Samsung SGH-a177 Cell Phone Review

the Samsung SGH-a177 Go-Phone from AT&T

I just got this phone a couple days ago as a replacement for my IPhone I needed something that wasn’t too much money but still a cool phone. I started looking at the go phones on AT& when I saw THE SGH-a177. It looked really cool and it was $100.00 off. I Looked around and the Internet to find a review but with no luck so I’m writing this review for anyone else who is interested.


So Far I really like the phone It’s very Light weight and the battery life is amazing! 5 hours of talk time and 250 hours of Standby time! It has a full qwerty keyboard which is a Must for me! Before I got the phone I was afraid that it would be hard for me to use the keyboard. I’m a big guy and have big fingers but it is very easy for me to type! The button placement is also very good, the shortcuts are very easy to customize to your liking. It has Stereo Blue-tooth and a ENERGY STAR qualified adaptor which the site says makes it better for the environment which always makes me happy! I was very surprised at the picture quality, I took a picture of a house i was interested in and just couldn't believe the picture came out so well.

The screen size is good but seems a little small to me but I had an IPhone before this and now that I think about it I would say it’s standard size for a cell phone now days. It has a really neat menu feature call pop-up menu where a little screen pops up from what you have highlighted and shows you what’s in the part of the menu. The sound quality is pretty good but on speaker it doesn't always sound good, maybe I have the volume up to high. but I don’t really use speaker because I have a blue-tooth headset. The Samsung SGH-a177 Go-Phone From AT&T is only $99.99 that’s after the 100.00 Instant savings from buying it online. I couldn't pass it up. Now its time for the rating with the price and the features it has I give this phone a 8.5 out of 10. It's easy to use, light weight and good over-all quality.

Here are some specs of the phone:

Band: GSM/850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

Weight: 3.09 ounces

Dimensions: 4.29 x 2.32 x .47

Display: 64K Color TFT

Resolution: 176 x 220

Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Technology


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Neil 7 years ago

I've had this phone for almost 2 weeks now and have been very satisfied. With the USB data cable you can sync all your address, calender, notes, to-do's, and multi-media using the Samsung PC Studio that you can download off Samsung's website. Only thing I wish it had was expansion memory but at only $100 you can't go wrong. Highly recommended if your looking for a entry level phone without the PDA/SMART PHONE price!!!

Dougbrown500 profile image

Dougbrown500 7 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Yea thats true, I also wish it had expansion memory.

theresa 7 years ago

i have this phone too and i have a problem receiving bluetooth from another person! can anybody help me?? is there like a receivning mode ofr something? please help!!!!

Dougbrown500 profile image

Dougbrown500 7 years ago from Wisconsin Author

is the problem you are having connnecting to another phone via bluetooth?

I'm not sure what you mean I'll see if i can do it and I'll let you know

I'm really a Linux guy 7 years ago

I bought it earlier today and think its a really neat phone for the price range (it's closest competitor is the RAZR or that brick that Boost has). Bluetooth only works with headsets per samsung's site. No tethering or bluetoothing between phones here. Kinda don't like the fact it doesn't have expandable storage, or flash.

chelsie 7 years ago

Is it hard to type on this phone??

Dougbrown500 profile image

Dougbrown500 7 years ago from Wisconsin Author

I thought it would be at first but it not that bad. I type with my thumbs and i only make a few mistakes.

cookiedoughwanter 7 years ago

Ok, I know there is a camra. But does in shoot video?

Dougbrown500 profile image

Dougbrown500 7 years ago from Wisconsin Author

Yes it does, not very good quality but it does.

GDirt 7 years ago

can I send data from or to another, been trying it

mp 7 years ago

Its a nice looking phone... is it still fairly recent or is there already a newer model coming out? Thanks for the review....

rachel 7 years ago

i am looking at this phone now and i want 2 know if the airtime is to much $ or not let me no bcuz i text A LOT now and do not want 2 have 2 pay like 50 to 100 for airtime!!!

rachel 7 years ago

And i want 2 know if i can keep my number now from net10 or not bucz i hate when u get a new phone and u have 2 have every 1 chang it!!!!...

sheyan 7 years ago

I got this phone a few weeks now and i can`t seem to connect to another phone via bluetooth. It`s almost as if this feature on the phone is fake and doesn`t work at all. Could someone help plzzz cuz i love the phone and i need to transfer a song or 2 if i can on there via bluetooth

Morgan 7 years ago

I want this phone but i dont know how good it is. I will use it for mostly texting. Can someone pleaseeeee tell me if it is a really good phone!?!?

Walker 7 years ago

This is a very good phone. It has everything you really need for easy texting and typing, although it may look hard, is pretty easy.

Walker 7 years ago

Oh, and does anyone know how many mega pixels the camera has?

Megan 7 years ago

Is this phone able to record as well as taking pictures? Does this phone have the internet? Does this phone say how many minutes u have left on the main screen, or do u have to hit a button to go to it? Can you buy this phone at and AT&T store, or do you buy it at Walmart?

hehe 7 years ago

Hey people...cnet reviews is a great website for electronics. There is a great video and lots of information on it. Again, the webste is and type in samsung A177.

Megan 7 years ago

I really need to know if this phone can record and if it has the internet on it...if you know..please respond cuz i gotta know

Kaitlyn 7 years ago

I am having a lot of trouble with this phone. It will not allow me to get on the internet and the camera is not the greatest. I just switched from a Pantech Matrix so that could be the problem but I do not know if this is the best phone out there.... Yet... Can anyone help me with the Internet problem?

Gregg 7 years ago

I like this phone. I bought it to replace my Motorola Razr and I'm glad I did instead of buying another Razr. I mainly use it for text and chatting, as I have a hearing problem. The QWERTY keyboard makes this a breeze. I also have no trouble connecting to the Internet and browsing fairly quickly with this phone, whereas the Razr was always pretty slow. It also has a lot more battery life compared to the Razr which I had to recharge practically daily. Only thing I miss is that you can't put a lot of information in the address book. I was able to put street addresses, email addresses, etc. in the Razr address book in addition to Home, Work, and Cell numbers. But all in all I'm satisfied, a nice phone for the price.

amber 7 years ago

ok i need help with the bluetooth becz i can not find a device at all

shawn collier  7 years ago

I have had this phone for about 3 weeks. but, i can,t get the bluetooth to work right. i try to get music from another phone but it doesnt work.other than that its a good phone

Lady 7 years ago

Just found out you can't use the bluetooth to hook up to other phones, it only works with headsets. So you can't send/receive ringtones, etc. from another phone. That sux.

anonymous 7 years ago

will the phone allow someone to send

me a ringtone in a message

Migs 7 years ago

Is it a smart phone? can you receive your emails?

argonauta 7 years ago

i have a problem receiving bluetooth of SONY cell , somebody have the same problem ??? ,helpp please

savannah 7 years ago

but, can you send pictures at ALL? i mean without bluetooth? just a couple friends sharing pictures or sounds? i need to know ASAP, christmas is in five days, and i need to make up my mind! pleasee helpp!

hihi 7 years ago

hi youtube some times i fell like i naeed a little tree in my backyard

gregory 7 years ago

For the bluetooth, there is a "pair" button or some-thing similar, or a visibility type of a thing, OR a search for device.another problem could be that the two devices are too far apart!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel 7 years ago

ive had the phone for about a month now and i have been through many phones and like to shop around i am very disappointed in this phone and am not happy with it at ALL i don't recommend buying it is cheap but a waste of money the only difference than the cheaper phones is that it has a keyboard

LoloBella 7 years ago

I got this phone today to replace my lame nokia phone.So far i am liking this phone. I text with my bestie a LOT instead of talking to each other. To us its much better. I like the QWERTY keyboard. It gives me what i want without having to spend a lot on a flashy phone. i give it 8 from a 1 to 10 scale.

LoloBella 7 years ago

I got this phone today to replace my lame nokia phone.So far i am liking this phone. I text with my bestie a LOT instead of talking to each other. To us its much better. I like the QWERTY keyboard. It gives me what i want without having to spend a lot on a flashy phone. i give it 8 from a 1 to 10 scale.

vanessa 7 years ago

nice phone but they shouldn't lead the consumer that the phone is bluetooth capability you can't use the phone to bluetooth songs from another phone to it. Other than that i have no problem with the phone.

mell morrison 7 years ago

This phone sucks because u can't use the blue tooth and u can't install anything from the internet..i can't install even Ebuddy on this phone....

xxx 6 years ago

you can get a usb wire on ebay for it cheep i looked around and got some for a buck ( thats 1 dollar )

XXX 6 years ago

you can also use this phone as a modem to get internet on your computer as long as you have it on your phone, ( internet that is , using the usb wire. make sure you have a data pack or you can use up 20 bucks on a web page or to. i used the driver from my sgh-a887 for this phone, you might be abel to find it on the web google it

XXX 6 years ago

AT&T Samsung Magnet & Samsung a177 Usb Modem Driver Download

mysterious-g 6 years ago

how do i put this phone in the usb mode it doesn't work

mysterious_G 6 years ago

can some one help me? i can't seem to know how to get this phone in the usb mode

mpeezy 6 years ago

it a good phone i like it and every thing works on it tha blue tooth and every thing is good it wat u want a phone to be

Carolyn 6 years ago

This phone sucks! I don't know about the other version of the phone but i have the black samsung a177. No bluetooth, no videos, camera sucks! Man that's bad when you have to record your own ringtone! LoL! It doesn't even ring loud! So my advice would be to don't waste your money on this worthless phone!

jason 6 years ago

I bought this phone on sale at Target of all places to replace my RAZR VXXX that was dying. The same phone full price at the ATT store was so much more but for $50 bucks as a Go-Phone was a steal. Just took my SIM from my RAZR and put it into Samsung. Internet still works good, buttons a little small. Very full featured but sucks cant bluetooth all my old songs from RAZR to this one. Wont connect to another phone for some reason. But if you break your regular ATT phone and have no warranty, this thing converts from go-phone to regular just with switch of sim! Saved a lot of money and didn't have to put up with a junker! really quick on the web might I add. Definately more features than my RAZR had.

Shauna 6 years ago

i have this phone too and love it. :) but does the camera's shutter sound turn off? i hate that it makes that huge shutter sound when i take a picture! but overall i love this phone.

Andrea 6 years ago

I got this phone few months ago and the bluetooth sucks and I don't like the quality of the pictures. We installed the software fot the bluetooth and it works perfect with other devices except for this phone :((

I got it at Walmart

Emily 6 years ago

how do you change the ring tone? or the txt tone?!?!

ashante 6 years ago

i just got this phone 2 days ago and i hate it because even tho I've already paid for everything when i bought it people keep on telling me that when they call me it says my phone is off,yet i can make calls?? I've paid for internet.It doesn't work ,and I've also paid for email, text,pic, and video messaging and none of those work either. so I've made the decision to take it back unless someone can help me figure this phone out!

Courtney  6 years ago

i cant get my bluetooth to work on here, does anybody know why?

Robyn 6 years ago

This phone won't connect to another phone or a computer via bluetooth. It's only capable of connecting to a headset and I agree with another comment that it should STATE that on the packaging. Bluetooth capable it is NOT! It should specify headsets only. This sucks.

My Mac found the phone but can't even get in it to send a file...ringtone. Really misleading AT&T people.

.... 6 years ago

At best buy, this phone is only 69.99

pat 6 years ago

dude.. it wont let me change the text tone. what is up with this?!?!

cvang 6 years ago

can you anyone tell me how i can sync my pictures music from my laptop to my samsung a177. i got the usb cable but i cant see to make it work.

please email me at

on how you got yours to work.

thank you

Mycatwilatackyou 6 years ago

I just bought this phone last week . I needed a cheap phone and service for international text messaging and calls from USA to Bulgaria . My plan is unlimited talk and text to anywhere in the USA and unlimited text to Bulgaria for 60 a month . It costs $1.98 to make a call to there . But I am pretty happy with it so far . Just connected it to my facebook page also .

mamaree 6 years ago

How do you get this phone to record a telephone conversation?

Richard 6 years ago

how do u sync it to the computer to put songs ans such onto the phone? i have had the phone for about 4 or 5 months now and i am still having troubles with that

Anonymous 6 years ago

My keypad is NOT working and I have NO idea why or how I could fix it. If ANYone has ANY suggestions please write back to me. Please and Thank You!

girl. 6 years ago

I've had this phone for a couple of weeks now, and I think it's the closest I'll ever get to a blackberry. =P anyway, one day, all of a sudden, i tried taking a picture and found out that my shutter sound was WAY TOO LOUD!! it's never been this loud before, and it's REALLY annoying. Why is it doing this, and what should i do to get rid of it?!

BLUEGUMMYBEAR06 6 years ago


plzanswer 6 years ago


Help 6 years ago

call customer service

Cheryl 6 years ago

I got my phone the other day. I have a great plan 40.00 for the phone and 5.00 for the data plan and love it! It is very user friendly. Thanks Consumer Cellular! Can't go wrong with their phone plan!

Kenny 6 years ago

does this have a memory card slot?

Steevo 6 years ago

I was happy with this phone for the first few days. Now I hate it.

This phone does not have a memory card slot

Bluetooth is ONLY for a headset.

The camera stinks & you cannot turn off camera sound.

Picture messages often do not send even though the phone says it has sent it.

The keys are either under or overly sensitive. Meaning if you press a key, it may not register or it may type out 3 to 4 characters, this makes texting a pain in the butt.

Memory is garbage, you constantly have to delete text messages to get more.

Internet is terrible, slow, and really expensive. Forget downloading ringtones. You can text yourself a link to small mp3 file or image, but any other way is costly.

The games included are only demos, so you can play for about 30 seconds then you have to spend $10 to buy it if you want to play.

Battery life sucks.

Data transfer cable not included and no stores carry it.

Samsung A-177 sucks big time. I'm tired of US prepaid customers getting the shaft when it comes to phones. I shouldn't have to sign a 2 year contract with a bloodsucking company to get a phone that doesn't blow.

Gage 6 years ago

This phone sucks it is hard to type and the buttons stick like crazy plus there isn't video camera I wouldn't recomend this phone to anyone

John 6 years ago

I agree with Gage this phone blows I loose service all of the time even if I am standidnt in the same spot that a minute ago I had service I will still lose service I need a new phone because I have been stuck with this gay ass phone for like a year don't waste your money on this

Bob 6 years ago

I have had this phone for a few months now, and its already starting to shit the bed. i never drop it, yet things are just crazily messed up, as they always have been on it. with my blackberry i had, almost everywhere in my house i had 3-4 bars, with this i have no service, up to MAYBE 1, but i cant call with one, because it will drop the call after exactly 3 minutes and 50 seconds. i hate this phone, it is a piece of shit, and it was when i first got it

Lexy 6 years ago

Omg, I have this phone but I cant even get it to fucken turn on help? Reach me @ My Fb under Lexy Nguyen please :D

barelyhere 6 years ago

I can't get more than 1 signal bar anywhere in my home. Not exactly convenient to step outside for all my calls.

Any suggestions beside replacing the phone?

Sonya Ekee  6 years ago

I purchase this phone 3months ago. I like it, but I'm having trouble sending pictures through email. Also I have an sub to transfer pics to my email. guess what forget it, it will not happen. My pictures are not quite great as well. On a scale from 1-10 I give it a 5

CW 6 years ago

Can you see text messages like a conversation like you do on a black berry or iphone? As in you see messages you sent to someone and that they sent you in one window in chronological order.

Raven 6 years ago

I bought this phone recently cuz my other one crapped out...biggest waste of 80 dollars ever, i even went out of my way to get a USB cable for this since, it didnt even come with one, and i STILL cant connect to my computer. Aside from the fact that you cant really do ANYTHING with it...its nice to look at...makes a very good paperweight too.

oceab  6 years ago

this phone is the worst i like it an all but iu can't even get bluetooth with it no device is finding it mhhh worst ever well all i have to do is get good grades in school and replace this dumb sh**

randomness 6 years ago

I made this comment on the samsung aexx and i hate the noise from the back case when texting but overall ok except memory and bluetooth

Brittany 6 years ago

I can receive texts but i cannot send them.. i haven't been able to send them for days and i don't know what to do. Someone help me please?

notthatsarcastic 5 years ago

bluetooth wont

Kellie 5 years ago

i dont really like it /: the battery life is horrible, then again im texting 24-7 lmao. does anyone know where i can get a new battery for it?

shary 5 years ago

Kellie, you can get a batree on amazon. How do you shot video on this phone. I've had it for months now and I still can't figure it out. I looked in the manual. Didn't help at all.

Lynn 4 years ago

I've been having this phone for a while and I must say it is a good phone, but i'm dissapointed ypu can't transfer music to another phone using the bluetooth feature :( . My friend showed me a good websight to download ringtones they aren't the full song but it's a good free sight :p

Buyer 4 years ago

I have had this phone for about a year and I absolutely hate it. But right now I'm trying to figure out why I can't send or recieve messages. It happened to my dads and now mine and we didn't mess with any of the settings. Any ide how to fix this?

Eric 4 years ago

This phone is a piece of cr@p.

I got it for free from an acquaintance to replace a KRZR with a failing battery, and if it weren't for being broke, I wouldn't even be using this thing.

I have to delete my incoming and outgoing texts on a regular basis! the 14 megs of shared memory, and the fact that it lacks a memory card slot; I know this phone is a bit old now, and isn't supposed to be that feature-laden, but even sh!tty phones from five years ago had a card slot!!

Forget about taking photos as well, it fills up the memory, and there's no way to get the photos off the phone, since Bluetooth only works to connect to headsets.

The only decent thing about this phone is the battery life, no complaints there.

You get what you pay for, I guess, which in this case was nothing.

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