Should I Buy Fake Beats By Dr Dre

With the evergrowing popularity in the Beats By Dre line of headphones designed by Monster Cable it was only a matter of time before the counterfiters got to work and designed there own line of fake Beats By Dre. But how good are these headphones, surely if there so cheap they cant be much good. However with the vast price difference between the original and the replicas many people are asking themselves, should i buy fake Beats By Dre?

Many people will absolutely refuse to purchase a fake product assuming that if it isn't original, it cant be good. This however is not completely true, in modern times the market for replica electronics has grown hugely in popularity and quality, in fact the quality has grown to such high standards that many people have purchased fake items and used them extensively without ever knowing they were not original.

I first bought a pair of Beats By Dre on EBay for what seemed an absolute bargain at the time, of course it was as i thought to good to be true, i had purchased a pair of fake Beats By Dre, Of course i did not realize this until months later when i came across a topic on a forum about fake Beats By Dre, it was only then i realized i had in fact bought the fakes myself. Out of curiosity i decided to buy an original set of Beats By Dre in order to see the comparison.

Visually both boxes are close to identical, once opened, again the fake Beats By Dre are identical to the real ones. there are some small negligible differences such as the cleaning cloth is smaller in the fake Beats, and the manual cover is slightly different. Of course i knew that the looks was the easy part, the true test lay in the sound quality. Having listened to both pairs i could honestly say that the difference is there, the quality of the fake Beats By Dre isn't quite on par with the real ones, as you would expect, however, there was not a lot in the difference. The fake Beats by Dre still had excellent sound quality, as well as a far more attractive price tag. So for anybody wondering should i buy fake Beats by Dre, will i still get a great pair of headphones? My answer is yes. The build quality of the fake Beats By Dre is fantastic and its easy to see why so many people have bought them without realising, if i were buying another pair i would most definetley buy a replica pair as the cost of the originals is just plain ridiculous.

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mogen 5 years ago

Cool. My friend got one in hong kong (solo's) not sure if their real or fake. So the sounds great right?

benjaminzer 5 years ago

Of course, if you are referring to the B/C graded replicas, then its a different story. I recently got a A grade replica Beats Tour. The seller told me the quality is the same as the original. He has compared it before and he even have the iBeats bundled with his Sensation XE. I tried my Tours. The bass blew me away. Clarity is there, a bit. ControlTalk works. So if i want to get another pair of Beats, I might as well get the Grade A replica as you've said. Although if there is a slight difference in quality, there's no point spending a whole bucket of cash on the original just to get a slight difference

Jared 5 years ago

Where do you buy yours?

beats 5 years ago

i compared my beats with others and the only difference was my cloth was smaller. are they fake? (i checked all the other signs and there was no difference)

Edmund 5 years ago

Where do you buy a quality set of fakes? could u link?

Brian 5 years ago

I will be happy with a fake pair of beats by dre I just want to be sure that I would actually receive them. Can anyone help with a site please

Michael 5 years ago

check out that's where i bought mine

profile image

spazo500 5 years ago

**COUGH **COUGH Aliexpress ;) $70 USD by USD for A Grade studio beats. Almost absolutely perfect. $15 for tours

jordan 5 years ago

so the fake beats is a good choice?

jbob 4 years ago

I have brought a few pairs from dealextreme studio's/solo's/detox & turbine's (they took em all off the site now) but aliexpress has them also. If you get ones that are grade A you cannot tell the difference side by side,some you can only tell because there unofficial colours, mine all sound great and I would never buy the real ones as I only consider those on par with skullcandy headphones but massively marked up! fakes all the way in this case!

Marless 4 years ago

Why don't you just buy a quality set of audio technica, sennheisers.. or other branded headphones rather than replica beats?

alan 4 years ago

yeah exactly, why not some other brand? Don't tell me they sound top notch relatively.

dave 4 years ago

Buy real beats gang of cheap skates. I can tell you there is a difference in sound quality and also build quality, don't expect your fake beats to last long. The real beats may be expensive but your getting a better build better sound quality and also a WARRANTY. Buying fakes could end up costing you the price of real ones in the long run.

Kavon wolfe 4 years ago

I really think that u should buy the real ones because what if the fake ones where a rip off.

Kavon wolfe 4 years ago

I really think that u should buy the real ones because what if the fake ones where a rip off.

Anthony 4 years ago

I got a pair of fakes for £15.50, all plastic and don't have the monster logo on but the sound quality is amazing, I tried the real solos in hmv and there is hardly any difference in sound, you might aswell try some fakes, the real ones are a stupid price

natan 4 years ago

Guys - in these days the factories that brings you A quality are even better then the factories of the original one's .

if you ask me, you should buy from those factories, but only from a website that offers costumer service .

keeley 4 years ago

so do i buy some fake ones or not they seem like a good idea

Anthony 4 years ago

Go buy fake beats, who buy the real beats is crazy!!

salih 4 years ago

from here you can find replica beats

they offer free shipping with tracking number they accept paypal only.

e-mail :

Norway94 4 years ago

I just ordered the Ferrari edition at and my question is. Is it real or fake?? Please respond back! :)

gg 4 years ago

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Ting 4 years ago

don't believe that fakes are as good. they are not. I bought a few before and they didn't last, the so call A grade.. try, they have limited selections but their headphones are authentic. I got one beats pro from them and its awesome! the serial number can be registered on office beats website. definitely authentic!

ss 4 years ago

beats from are fake or real?

ben rides 4 years ago

i did a review a while ago for the fake beats studios and a found out there are 2 types when i went looking to buy one.

-cheaper more rubbish version for under £30 has no padding, no great sound, and nothing about them even looks nice. AND THE "B" RUBBED OFF!

-and then there are the more expensive version for £50, they had great padding and the sound for a fake pair was unbelievable if you had the real pair and the fake pair side by side you really would not be able to tell.

after i reviewed it i started using them instead of my £90 bass extream headphones.

but seriously i would try these out, because not all fakes are bad.!studio/c1xh7

brian 3 years ago

oli 3 years ago

i get mine from the ones on here are better quality and are cheaper then other websites. hope i helped!

Kitty 3 years ago

Get the fakes!

Me 3 years ago

Cost the price of originals? Really? Let's see $249 real / $32 fake = 8

You really think you will break 8 pairs of fakes before the real warranty expires?

matt 2 years ago

I might try them but I think you can get a better quality pair if you search a bit more. sometimes they have some on

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