Save You Computer From Viruses


        You could become an excellent friend of your computer by saving it from viruses. It can be possible by installing ‘Firewall’ on your computer system. Any computerconnected to the internet, is vulnerable to electronic Worm or program attacks. You are saving your computer or networked computers and the global internet.

      A Firewall examines, filters, reports on the suitableness of all information that passes via your network. A Firewall may check the received information from an outside source is as suitable (expected) and must not contain any worm or virus.

      This protective system between your computer and the Internet will examines the incoming and outgoing internet traffic and warned you of worm before your system became infected.

If you have Microsoft Windows XP and would like to apply your system Firewall, follow these steps,


---Click --> Start-->Control Panel


---Click--> Network and Internet Connections


---Choose--> Network Connections


---Right-click the Dial-up, LAN or High-speed Internet connection that you use to connect to the internet.


---Click-->properties from your Menu


---On the Advanced tab, under Internet Connection Firewall,

Select ‘Protect My computer and Network’.


---Click--> OK


You have now enabled your Firewall in your computer system.


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