Should You Get a Peek Pronto?

Well, that depends. For me, Yes.

I've had cell phone plans before and I hated it. It was nice to stay connected but in the end, it was more hassle than it was worth. Also, I hated talking on the phone. Yeah, I know some of you might be wondering, "What is he crazy?" No, I am perfectly sane. I can't be bothered by chit-chat. It's not my thing. I went from cell phone plans, to pre-paid, and now I'm settled with the Peek Pronto. So far, I love it.The Peek is a great cell phone alternative.

Can it be better? Sure, and I will get into that later.

How much is it and where can I get it?

I purchased my peek for $20 at Target and purchased an upgrade cable on-line. I will show you how to upgrade your Peek to Pronto for free. Here's a tip. At the bottom of the box, you will see a version number. If you see version "1.09" you will not be able to get a free upgrade. If you see 1.04 - 1.08, you can upgrade your Peek to "Pronto" for free.

They sell the Peek preloaded with "Pronto" for over $50. To me, it was cheaper to buy the Peek and upgrade for free (with cable, another $15). The Peek was also available at Radioshack for a high price of $70. Nope, I'll save $50 thank you very much.

Now some of you may be confused about this technical jargon. Let me explain. The hardware is the same but the software is different. I believe the only difference from the original Peek is a slightly upgraded keypad. "Pronto" is the software that you pay extra for if you want it preloaded out of the box.

Also guys, you have to buy the upgraded cable online from their store. I tried going to Radioshack and got a USB to micro-USB and it did not work. The special cable has a "doohickey" on the USB computer side that changes the signal via parrallel and NOT traditional USB. To put it simply, order the special cable online. It will save you headaches.

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Peek next to Ipod Nano and folder 20 dollar bill
Peek next to Ipod Nano and folder 20 dollar bill
Peek powered on.
Peek powered on.
Back of Peek
Back of Peek


The Peek is a simple email device that uses the T-Mobile network to send and recieve emails. No wi-fi needed. Cool. It works. The Pronto software is a little faster and it has some nicer features like a 4 digit password lock and "Push". Push is a system where Peek automatically pushes your email from the server to your peek as soon as it gets it. The Performance. It was okay. 4 minutes average. Hopefully they will speed it up. I tested this with my brother's Peek. Real world, real time test.

The software is solid and there is only 1 known bug. It will keep blinking when you read your mail on powersave mode. They are working on a fix. The volume is very low. Even on high. If you are expecting urgent mail, quite often you will realize you got it a while ago simply because you didn't hear, and/or feel it vibrate.

You can only view email is text format. No html. That's fine with me. I do hear people complaining about unformatted html tags. You can have multiple accounts but there are no seperate folders at the moment to sort your accounts. They all go into your inbox. Even SPAM! I made sure I used my clean gmail account so I don't get spam. I can imagine how your inbox can get cluttered fast. Hopefully the people at Peek will come up with a workaround.

The battery last a long time in my testing. I went 3 full days before I had to recharge. I hear some people get 5 days which is pretty damn good.

Bottom Line

The Peek is not perfect. I would like to see faster delivery times and an IM support. For what it is, I like it. It does what it claims to do. For a fee of $20 a month, I would like to see IM support at least.

Bottom line, I would recommend the Peek. You can go naked and still be connected to the world. Also if you pay in advanced for 3 months, 6 months, and anually, you can get a discount of around $16 a month. They currently have a referral program. For each customer you refer, you and the person you refer get a free month of service creditted. I hear someone already has 3 plus years of free service!

If this review helped you out and you purchased a Peek, use me as your referal. We each get a free month!

Free Service!

So I refered my brother and sent an e-mail to peek with the information (my registered email, his registered e-mail) and got a response about 2 weeks later. My brother is getting 1 month of free Peek Service and I got 3 months free! Wow. So far, I am loving Peek. They remind me of Skype a bit but with a huge difference. Both have great products but Peek excel in customer service. If you e-mail them, they will respond. Skype will answer your questions vaguely or send you to a FAQs page. Those who wish to use me as a referrer, my e-mail is setsar at (gmail) dot [com].

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What do you think about the Peek Pronto? 11 comments

Gabe Fabius 7 years ago

set - thanks for the great review of our little gizmo. We're proud be being naked and staying connected to the world!

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 7 years ago from New England Author

Thanks Gabe for the comment! Your company has an awesome product! :)

Tom Melchionna 7 years ago

Nice review!

Heres to naked emailing!

Micah 7 years ago

You didnt leave an email to use for the refer a friend program. Ill check back later to see if you posted so I can use you as my friend

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 7 years ago from New England Author


my registered Peek e-mail is setsar at gmail dot (com) . A general rule is to never post your email because there are bots that scan the web for such things and add them to their spam list. Thanks for the comment and hope you enjoy your free month if you use me as a referral!

Micah 7 years ago

Thank you. I wanted to make sure you get the referral, because it was your review here that pushed me over the edge to get my new peek. Referral sent so maybe you can edit out ur email address.

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 7 years ago from New England Author

Thank you Micah, but I will leave my email in case others are kind enough to use me as a referral. Also it takes much effort for the bots to scan sentence strings with "at" and "dot" in the same string. Usually bot just scan "". Thank you and I hope you enjoy your Peek!

inoubliable 7 years ago

just ran across your review and i think i'm convinced. i have a smartphone with Alltel (now Verizon *shudder*) and despite promises not to change my monthly bill, i'm now paying over $50 more in Verizon bogus charges. ready to drop the phone and plan, but need to find an alternative first.

my question, if i get the original Peek, how do i upgrade the software so i can get texting capabilities?

also, i don't see a referral program on their website. if i can, i'll use your email though.

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 7 years ago from New England Author

you have to e-mail peek with friends AT getpeek DOT com with the info. The upgrade requires a special cable and it takes about 30 minutes on a windows vista laptop. Make sure you get the cable from the website and not radioshack or something.

for the cable and below is the link for the software update.

go to that page and there should be a link to the program. It should end with "peekprontoupdate.exe"

Kristin 7 years ago

Thanks for your review. You helped me a lot while I was debating the purchase - I'm going to submit you as a referral. Hope that is okay. :) I will cc you on the email.

Mizzy 6 years ago

Wow bra im convienced, i had considered the peek, but i needed a second opinion. Now i know wat imma get

peace out, A town

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