Shocking News from Google About SEO Management

It’s official. It came from the Paris Summit. As of today April 6, 2009, Search Engine International (SEI), the leading international organization of search engines starts project SEO NO MORE. The news comes as a shock to webmasters worldwide. The decision to launch the project was reached at a closed-door meeting of representatives of all search engines worldwide.

What’s Project SEO NO MORE

The project originated from a sophisticated program developed by Google last year. The program disregards current SEO tricks of the trade by webmasters to boost traffic. Instead it rates pages and websites by quality of content.

Top criteria for ranking search results, under the new project, will be…craftsmanship. This includes writing, images, and designs produced with care, attention to detail, and originality. Amazingly, the program recognizes writing as a craft: it knows when a particular text originated from a hack or from a genuine writer who strives for perfection. Another feature of the program is recognizing humor and wit that make boring subjects sound refreshing.

Webmasters and Internet Entrepreneurs of All Sorts Protest Worldwide

Join their effort to close the project. John Keyword King III, head of WIEI (webmasters and internet entrepreneurs international) read the official declaration by his organization. The declaration addressed SEI’s decision:

The decision of SEI to start project SEO NO MORE is a disgrace to the internet community worldwide. SEO and keyword optimization is the foundation of worldwide innovation, liberalization, and integration.

There is nothing wrong with keyword optimization. This stipulation comes from our expertise in search engine gratification by keyword search integration within our websites’ widely read communication population. And what is wrong with “zation” if this relates to optimization.

Moreover, and over, your project woudn't make sense with AdSense.

The more SEO “zation,” the better any website organization if “zation” is its keyword strategic preparation, preferably 3% of article to cause sensation.”

Regular SEO Guys Suffering and Switching

At the protest in front of Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA, Ben Stevenson, SEO manager of a top ranking website, commented:

This is outrageous. Our jobs are threatened in a recession. Management said our team of experts should leave their desks by Tuesday next week. Many of my staff started attending writing or design workshops…some even started reading books. This is Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath—really good ideas in this book but I developed a taste for Shakespeare and Orwell, you know.

SEO Song Sang at the Protest at Google Headquarters



Seo Seo seo seo o o o oh seEEEEEEEE eh eh eh eh eh eh


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William F. Torpey profile image

William F. Torpey 7 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

Ya mean yer gonna hafta lern how to rite? If ya wont protestors ya can count me inn!

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pkoson 7 years ago

Shocking News from Google About SEO Management

I think this hub is funny. you can come to mine.

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