nakabili na ko I was so happy. Kasi sabi nila from 1mbps to 5mbps ang pwede kong makuha na internet connection. Kahit 1mbps lang, okay na.

Pero when I checked sa wala pang 1mbps. Parang "0.089" something like that. Nainis ako. Mas lalong bumagal the next day. Kahit google na home page ng google chrome ko ang bagal mag load. Kahit facebook wala. Kaya pag may mga research ako or assignments hindi ko nagagawa agad dahil sa mabagal na internet connection.

I even search the official fanpage of SMART. SMART COMMUNICATIONS, Inc. I'f im not mistaken. Marami din nagrereklamo dun. I posted my concern there and sabi nila mag send daw ako ng message sa kanila in full details.

They respond immediately to change the settings of the modem (stick). Pero wala naman nangyari. Nakakainis talaga. Nasayang lang yung P1,245 ko.

Mahirap pa tawagan ang CS ng SMART. Halos nakatulog na ko sa sobrang tagal. Pero in the end sasabihin nila sa'yo wait for 24 hours para maresolve yung issue. WTF.

Kapal talaga ng SMART BRO. False advertisement pa. Dapat diyan kasuhan na.

Consistent0.10Mbps 4 years ago

Same problem mga bro!. hindi pa ako gaano na bwe-bwesit kasi one month palang akong naka-pagsubscribe. di pa nga ako nakatanggap ng first monthly bill, nakadami na akong tawag sa hotline nila at nakadami narin akong report# na na-i.note. parang alam ko na nga ang troubleshooting sa first CSR eh..clear cache and turn off firewall,,walang kwenta! Ang malas talaga! If only i had this carefully researched, i shouldn't have subscribed. nakakaloka! this is madness. I'm doomed with sloooooooooooooowwww connection for two years!..

frustratedCustomer 4 years ago

i just read the other comments.. tama nga nman:

- gagastos sila para sa abogado na alam nting MAS mahal pa sa "utang" ntin sa smartBROKEN na dapat nting bayaran for their POOR services

- hindi makaatend ang mga customer service na yan, ung management, ung mga king anek-anek na yan sa mga nangangailangan nilang mga customers, tpos pagdating sa singilan ee daig pa ang speed of light!

- mas dapat silang i-sue dahil we are paying for nothing (di tayo nagbabayad ng HANGIN!]

- scripted na yung mga cnasabi ng customer care; reset your router, unplug this, unplug that, there's something wrong with your computer, which for me is TOTAL BULLSH*T!

- if there is one who should pay, it's them

SMART BRO IS A JOKE. Kung ibang bansa toh, closed na eang company na ean..

TIPS TIPS 4 years ago

TIPS on how to waive the subscription/contract of the smart bro-ken plan..

1. call the CSR hotline if your connection having a problem or having a poor connection.

rationale: the CSR will make a report regarding with your problem.this will also recorded in thier system and the costumers will used it as one of thier evidence that the service is not reliable and everything is false.

2. dont forget to ask the name of the CSR and always ask and get the report number regarding with your concerns....

3. always printscreen the speed of your connections this will used as one of your evidences...

4.after printing the evidences file and make a complaint letter together with the evedinces and submitt it to the nearest smart wireless center..and always remember..always put this to your complaint letter guys ....i look forwark to your reply until (set the date) before seeking help to the consumer protection act/dti/ntc.

i am smartbro user as well but not i made it to be free......i hope this tips will help you also on how to waive or terminate your contract...

Chris 4 years ago

I just read someone posted numbers and sites of SMART BROKEN here so that they can assist us? Well... i already memorized those number even with my eyes closed I can dial it on my mobile! And guess what? while talking to a representative line will be cut! And dont even bother to contact us again. Sabi nila wala daw silang outgoing? So anong klaseng service yun? been trying to hold on for half an hour and then it will just be cut, and been doing that for more than 10 times! SMART BROKEN PLUG-SHIT....also the same. Bought 200 peso load card and cant even load on my device. Invalid keyword daw. Tried calling the CSR and I was told like I sound stupid na hindi marunong magload. Duh!Marunong po ako magbasa ng instructions!

Danilo Francisco 4 years ago

2 years ang plan ko 999 monthly, first day pa lang ng pagkabit nila uminit na agad ang ulo ko.... imagine kailngan ko pa daw magbayad ng 7oo+ para lang sa isang tubo na idadagdag nila bukod pa dun sa binayaran ko sa office nila.. akala ko wala ng ng babayaran, kung wala akong budget noon di nila ako kakabitan... kasi daw wala daw signal ang place ko, nagbayad na ako para makabitan na agad... pinagmamasdan ko ang mga technician habang nag-iinstall at halata ko na agad na nahihirapan silang kumuha ng signal, nainis pa ng ang isa at ang sabi "ang bagal nmn", ng matapos sila at umalis may signal ako pero mga ilang min lang lumipas nawala ang signal ko... few days past nagreport na ako dahil laging ganito ang senario, nagbigay lang sila ng report # at ang sabi may on going maintenance na ginagawa sa area... ok nagw8 ako ng ilang araw walang pagbabago, tumawag ako ul8 at un parin ang nangyari tumawag ako ng tumawag para makulitan sila at guest what ako ang sumuko... walang nangyayari ano pa gagawin ko kundi magtiis,.... ngayon 2 months na ako di nagbabayad kc pakiramdam ko lugi ako ang habang tumatagal lalong lumalala ang worst servive nila,, minsan wala akong internet buong araw, bullshit! un lang...

Smart Smart Bro connections really SUCKS! 4 years ago

Super bad connection ang smart bro dito sa Cebu parang dial up! I hope smart bro will fix this problem. Sana mayroong bagong internet connection business that will compete smart bro.

JUN BAGUIO 4 years ago

hahhaah kaka tuwa naman yong mga storya nyo buti nalang di ako nag smart bro connection kasi pang shop shop sa akin dati digetel ako plan 1199 1 mbps ok lang sa umpisa pag nag tagal hahha halos di pa mabuksan ang facebook tama sila nag marge na nga PLDT tsaka Digetel sakop nila smart kaya nag shift ako ng globe 1299 At 2 mbps sulit mga pards pang shop pa gumgana 17 units di pa log mga games di tulad ng digetel noon kunting youtube lang panay reklamo na mga costumer ko yon lang pag hapon na mabagal kaya lang ok lang di naman apektado ang gamings sa youtube lang di maka load facebook ok lang.. buti nalang malapit na matapos ang contrata ko sa digetel 4 months nalang na bwisit ako kasi halos 2 weeks ko reklamo ang connection ko sa digetel pero di nila pinupuntahan kaya pina terminate ko na kahit binayaran ko 4 thou plus ok lang basta ipakita ko sa kanila kako "IN YOUR FACE" nawalang kayo ng subscriber tapos hahabol habol sila WTF ..nung na disconnect ko na pak u kako ... Mag GLOBE nalang kayo tsaka Isa pa mag nanakaw ng load yan SMART na yan di mo napapansin biglang nawawala load nyo.....

Smart Bro(subscriber) 4 years ago

SUCKS! ang bagal ng smart bro! 2 years ba ang contrata para maka alis na ako sa smart bro? ang bagal ng smart bro... wala na ako masabi lahat na sabi na ninyong lahat..!!! all i want to say is SUPER DUPER BAGAL NG SMART BRO CONNECTION!!! tapos lagi pa tuma tawag kung delay ang pag abbayad.. eh ang bagal naman ng connection nakakawalang ganang bumayad! di talaga maka hintay ng bayad kala mo kung mabilis talaga ang connection nila!

trololol 4 years ago

NTC go for improving our countries ISP or Connections

ISP .... dont advertise if its not true :D

-Sana Mabasa.

Mad Subscriber 4 years ago

That Smartbro Rocket Wifi Plus is a BIG HOAX. Up to 20 Mbps download speed? BUL______@#$%HIT!!!! That FU____KING&*%$#@ Smartbro 4G made me believe in SENSELESS ADVERTISEMENT!!!!

james 4 years ago

That Smartbro Rocket Wifi Plus is a BIG HOAX!! I bought 1 unit for Php6,450.00 last December 2011 and VOILA! A horrible 0.58Mbps download speed! Up to 20 Mbps download speed as advertised by Smartbro? BUL______HIT@#$%!!!! That FU____KING&*%$#@ Smartbro 4G made me believe in SENSELESS ADVERTISEMENT’S BIG LIES!!!!

Shaco Demon Jester 4 years ago

Hahaha, andaming nag cocomplain..

Means smart bro really sucks.

Ang haba na ng pages na2, puro SMART BRO HATE!

wala naman pake smart bro, gusto lang nila pera

Mga mukang pera, tapos pag di ka nagbayad kakasuhan ka.

Mga bobo talaga yang smart bro, SILA ANG MAY MALAKING UTANG SAAKIN.

Im planning to move to PLDT or SKY Broadband, My friend uses PLDT and he claims it is fast and has already achieved 1mb/ps downloads.

Atleast umabot ng 1mb/ps diba? kaysa naman smart bro, hanggang 60 lang umaabot hahaha

Shaco Demon Jester 4 years ago

Correction, 60KB/PS ^^

Consistent0.10Mbps 4 years ago

Hello everyone! Nabunutan na ko ng tinik! I successfully terminated my Smartbro Canopy connection bundled with PLDT landline kaninang umaga! They did not let me pay the termination fee. bale, I had this connection for 1 month and 8 days lang...napansin

.ko na mabagal talaga ang connection and the customer service is really not doing their job. nag.complain na nga ako dito 3 days ago and I decided to terminate my subscription as early as kaninang umaga. nag-pass ako ng - letter of disconnection, printed results and noted report numbers i received from CSRs - to their office (Main Osmeña blvrd., Cebu City)and talked to the csr. Ayon..wala nang daming pasikot-sikot, they approved it. So to those people who are no longer satisfied, just formally request for disconnection nalng. un lang!

Consistent0.10Mbps 4 years ago

Hello everyone! Nabunutan na ko ng tinik! I successfully terminated my Smartbro Canopy connection bundled with PLDT landline kaninang umaga! They did not let me pay the termination fee. bale, I had this connection for 1 month and 8 days lang...napansin

.ko na mabagal talaga ang connection and the customer service is really not doing their job. nag.complain na nga ako dito 3 days ago and I decided to terminate my subscription as early as kaninang umaga. nag-pass ako ng - letter of disconnection, printed results and noted report numbers i received from CSRs - to their office (Main Osmeña blvrd., Cebu City)and talked to the csr. Ayon..wala nang daming pasikot-sikot, they approved it. So to those people who are no longer satisfied, just formally request for disconnection nalng. un lang!

badmist 4 years ago

I am very very disappointed with the smartbro services too

too slow and their field tech are too lazy to even check properly the problem.

Jun Baguio 4 years ago

any planing to go shift to PLDT wag na kayong mag balak kasi PLDT at SMART at digetel nayan iisa nabili na nila ...

nun nabili na ng PLDT ang digetel lalong bumagal ang PLDT so mabagal na nga ang digetel mas lalo pang babagal proof kapitbahay ko ok lang konection nila sa digetel nun kaso nung nabili na ng pldt lalong bumagal ... Go for GLOBE or skybroadband mas maliit kasi ang subscriber natutukan nila mabuti..

Shaco Demon Jester 4 years ago

@Jun Baguio

Thanks sa info. Sige mag Globe nalang nga ahaahha. or sky broadband kung meron ang location namin.

Mabilis po ba globe? :)

Yuri 4 years ago

Hi po...ako din po sinisingil ng smartbro ng halos 10,000 para sa diskoneksyun...anong akala nila pinupulot ko lang pero dito!!nung march 2012 nagpunta ako sa offce nla para magpa diskonek tapos nagdala2 pa ako ng authorization letter kasi asawa ko nakapangalan nung nagpakabit kami...kailangan ko daw bayaran 10taw kasi sa 2009 pa kami nagpakabit Lampas na 2yrs!bat pa sila naniningil ng kabayaran 4 kontrata daw...ang bilis nila maningil pero pag tinawagan mo ang daming pangako na napapako

newuser_smart bro 4 years ago

all of the haters are definitely true. i also hate smart bro,.. very DISAPPOINTING,. it has VERY SLOW internet connection,.. i thought before smart bro has the widest and fastest internet connection but when i am already using it I can prove their advertisement about this F_cking wireless broadband is a LIE. it has a VERY POOR internet connection,.. sorry for the comment but im just telling my bad experience

ofw 4 years ago

Hello to everyone.... ask ko lng po kung meron na talagang nakasuhan dahil sa di pag babayad sa smart bro?

smart bro sucks 4 years ago

hay naku aq din nakakatangap ng mga pananakot ng mga atty. Na yan hahaha kasi sakin ng subscribe aq sa smart bro kasi madali requirements nila basta may I'd ka saka 1month advance ok na pero bwiset pla yang plug it na yan d q talaga nagamit dahil sobrang bagal nagchachat kami ng asawa q d kami mgkaintindhan bwiset so ng desisyon aq na d na gamitin kasi pag natawag aq sa costumer service laging gagawan lang ng report wala naman sila ginagawa.d q talaga sila binayaran after 3months dumating bill q d q nga bayadan.ngayon kinukulit aq ng legal counsel Summit Collection ay bahala sila sa buhay nila kakapal ng muka pag ngrereklamo ayaw gumawa aksyon pero sa singilan may pa legal councel pa sila nalalaman kapal muka

Jun Baguio Tanga 4 years ago

Hoy Jun Baguio, pinagmamalaki mo globe? Mas tae sa smart yan!

Hate smRtbro sucks!!!! 4 years ago

Im same like u guys!

1month n ko kinukulit ng smart kabwisit n nga.. Txt ng txt ung lauron law office nanakot! Anyone same n lauron office kz searched in the net meron lauron law so natakot lang ako bka kz tunay eh! Haha..

Jose Bulao 4 years ago

Thank you all for your comments. I read all because I am looking for a better ISP. I was a Smartbro subscriber since 2007. For almost a year I had a very bad connection. I complained. They fixed the connection and gave me a rebate of around 300 pesos. I disconnected after completing the contract because I am moving out of my office. I am now using the power plug it which costs 1,245 pesos. At first it was very fast, faster than the canopy connection I had. But now it is very slow. And the load expires before the 24 hour period. I am looking for a good ISP. I learned from your comments that Globe and other ISPs have the same problem. The best seems Skycable broadband but it is not portable, it is stationary.

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budski9 4 years ago

Wimax kami dati, dito sa Baguio tapos laging mabagal, average speed 50kbps plan namin 999. ilang linggo akong nagco complain, marami na akong sinigawan at minurang cs nila dahil puro sila pangako pero walang nagagawa. Siempre magalang tayo nung una pero WALA SILANG GINAGAWA kaya normal ng magalit ang tao. Hanggang sa dumating ang punto pumunta ako sa office nila, sinoli ko yung equipment sabi ko take it or leave it, pinagalitan ko yung cs nila sa store. so tinanggap nila. Then tumawag uli CS nila naniningil ng cancellation, namura ko na naman. Then ngayon law firm na nila ang nag te text i settle ko raw 24 hrs at nag send na sila ng demand letter, CRIMINAL CHARGES daw ifa file nila. Eto masasabi ko, sinagot ko yung "lawyer" nag nag text, sabi ko ako rin me claim, sobra ang ibinayad ko sa inyo dahil wala pa sa 10% ang serbisyong binigay niyo. Kung magdemanda kayo go ahead WASTE YOUR TIME. Ni hindi nga nila alam yung address ko mga bobo yang mga yan. Payo ko lang sa mga naloloko ng smart, ISOLI NIYO EQUIPMENT, PAGALITAN NIYO SILA SA TINDAHAN NILA. PAG NAGBANTA NA SILA WAG NIYONG PANSININ, WALA SILANG MAGAGAWA, HINDI PWEDENG MAGING CRIMINAL CHARGES NA PINANANAKOT NILA DAHIL BULOK ANG SERBISYO NILA MERON KAYONG KARAPATAN. IREKLAMO NIYO SILA SA NTC!!! GOODLUCK SA LAHAT NG PINAHIHIRAPAN NG BULOK NA SERBISYO NG SMART, ITIGIL NIYO NA PAGBABAYAD SA MGA YAN KUNG DI NILA NAAAYOS ANG SERBISYO NILA SA INYO.!

Atty Montemayor 4 years ago

You're right about your comment. I too had subscribed to their wimax and their service in our area is just like your. at times 20-40kbps and most of the time it' s just about 50kbps. I complained and demanded they fix the problem but after about a month of complaining nothing was done so I stopped paying. To make it short, they too sent me a demand letter to pay the cancellation and the supposedly accumulated charges where they suppose I was receiving continued service for about sometime before they forced to cut off. I responded to their scare tactics and told them I would counter charge. That was a year ago until now, they never pursued. Know your right, and fight for it. They know they are stupid to pursue with their claims knowing their services are scamming the public

m.roy 4 years ago

SMART,ba yan?lagi na lang sobrang bagal ng connection,nagsisisi kami ngayun bakit kami nag kontrata ng 2 yrs,gusto na sana naming ipacut yung net namin at magpapalit na lang kami ng ibang linya..dati 999 nagbigay discount 800 plus na lang pero bumaba din signal,,

junji 4 years ago

hello po, andame nagco complain sa smart na hina harass ng collection agencies, pwede pong malaman kung talagang pinupursue nila ang case kahit 2,890.00 lang ang balance na hindi naman talaga nagamit from the very start? may nag progress po ba talaga na kaso? salamat po sa info...

Nel 4 years ago

Oo smart ang palpak na pinag uusapan dito. Etong magandang maipapayo ko sa inyo. Sa mga mababagal ang speed at hindi maayos-ayos ng smart at hindi talaga maayos yan base on exxperience, Isoli niyo equipment sabihin niyo take it or leace it, ipa cancell niyo yung acct. Pag siningil na kayo huwag kayong magbayad, hanggang sa mag send sila ng demand letter ng pananakot, huwag kayong magbayad. WALANG MANGYAYARI SA INYO NA KESYO MAKUKULONG KAYO OR AARESTUHIN. Ireklamo niyo yan sa NTC gaya ng ginawa ko. Kung me kilala kayong mga lawyer, pwede niyo pag sosyohan idemanda niyo smart at magsampa kayo ng ilang milyong pisong damages etc pwede rin. Yang mga nag dedemand na lawyer kuno nila, pinagmumura ko lang yang mga yan dahil sa pananakot at panloloko nila. Ampangit na serbisyo nila tapos magbabayad kayo ng sapat, pag nagreklamo kayo at nag cancel kriminal na daw kayo? Tang ina niyo smart! NI ISA, WALA KAYONG KAYANG IPAKULONG ANG HINDI NAGBAYAD NA CUSTOMER NIYO DAHIL SA PALPAK NA SERBISYO NIYO! NA RESEARCH KO NA YAN, KAYA BAYAN, HUWAG KAYONG PAPALOKO SA MGA YAN!!!

israel E 4 years ago

naku! ako din 3 years na ako sa smart maganda sila sa una pero nung bago lang naku ang hina tapos putol putol! naka renew pa naman ako.. pero i already decided na hindi ko nlang bayaran.. tatawag ako lagi sa smart bro pero lagi nlang akong sinasabihan na wait for 24 hours.. lagi nlang 24 hours..anu bayan!!!

Mae 4 years ago

@JASS , for straight 6 months lagi padin sila nagttxt and call sa akin, which i ignored. Then kakatxt lang sakin kahapon, that im scheduled for account visitation in our house / work place on saturday july 7 . Im some kinda nervous baka nga magpunta sa work place ko. But still sa dami nilang beses nagremind di naman sila nagpunta. Im waiting mag august 2012 end ng sabi ilang contrata ko, para makahinga na nga maluwag. Hahaha. :)


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Our goal at the Ministry of Consumer Services is to promote a fair, safe and informed marketplace – one in which your rights as a consumer are fully protected. You should know that important legislation protects these rights by setting out ground rules covering most consumer transactions.

Here is a list of your basic rights under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002. For more detailed and specific information, visit the Your Rights By Subject section on the left-hand side of this website.

Remedies must be timely When you take advantage of your 10-day cooling off period and notify the company (preferably in writing) that you have changed your mind, the company has 15 days to return your money. The business has the right to take back the goods provided under the agreement by either picking them up or paying for the cost of sending them back.

If you are sent goods you didn’t ask for, you don’t have to accept or pay for them In fact, you may use them or throw them out. You’re not responsible for an unsolicited credit card either – unless you buy something with it.

Pre-paid goods or services over $50 must have a written contract When some part of the contract occurs in the future (e.g. a gym membership), written contracts are required for goods or services worth more than $50. The contract must contain complete details of the transaction and full disclosure of any credit terms.

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Anyone who violates the Consumer Protection Act, 2002 may be subject to prosecution Individuals violating certain sections of the act are liable to a fine of up to $50,000 or imprisonment of up to two years less one day. A corporation can be fined up to $250,000.


GLOBE NA AQOH 4 years ago


Nikko Racion 4 years ago

Good day po. I'm having the same experience on smartbro too. Laging mabagal ang internet connection and yes every 12midnight lang nagiging mabilis yung internet ko pero pagdating ng umaga gumagapang sa sobrang bagal. Itatanong ko lang po kung paano po magrequest ng termination of account sa smartbro? Kasi this october na matatapos yung contract ko sa smartbro and balak ko lumipat ng PLDT mydsl plan 999. Please reply po asap. Thank you.

Atty Montemayor 4 years ago

Pumunta ka sa opisina ng smart at isoli mo na yang equipment mo, sabihin mo matagal ka ng nagtitiis sa napakabagal na internet nila, kung ayaw nila sabihin mo take it ot leave it. Niloloko lang kayo ng smart na yan, pinapa accept na lang nila yung basurang serbisyo nila pero alam nilang HINDI NILA MAAAYOS YANG MABAGAL NA INTERNET NILA. Pag tumigil ka ng magbayad, kukulitin ka nila, ang gawin mo sabihin mo lahat ng complains na ginawa mo pero walang nangyari kaya dapat isoli nila yung perang ibinayad mo buwan buwan na mabagal yung internet, breach of contract yang hindi nila pagtupad sa inaaadvertise nilang 999 plan na 1 mb, pero 40kbps lang palagi! Ganyan ang ginawa ko sa kanila, minura ko pa ng katakot takot yung kawawang CS, pero ang sabi ko hindi ikaw ang minumura ko, yang PANGKALAHATANG SMART NA BULOK ANG SERBISYO!!!!! Kaya mga smart subscribers, huwag kayong paloloko sa mga yan!! ISOLI NIYO NA YANG EQUIPMENT NILA AT ITIGIL NIYO NG PAGBAYAD NIYO!!! SAYANG LANG PERA NIYO MAG APPLY KAYO SA IBA!! GUD LUCK!!

Zhai 4 years ago

Mejo ok nman cgnal ng smartbro dito smin sa laguna..cguro depende sa lugar..prob q lng lagi aq my nrreceivd n text coming from ella of lauron law office raw xa..nid q raw bayaran un account..d q nirereplyan kc d nman aq kumuha ng plan evry month pra sa smartbro..ngloload lng kc q pag gusto q ma-inet 4 1day unlimited..haynaku!!

LOLSALAD. 4 years ago

Fuck shet smart bro, They suck eggs.


lou 4 years ago

need help smartbro is suing me for wanting to stop using their internet service which has so many problems, that is why i want to stop it. But now they suing me.

Leo 4 years ago

Lou, ignore the lawsuit threat, hanggang ganun lang sila. HINDI sila pwedeng magsampa ng kaso sa KAHIT SINO na HINDI NAKUKUHA YUNG TAMANG SERBISYO NA BINABAYARAN NILA. Strategy na lang nila yan, susweldo ng law office para manakotn LANG ng mga hindi nagbabayad na customer. KUNG HINDI NILA MAIBIGAY ANG SERBISYONG NASA KONTRATA, ITIGIL NIYO NA ANG PAGBAYAD AT ISOLI NIYO NA MGA EQUIPMENT NILA GANUN LANG YUN, kung me mga narerecieve kayong lawsuit threat na paulit ulit, burahin niyo lang ng burahin alang kwenta yan

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arthms 4 years ago

i have a same problem,about smart pati nga asawa ko natatakot sa panay tawag at padala ng mail letter,bwisit ang smart na yan kung manakot kala mo niloko sila samantalang sila itong nang aagrabyado,sa ayaw na ng serbisyo nila ....

Joseph 4 years ago

Ako matagal na akong kinukulit ng mga yan, marami na rin akong nakausap na mga customer service nila paulit ulit nilang sinasabi yung utang ko raw na hindi pa settled. Ang lagi kong sinasabi, ako rin merong claim, kung kini claim niyong me utang ako sa inyo, ako rin merong claim na kayo ang me utang sa akin. Alam niyo kung bakit? (sabi ko sa kanila) ang kontrata natin 1mb for P999, pero ang nakukuha kong average speed is 40kbps for how many months, yan ang perhuwisyo niyo sa akin, tapos reklamo ako ng reklamo sa cs wala naman kayong ginagawa or nagagawa so nag decide akong isoli yung equipment at itigil na ang pagbayad kesa patuloy niyo akong lokohin. Sinasagot ko sila pag tumatawag at pinipilit talaga nila yung paniningil, kaya ako rin ipinipilit ko ring maningil sa ilang buwang nagbayad ako ng P999 na 40kbps lang ang average speed na narerecive ko, yung huling tumawag sa akin last week lang ata yun, yung mismong law office, so sinabi ko ulit yung usual na sinasabi ko, I MADE SURE I TELL THEM WHAT I WHAT SINCE I KNOW MY RIGHTS. So I yelled at the poor lawyer or assiStant nila or whoever hanggang sa mamura ko ng katakot takot YUNG NASA LINYA HANGGANG SA SIYA na yung nagsara ng cellphone niya. Then i texed them, I gave them this site. Payo ko sa inyo, ganun rin gawin niyo sa mga yan, huwag kayong matakot. Dapat malaman nilang merong mga taong HINDI NILA MALOLOKO, harapin niyo lang sila walang laban yang mga yan kasi sila yung manloloko, kaya sila dapat itong magbayad ng utang sa mga inagrabyado ng bulok na serbisyo nila. 3 days ago nag text na naman sila reminding me na i settle uli yung "utang ko raw", pero this time, wala ng threat. Dati rati ang sinasabi nila sasampahan daw nila ako ng "criminal charge" so minura ko na naman sila, later on yung threat nila naging "blacklisting" na lang. last na text nila wala ng threat. Ako ba naman ang takutin niyo mga gago!! (HEY SMART LEGAL ARE YOU READING THIS? MARCELO LAW OFFICE AKO YUNG NAGMURA SA INYO REMEMBER? )

Donald 4 years ago

Kala ko ako lang me ganitong problema ang dami pala. Bakit pa ako nagtitiis sa pagong na smart, ang dami ko ng complains wala namang naaayos

malditaako 4 years ago

well gosh ang dme na nting nbiktima ng smart broken n yan.. as of now may nrecieve ako ng letter from the law office the CMMS from ATTY EDUARDO E. DELA CRUZ and kakasohan daw nila ako ng estafa pag nde ko bnyrn ung remaining balance ko.. oh my god panu mu babayran ung service n d ka nmn satisfied di ba .. na irerekamo mu itatawag mu s knila pero wala silang gingwa.. thats unfair nmn monthly ka magbbyad tas service nmn nila palpak.. so guys sa inyo ba na may pinaldahn na may natuloy ba na mademanda.. kc worried ako bka ampektohan ung record natin s NBI at DFA.. then ito nga nakita ko ng ngsearch ako di lang pla ako ngiisa na gnito ang problema ..kc sa totoo nmn tlga bulok service nila im using globe broadband and ok nmn.. hayz sana nmn smart company knows wat are the problems kung bkit madame sa subscribers nila ang di nagbabayad mxado nmn silng ng papakamanhid sa sitwasyon na ito.. kaya dapt sa mga biktima ..tayo isumpa n yan smart na yan and if ever na kasohan nga nila ako i will show them this link to prove na madme ang d satisfy s service nila.. kawawa nmn tayo sayng lang ang money.. so i decided now n dko bayarn yng galing s atty na yan kc di lng nmn pla ako eh..madame tayo . kakaloka lng kc mag nanakot sau ng gnon..haha

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nhes 4 years ago

Share ko rin sa inyo ung BAD EXPERIENCED ko sa Smartbro.

Nag apply me for disconnection , kc 3 years din kami nagtitiis sa mabagal na connection, i told them that the account was under my husband's name pero ako nlng mag process in behalf kc seaman cya. Binigyan nila ako ng requirements, so i presented them our MARRIAGE CONTRACT and VALID ID .

But after that they told me na kelangan pa daw ng formal letter from my husband to support the docs, so nag email ung husband ko sa company then nagprint then ako para i-submit sa wireless center dito sa place namin....ANAK NG KABAYO! they did not acknowledge it, kc kelangan daw merong signature ng husband ko!! Nakiusap ako na pwede ba pag uwi nlng ng husband ko since nasa barko cya, sinagot ba naman ako "maam di talaga pwede, pakisabi nalng kay sir na ipa scan lang ung letter with affixed signature then i fax". GUSTO KO TALAGANG MAGMURA sa office nila,talagang walang mga CONSIDERATION! So, what I did was nag email ako sa customer service and nag explained ako sa kanila. Kampanti naman ako since nag reply sila akin na i coordinate nila sa wireless center dito ung concern ko.

But after 2 mos. meron akong natanggap na bill, 2 mos. overdue n daw ako. So pumunta ako sa wireless center and ask for that matter, what they told me was MAAM, OK NA PALA YUNG IPINASA MO NA REQUIREMENTS, DI KA LANG NAG FILL UP NG FORM FOR DISCONNECTION" Sinabi ko naman na nakapag fill up na ako dati, she replied, di pa kc na apruv ung mga requirement that time kaya hindi na nai record ung transaction mo,i settle nalang ang bill para ma terminate na ung account ni sir. MGA MUKHANG PERA TALAGA! Kung tinawagan lang sana nila ako to sign another form ginawa ko n sana, pinagbayad p nila ako ng dalawang buwan na di ko naman ginamit since nag subscribe na ako sa ibang internet provider.


afraidlady 4 years ago

..nakarcvd n din ako ng letter from atty..(chuba)...estafa dw ang case kpag d nasettle ung bill..

Limahong 4 years ago

Ako matagal ng nag stop payment sa smart na yan last year pa ata, puro mail at contact sila bayaran ko raw yung utang ko almost 3k. Pinapagalitan ko lang yung mga tumatawag sa akin, sabi ko ilang buwan akong nagbayad sa walang kwentang internet mabagal pa sa langgam ang inayupak tapos pipilitin kang magbayad . wag kayong matakot hanggang banta lang mga yan ako labas pasok ako ng bansa recently nga ang kumuha ako bagong nbi, police clearance, walang problema. kaya mga inaagrabyado ng smart, itigil niyo ng pagbabayad sa mga yan niloloko lang kayo niyan hindi nila aayusin ang problema niyo sa internet kung mabagal, mamumuti lang mga mata niyo at puputok ang butsi ninyo sa inis sa buset na smrt

Limahong 4 years ago

Ako matagal ng nag stop payment sa smart na yan last year pa ata, puro mail at contact sila bayaran ko raw yung utang ko almost 3k. Pinapagalitan ko lang yung mga tumatawag sa akin, sabi ko ilang buwan akong nagbayad sa walang kwentang internet mabagal pa sa langgam ang inayupak tapos pipilitin kang magbayad . wag kayong matakot hanggang banta lang mga yan ako labas pasok ako ng bansa recently nga ang kumuha ako bagong nbi, police clearance, walang problema. kaya mga inaagrabyado ng smart, itigil niyo ng pagbabayad sa mga yan niloloko lang kayo niyan hindi nila aayusin ang problema niyo sa internet kung mabagal, mamumuti lang mga mata niyo at puputok ang butsi ninyo sa inis sa buset na smrt

sai09 4 years ago

meron din kaming smartbro nakapangalan sa ate ko pero ako na ung nagbabayad kasi hindi na nya nagagamit. Ang bagal ng smartbro, kalapit na nga namin ung celsite kuno nila pero wala paring kwenta! bihira lang din dumating ung bill, madalas din pagUmulan walang internet! Uugatin ka na sa telepono hindi ka padin makaConnect sa Customer service nila! pag nakaconnect ka kung anu-ano ipapagawa syong troubleshooting chorva pero sa dulo ng usapan nyo monitor in 24hrs.! kainis lang! kaya nagdecide nako na magpalit na lang ng Net provider. hindi nako nagbayad para maputol na lang tapos biglang tatawag syo para sabhin magbayad ka ng balance na 3K at kung gusto mo ipaputol magbabayad ng termination fee na 14k?? hindi ako milyonarya para magbayad sa serbisyong hindi ko naman nagagamit! pag may reklamo hirap nyo tawagan pero pag singilan ang bibilis nyo! ang kapal nyo SMARTBRO!! nagfile na dw sila ng reklamo kasi hindi ako nagbabayad. mapagod kyo sa kakaFile! Mga MUKHANG PERA!

John 4 years ago

**** ang panget ng serbisyo nila, nung pumunta ako dun sa branch nila pra mag pa disconnect ng plan ko kasi sobrang bagal na tlga . tapos na lahat ng bayaran ko sa kanila kaso may 2 years contract pa daw kami, witch is kayalngn pang bayaran !!! ang sabi ko nmn kelan ako nag pa extend ng contract namin!? sabi ba nmn "sir may tumawag po ba sainyo about dun sa exntension ng contract nyo" . HUH? wala nga eh tapos nag karoon pa kami ng contract na 2 years without approving namin! wala ngang nangyaring kasulatan or ni words na bingay namin!. Isipin nyo un AUTOMATIC na mag kakaroon kau ng 2 years contract even without a transaction! or approval. at ang nakakasar sabi pa "sir dapt pinuntahan nyo po kami nung natapos na ung contract nyo para indi na extend ! hauf d nga kami na inform sa umpisa na mag kakaroon pla ng ganto!!!!!!

Pau GI 4 years ago

Pati mother ko e.sue daw nila pag di naka ano ba naman yan d nga cla contented sa service ganito pa gagawin nila sa mama ko. Dapat ba bayaran itop or just let it go? Any suggestion please..

giancarlo 4 years ago

Sobrang bagal na talaga ng internet connection ng SMARTBRO. Dati nakaka 2mbps pa kaso ngayon 100kbps na lang BULACAN area. Tapos pag nakatyempo ng mabilis bilis na connection at may importante kang software na dina download biglang mapuputol connection kaya di mabuo yung software na dina download mo. Pag nagka pera na uli ako bibili na ko ng bagong modem ng GLOBE para makawala na sa POOR SERVICE ng SMARTBRO. Ang balita ko magiging full provider na sa TELECOMS ang San Miguel Corporation. Sana matuloy na yon baka mas magandang magbigay ng service si RAMON S ANG (RSA) kaysa kay MANNY V PANGILINAN (MVP)

BUSETnaSMARTBRO 4 years ago

Sa dami na ng reklamo sa SMARTBRO na yan dapat imbestigahan na ng gobyerno ng Pilipinas ang kumpanya na yan ni MVP tapos bigyan ng taning na ilang buwan kapag hindi pa rin naayos ang kapalpakan ng service nila dapat TANGGALAN NG LISENSYA na mag operate. Maraming mas magaling na companies ang makakagawa nyan lalo ng mga foreign telecoms provider. Panahon na para wakasan ang panguutak ng damuhong MVP na yan na isan namang DUMMY LANG NG ISANG MALAKING NEGOSYANTE NA CHINESE/INDONESIAN NA SALIM FAMILY.

Lee x smartbroken user 4 years ago

i was once a smartbro user i had the USB stick but we also had 3 other fixed service i remember about 4 years ago my wifes aunt was complaining about no service it had taken about a month to get some guys out to fix the bloody problem but the best part of it was they still expected us to pay for that months bill and you can imagine where i told them to shove that followed with a letter of complaint an email also with copies sent to the NTC

one of the other services was at my wifes parents house where me and my wife was currently living for a while i had noticed download speeds are very very slow again i had made a complaint to smartbroken normal crap will send someone out to fix the problem yeah yeah week later and a few more calls still no one showed up.

we also had another account in our office we was running about 6 computers and smartbro would of been perfect for them since all the internet was needed for was research for the first month or 2 it was ok but then after the problems started like losing connection to the mast and one time one of the anntenas went ca-put but we ended up getting Globe landline broadband in at home and in our office but what happened to the smart service at home i will come to later.

i also had smartbros plug it thing that was ok for a while download speeds was good but then after a few months give o take smartbro had throttled my connection i had accused smart-bro for throttling of course they deny such naughty action but after their response to my complaint all of a sudden speed jumped up back to normal again.

so as well as customer service being bad they lie also but to be honest when speaking to them its like talking to a brick wall in fact i get more sense talking to a brick wall.

now the best part at home we just got Globe line installed so we didnt want the smart-bro shite anymore and it had about 2 months left on the contract i refused payment to their last bill i also printed out all my complaints and replies and written them a letter explaining my reasons but at the same time i had gone up on the roof ripped off their antenna and all the cable put it all together with the latest bill and copies of replies and complaints and then gone to the smart center and dumped it all on their desk i must say doing that felt good and to see the look on other customers faces as i walked away was pretty cool in fact i had one of the customers in the store come up to me as i had got to my car asking why i did that told her the truth

but a few days later they called me and told me i had to pay the rest of the months left i told them where to shove it they reply ok we may take action against you i told them go ahead you still wont get single cent out of me after that never heard from them again

Bella 4 years ago

OMG Lahat ng sinabi nyo TRUE!! Sobrang kapal ng Smart Telecomm eh lantaran na nga ang pangnanakaw nila sa subscriber na kahit ilang ulit magfile ng complaint WALA parin silang ginagawa walang kwenta ang Customer Service nila, Walang Kwenta ang SMART! Lahat ng sinabi nyo as far as I've read happened to me! Naku kung di ako healthy, matagal na ko dead sa stress dahil sa smart na yan. At take note, di lang internet sila palpak, pati loading kasi sobrang obvious ang pagnanakaw nila ng load at sobrang dami na ang nagreklamo at nung sinabi ko tumawag sa Customer Service (kahit alam kong magiging useless lang naman pero yun lang naman ang masasabi ko sa mga reklamo nila kasi kahit ako ginawa ko na rin lahat ng pwede kong gawin para maipaalam sa management ang bulok na service nila pero wala namang nangyari) pero nadismaya lang sila sa sinabi ko kasi alam na nilang walang mangyayari. hahahah! To cut this short, DAMN! Smart Communication SUCKS!!! Hope the proper authority will finally do something about this and bring the subscribers' money back, the money that belongs to them na ninakaw lang ng smart

infoman 4 years ago

isumbong nyo cla sa BITAG!

xzyler 4 years ago

Isa dn ako sa naloko ng smartBROKEN nyan..First month ok pa ung service then after that nwawala na.. Nag reklamo ako sa smart center sa sm ang sabi bka dw sira lng ung modem dalhin dw dun eh panung sira gumagana nmn sya wla lng tlagang signal pag nagreklamo nmn through phone ssbihin bka dw sa location e dba nga before installing the kit ntry nmn ng technician un?! I decided not to pay for my bills, I got 2 yrs contract and wla png 1 year ilang months plang ng tanga na ung service..Busy dn cla sa kkatawag iba-ibang numbers pero d ko cnasagot eh useless lng dn nmn at bka matalakan ko pa ung CSR..Bilis-bilis maningil pero ung service bagsak..The worst is I use the connection for business purposes kse galing nla mang-engganyo sa mga ads nla galing mang-uto kya akala ko ok tlga..I lived in manila pa nga tpos ung signal sa modem 3-4 bars pero ung net almost took a minute to load properly minsan puti na mata mo kkahintay..

@beth 4 years ago

hi guys....

gusto ko lang malaman kung may nakulong na bah dito

kasi nakarecieve ako september 13 ,2012 litigation file you no doubt will agree with us that we have been lenient in treating ur acct. we have given you ample time and opportunity to settle ur moral obligation but you never exerted genuine effort to settle it. our legal councel has already sent thier letter of demand but you just ignored it. we have no other recourse collection thru litigation to interest of our client for the last chancce we give you 24hrs from receipt to settle ur acct. attorney sillano law .

grabe nuh bakit ganito di mo man ginamot in one month ang bagal ng conection nila tapos ng pumunta ako duon para disconnect pero need ko bayaran yung 3k what the fuck...... ngayun pinababayad sa akin 18k more than bahala sila manigas kayo....

dranrev 4 years ago

lintik tlga smart bro..2weeks ago until this moment napakabagal ng net q.and worst is paputol putol almost twice a month q naeexperience eto.every 1 minute pag load ko ng page eh operation timed out my aq hnd na kumikita dahil wala nga net tapos pwersado pa cla maningil ng bill..paulit ulit tumatawag para magbayad ako.pano ako mkakabayad qng ung pagkukunan ko ng pambayad eh d naman masasabi na dahil sa location q dahil ung antenna q eh kaharap ng tower nla na walang kahit anung harang at less a kilometer away lng..ayusin nyu serbisyo nyu..mgaling lng kau sa paniningil..f**k y**...

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Japzs 4 years ago

This smart bro connection is my worst experience.. T a n g I n a, npaka bagal ng internet connection nyo, puro kayo SUGAPA / GREEDY / SAKIM gusto nyo lang makakuha ng maraming customer para kumita pero yun serbisyo nyo sa mga client nyo ay isang malaking PAL PAK, tigilan nyo na mag advertise, puro kayo pabango sa publico wala naman kayo pinag kaiba sa gobyerno puro KURAKOT ang alam.

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Japzs 4 years ago

This smart bro connection is my worst experience.. T a n g I n a, npaka bagal ng internet connection nyo, puro kayo SUGAPA / GREEDY / SAKIM gusto nyo lang makakuha ng maraming customer para kumita pero yun serbisyo nyo sa mga client nyo ay isang malaking PAL PAK, tigilan nyo na mag advertise, puro kayo pabango sa publico wala naman kayo pinag kaiba sa gobyerno puro KURAKOT ang alam.

michael 4 years ago

ang bagal ng connection nyo sayang ung binabayad namin!!!!!!!!!! baka gusto nyong billisan kc nagbabayad kme ng tama pero binabagalan nyo pa napka daya nyo

michael 4 years ago

ang bagal ng connection nyo sayang ung binabayad namin!!!!!!!!!! baka gusto nyong billisan kc nagbabayad kme ng tama pero binabagalan nyo pa napka daya nyo

gab 4 years ago

smart freebies that suppose to be free, pero after i used it for less than a month i received a bill and ofcourse nagulat ako why there is a bill, i didnt even sign a contract for that sim understanding that it is suppose to be free, nangungulit cla until now to pay 2k for the sim, until a law officeéattorney contacted me on chikka threatening me to be sued blacklisted, and even revoke my outstanding PRC license, huh! as a response i challenge them to do their plans and i will file a rebuttal case against them in NTC. hahahaha

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Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Hayyy naku smartbro, sangkatututak na ang mga complaints against you. Hindi ba kayo nahihiya. Improve your service....IMPROVE ! IMPROVE KUNG HINDI MAWAWALANG LAHAT ANG MGA CUSTOMERS NYO!

sweety 4 years ago

helllo guys,,,

im back again,, after 7months,,, ehtto a nakarecieve na nama ako ng txt message from SMART-BROKEN,, sillano lawfirm, nakasuhan na daw ako,, true ba??

sakura 4 years ago

dapat kau lhat dyan tga smart bro, tubuan ng pigsa sa puwit nyo not less than 6 months duratuon

madrigal2008 4 years ago

kaisa nyo aq s inyong mga hinaing, gnyan din ang nngyayari s akin, di n aq s stisfy s knilng serbisyo kya pinputol q n rin pero ptuloy aqng nkktnggap ng knilng txt at twag n kinsuhan n dw aq.dpt mgsama-sma tyong lhat s media dun s hindi nya hwak n media pra tlgng wlng kikilingan pgdting s issues, as in lhat dpt iprating n s knila ang mtgal ng psakit stin taumbyan....pnahon ng mtigil ang pagkaghaman ng smartbro n yan stin mga taumbayan.naghihirap ka na nga, lalo png pahirap ang net nla..

RAWR! 4 years ago

****** ina ng smart br o na to,.. every smart subscribr experiencing the same problem, pero walang ginagawa ang smart,.. minsan naiisip ko na lang na durugin yung modem and ihatid sa kanila then sabay bulyaw nang malulutong na mura,.... I'm so pissed and disappointed, I feel like I'm going to burst in madness about their services and want them to break into pieces.....

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Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

sila dapat ang kasuhan so just ignore that txt message!

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crunches 4 years ago

ahhhh, just this morning i received a letter from Summit Collection just this morning,....i hate it those two ladies who come parang di ako tatantanan, cnabihan ko ayosin ko nlng sa office..paano ba naman kc wala rin clang maayos na service, ilang twag me di nila pinuntahan, kya sa daming nag offer ng change me i have 4 months left sa aking lock-in, pero nainis me talga, kc di naman maayos ang service nila. nung una tinawagan ko sabi ng CSR meron namn daw wla naman dawng problema, bakets mg aksaya ba ako ng time kakatawag if walang problem?ng change me ng PLDT at pinagamit ko sa pinsan ko ang account, kaso un nga wala silang action sa report nila, so inistop nila, at ayan di na namin binyaran din, cla ang me problema...tapos pag naningil bahala na cla, tingnan ko nlng wat will happen...

This is to follow up daw, wala naman akong nareceive na other letter ah, ito lng tapos follow up?ahh ayosin nyo muna service nyo..ang bilis maningil pero service ang bagal...pinapa cut ko na for my last 4 months ayaw nyo pa...tapos ngaun maninigil kau...walang customer satisfaction...

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Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Don't pay. You have all the rights not to. Kahit pa may contrata kung hindi naman nadeliver yung services bakit ka magbabayad. Sobra na kabulok ang service nila gusto pa bayaran yung bulok na serbisyo. Let your dog run after the two ladies the next time they come over.

sens 4 years ago

The biggest scammer ever!!! SMARTBRO PLAN 999 .

The NTC has no action for the bogus advertisement of the internet provider in Philippines. Baka kasi bundat na sila sa kahihingi ng lagay kaya wala sila action dito. !!!

I would like to inform you that we are not able to settle our payment because

for the several we are requesting your technical support to address our concern regarding very very very slow connection as it like a dial up connection only. We keep on calling on-your technical support but they still say that your bay station were we are connected has a problem. Up to this time we don't observe improvident on your service. If you wish to disconnect our connection it up to you. I make sure that we are paying our obligation with you even you didn't provide the services we get from you. I think your company bridge our contact for not giving the right bandwidth connection with us.

I hope before you disconnect our connection somebody from your company will call and inform for the status of our complain. But if you just just disconnect your connection with out making any action this letter from you will post in the internet to inform other users of smartbro.

Hoping to here from you for our concern.

sweety 4 years ago

hello, i just receive a txt message from smart broken saying...

good day!

this is follow up regarding your SMART BROADBAND account,

it appears you have ignored@refused to settle your moral obligation as the grace period expired without any reaction on your part.

we are giving yu with in a day to settle your obligation.

please call 02 535-1608 and look for miss vivian for payment validation.

disregardthis messageif payment has been made...

from09493282355,, is anyone receing a message just like this?

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Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

My two officemates received the same but they continuously ignored. They don't have any intention to pay at all. I think you should ignore just the same.

Benjo 4 years ago

Buset na smart BRo!! ahhh.. !! slow connection, always request timed out ung ping, high ping, delay ang connection sa online game, it takes 30 minutes to buff a 3 minutes youtube video, downloading is a total hell. tapos 1k per month?? wtf.. pinagmamadali pa din naman nila taung magbayad pero buset na service ibibigay.... ahh.. please guys, if you're planning to install a broadband at home, never choose this freaking smart bro.. sayang pera pre.. mas ok nang maginternet sa mga internet cafe, that's more satisfactory that this shit.

imtheone 4 years ago

sayang lang ang binbayad ng mama ko sa SMART BRO NA yan .tapos gaganti nya pagkabagal ng NET ?

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Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author


Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Napakabagal talaga ng SmartBro at ang masaklap paputol putol pa hindi sila maka complete ng 24 hour non-non stop surfing. Mandaraya sila

dez2012 4 years ago

I applied for Smartbro wimax last June 30, 2012. The connection is so slow I can't hardly connect using skype. The only reason I need the internet is to communicate with my husband oversees. Insteas for the internet to bring us closer it becomes our source of disputes because we can't hardly talk and undertand each other. I called smartbro hotline and I was told that the result of my speed test means that I have a very good connection. What the f__k it means even if the actual connections sucks they don't care bec the registerd speed is good. Shit talaga smartbro na to.

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Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Yes exactly they don't care at all. They are only after your monthly payment.

ren 4 years ago

i do have same problem w/ u guys but i just ignored . salamat sa inyo at hindi na ako takot na hindi bayaran yung sue nila sa akin..wla panamn cgurong nakulong sa case na ito noh?

regret 2 the maxxx 4 years ago

hi... worried din po ako... i have a problem same as you all guys... attys. send me tx messages telling me to pay my remaining bal. w/c is 3500+... and now just recently somebody called me about my bill.. i hav to pay w/in 1 wk. im afraid to be sued... its embarassing.... sana nmn hindi mgkakatotoo... wla pb tlgang nakasuhan... at least for consolation mn lng sa akin... worried tlaga and afraid....

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aussie123456789 4 years ago

Wish i had of read this 1 week ago

I am an Austrlian who is considering retiring here in the phillipines.I was told by a lady here to get smart bro.I have only been in the Philippines 3 weeks & am here for another 3 months.Since i dont meet many of the requirements to get cable or adls fitted i got a simple dongle last week from smart bro. 995 peso for 5 days then reload each 5 days for 200 peso.Unlimited use they said,speeds of up to 2mbps they say.

Well i must say the first 5 days were infact acceptable at speeds between 1 & 1.4 mbps & no major problems logging on.Go back to the shop in Manila & purchase 1000 peso of load so enough for the next 25 days.However after reloading my speeds have ranged from 0.04mbps to 0.2mbps so basically somewhere between pathetic to dismal.Back to the shop i go where unless you go in the morning can expect a wait of anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes.Well after going in the shop yesterday they fill out an application for a technical suppost person to ring me.Within the next 24 hours SIR.Well that time came & went this morning so i went back looking at getting a refund.Sorry SIR smart does not give refunds.Well i almost exploded.Just let me ring technical services SIR,ok sir it is within 48 hours not 24 hours.Well i was definitely told 24 hours yesterday.Anywaqy i stormed out the store yelling dont buy smart its shit.I know await a call b4 i front the shop again tomorrow though it looks like i will get no satisfaction.They wont even reimburse me for my load cards i purchased thinking it was a reasonable service.

If smart existed in Australia they would be out of business by now & we have such a thing as money back satisfaction within 30 daqys.Not once you have handed over your money bad luck screw you

Gabby 4 years ago

loading.. loading.. tsk.. tsk..

Lawrence 4 years ago


class_action_lawsuit 4 years ago

someone start it

class_action_lawsuit 4 years ago

i was with smartbro 6 yrs ago. it was good then. i lasted for 18months and left when it started to feel slow. 1mb pa lang yun.

i transfered to globe 2mb for 1.5k php.

but if you look at the modem, my download is actually set at 3mb. i think this is to make sure i hit around 2mb in real world usage.

modem was used to be set at 2.0mb but i think they changed it this year.

if i check speedtest, its usually 1.5-2.0mb.

after almost 5 yrs, im still with globe.

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Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

If the reason for your non-payment of balance is the inability of SmartBro to deliver services well then you have good reasons not to pay them but you should put that in writing and have them receive it properly so they would know why you did not pay. But if you did not pay for other reasons then you are liable and have to fulfill your obligation,

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Globe is better according to many testimonies.

kc 4 years ago

I've been using Smart Bro for over 5 years and I used to be happy with their service. My internet was fast and stable, almost no downtime. I would see posts like this and I used to smile and think "hehe ok naman yung akin ah". Problems started occurring earlier this year. It gets slow around 2pm then it gets better around dinner time til the next day. I can live with that cos no one uses the internet at home pag after lunch. It started getting worse around July then after a while it's pretty much unusable except 12am - 6am. It's not that it won't connect but wow, a dial up connection would be faster. I don't know why I've put up complaining for too long (maybe because in the back of my head I know it's not gonna help). The last straw was when my sister was scheduled to have a Skype interview (we both work online), the connection was so unstable, she looked bastos to the employer because Skype got disconnected and she couldn't reply.

I emailed Smart regarding the problem, I don't think they even try to read the whole email and just send a pre-canned reply. I CLEARLY explained that the slow connection has a schedule/pattern, my computer doesn't have a virus so don't even try using that as an excuse and I've tested the connection on different computers. I even suggested that maybe the canopy is already faulty. The reply that I got says that I probably have a virus, I should clean internet history etc.. basically it's all my fault. They obviously didn't read my email. We exchanged a couple of emails and nothing helped. In the end I asked how do I cancel their service. The reply was if I'm still in contract I should pay the pre-termination fee. Really? I told you in one of my emails that my contract ended years ago. They didn't even bother checking my account if I still have a contract or what. Anyways, this happened last Nov 1 and I'm using a different ISP now. I really wanted to stay with them kasi it was really great when it used to work. I would randomly connect my Smart Bro to check if the internet is better but nothing has changed.

I lost my ID's and I'm super busy so I don't have time to get new ones kaya na-delay yung pagpapaputol ko sa Smart Bro, kelangan kasi otc. I have to pay them for last and this months "service". I don't want to kasi I haven't used it (well maybe a couple of days last month and sa madaling araw lang). I'm not sure how do I do that when I get to a Smart store, they'll probably force me to pay. :(

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

I think you should to to the nearest wireless center and explain everything to them. For sure they will force you to pay but why will you pay for that very poor services?. Just maintain your stand not to pay at all because they did not deliver the service well enough anyway.

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aussie123456789 4 years ago

Yes i am just glad i was only able to get prepaid.I will refuse to use smart ever again here even if i am retired living here full time.

You are correct greenlily they do not listen at all.Even at the top of this posting smart wrote here please contact us in this way or that.Well i went to facebook to try to talk with smart.Please pm us with your issue.They never bother to reply.I live very close to the smart shop in San lazaro manila but apart from waiting over an hour to be served you get no help whatsoever.They just tell you a csr will call me that never happens

Absolutely disgusting they appear to me

kc 4 years ago


My friend who lives in SA has been having problems with his dongle from Vodafone. It was getting disconnected every 10 mins and it's only stable/fast during off-peak hours. The big difference comes down to the customer service here and in Australia. He phoned them and told them about the problem. In the end they said sorry because they were upgrading something in their system. They also told him he can use the dongle for FREE til December (this happened months ago) for the inconvenience they have caused.

It's the exact opposite here.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

In that case, you need not pay them at all. They have all the faults and they should take the burden not you.

smart 4 years ago


smart user 4 years ago


smartbro. user 4 years ago

sobra talaga nakakabwisit! ang bagal ng connection ng smartbro. khit latest nila na bro. kahit tumawag sa customer servce wlang kwentang usapan di nila nagagawang ng paraan, ang daming pinapaga ganun parin ang bagal!!. magaling lng sila magnakaw ng load... fuck you smart. ayusin nyo service nyo, nagsasayang lng kami ng pera.

Rhonda G. 4 years ago

Antipolo Sumulong Area

(Take note kitang kita ko Tower nila sa labas ng bahay namin)

Smartbro Stick gamit ko for almost 5 yrs + na. Mabilis naman connection nila dati eh. Nakakalaro ako ng MMORPG ng maayos at nakakastream ng videos ng tuloy tuloy. Pero ngayon mag 2 months nang mabagal connectio nila!Tumawag na sister ko at ayun parang robot lang sila paulit ulit na aayusin daw kuno!

-need to reconnect all the time para makalod ng pages!

-paiba iba lagi signal.Minsan umaabot sa point na makikita mo nakalagay GSM! wtf?

-Postpaid ang kapatid ko at ako Prepaid.Same kami ng problem at same time nararanasan namin yun!wth!?

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Exactly, their service has deteriorated. Wala na yata silang pag-asa, mabuti pa magsara na lang sila.

zcx 4 years ago

kayapala tagal kong naghihintay sa customer service daming complainant. lol.

first 2 years ko sa SmartBro ok ang connection but now I am very very disappointed.

even though bagal iopen.

rmg201 4 years ago

pananakot lang po ba ang pagbigay nila ng ultimatum kasi di ko na rin binabayaran yong contract ko sa kanla na 499 dahil di naman namin magamit dahil sobrang bagal saka tumirik na talaga A.D.A LAW OFFICE DAW PO SILA MAG FILE NG COMPLAINT AGAINST ME ..PWEDE KAYA YOn????

choyax 4 years ago

where same problem bro.they force me to pay because we have contract .but the connection is too slow DMD and they said that they have legal council .hahahah. maybe i should go to the prison than to pay that i have never used.

jazzy15 4 years ago

ako ng DC n rin since last yr month of sept...2matawag sila pero ignore ko..sabi nila kakasuhan daw ako ng Smart kc di ako ngbabayad 26K +..i was a faithful client for 2 yrs pero ng extend me ulit ng contract..kaso pahina ng pahina , dinagdagan nila ng tubo ngbayad pa ako ng 600..kaso ganun din nmn..kakatakot pa ks di ba bka tamaan ng kidlat sa sobrang taas na...May nakulong n ba dito sa hindi pagbabayad ng bill..tnx po...reply nmn po..



Michell 4 years ago

I want to complain your VERY RUDE customer service representative ERIC REYES from SMART Wireless Center Robinsons Galleria.

I went there to pick-up our refund for overpayment on our disconnected Smart Bro account. I was not aware that I needed to submit (again) photocopy of my mother's IDs, SPA (Special Power of Attorney) and my IDs as well as I have already submitted them when I made the refund request last December 20, 2012. So I just presented my ID thinking that it will be done soon. Eric said that I need to give him copies of SPA, my mom's ID as well as mine. I told him that I already passed the requirements when I made the request and that the previous customer rep Ryan just told me to go to him after I called Smart's call center to check if the refund is ready to be picked up. Eric Reyes was SARCASTIC saying "Talaga? Sure ka?" So I told him "Yes, sigurado ako, yan sinabi sakin nung nag-assist sakin before at sabi sa call center magdala lang daw ako ng ID, nagbigay nako ng requirements nung ginawa yung request bakit kailangang magbigay ako uli?" Then Eric Reyes said "Sure ka? Tawagan ko si Ryan" so sabi ko "Sige tawagan mo" actually this conversation dragged on, he was being super rude, sarcastic, making an irritated expression while talking to me. Is that how you train your reps to talk to a customer?

He should be sent back to training. Educate him how to be polite, friendly, personable etc.

I went home and went back to Smart Wireless Center Robinsons Galleria with all the documents he asked me to produce (I would have brought them earlier had I known I needed to bring them) when Eric Reyes saw me, he made an irritated expression, wanting to show me that he was not happy seeing me again. After the last customer he was assisting, he called for the next number and when no one approached him and it was looking obvious that I would be the next customer he will be assisting, he went inside their office at around 5:15pm and I have not seen him since, I left around 5:55pm. It was clear he avoided entertaining me. I was boiling with anger as I did not do anything to deserve the very crude treatment he showed me. Nagsimula lang ako mainis nung nag-antipatiko na sya. NAPAKABASTOS! I hope my concern will reach the appropriate department. Thank you.

alongg 4 years ago

same thing here.

Smart Scam 4 years ago

As far as my research is concern there is no such name as Attorney Eduardo E. Dela Cruz nor a Law firm as Siliman, A.D.A or LDRP LAw i think Smart is just threatening us just to pay them..what do you think..

Smart Scam 4 years ago

As far as my research is concern there is no such name as Attorney Eduardo E. Dela Cruz nor a Law firm as Siliman, A.D.A or LDRP LAw i think Smart is just threatening us just to pay them..what do you think..

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aussie123456789 4 years ago

yes smart only likes money coming in for nothing not refunding money.They just keep taking on new customers but without spending some money on upgrading.Hence the speeds & poor connections,Their entire system is overloaded for the number of customers they have.I am surprised they are still in business,It would not happen in my country.Smart when are you going to get your act together & start looking after your customers

springer2012 4 years ago

Smart is not smart...LOL!!!

Sai 4 years ago

Ang naeexperience naman namin ngayon sa smartbro wimax ay wala kami connection, 3 weeks na. totally wala. tapos sasabhin nga sau na kesyo maghintay ka ng 24hours na magiging weeks or months na. nagpunta ako ng smart wireless center to check our wimax, ok naman siya, katulad dito sa amin, 5signals ang narereceive nya kaso wala talagang net. sa sobrang daming beses ko nga tumawag sa *1888 sinasabi ko na name ko, name ng mayari at kaaanu mo ang mayari. whatsoever. kaloka na. may nakasabayan pa ako na ganun din ang problema. Yung isa November pa walang internet. at yung isa naman December pa!!! JUSME!!! imagine nyo, magsusubscribe ka pagktapos wala ka magagamit na net. puro paghihintay. as customer sa tingin ko hindi ko obligasyon maghintay ng matagal para lang sa connection ko. sayang oras. lalo na kung sobrang need mo tlga ang net. tapos kapag nagpaterminate may sinasabi na pretermination chuchu.. HELLO!!!?!? wala naman sa kontrata na mawawalan pala ng connection hindi lang one week kundi months?!? OBLIGADO KAMI MAGHINTAY?!? BAKIT?!?

Sai 4 years ago

Ang naeexperience naman namin ngayon sa smartbro wimax ay wala kami connection, 3 weeks na. totally wala. tapos sasabhin nga sau na kesyo maghintay ka ng 24hours na magiging weeks or months na. nagpunta ako ng smart wireless center to check our wimax, ok naman siya, katulad dito sa amin, 5signals ang narereceive nya kaso wala talagang net. sa sobrang daming beses ko nga tumawag sa *1888 sinasabi ko na name ko, name ng mayari at kaaanu mo ang mayari. whatsoever. kaloka na. may nakasabayan pa ako na ganun din ang problema. Yung isa November pa walang internet. at yung isa naman December pa!!! JUSME!!! imagine nyo, magsusubscribe ka pagktapos wala ka magagamit na net. puro paghihintay. as customer sa tingin ko hindi ko obligasyon maghintay ng matagal para lang sa connection ko. sayang oras. lalo na kung sobrang need mo tlga ang net. tapos kapag nagpaterminate may sinasabi na pretermination chuchu.. HELLO!!!?!? wala naman sa kontrata na mawawalan pala ng connection hindi lang one week kundi months?!? OBLIGADO KAMI MAGHINTAY?!? BAKIT?!?

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 4 years ago from Philippines Author


RMD 4 years ago

Very bad experience we had from this Company....dapat wag na nila gamitin ang word na "SMART" hindi bagay eh. Ako nga tiniis ko nalang na tapusin ang contract at after nun nag fill-up ako ng disconnection notice sa branch kung saan ako nag apply. Ibig sabihin nun diko na gusto i renew ang contract ko sa very poor services nila at nilinaw kopa sa CSR na nag attend sa akin that time na kung may babayaran paba ako after nun sabi sakin eh wala maging ang magdidismantle ng kit nila sa bahay eh wala nako babayaran dahil na settle kona lahat ng araw na yun. So wait nalang ng mag didismantle ng kit....walang dumarating. Hanggang sa makalipat kami ng bagong bahay na inuupahan,akalain mo na may nag tyext na naman na may babayaran pa raw ako........anong kalokohan ito! Kung nasa Pinas lang ako that time na nagtext sila baka nasugod kona sila,imagine totally na closed kona ang contract at nagsayang ng pera kababayad sa walang ka kwenta-kwentang serbisyo nila eh naniningil na naman sila....maging ang mga records nila malamang di maayos bakit pati yung hindi na subscriber eh nakakatanggap parin ng mga notices na may babayaran pa....mga mukhang pera!!!Eto ang laman ng text message nila......Good day! Mr/Ms. RMD Litigation File No. SBI-A230-10 It appears that your outstanding account amounting P1,239.61 from SMART BRO remains unpaid despite several & repeated demands made on your account.

In our desire to spare you in the embarrasment & the inconvenience arising from litigation,we give you the last chance to settle your account.

Pay it directly at any Smart Branch w/in 24hrs.

If we do not hear from you w/in said period we will interpret your silence as an express admission of civil & criminal liabilty.

Pls. call 025349131 & look for Ms. Margate of SILLANO LAW OFFICE (Legal Counsel of Summit Office).

Disregard this message if payment has been made.

Yan ang content ng text nila.....imagine hindi nila alam kung sino yung gumagapit pa ng services nila at yung hindi na!!!!!Nakakahiya kayo Smart .......kaming mga naging consumer nyo ang dapat mag file ng kaso laban sa inyo kayo pa ang may lakas ng loob na magfile ng case....go ahead dahil pag-uwi ko ng Pinas at naka receive pa ako ng ganyang mga text galing sa inyo eh humanda kayo dahil kayo ang idedemanda ko at ibabalik ko sa inyo ang mga mensahe na pinadadala nyo sa akin. Nakakahiya kayo...mga mukhang pera!!!

RMD 4 years ago

Very bad experience we had from this Company....dapat wag na nila gamitin ang word na "SMART" hindi bagay eh. Ako nga tiniis ko nalang na tapusin ang contract at after nun nag fill-up ako ng disconnection notice sa branch kung saan ako nag apply. Ibig sabihin nun diko na gusto i renew ang contract ko sa very poor services nila at nilinaw kopa sa CSR na nag attend sa akin that time na kung may babayaran paba ako after nun sabi sakin eh wala maging ang magdidismantle ng kit nila sa bahay eh wala nako babayaran dahil na settle kona lahat ng araw na yun. So wait nalang ng mag didismantle ng kit....walang dumarating. Hanggang sa makalipat kami ng bagong bahay na inuupahan,akalain mo na may nag tyext na naman na may babayaran pa raw ako........anong kalokohan ito! Kung nasa Pinas lang ako that time na nagtext sila baka nasugod kona sila,imagine totally na closed kona ang contract at nagsayang ng pera kababayad sa walang ka kwenta-kwentang serbisyo nila eh naniningil na naman sila....maging ang mga records nila malamang di maayos bakit pati yung hindi na subscriber eh nakakatanggap parin ng mga notices na may babayaran pa....mga mukhang pera!!!Eto ang laman ng text message nila......Good day! Mr/Ms. RMD Litigation File No. SBI-A230-10 It appears that your outstanding account amounting P1,239.61 from SMART BRO remains unpaid despite several & repeated demands made on your account.

In our desire to spare you in the embarrasment & the inconvenience arising from litigation,we give you the last chance to settle your account.

Pay it directly at any Smart Branch w/in 24hrs.

If we do not hear from you w/in said period we will interpret your silence as an express admission of civil & criminal liabilty.

Pls. call 025349131 & look for Ms. Margate of SILLANO LAW OFFICE (Legal Counsel of Summit Office).

Disregard this message if payment has been made.

Yan ang content ng text nila.....imagine hindi nila alam kung sino yung gumagapit pa ng services nila at yung hindi na!!!!!Nakakahiya kayo Smart .......kaming mga naging consumer nyo ang dapat mag file ng kaso laban sa inyo kayo pa ang may lakas ng loob na magfile ng case....go ahead dahil pag-uwi ko ng Pinas at naka receive pa ako ng ganyang mga text galing sa inyo eh humanda kayo dahil kayo ang idedemanda ko at ibabalik ko sa inyo ang mga mensahe na pinadadala nyo sa akin. Nakakahiya kayo...mga mukhang pera!!!

wew 4 years ago

Baka ung iba dito na nag rereklamo hindi alam na may nakki coneect sa wifi nila... Naiintindihan ko po ung iba na malayo sa tower ng smart mabagal tlga.. pero para sa iba na walang alam baka may nakiki connect lang sa inyo gamit ung router nio... kaya kung mapansin nio gabi lang nabilis kxe TULOG na ung NAKIKI WIFI sa inyo!!

Canopy Hater 4 years ago

Walang kwenta talaga ang Smart bro canopy taga Baguio ako at mabagal ang internet . . . .. . ..pag madaling araw lng mabilis sayang ang binabayad at saka ang pinagtataka ko pa doon ay medyo malapit sa tower naka 10 bisita na ang mga technician at wala paring nangyayari wala talaga silang kwenta . . . Meron bang kaso pag hindi ka nagbayad ng ilang buwan para sa internet paki sagot po T.y

FCK SMART 4 years ago

Come on people just an advise.. don't get me wrong i hate smart and i'm using there service for almost 3+ yrs and 3 more months i'm done with them. Is so basic why do you think smart has always Commercials in tv maybe around 5-10 times or more in different local channel that means that they are losing customers. If there product is good then they don't need to advertise that much and they said UP to 1mbs so UP to is a safe heaven to them means the speed is not reliable or not stable it can change any second. While we complain and fight with there employees about it and it goes on and on in circle they just look at the numbers while they get rich. This will be kind of off the Topic but ahm there should be a Law about this false advertisements telling customers to buy there products ahmm.. whats the word for that. sorry for my bad English.. OK for example if you buy a product like a Soda its say the price P50 for 1.5liters not P50 for 1 liter to 1.5 right.. kind of like that what i meant. My point is there should be a law for it to protect the customers not giving the customers a range of guess for buying there product. Some thing like that.. its just a basic law.

I have not tried/expirence not paying smart bro cause i don't want to have any problems with them. They are just Good of Service around Manila Areas but for personal use i think they are not good.

SmartBro 7MBps 4 years ago

Wew !!! Speed is amazing 1.5mb download speed... But its a hell of frustration...

Which do you prefer?

High speed Net? w/ inconsistent signal

data of my ping 247ms ,803,ms,603ms, 250ms, = 100% inconsistent even im just 60 meter away from their HSDPA+ tower..

SMART BRO IS 100% FRAUD... DOTC acts now!... SUfa Sheet!

profile image

betog 4 years ago

I was a quite satisfied customer of 2 years, and tried to continue for another 2 year. The first 5 months of the succeeding year were going well then came June, I was not having slow connection but totally NO CONNECTION AT ALL!. I persistently calling CSR everyday and what they are telling me was to monitor my connection within 24 hours. After of almost a week of calling, CSR said I will have technical inspection but no one came. This made me loose money and precious work related performance. My work depends on internet connection, I have to bring my PC to a computer shop everyday, always looking for available slot and exposing myself to threat of network viruses or malware lurking on those shops. I felt uncomfortable fearing that confidential data of my clients might be compromised. The inconveniences, data threat, safety of travel and financial loss that I incurred is not acceptable. After a week of suffering came Globe Tattoo, the connection is decent and faster than SmartBro. If you are not satisfied you may pre-terminate anytime and pay just an additional 2 months of service unlike with Smartbro where you will pay the remaining months you have not used which I can term as a "legalized hold-up". I was mad! I didn't pay up and haven't used their connection since then. I continuously receiving text forcing me to pay them and threats of legal action. Then lately I received a text message coming from A.D.A Law office that this matter will brought to court if I haven't settled my 7K unpaid services which I haven't used.

Prior to this text, I was receiving messages that If I don't pay my dues, my connection will be disconnected. If my connection was "truly" disconnected why am still need to pay the 7K ?, that means they don't really disconnect the "connection" for the past 7 months.

This is completely unfair and an injustice to the paying customers who are threaten by "big bully" companies like Smart. I am hoping that NTC can be trusted to take actions about these issues that's long gone piling up in the blogosphere.

Are there really documented cases of customers going to penalties, jail or related cases after the course of legal action from Smart?

james warlack 4 years ago

as for me globe talaga ako kaso ang school namen gusto smart dahil may mga seminar sila na binibigay hehehehehe!.....................................7pm to 12am wag kanag mag net baka matapon mu yopung wimax nila huhuhuhuhuh!...................

Carlos 3 years ago

Just bought today, Smart Bro Pocket Wifi. Original Price was 3,895 tapos may discount raw na 900, kaya we decided to buy at the price of 2995..... 7Mbs... whew, I was so excited, but when I tried just now, download speed is less than 1mbs ..... tpos yun signal unstable pa.... I tried around 8pm pag kadating naming sa bahay until 12:30pm.. We're residing at Angeles City, Pampanga... How I wish we can return this product.

AMBOT 3 years ago


smartBOBO 3 years ago

tae ang smartbro! bwisit! npakabagal di kami mkalaro ng LOL ng maayos!! npka lag.

CheckMater 3 years ago

SmartBro services is doing great on the road of greedy businesses. Why greedy? They manage to expand to new plans for potential users w/o prior review on what their general subscribers experience. Customer service is just a way to document problems but fail to deliver documentations to their engineers. They may handle little to no help with simple problems, and when rebooting the router/modem isnt solving the problem anymore then a technician is needed on site. But due to the merging, both companies resources of Technicians are now spread too thin to cover both business customer complaints, and now with a wide variety of plans added to both ends of the business only leads to the frustration that they will face, plus they also have to deal with the customer's temper arriving on site - with frustration aiming at them for the delayed or postponed repairs. Not only they have such a low pay, they gets most of the customer's rant, and if it even solved, they have to come back and fix it; alternately they'll eventually quit.

Having a general I.T. idea on how networks work derives me to conclude that smart is might be using outdated network tools and equipment and/or applying improper ways to solve multiple problems - I think they came with the idea that temp patches where made until a proper solution is found, but due to the devastating "Maniana Habit" solidifies those temp patches to a Risky General Solution, adding more to the distress they even added new plans to go with it which even worsen the problem - this is just my speculation, but it prominently fits in the equation.

In conclusion I'm guessing this is some kind of a Bubble theory. Let's call it Smart Bubble. Where everything goes fine at first, and problems are at a minimal. Then they tried to go for bold plans, the subscribers' grew, the bubble grew, so does the problems. And when the whole thing just gets too big, too many subscribers, too may problems, and no definite solutions, they have to keep their business alive somehow, hence the no bars preemptive threats of suing its subscriber under a flawed business benefiting contract (in some case I think they copied it out of AT&T ToS or Wikipedia...) which has no piratical implementation under Filipino culture, cuz technically Pinoy doesn't workout with American, British, or w/e ISP laws. I just hope that PLDT wont get contaminated with Smart's smartness, or yet again it maybe too late.

But as a aspiring risk assessment personnel, My complaints dont come without solutions, I would like to suggest to:

1. Fire off a few CEO's that isn't doing their best to improve the business, I just hate people with large-ass checks with no definitive outcomes and has the guts to have a good's night rest. ~ They have to read customer's documentation and have someone with a definite experience under their belt to deal with this mishap and solve their issues.

2. Stop all future SmartBro Plans and focus at the problems at hand; adding more plans is just adding more problems! Pay a certified professional check all the networks and map out a better routing table would not only benefit their business but also its clients. Trust me the pay is worth the cost!

3. Thinking that SmartBro might live with the help of its partner PLDT might be a good idea, but in reality is riskier than it is. SmartBro services is (SUPER)below average upon user ratings and satisfaction in the case of PLDT might dwindle in service the whole Corp might get in trouble and lose a vast majority of customers. Heck, even their pity acts of Suing their customer's might be ignored, or yet Backfire.


ihavetheright! 3 years ago

i already disconnected my service from Smartbro last june 2012. i finished my 2 yr contract w/ them earlier of 2012(march siguro)... i disco bcoz of poor service... subrang bagal nung internet, plus i had 4-5days n walang internet dat month (june) tpos i had an instance p n ung binayad nmin n 1000 pesos months bfor was not reflected on the bill that we were able to pay.. and ngdisco lng kami, ung 1000 n binayad nmin was not credited... tapos ngaun, march 2013, they r textng me dat i need to pay 2681 as my unsettled bill! tapos kakasohan daw ako ng ADA law office kapag di binayaran?!! kakainis talaga! di nmn ako ng extend nung contract ko, i disconnected the service properly... tapos ngaun sinisingil p rin ako... gusto ko ngga sana puntahan ung smart center dto samin.. para magreklamo.. tama bang sumulong sa ofis ng smart at mgreklamo or pabayaan ko nlng?????

SmartbroisSTUPID 3 years ago

Hi Guys So I've Got This Problem. I Didn't Used My STUPID Smart Broadband For A Year And The Contract Is 2 years And They Just sent Me This Letter With The Bill!

Outstanding Balance As Of Feb 27 = P2,863

Add: Pre-termination Fee = P999.0

Subtotal = 3,862.43

Add: Penalty = 259

Subtotal = 4,121.99

Add: Collection Fee = 1,154.16

TOTAL = 5,276.14

I Mean How Could Smart Do This I Paid The Last One For The 1st Year. And Give Me You Advice! Should IO Pay This Or Not? I'm Quite Concerned If Smart Will Sue Me For Refusing To Pay This Overpriced Bill!


profile image

neoagcaoili 3 years ago

I also have the same story, its almost 8 months that i'm not paying the bill and there is still 8 months left on my contract, and today, I received a letter from LDRP(I believe you know what the letter is all about). I really don't have a plan on paying that, because from the 4th week of august 2012 up to 1st week of october 2012 my internet connection was totally down, after that month of waiting the connection came back but after 3 days it went down again! I tried many times to call and send emails to smart but then nothing happened they just always repeat what they always says. Then on that month of october I decided to removed the canopy and not to continue with the fcking contract, still they continue to send me letters about they will file a case on me blah blah., so I decided to call them why I am not paying but the CSR just keep on following the fcking protocol, just like all your story (pay the whole contract about 16k++)

.. I really don't like to pay for the connection because I did not received what I must received, But there is one thing that is keeping me not to be threatened, It is the wrong spelling of my name in my account and all of the the letters that they sent, so what I thought is that (they cannot sue me because that's not me, its wrong spelled) plus I am not using smartbro for the last 8 months because of the reasons above.

*my question is, will they really file a case against me or its just a threat?

because I really don't have a plan on paying them because I feel that I am a victim of a Scam! (2mbps connection but I only have 200-300kbps below During the day and 700kbps during midnight)

*If in any case you all have a plan on filing a law suit against them, pls count me in, I really want them to realized what they must,

diongly 3 years ago

hay naku bwisit tlg yang smartbro na yan sobra kakapal ng mukha hoy ayusin muna ninyo ang service nyo bgo kayo maningil,napaka bagal ng connection at ang bagal ng serbisyo pero ang bilis nyo maningil, ang dami ng nagrereklamo s inyo bakit kaya d nyo muna ayusin ang lahat ng concern ng costumer nyo ska kayo maningil mga bwisit kayo kung ayaw nyo putulin namin ang service aba ayusin nyo anong gusto nyo abuloy nalang ung binabayad namin s inyo bakit kaya d kayo mag mag isip, magresearch at gumawa ng plan kung paano masusulosyunan ang problema namin my God wag kayong buwaya puro kabig ang gusto nyo

marites 3 years ago

ako din inis sa smart bago lng ako pero inis na ako ksi pangit ang signal

smartbullshit 3 years ago

smart connection is a damn disaster. my connection is very slow for a week now. i've complained it online and and that same day i received a call from their tech support to supposedly fix my problem but the idiot representative did a bullshit. he said i've already reached my maximum threshold (whatever is that). i asked him if what's my max limitation and he said he is not allowed to provide me such information ( are you kidding me?). i subscribed the 999 plan up to 1mbps. its supposedly unlimited surfing. i told the rep that i did not download anything this month and not use that net that often but he kept on telling the same thing. the worst thing is he even tried to upsell and asked me to upgrade my plan to a higher one. bullshit!. then after that day i received another call from their tech support , this time its a different representative, and he is telling me he found some problem on my antenna. i asked him what the other rep telling me about the threshold but he said it has nothing to do with it. good thing this time his more knowledgeable and knows his job. so the guy telling me he will escalate the problem to the main office or wherever and should wait for 24 hrs but its more than 3 days after that call and i never received any feedback from them. truly smart is really a smartbroken. f***ck them. i will cancel my service if this will not fixed this week since im using my internet connection for my home base job. i will not pay whatever the cancellation fee is. i will find a law suit against them. this should be stopped.

SmartBRO(ken) user from Antipolo 3 years ago

I totally agree with you on their horrible services. Not only is their internet reception bad, but their customer hotline sucks balls too! I live in Antipolo, and my house is technically right next to multiple signal towers (I believe including theirs). Yet, the internet type I receive is completely out of hand and whenever I get a 3G or an HSDPA signal, it only lasts for an hour or so and would completely revert to a fucking GPRS signal that would last the whole day! Just imagine how fucking horrible that is... you're watching videos and surfing the internet and you hear their stupid "TADAAA" over and over and over... just to reconnect again to an internet service that's almost NON-EXISTENT.

My 3G/HSDPA transport rate (a fucking 3.0-0.02 kbps) is so bad that it couldn't even load a 10 second youtube video!

ihatetheirservice 3 years ago

Pls. I need help . May nakulong naba na ang kaso ay hindi nakabayad sa bill sa dnart . Mahina kasi masyado ang signal . Nakakamatay .grabe. jelppppp. Plssssssssss

higgs 3 years ago

sa problem until now

higgs 3 years ago

same problem until now

ztupid 3 years ago

Alam nyo kung di kayo b0b0 bakit kayo nag apply sa panget na ISP... research search muna... wag tatanga tanga... common sense please...

smartbullshit 3 years ago

for ztupid.... alam mo kung di ka rin bObO wag ka na makisali. parang ang galing mo naman. mas tanga ka pa sa nanay mo.

japzs 3 years ago

Meron na silang Bandwith Limit sa Internet connection kahit Unlimited un inaaplyan mo na plan... wala man lang notification, ang masakit pa hindi mo lam kun nsa limi ka na, hindi rin masagot ng operator nila kun ilan un maximum bandwith na pde mo i consume within a month...

smartbullshit 3 years ago

you are absolutely right. i called them last week and i was told that i've reached my maximum limit for just 2 weeks of barely using the service. bullshit! i asked them the max limit but the agent said he is not allowed to divulge such info. what the f**k... i asked for a supervisor but the agent told me there was no available. smart bro is really a big disaster for us pinoys! i ask them to cancel my service immediately. i dont care about the cancellation fee or whatever. im not gonna pay it anyway. wla namang na kulong sa ganyan eh!!! im now using Globe w/c is better in my area... for smart, i owe you for canceling the service? write it on a piece of leaf. im not gonna pay it... now who's my BEATCH!!!

wanderer 3 years ago

I bought a smart plugin stick about a year ago.. up to now.. dq mapakinabangan.. Super Slow yung SMART talaga... Anyway, what can you recommend ISP in Langgam San Pedro, Laguna???

nyeta! 3 years ago

hi. we have the same case. i think matatapos na contract ko with smart broken last time i check i have outstanding balance of 26kplusPHP. damn i was so shock when i received that letter from smrtbroke and now may dumating na letter saken from LDRP court somewhere in makati. letter stated that if i ddnt pay this amount they will constrain to file the necessary case against me in makati city and they give me max of 5days from the date of this letter which is april 17 to pay the bills, imagine april 17 so dapt nakulong nako nuung april 22. pero nakapag apply pako ng NBI travel abroad april 24 then nakuha ko may 24. sabay sabay nalng tayong manalangin. dahil jan nasira pa profile natin.

smartbullshit 3 years ago

MR. RASHID OMAR wag kang makisali dito dahil hindi ito para sayo. selling your product to upset consumer is not a good idea. may pautang ka pa jan. utangin ko buhay mo eh.

pissedsmartuser 3 years ago

Buti nabasa ko tong thread na to, halos 8k na yung bill namin sa smartbroken na yan. Nasendan narin ako dati nung ATTY at legal ek ek na yun at natakot ako kaya binayaran ko ung 4k plus I think tapos inextend nila contract namin (w/o us knowing ah) dapat tapos na last December 2012, na-extend tuloy last April 2013. Lumakas ang loob ko ngayon na di na bayaran yung bill dahil sa inyo. Alam ko na gagawin ko BOYCOTT ang walang kwentang SMART! Sue me and I'll expose this sa TV!

Thanks thanks!

pissedsmartuser 3 years ago

@ztupid wag na magmagaling, paepal pa eh, mga biktima ng smart ang nandito. Kung makapagsalita ka akala mo alam lahat eh. Sige eto naisip mo ba to:

"Paano yung mga lugar na smartbro lang ang connection na available?"

San ka kukuha ng ISP? sa Nanay mong pinalaki kang tanga at feelingero pa?!

smartbullshit 3 years ago

hindi kayo makukulong kung hindi nyo bayaran ang utang nyo sa smart. why pay for lousy service? may nabalitaan na ba kayo na kapit bahay nyo na nakulong just because they failed to pay their bills? WALA! basta wag lang kayong pumirma ng tseke. smart is a fraud company. they are good of stealing money from their consumer but the service, very lousy. imagine you signed up for unlimited internet connection but now they already have a limited bandwidth w/o informing us. plus all their customer service are very suck. so stupid. kung sa bagay eh ang liit kasi ng sweldo.

IVY 3 years ago

Same story,haist 3 months ko di binayaran yung bill ko dahil sa napaka bagal na connection at di ko nman nagagamit,last week na disconnect na internet connection ko sa SMARTBROKEN na yan,natuwa pa ako dahil sa wakas makapag apply na ako sa iba na mas maayos ang service,,walang kwenta kc customer service ng smart. Pero nung monday nakaka high blood may dumating na bill sakin almost 4k lng yung previous bill ko,nagulat ako may pinalty 25 k at umabot sa 29k yung total bill ko,,lintik na yan! babayaran ko ba ang hindi ko naman na consume..talo ko pa na broken mga post nyo expected ko na may letter din from law office na ipapadala saken dahil sa smat na yan,,haizt...

eresponsableeeeh 3 years ago

ang smart nakapangutang sa akin. scan sa mga files nila... today due date ko sa smartbro 999 di ako makabayad kasi wala silang binayad. mga shit sila. sila ang dahilan kaya delay ako taz bukas overdue na? shit sila ilang scan files na nagawa ko sakanila. instead 15 each binigay ko 10 taz from april-present 5 pesos nalang. tapos nanghihingi pa ng discount... like instead 350 pwedi 250. taz ngaun ang utang nila is 500 + 250 = 750. nagtext sa akin kagabi pwedi discount. ano masasabi nyo kung sayo to nangyari klasing shit?

smartbullshit 3 years ago

actually kung magtulungan tayo we can try to escalate this issue to upper management or better yet we can bring this up to senate. so the government will also take time to look at it. there should have a law to protect the consumer like us. so this smart bullshit should stop their scam. in US all their consumer are protected, they have a better business bureau, it should be the same here in pinas.

Mike of Gensan 3 years ago

Well Guys same tayo ng problema lahat..Actually bago lang ako na subscriber ng smart bro fuckinnn WIMAX na ito.. 2 months pa lang akong subscriber nito. At first maganda ang service malakas ang connection., but after ng 1rst month na pag gamit ko ng smart bro ayun.. Doon na lumabas ang Kulay, Ilang beses ko ng nireport and it always says that wait for 24 hours for checkin for solutions. See 1 month na akong me ganitong problema the connection still Sucks, I hope Some smart bro Leaders will read this "HOY SMART BRO-KEN AYUSIN NYU MAN SERBISYO NYO di yung BISYO lang alam nyu" well guys tama nga talaga dapat mag basa muna bago mag subscribe.. hay nako. Di ko babayaran ang bills ko kung meron man na darating. bahala na sila pag di pa nila inayos to sigurado demandahan na kung demandahan di ako natatakot. Diba nga Customer is always right? Well yung mga sinabi nyu rito ay na experience ko rin yan.. Paghina ng connection at totally nawawala na ang connection.Well Kapit bisig tayong mga subscribers may karapatan tayo na mag reklamo at walang karapatan ang smart na maningil kung ang serbisyo man lang ay sing hina ng pagong. Ayon na sabi ko na lahat.thnx for this

ichi 3 years ago

same happen to me guys..almost 1 month wala ako connection unindentified network ..20 times na ako nag call *1888 is everyday i called ..then everyday nila ako inischedule for visit ng technician ..but they always cancel,and untill now everyday nila inischedule for visiting pero wala nagyayari,.what im going to do for it i need file the case to the lawyer..''or headlines to news this damm thing doing...its soooooo sucks!!!

wapak 3 years ago

sana magawan ng paraan ito gusto ko na din taposin ang kontrata sobarang bagal 0.12, o.27, 0.20 dpa ata tumaas kht o.30 1mbps ang pangako nila nasasayangan nako sa binabayad ko.....

Pipo629 3 years ago

That is exactly how they attended to me also. They just said sorry and there will be remote adjustments. But that is what they say for 1 month already. I also said of planning to terminate my service but they still didn't do anything about it. These people know the real reason but they are trained not to say it. It is too many subscribers fighting for a strong signal in one station. When Smartbro was new it wasn't like this. The signal was very strong then.

Smart Brosh*t 3 years ago

im planning to leave my Smart Brosht 999 for good w/o paying my debt to them. Wala talagang improvement ang serbisyo nila. Paulit ulit na lang, pagod na ako sa mabagal at walang signal na Smart bulsshit nila. Pasensyahan na lang... Nakalikom na kayo ng salapi sa amin, siguro naman oras naman namin na wag magbayad sa panget na serbisyo nyo. Sana may mag organisa na pasabugin bawat Base station nila. Tang gala nila! Mga buwaya!

janet 3 years ago

same problem, isang buwan lang kami nakagamit, ilang buwan kaming walang net, napakahina ng net, parang pagong. Ni walang bill kaming natanggap tapos ngayon, sulat ng atty. nakarating? ang bill namin di nakarating sa amin, pero ung naningil na sila nakarating ung sulat. Aabot ng 30K babayaran namin? ANO?

Feeling ko isa itong SCAM.

Pababayarin ba naman kami ng ganun kalaking halaga, ni di kami nakagamit ng net ng ilang buwan? Isang buwan lang kami nakagamit? Mamuti nalang mata nila wala silang makukuha sa amin., ni singkong duling.

Globe user na kami ngayon. At salamat OK naman ang serbisyo ng Globe.

Rod 3 years ago

Bullshit talaga tong smartbro di ko na talaga binayaran mga balance ko sa kanila! May kontrata nga ako sa kanila pero nakasaad sa kontrata na ibibigay nila ang connection service kapalit ng payments... walang connection service sila ang nag bridge sa contract sila ang dapat kasuhan prior sa mga naibayad ko ng payments na halos wala namang nabigay na serbisyo...

Haylin 3 years ago

Grabe naman nababasa ko na mga complain sa smart dto i was a subscriber din 2weeks lng mgnda service nila after nun humina na at on and off na ang net ko sobrang hassle pa tumwag sa hotline nila mahirap na kumonek umiinit na tenga mo sa telepono kakaantay minsan mapuputol pa bigla uulit ka sa simula tatawag mag aantay ulit wala na bang iimprove ang service nyo di ba uso ang salitang CUSTOMeR SATISFACTION sa inyo magaling kayo sa singilan at pananakot sa mga customer nyo 6 months plng ako subscriber at 18 months pa kulang ko dahil nakalock in ako ng 2yrs daw kaya di pwede ipaputol this july nagpasya na kong d byaran dahil sa dami ko na report sknila nangako pa pupuntahan ng technician wala naman nang yari naman tpos sasabihin sakin ng CS wala akong report ng june, april at may lang daw aba dapat ba monthly may report anong silbi ng customer service representative nyo kung dapat customer pa mag follow up ng problema nila ngaun wala na kong bayaran pa ang remaining balance ko dahil unang una wala akong napakinabangan sa serbisyo pangalawa ededemanda nyo ko ng ano estafa? Ok magkokontrata demanda din ako simple as that di ako mangmang pra di malamn kung ano karapatan ko bilang tao at bilang subscriber nyo so be it alam kong wala akong gingawang mali so wala akong dapat ikatakot :)

Ashley :) 3 years ago

I have a same case scenario not to pay my bills in smart bro, then i receive monthly notice for my billing and a letter that i must settle my bills.



reply po kayo :) tnx

cindy hernandez 3 years ago

now plnh po kme nag pa koinek ng wimax pwd pba ipa cancel un .. grbe kc ang bgal kainis lng ..

maynard 3 years ago

Kami natapos na 2 yr contract namin. nung February 2013..tapos after nun nwalan na kmi ng connection kaya ung switch na kmi sa globe tapos bgla bgla nalng kmi magkaka bill? tnawagan ko ang smart sinabi ko na papa disconect na nmin pero ang sabi nila kailangan pa dw nmin bayaran ung balance e nde nmn na nmn nagamit ung kc wala ng connection...tapos ngyon padala ng padala ng notice!!! Gago sila...nde ako bobo para bayaran yun bat may bill pa kmi wala na sa contracta un at wala na kming connection!

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 3 years ago from Philippines Author

Tama, bakit ka magbabayad. Manigas sila!

tavern 3 years ago

Nakakainis tong SMART BRO kami nga 2 months lang nagamit tapos di na namin ginagamit ang service pero na bi-bill pa rin kami tapos send nang send na kakasuhan daw kami. Pag ginawa nila yun sila kelangan na talaga ireport sila sa NTC kasi unfair sa customers/subscribers na magbayad nang termination fee. san ka ba naman nakahanap nang ganun na subscription nga kelangan talaga magbayad nang ganun kalaking amount.

Question lang. May nakasuhan na ba dahil di nakapagbayad sa termination fee nila?. Sana may magreply

lifesaver 3 years ago

smartbro dont care about us,

lotte 3 years ago

e di i-hack mo use some tricks madami jan forums n mkktulong sau to use ur broadband again for free...consult k din minsan ky mr. google

Superman 3 years ago

mga technicians kasi sine-set lang nila sa x1 and speed ng internet. Mayroon naman x2 na option kaya lang ginagawa nila x1 para daw hindi bumagal ang ibang connection ng subscriber... gezz...

Grace 3 years ago

What you said is really true, my mom keeps getting a text from smartbro and say they'll sue us actually it's not our smartbro account it's from my father's co-worker who has a wife I think they use my mom's number for reference or something when they sign up for smartbro then later the wife is telling my mom that their smartbro is so slow just like what happen to you, then so on the wife didn't pay for it because they don't even use it. Oh well then now we keep getting text from smartbro that they'll sue as if we didn't pay then my mom got pissed so I said give me your cellphone and I'll text them telling that it's not your account because it's really bothersome and take note the text we keep getting has a name, contact of the wife of my father's friend so I said (not exactly) don't you see that my contact number is not the same on your message blah blah blah.

Then they stop texting us for a while but they started again O_O

We too experience really slow connection na gabi lang bumibilis yung internet minsan nga as in wala talagang connection at tumagal yun ng five months and I think may mga kinalaman yung mga technicians because my mom told me that kapag wala daw client or walang inaayos is wala rin silang sweldo. And umayos lang yung internet namin nung tumawag na kami sa technician -___________________-

Azzi 3 years ago


WILDSON 3 years ago

Guy's ako Ilang Bisis na nilang pina padalhan ng Love letter..

Ang Tatak nito ay

SERIOUSLY OVERDUE.. nakasulat dito ang pananakot na ito daw ay kahulihulihan nilang sulat, pag di mabayaran kakasohan daw ako. Bago pa iyan yong may koniksyon pa ako. Pinatigil ko muna kasi naibinta ko ang PC ko kasi sa tindi ng pangangailangan. So that time meron akong 1 and half moneth na di nababayaran. Tumawag sila sa akon na Bayaran daw yong Bill ko kasi nag overdue na. So sumagot ako sa kanila na, Madam pwede po ba ipa hinto ito kasi di naman namin nagagamit ang Connection kasi wala kami sa bahay. so sabi nila OK pa puputol nila pero bayaran daw ang bill na di pa nabayaran.

So ganito. di ko nabayaran ang bill na kulang at umabot ito ng ilang buwan pa. ang problema lagi silang nag papadala ng letter at tumatawag, hangat sa dumating ito ng 3 months. at lagi din nilang iniusog ang babayarin sa 999 naging 2000 hanggang 3000 at ngayon kahulihulihan naging 4,953.91 na. ang tindi din nila.

Sa tutuo lang meron din sila problema yon nga ang connection mahina. kaya nga every 12 midnight lang ako addicted sa online.

Ngayon kung mag kakaharap kami sa kaso, handa ako sa ano mang paratang sa SMART at meron akong dahilan. Low Connection and Over na babayarin kahit nag request na ako ng disconnection at Spam pa sa TAWAG at sa sulat. at ito pa Pina peperma nila tayo ng ilang taon kahit di masiguradong aabot tayo ng ilang taon. pwede ba yon? tapos mananakot sila?

Kaya kung kayo makakatangap ng tulad sa akin. wag kayong matakot, ipag laban nyo karapatan nyo. sila pa nag kapira sa atin tayo pa peperwesyohin. SMART ASSHOLE

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 3 years ago from Philippines Author

Simple lang, huwag bayaran tapos, bahala silang maubos ang papel nila sa kakapadala ng notice.

JJ 3 years ago

I agree, Smart is a bunch of incompetent jackasses who could not run an internet company if their damn life depended on it. Go with Smart (should be called stupid) and you will certainly be cheated. You will be overcharged significantly for an internet service that they are just not capable of providing. Smart managers are cowards who hide behind their desk while they hire morons who do not have a clue as to what is going on, to handle the customer.

Here is a thought, Smart. Fire every damn manager who does not give access to your customers. What do you need them for? To take your customer's money while you continue to cheat them month after month after month. You all belong in jail.

unknown 3 years ago

dati din aq smart bro may internet shop aq dhil smart bro lng availble s lugar nmin kya un kinuha q pero lagi xang wlang signal or connection at ayaw nman nilang gawin ung canopy nila kay hindi aq ngbayad pero hangang ngaun d p aq nkukulong at ung canopy nila nasa bubong p rin ng shop q.cguro mga 2yrs mhigit n yta q d ngbabayad. ngsawa din cla s pagtawg, pgtxt at pgpapadla ng demand letter.. gmit q ngaun broadband lng ng globe ung 3g 4-5 mbps p speedtest q 15pc p gmit q jan at d p msyadong mlag. kso umaasa k lng s signal n 3g kya kpag may problema s signal mbgal net or wlang connection pero maganda nman service ng globe kya ngagawa agad nila

NMEISKIA 3 years ago

T_T ako ren nahihirapan na sa smart. . pocket wifi po ung nabigay sakin ng nanay ko... sabi ko sakanya mag globe na kami kasi a year before applying meron rin kaming smart bro na laging walang net. Ganun rin sa mga cousins ko.. Gusto ko na nga po ma terminate to at lumipat na sa globe (1 and a half years pa ung contracy) Di ko po alam na may mga fee pa kung maaga ipaterminate...kakainis lang kasi parang 1% lang nababayaran ko kasi everyday.. 30 minutes lang sya tatakbo ng maayos tas pagkatapos nun... sasayangin ko oras ko kakareklamo dun... share ko lang po T_T

bulokNaSmart! 3 years ago

ako rin almost 8months na akong user ng smartBROLOK! walng kwenta serbiyo putang inah! ang mabilis at napakabilis pa sa kidlat ang paniningil ng mga hinayupak! pag binayaran ko na ba ang bill ko ngaun at pinatigil na contract pede ba un?

SmartAss 3 years ago

umabot ng P10,000 yung bill ko last 2009 hindi naman ako nakasuhan ganyan ganyan din ang problema ko hehehe! hindi nila ako mapipilit magbayad sa service na hindi ko naman napakinabangan anu sila sineswerte?? kahit magdemanda pa sila! pag ginawa nila yan magiging fire starter lang yan at lalong maglalakas loob mag aklas ang mga smart subscriber para ipasara kumpanya nila!!! subukan nila mag demanda ng isang customer, i dare them!!!!

Monster 22 3 years ago

Smart bro is worst talaga. subcriber din ako since 2009 and present in past 2 years pinagtyagaan ko pa sila internet connection but everyone who post here is my same problem too. bumabagal ng bumabagal ang connection and meron pa silang sinasabi na fair policy who know this policy? pag na exceed mo na daw ung limit using it babagal daw talaga and mag rereset daw ito next 1day of the month WOW nasa middle palang ako ng month mabagal na speedtest ko 0.06 or 0.10 mbps lupet tapos ng babayad ng 999 hindi na.... to all subscriber's in smart ano ang pwede nating gawin na reklamo dito sa SMART BROken na ito pasara nalang parang no improvement eh ang mga ito eh tinawag pa naman na na SMART .... Bobo naman pala Mahina.

SmartAss 3 years ago

kita mo talaga tong smart na to, nag text now lng na tataas na ang reconnection fee nila ng P500 kapag na disconnect ka dahil sa hindi pagbabayad!! ANG KAKAPAL NG MUKHA! anu ba gagawin natin para matigil na panloloko nitong smart na to!! kapal ng mukha magtaas ng fee at ang galing sa paniningil eh yung sevice nila hindi nga nakaka satisfy ng customer!! nakaka init talaga ng ulo!!

Smart headache.. 3 years ago

hey guys just received a text from smart broken lawyer today and the messages goes like this..


MR/MRS my name THIS IS ARQUILLO DELACRUZ and ASSOCIATES LAWFIRM . In our desire to spare you the incoviniences incident to

court litigation we are giving you 24hours to settle yourobligation to smart bro amounting to php5,128.33 otherwise, we wi

ll pursue the formal complaint against you on sept 15,2003. final demand. For inquiries call (02)3818527 and look our legal counsel miriam

Gossssh as far as I know I already finish my 2 years contract ed

msfrappe 3 years ago

i just received a letter dated July 15, pero ngayon ko lang nareceived august 28. Sabi,

On account of your continued disregard of previous demands, our client, smart broadband inc has instructed us to proceed the filing of civil / criminal complaint against you. If the evidence warrant with the appropriate court of Makati city.

Final demand pay

principal - 4,826.99

interest - 324.37

collection fee - 1,442.38

total - 6,593.74

pay on or before august 10. eh ano na ngaun august 28, chaka kinausap ko na to e. sabi ko, na unemployed kami ni hubby unfortunately na dati di naman kami nagkakaganito nakiusap ako na babayran na lang namin pag nag kawork kami. d naman ganun kalakihan ang utang namin nasa 4k lang. tapos pinag babayad ako ng kinabukasan parang d nakaintindi. ano gusto nila gawin ko magnakaw? .. nag email ako sa smart dati na lilipat kami ng bahay di nila inaus connection kaya ung 4k na un hindi naman namin nagamit lahat. ano gagawin ko dito ?:( can i ignore this too? pero nakakatakot ung mga sinasabi nila.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 3 years ago from Philippines Author

Ignore it forever, panakot lang yan.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 3 years ago from Philippines Author

Ganyan sila kahit tapos na contract hindi nila automatic nilallagot para makapaningil pa rin. Wag mo bayaran, manigas sila.

jackie 3 years ago

does anyone here knows where to complain about their very slow connection and thier stupid employees?

profile image

kashikk 3 years ago

swerte pa kayo nkatikim ng good connection for short period of time....ako a month ago I try ung my bro 499 plan nila....sabi ko irefund nila kc poor connection as in useless tlga..mdami clang reason out nung ibinabalik ko na sa technical issue daw and I need wait up to 5 days. Bumalik ako sa outlet for thrice..diko nakikita sales person...Nagtext ako sales staff ilang beses sabi ko ibabalik ko n kc totally not working ung signal..connected nman sya sa pc as per status pero ung signal very poor. ..after a month nagreply sya sa text ko na namatayan dw sya kya diko sya ma sight sa outlet at dun dw ako sa office pumunta...wala na cla pkialam sa customer kc nkabenta na..I have been email the customer care to terminate my connection or refund my money..kelngan ko dw byaran ung computation nung lock in period...Aba nkuha pa maningil eh cla nga ung unang di tumupad sa service na pnapromise nla..ska address tnatanong din nila un so they know if their offer will work on that area or not...nagsend p tlga ng bill eh un ang diko matanggap!

profile image

kashikk 3 years ago

We need act on this at wag na wag nten tatantanan pra wala nang new consumer ang magssuffer!

Kashikka 3 years ago


Don't worry..cla nga tong may nilalabag na batas just google republic act 7394 Consumer Act..nkasaad dyan ung rights nten as consumer...db nag aadvertise cla ng featured services nila...well infact they don't do their best to meet what they are presenting with their ads... sa fb page plng nila puro complain...yan ang page na mas lamang ang nega sa cguro kung iimbestigahan isa isa ung complainant dyan...well they can tell the truth

Kashikka 3 years ago

To: jackie

Department of Trade and Industry mkakatulong saten or media exposure

wayyyyy 3 years ago

Hello! Im using smartbro for almost 7 yrs. Till now. Pero dati okay naman sya. umaabot kami lagi sa 100 kb/s tapos nito lang may issue. SABI EVERY MONTH MAY LIMIT NA YUNG CONNECTION NG INTERNET, 15GB LANG EVERY MONTH. SO PAG LUMAGPAS KA SA GIVEN NA LIMIT, DUN DAW BABAGAL.. as of now, i experienced that issue last week, sbrang hirap tlaga kami makaconnect lalo na sa skype, konting gamit lang ng net, nawwala na ng connection lahat. pero may days na sobrang bilis talaga ng net ko umaabot sa 200kb/s. Anyway, im not against to them but hndi natin masisisi ang SMARTBRO kung mabagal ang net natin, imagine ilan tayong nakaconnect / umaasa sakanila, talagang hndi tyo lahat mabibigyan ng mabilis na internet, swertihan nalang.

try nyo lang guys, 1) kung may router kayo lagyan nyo ng password or kaya naman kayo na manually maglagay ng mac address para control nyo yung nakaconnect sainyo. 2) kung may utorrent, bittorrent or kahit anong torrent kyo, iset nyo yung download speed nyo up to 50 kb/s pababa lang para matipid nyo yung limit nyo.

Yan ginagawa ko ngayon, okay naman sya sakin. Normal lang yung bilis ng net ko. :) Hope this will help to your problems.

wise girl 3 years ago

hello...totally panloloko sa tao...kung ganun pla na wag n cla mag accept pa ng mag aaply sa services nila...ganun ka simple so you are saying hindi na nila maaccommodate ung featured services nila kc mrami na ang user...that is very unreasonable wayyyyy.

Meja 3 years ago

To: Wayyyy

yes obvious nman na di ka against sa smart bro...jejeje Magbasa ka kc pag may time... Tignan u nga ung complain ng most user... its a matter of unfair billing.

jOHN 3 years ago

OKs lang sna kung bumababa ung signal at yung billing is doing the same thing. Wala na nga signal may bill pa rin...Sino ba gaganahan magbayad,,,parang may patago c Smartbroken sa subscriber kuno ng services nila...I call it "subscriber kuno" kc tinatawag nila tayong subscriber tapos wala naman tayong nasusubscribe na mgandang serbisyo. Magaling lang sila maningil. I doubt kung ano ung pinagbabasihan nila sa billing statement,,,ano yan ini mini mi ni mo...

SMATBROSUCK 3 years ago

Ndi totoo yang demanda na yan..mga third party lowlife lawyers and gumagawa nyan..PLDT din yan eh..para lang makakolekta sila ng pera mula sa consumer tatkutin nila..wala pang nakukulong jan kase di nmn kasalanan ng consumer kung bakit di mabayaran eh. Parang Sky Broadband lang yan..I could halos lahat n nga ng ISP provider eh may reklamo. Kaya wag kayong kurakot ng lawyer ng gustong kumita sa PLDT or SMART yang gumagawa nyan. TSS mga lumang modus na yan..

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 3 years ago from Philippines Author

TAMA! Anongdemanda demanda baka sila pa idemanda ko!

Tim 3 years ago

The real problem is all of these phone companies in the Philippines are owned by thieving piece of dog shit. Do you really think that they don't fully know that they are fucking their customer on a monthly basis? Why do you think the managers who have the power to change things hide like cockroaches from their customers? It's because they are cockroaches. Thieving cockroaches. "I'm sorry sir, but I cannot give you my jackass thieving cockroach of a manger's telephone number cause I will get into trouble". Did anyone really expect to be treated fairly by these cockroaches, like Ernest L. Cu and Napoleon L. Nazareno, who by the way is worth over 500 million. All thieving cockroaches get rich by screwing their customers. How much of that 500 million was taken by stealing the minutes paid for by the Philippine people. I can see taking your minutes after a decent amount of time, say 2 years or so, but a couple of months is just plain stealing. And lets not forget the cute little thieving trick these cockroaches played on everyone with the downloaded music that no one wanted, yet your minutes would just disappear as if by magic.

Tim 3 years ago

The trouble with the internet is that thieving cockroaches don't have a clue how to operate and fix electronic communication equipment to run efficiently, so they load up their servers far beyond capacity and use equipment that was build in the dark ages and glued together with tape, wire and chewing gum. They overcharge you for a service and still don't provide it to their customers.

Shieldwolf 3 years ago

Share ko lang sa mga Smart WiMax User and other ISP Users. Ganto ginawa ko para materminate ko ang napakabagal Service nila. Una, check nyo yung internet speed. Pano? Accessin nyo itong website na ito. Dito nyo malalaman kung nakukuha nyo ba yung pangako nila na 1MBPS or 2MBPS speed. Sa unang 2 Linggo .80 MBPS and speed ng internet ko. Not bad for 1MBPS na kinuha ko pero after nun biglang naging 0.15MBPS. Imagine from .80 naging .15BMPS na lang. Para kang bumili ng 1KL Chicken tapos bibigay lang sayo e 1/8. Parang tanga lang db? Screenshot nyo yung test from after ng installation para may proof kayo na eto yung speed nyo nung pagkainstall sa inyo. Sympre papogi points muna sila, ipapakita nila sa inyo na mabilis ang internet nila. Pagnawalan kayo ng internet, open nyo ang command prompt sa All Programs nyo then try to ping or Dyan nyo makkita kung intermittent yung line or wala talagang connection. Sreenshot nyo lahat yun tapos magsend kayo ng screenshot ng mga issues nyo sa Customer Service nila para Documented. Inabot sakin ng mahigit 2 Mons bago nagreply and tumawag ang Technical Support nila. Sa kasamaang palad hindi pa rin nila naayos ang problem ko. Kaya I decided na i-paterminate na. Aba! Need ko daw bayaran yung 1 yr dahil yun ang nasa contract. May karapatan tayong ipaterminate yun dahil hindi nmn nila nabibigay ang Service na gusto natin. Malas lang nila dahil Advance and knowledge ko sa Sytems/Network kaya kahit anung paliwanag nila e di umuubra.

cutey 3 years ago

parehas tyo Shieldwolf... ganyan din email nla sken...ako p magbayad sa kapalpakan nila. I replied s customer care na puro cla pakabig... hindi nga nila npprovide ung featured services nila... may nilalabag cla batas kc iba ung inaadvertise nila sa tlgang npprovided nila s subscriber... :(( very very disappointed... mapanlinlang ung promo nla.

meow 3 years ago

6 months contract lang sinign ko. pwede daw sabi nga agent tang inang my bro na to sinabihan ako kelangan ko mgbayad ng dalawang taon kasi yun daw ang minimun na contract. hihiningi ko yung contract na my pirma ko. sabi lang ng costumer care d nila alam. fuck xhit smartbro. .

jehadhd 3 years ago

same dito sakin may dumating din an txt from lawyer daw nila,,nakakatakot din pero naisip ko nung nagpakabit ako dsl nung d ko binayadan di din ako nakasuhan,,pero nakakatakot din,,haha

jehadhd 3 years ago

natatakot ako na hnd bayadan kc plano ko sana mag abroad baka hindi ako makakakuha ng NBI pag di ako nagbayad

meow 3 years ago

Walang mgbabayad. . .hahah . kung sila kaya ang ireklamo para sila ang kasohan dahil sa knlilang mapanlinlang na serbisyo. . sabi ng taga NTC na kakilala ko di raw ako kelangan mabahala sa ganyan XD

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 3 years ago from Philippines Author

Mabtui naman nabuking at binuking mo sila. Manloloko talaga ang mga yan grabe. Gustong makinabangn sa bagay na hindi naman nila pinag serbisyohan.

Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 3 years ago from Philippines Author


Greenlily profile image

Greenlily 3 years ago from Philippines Author

Ang daming nagbayad pero walang problemang ganyan. Ipaglaban mo ang iyong karapatan. Wag kang paloko.

Pucu 3 years ago

meron din po kaming wimax smartbro 6 months palang ata siya, actually canopy po dapat un nung dinala samin ng smartbro wimax po ung dala nila, tapos nka 4 mos na kame pumunta ako sa center nila ( SMART ) I asked them kung pwedeng palitan nalang siya ng naka CABLE para mas ok, tapos sabi nila hindi daw pwede, then I told them na bakit po wimax ung dinala samin e dpat po naka canopy un, sabi nila sakin wala daw signal dun kaya daw automatic na daw na wimax ipapalit nila. biruin niyo un gnwa nila un w/o asking me kung ok lang. tapos ang hirap ng connection nila sobrang bagal lalo na pag umuulan, gs2 ko sana ipa cancel nlng ung contract kaso mukhang hindi talga pwede. may ibang option pa po ba? TY. - fb

blackart 3 years ago

may reklamo din ako eh!!! bumili kami ng smart bro yung usb tapos, nung una napakabgal, bumili ako ng usb extension para mapalabas sa bhay at bumilis naman pero pagkatapos ng 3 months naging sakit sa ulo magastos sa kuryente kasi mas mabgal pa kesa pagong at nasira pa yung usb di k na magamit!!!!!!!!hindi rin ngayon matawagan ang kompanya!!! kamlasan talaga sa globe nalang ako!!!! sa inis k binuksan k yubg modem eh wala namang sira, paano ito patulong!! at tsaka akala k ba 7.2 mbps yun pala 7.2 kb lang!!

Pissed with SMART! 3 years ago

called smart for my MyBro 999. From Sept 1 to date we have intermittent signal, minsan no connections at all, I kept on asking CS and they are giving me the same answers. Last solution they gave me was to change from wimax to canopy, should i go or not? I am planning to terminate this but unfortunately i was on a 24months lock in period, and i'm on my 5th month, can they actually waive the termination fee? or should i just stop paying them? I really need a good advice, i don't want to pay 19,000 plus just to terminate the contract and don't want to get sued for this also. Getting really pissed off with this Mybro, thought i made a right choice with them but hell im experiencing now.

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